Tractor MT Z-826 – description and characteristics

Tractor MTZ 826

The manufacturer invested most of the best physical characteristics of its models in the MTZ 826. The unit itself will serve you in the agricultural sector, in the construction industry, in community and industrial enterprises. The product is economical in fuel consumption, which is of reasonable quality, easy to maintain and operational. The second name-Belarus 826 was developed on the basis of the MTZ-82.1 model. The new model is equipped with a motor with an exceeding speed indicator. The engine is turbocharged. The wheels have increased sizes compared to the MTZ-82.1, and the transmission is synchronized. To facilitate starting the unit in the winter period, a 24 volt starter with heater was installed in the tractor ignition system. The hydraulic system is universal. It aggregates the MTZ 826 machine with all kinds of mechanisms: layout actions, charging and discharging tasks are performed; The cargo is transported on the trailer mechanism.

  • MTZ 826 Technical characteristics
    • Cabber from driver Belarus 826
    • Fuel is consumed economically

    MTZ 826 Technical characteristics

    • The real operating weight reaches 4 tons 250 kg.
    • Complete dimensions at the far points of the case 4 130 x 1 970 x 2 850 mm.
    • An engine with a power of 87 hp will be installed.
    • An indicator of the specific flow rate of diesel fuel during operation is 226 grams per kW/h.
    • The fuel tank contains 130 liters of the burned liquid.
    • The hydraulic system is the stern. Type-separate agent has 3 working pairs.
    • The rear wheels have a RUT of 1,500 to 2,100 mm.
    • The front wheels have a RUT of 1,420 to 1,970 mm.
    • The height of the lumen under the tractor is 465 mm.
    • Agricultural type lumen is 510mm.
    • Basic length 2,450 mm.
    • Turning wheel tractor radius 450 cm.
    • Without complication there is a Ford up to 85 cm high.
    • The pressure on the field soil is 140 kPa.
    • Tire dimensions: Each front wheel 360 on 70R24, rear wheel 18.4 on R34.
    • Brake system dry, brake discs.
    • A uniform design cabin has a built-in heating mechanism.

    MTZ 826

    D-245.5 engine with four cylinders

    The engine of the tractor mechanism is four cylinders, the workflow is carried out on high-quality diesel fuel. The D-245.5 engine was developed by a Minsk tractor factory, the operating volume is made in an indicator of 4.45 liters. Modification of the engine is one of the most economical MTZ models included in the group of engines with internal fuel combustion. Each cylinder in diameter has a size of 110 cm. The starting system is started from the D-245.5 by the work of the starter and an electric heater from flashlights. The last trip to operate a generator with a working power indicator of 700 watts. The equipment is launched in ultra-free weather, a special device burns a quick ignition mixture.

    Cabber from driver Belarus 826

    The tractor’s cabin is equipped with the ROPS system structure, which is suitable for a full list of OECD requirements. Comfortable placement of the driver facilitates the working conditions in the cabin to the comfortable location of all control systems. Protective filters protect the tractor interior from the inner entry of dust, exhaust gas when driving or parking. The fan pumps cleaned air currents, the heating system in a negative temperature creates a warm atmosphere in the cabin. The lateral examination windows are open, the rear glazing is provided, the roof is equipped with a hatch. The glass cleaning is carried out by an electrical system that is located in the front and rear windows. The washing machine is only provided for the front glasses.

    Cabin MTZ 826

    Fuel is consumed economically

    The Belarus 826 consumes fuel within various limits, depending on the type of work carried out. The calculation is carried out for a fuel liter for a machine lesson.

    • Transport – 5.5 liters;
    • Transport mode + trailer 2PTS-4 indicator 7.3 l;
    • Transport + trailer 2PTS-5-flow rate of 7.5 l;
    • Forest consumption – an indicator for 6.8 liters;
    • The “Dumps + brushes” operating mode is a value of 6.9 liters.
    • 6.7 liters when cleaning snow.

    MTZ 826 device

    We emphasize important elements of the configuration of the tractor of the MINSK system for the production of tractors:

    • Motor D245.5;
    • Gears with 22 programs: front movement 18, rear movement 4.
    • Steering of MTZ hydraulic design;
    • Stroke system with a 4K4 wheel system;
    • A number of electrical devices: cleaner, fan, stove;
    • The driver’s cabin.


    The MTZ 826 tractor competes with the tractors of neighboring MTZ models. Its class cars are tractor mechanisms MTZ-82.1 or MTZ-82.2. However, these models have simpler assembly and equipment, their price category is lower, which means that the reduction in the functions carried out is pulled. The price for Belarus 826 changes in the range from 650 to 740 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration. If you look at the devices that have worked for the time, the costs will be estimated at 500,000 or less.

    MTZ 826


    The customer can understand the MTZ 826 unit through every topic:

    • Pneumatic system;
    • Stroke;
    • Drug mechanism;
    • Bracket for front loads;
    • Hydraulic hook;
    • Pendulum trailer;
    • Spacer to double the wheels;
    • Dirty wheel pairs.

    Customer reviews

    You will be reduced to the fact that the acquisition of the MTZ 826 tractor is a profitable option for investing funds that have a high level of sel f-thinning. The machine is reliable under all weather conditions, provided that there is no street area that can often be found in our open rooms. The device is needed to plag a mult i-hectare artery that is controlled by a person. It is necessary to monitor the turbo charging system if it can spend more oil.

    The manufacturer invested most of the best physical properties of its models in the MTZ 826.

    MTZ-826: technical characteristics

    MTZ-826: technical characteristics

    The Universal Wheel Tractor from Belarus-based MTZ-826 belongs to an all-wheel drive (4K4) MTZ-82 family and distinguishes and a new instrument panel. The front wheels on some Belarus-826 were also larger (13.6-20, not 11.2-20). Otherwise, MTZ-826 is the same MTZ-82, only in a slightly different performance. The traction class is the same – 1.4.

    MTZ-826 is said to be a complete spectrum of agricultural work (strike, shaken, cultivated, discus, in harvest production, cattle and garden as well as in forestry and public utilization companies. Connection with strikers, bulldozer dumps, frontal veins as well as special transport work and for the drive of a variety of inpatient agricultural machines.

    Features of MTZ-826

    Configuration options after ordering: ballast goods: front for the rear wheels; A hydraulic system with a hydraulic lifter, quickly connected explosive couplings, hose hoses, spacers to choose the rear wheels. The first maintenance of the Belarus MTZ-826 tractor is carried out after 250 mothers, and all subsequent mothers are carried out all subsequent mothers.

    The hydraulic equipment of the MTZ-826 tractor includes nodes and a distribution module from Bosch. For this reason, the cost of the tractor proved to be significantly higher than that of the classic MTZ-82, which was the main reason for the removal of this model from production. In return for this, Belagro offers the service in the regions to strengthen the trailer coupling of MTZ-82 tractors with two cylinders. With the achievement in the end result of the same performance indicators as that of a “more advanced”, but expensive, but expensive for the MTZ 826 price.

    The Belarus tractor MTZ-826 did not become a widespread model, but can be found in the secondary market. The evaluations of the owners about the tractor of this model are positive. In particular, they find a high strength and a functioning resource for transmission and hydraulics.

    Features of MTZ-826

    The excellent fitness of the MTZ-826 for its use as a basisis village for construction, road, community and other specialized machines has also been determined. This enables these tractors to be used in detail not only in the agr o-industrial complex, but also in many other activity areas. The verified and reliable hydraulic system offers the possibility of a simple aggregation of the MTZ-826 with a variety of devices.

    After these reviews, we can come to the conclusion that the tractors of Belarus MTZ-826 are very reliable and economical, with low operating costs and high performance. They can be used almost all year round on the farm and with minimal downtimes and pay off pretty quickly.

    The high maintainability of Belarus MTZ-826 tractors is ensured by the presence of a large number of spare parts by union with the MTZ-82 and other models of the MINSK tractor system. And also – the relative simplicity and accessibility of disassembly, repair, the subsequent assembly of a large number of tractor units. This maintainability, the increased ability to cross the country, the versatility, the simple device, the efficiency and the affordable costs are the main advantages of this model.

    It should be noted that the Belarus tractor MTZ-826 is more modern than the ordinary classic tractors of the popular MTZ 82 family.

    MTZ-826 tractor motor

    The tractor is equipped with a diesel engine of the MINSK engine system MMZ D-243/243S. This is a fou r-stroking, four cylinder in the order of the liquid cooling engine with natural absorption of air and direct injection of diesel fabric.

    MTZ-826 tractor engine

    Technical parameters of the D-243/243S engine

    • The work volume is 4.75 liters.
    • Nominal output – 60 kW (81 hp) at 2200 rpm.
    • The highest torque is 296.9 n · m (30.3 kgf · m) at 1400 rpm.
    • Torque safety factor – 15%.
    • The compression ratio (calculated) is 16: 1.
    • Cylinder diameter – 110 mm. Piston hub – 125 mm.
    • The cylinders’ ignition order: 1-3-4-2.
    • Nominal speed – 2200 rpm. The maximum speed is 2380 rpm. The minimum speed is 600 rpm.
    • The distance between single and exhaust valves and tipping floors is 0.25 … 0.30 mm with a cold diesel engine.
    • Early angle of the diesel fuel injection up to the OT – 20 ± 1/16 ± 1 degree.
    • Diesel injection printing – 21.6 … 22.4 MPa (220 … 228 kgf / cm2).

    The starting system of this engine is an electrical starter, 12 V or 24 V. The star t-up aid are also used: electrical burner heating (glow plug in the intake manifold). As part of the diesel power supply system D-243/243S, there is a four-piston inline fuel pump with a pressure increase pump. A mechanical all-mode controller is used, fuel filter: coarse and fine filter (with an interchangeable paper filter element).

    The engine cooling system is liquid, closed, with forced fluid circulation, temperature control with a thermostat and a closure that can be set from the driver’s seat. The normal operating temperature is between 80 ° C and 100 ° C. The capacity of the cooling system is 20 liters. The engine lubrication system is combined with an oil cooler. The capacity of the engine lubrication system is 12 liters.

    Gears, axles and pfwelle tractor Belarus-826

    The design of this tractor uses a dry friction clutch, a type of single, closed. The diameter of the output disc is 340 millimeters.

    Gearbox – mechanical, tw o-range, with mechanical coastal gear, nine corridors: 9 gears – forward and 2 gears – backwards. This manual transmission is equipped with constantly combing head bikes, with the gearshift via slide. In combination with the gearbox, which is located between the coupling and the gearbox, a total of 18 forward gears and 4 backward passages are available.

    On the additional order, it was also possible to equip the MTZ-826 tractor with a synchro manual transmission-7/2, also with two ranges, but fully synchronized (with two synchronizers in its construction).

    Transmission, bridges and tractor Belarus-826-01

    The gearbox ensures the drive of the synchronous tap wave and enables switching when transported and other work with a low load without stopping the tractor.

    The front drive axle of the MTZ-826 tractor is with belly wheels, portal type, with retractable housings of bowling wheel drives or portal, with a fixed bar, with planetary gears (this is an additional option). The main gear is a bowling wheel with a spiral toothing. Differential type – sel f-locking, limited slip.

    Axis drives: with a bowling wheel suspension gear or with planet-front bike suspension gear (optional). The drive takes place via a distribution gear, via two cardan shaft with intermediate wearers.

    The tap shaft drive is independent of tw o-stage and synchronous. The intervention clutch is a planetary gear with belt brakes. Punch control – electr o-hydraulic. The turning frequency of the power of the PTO: 540 rpm – at 2081 rpm diesel; 1000 rpm – at 2302 rpm diesel. Interchangeable reversing wave: SAE standard with six wedges for 540 rpm and 21 wedges for 1000 rpm. The direction of rotation is clockwise when you end the waves.

    Steering and braking control MTZ-826

    This model uses hydrostatic steering with a hydraulic cylinder in the steering linkage. The steering tank and filter are combined with the tank of the hydraulic system. The setting pressure of the safety valve is 14 MPa. The adjustment pressure of the ant i-sock valves is 20 MPa. The promotion of the funding pump is 21 liters per minute. Hydraulic cylinder – doubl e-acting, · With a diameter of 50 mm and a piston stroke of 200 mm.

    Tractor operating brakes: on the rear wheels- two or three slices, dry, with mechanical servo drive. The diameter of the panes is 204 mm. Parking brake MT Z-826 – disc, dry, with mechanical hand drive. The disc diameter is 180 mm. Wet brakes can also be installed as an additional option on the MTZ-826.

    Hydraulic system, rear power lifter and pneumatic system

    Type of the hydraulic system of the MTZ-826 tractor: universal, modular, with autonomous power cylinder or with hydraulic lift, with two built-in strengthcylinders (optional). The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system is 180… 200 kgf/cm2. Distributor: sliding residence. Hydraulic drains: two side and one behind (there may also be another drain – on special order).

    The hydraulic control system of the three-point tailpower is equipped with a power controller that ensures the operation of the system in the following control modes: performance; Positional; mixed; Skyscraper.

    The rear power lift is a three-point system in the second category with a load capacity of 4000 kg at the ends of the longitudinal rods (instead of 3200 kg for MTZ-82.1). It is intended for the connection of grown and riveted agricultural machines – plowing, seeders, digging, spraying, etc. It belongs to the category of the universal hydraulic cultivation system with separate aggregate and position control of the depth of soil processing.

    Hydraulic system, rear attachment device and pneumatic system

    The tension device (cross carrier) TSU-1ZH is designed for operation with drawn machines, potato harvest machines and similar units (except single-axle trailers) at a speed of up to 15 km/h.

    The TSU-2 (hydraulic hook) train coupling is designed for working with single-axle followers and other machines. TS U-1M attachment coupling – for the operation of the tractor with severe followers. Appendix device TS U-ZK (attachment device with automatic coupling) – for work with tw o-axle followers.

    The pneumatic system of the MTZ-826 tractor includes an air-cooled single-cylinder compressor. The trailer brake power drive is pneumatic, wiry and locked with the tractor brakes. A tw o-conductor drive is also possible (option, on request) Pressure limitation by a safety valve: 0.65 … 0.80 MPa.

    Electrical equipment of the MTZ-826 tractor

    The voltage of the elector of the tractor of this model is 12 volts. Start system voltage: 12 volts or 24 volts. As part of the power supply system: two batteries that are switched in parallel, each with 12 volts (a serial connection is used when a diesel engine is started to drive a 24-volt starter). A alternator is installed – 14 volts, 1150 watts.

    The lighting and light signal system includes: front street headlights with remote and low beam; front and rear worklight; Spacer and brake lights; Lighting of the instrument panel, cabin, license plate; Not light signaling; Train sign. The tractor’s electrical equipment also includes: front and rear wipers, cabin heating and ventilation, windscreen washer system, cabin lighting. An air conditioning in the passenger compartment is an additional option and is installed on a separate special order.

    Cabin and workplace of the Belarus-826 machine operator

    The cabin of the MTZ-826 tractor is equipped with a ROPS system design (safety framework for protecting the operator before tipping over the tractor), which meets the full list of OECD requirements.

    The modern seat, standard for Belarus MTZ-80/82 tractors, is air springs and is characterized by increased comfort and practical handling compared to classic models with mechanical joint suspension. The stool can be adapted to the physique and height of the machine operator and offers all working days through comfort and an appropriate level of work comfort. The modern seat, which is produced in the license from the German manufacturer Grammer, combines steel springs with rubber vicinity. It feathers feders, which are transferred to the machine operator when the bump waves are transferred over, and effectively relieves the back.

    Cabin and workplace of the Belarus-826 machine operator

    The convenient placement of the machine operator is also facilitated by the convenient arrangement of all control systems. The steering wheel, the pedals and the elements of the dashboard are arranged according to the most proven, optimal scheme. Good sealing and protective filters reliably protect the cabin interior from dust and exhaust gases.

    The fan pumps cleaned air currents, the heating system can quickly create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the cabin in winter frosts. Side windows can be opened, a hatch is planned in the roof. Wipers clean both the front and the rear window. The lowerland is only intended for the front glass.

    Technical data MTZ-826 in numbers

    Technical characteristics of MTZ-826 in numbers

    • Dimensions. Length: total – 4.130 m; Without additional loading ballast – exactly 4 meters; Length on wheels – 3.850 m. Width: 1.970 m.
    • Longitudinal base – 2,450 m.
    • Hinter wheel track – 1,800 or 2,100 m; Front wheel lane – 1430 or 1850 m.
    • The minimal road distance (agrotechnically) is 510 mm (under the sleeves of the front and rear axle waves).
    • The Wenderadius is 4.5 meters.
    • Tire size: front wheels – 11.2 or 13.6R20; Hinter bikes – 15.5R38.
    • The specific floor pressure is 140 kpa.
    • Operating weight (without ballast) – 4300 kilograms.
    • The maximum permissible weight is 7000 kilograms.
    • The capacity of the fuel tank is 120 liters of diesel fuel (tanks with 140 liters were also installed).
    • The capacity of the diesel cooling system is 17 liters; Motor lubrication systems – 12 l.
    • Movement speed: work – 16.6 km / h, transport – up to 36.6 km / h.
    • The range of possible speeds: forwar d-1.9-36.6 km/h; Back-4.1-9.2 km/h.
    • The depth of the fords overcome is 0.85 m.

    The cost of the MTZ-826 used tractor in the secondary agricultural machinery market

    The tractors of the MTZ-826 model are not currently produced (the Minsk tractor plant produced them in the 2000s). However, on the secondary market you can buy such a tractor in good technical condition, and sometimes together with additional equipment (a discator, a front-end loader or a home-made bulldoze r-dump for clearing snow, etc.). The costs in the advertisements indicate a different one. For example, 990,000 rubles (production of 4,500 mothers); 760,000 rubles (2009); 800,000 rubles (2010, with a Sareks brand two-core frontal bucket).

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