Tractor Challenger: Overview of the lin e-up, this. Properties, photo, video reviews

The installation of the Challenger tractors (Challenger)

Caterpillar tractors are in demand in the industrial, construction and agricultural sector where powerful and productive machines are required. The Challenger pursued the units with difficult tasks, work under difficult conditions and have a high work resource.

Advantages of operating Challenger tractors:

  • Integrated automatic automatic driving system that saves work resources;
  • Highly effective management system;
  • The AGCommand Telemetry system offers the connection of each node to the central computer.
  • With the C3000 connection you can control the use of fluid fertilizers and various chemicals.
  • The mobile tras system and specific rubberized caterpillars reduce the pressure on the surface;
  • High performance of the unit.

Modern Challenger Tractor constellationModern Challenger Tractor constellation

The manufacturer offers a large number of units with different performance and functionality.

Challenger tractors line:

  • Series Mt 500d. Technology on wheels with diesel engines in the range from 140 to 225 liters. With. The series has five economic and reliable units. The Powerboost system is responsible for high performance at low speed. The installed enlarged tanks enable cars for a long time without stopping working.
  • Series Mt 600c. Economic and rather environmentally friendly units. Diesel engines with a maximum output of 370 liters. With. The Advanced Gearbox TechStarcvt is responsible for changing the speed.
  • MT 700C and MT 700d. Powershift 16F/4R transmission for rubberized caterpillars. The power of the engines on the diesel is 290-382 l. With. The technology can be maneuverable and continuousness also in swampy areas;
  • Mt 800c. A number of strong and heavy machines that can work under all climatic conditions. The thoughtful diagram of the chassis and the PowerShift gear makes the tractors productive and with good traction effort. In this series, MT 875C is the most powerful tractor in the world.
  • Mt 900. Rad heavy units. With impressive dimensions, the tractors can be maneuverable because the frame washed with protective pounds is used. The diesel engine has an output of 430 liters. With. Fuel tank with an increased size.
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Challenger MT685D tractorChallenger MT685D tractor

The publication of the unit is dated from 2011 to 2013. It is included in the MT600D series. The economic tractor with regard to fuel consumption is used very productively on mediu m-sized country.

Technical features of the tractor output MT685D:

  • Agco Power Engine with a nominal output of 340 liters. With.;
  • The presence of a liquid cooling system;
  • Motor volume – 8.4 liters;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 632 liters;
  • The capacity of the hydraulic system is 110 liters;
  • Awing 3 point with a lifting capacity of 10323 kilograms;
  • From – 540/1000 revolutions/minute;
  • Rad base – 309 centimeters;
  • The weight of the unit is 10999 kilograms.

Challenger MT765C tractorChallenger MT765C tractor

Units were produced in 2009 – 2011. Despite their impressive sizes and masses, the tractors can be maneuverable and move in swampy areas without any problems.

Technical features of the model:

  • Caterpillar C9 Acert Motor with an output of 320 liters. With.;
  • The presence of a liquid cooling system;
  • Motor volume – 8.8 liters;
  • The number of cylinders is six;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 446 liters;
  • Cat PowerShift Gearbox – 16 forward and 4 before 4:
  • Hitch 3 point with a lifting capacity of 7257 kilograms;
  • From – 540/1000 revolutions/minute;
  • Rad base – 243 centimeters;
  • The weight of the unit is 14095 kilograms.

Tractor Challenger MT865Tractor Challenger MT865

A powerful heavy machine that is finished with the most difficult tasks. The tractor can be operated regardless of the climatic conditions. Due to the ability to use different folding devices, the functionality of the unit increases significantly. Years of Release-2002-2004.

Technical parameters of the MT865 model:

  • Caterpillar C16 diesel engine with an output of 500 liters. With.;
  • Liquid cooling systems;
  • Motor volume – 15.8 liters;
  • The number of cylinders is six;
  • From – 2100 revolutions/minute;
  • Gearbox – 16 forward and 4 before;
  • The weight of the unit is 77 kilograms in 2013.
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With the suggested videos, you can find out more about the functions of using the Challenger technology.

The challenger’s tractors use undeniable advantages and positive checks the best solution for agricultural production. A high maneuverability enables you to operate on large country diagrams and under limited room conditions. The operating instructions indicate the characteristics of the use of devices. If you follow all the recommendations from the manufacturer, the tractor takes a long time and enjoys its performance and reliability.

Despite the excellent quality of the foreign products, it is worth taking domestic machines into account, for example LTZ tractor.

Checking the Caterpillar Challenger tractors. Service. Malfunctions during operation

Caterpillar Inc – is a leading company that deals with the release of large devices. The story begins in 1886 when the production of combinations began. The company developed new technologies and recorded the production of tractors and a caterpillar. The name of the brand came from the word caterpillar. In 1908 the production of tractors that work on gasoline began. The technology has gained significant popularity and exported to many European countries and in Russia. With the outbreak of the First World War, the company began to meet military orders, which became the main part of production.

The Challing brand was created in 1987 due to the decision by Katerpiller by publishing Tracked Tractors. The already large product range was filled with mixed, spray, spray and equipment tractors with feeding equipment. The designers worked on the traction properties of the units and were able to reduce the pressure on the ground by replacing metal parts with other milder materials.

Over time, the company expanded its production capacity by building factories in other countries. Numerous crises affected the production of devices, but did not stop the company’s activities. After taking over a subsidiary, the company has been producing diesel engines since 1998. Despite considerable success, however, the company stopped producing agricultural machinery in 2001 and switched to the production of construction vehicles. Products include a wide range of dump trucks, asphalt pavers, rammers, tracked loaders, forklifts and other equipment.

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The preparation

In order to achieve the required power, Caterpillar tractor manufacturers have equipped their units with turbochargers. A suspension was installed on tracked tractors, which provided a smooth ride and softened all bumps on the road. Such a unit could easily move on any ground. Currently there are Challenger Caterpillar series with a wheelbase – MT500, MT600 and MT900, as well as a number of Challenger Caterpillar tractors with MT700 and MT800 tracks.

The significant advantages of Caterpillar are:

  • The unit is equipped with an automatic driving system that allows you to use fuel more rationally.
  • Each device has an on-board computer that communicates with a central server.
  • Fertilization can be controlled via the automatic C3000 terminal.
  • The presence of a TMC display (Tractor Control Center) C3000. From there you can control the device, which greatly facilitates the work of the driver. With the terminal you can fully control the tractor and manage all its actions.
  • Terminals are also used to work with attachments. The console mirrors the implement control system, making it much easier to operate.
Challenger Caterpillar MT900

Despite the heavy weight, the range of wheeled tractors is characterized by excellent maneuverability and consequently productivity. The large wheelbase and articulated frame make the machine strong and mobile at the same time. For example, a wheel tractor MT945 with an engine power of 430 hp. can accelerate to 50 km / h and has 16 forward gears forward and 4 reverse. When used as a loader, it lifts a load of up to 10 tons with a tank of 1500 liters. The tractor can work for a long time.

Challenger Caterpillar MT800S

The Caterpillar Challenger line of dozers is tailored to work in tough terrain and conditions. In many respects, these tractors are similar in characteristics to the previous MT900 series, only the fuel tank is slightly smaller. The range consists of models: MT845E, MT855E, MT865E and model MT865C, which weighs 22 tons.The MT800E series is a modification with increased engine power from 450 to 637 hp. They can also lift loads up to 14 tons.

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The uniqueness of these tractors can be called the ability to shift gears without using the clutch, thanks to the built-in intelligent system. The hitch is controlled from the tractor or from the control panel, having a single system with the tractor.

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The photo shows the Caterpillar Challenger MT800E tractor

Challenger Caterpillar MT700

The MT700 series has modifications from MT700E, MT700S and MT700D. The most popular are MT765E, MT755E and MT 775E, which have excellent technical features and carry out the measuremen t-related functions where increased traction capacity is required. Tractors are widespread in the agricultural sector because they are easily shaken with large devices for shaking, sowing, cultivated and other devices are controlled and also operated as loaders.

The photo shows the cater tractor

Challenger caterer MT600S

The MT600S series is powerful cataters on a wheelbase. The load capacity is up to 12 tons, so that you can handle complex loads. Motor with an output of 370 hp It is characterized by stress and reliability. At the same time, the automatic control system for fuel consumption can be stored considerably. A feature is a low level of toxic emissions.

Challenger Cateller MT500D

This series of wheel tractors challender with an increased fuel tank volume and increased efficiency. The list consists of models: MT525D, MT545D, MT564D, MT585D and MT595D. The performance of these machines varies between 140 and 240 hp, and in the type of increase in performance, the indicator increases to 280 horses.

Challenger MT525B tractor

Service Challenger Catatian

Challing tractors are a super modern technology that was developed with the latest technologies and works with intellectual systems. Therefore, it requires precise attention and a nice attitude. The maintenance should be carried out according to the schedule with strict accuracy. The operator must have appropriate qualifications to control this miniature ship.

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The work is monitored by systems. It is sufficient to configure everything once, and subsequent actions are carried out automatically. Fuel and oils are raised. Only materials with high quality should be used.

Malfunctions during operation

  1. The engine does not switch on. Check the fuel or oil level, clean the fuel filter element, check the candles or configure the carburetor.
  2. The brake system does not work. Set the free pedal, replace the pads and brake discs.
  3. The starter does not put a spark. Check contacts and wires. Up the battery. Clean the collector’s surface.

Video review

Below you will find video reviews of Challender tractors

Reviews of the owners

The owners admire the quality and reliability of challing tractors in their ratings. In addition, everyone who managed to work on these machines had an automatic driving system and machine control via an display.


These cars are a real miracle. Sitting in the cabin of the Challenger Continuous pleasure and the working day is faster. A reliable engine, a comfortable use of the Hitch, the constant control of technology itself in your own work – is simply impressive. But there were deficiencies: the air conditioning broke, the repair of which flew into a penny.

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