Tractor Belarus MTZ-920 and MTZ-921: Technical features, video, reviews

MTZ-920: Technical features

MTZ-920 Technical characteristics

Many farmers have asked questions in recent years: Which tractor is better to buy: known from MTZ-82 or a more modern model of the Minsk Plant-Mtz-920? What is this tractor good, what is a “more advanced” modification of the 82nd model, and is it worth overpaid? In this article you will not only find the answer to these current questions, but also a detailed description of the technical properties and properties of the MTZ-920 tractor.

The MINSK tractor work is one of the few large companies that not only survived after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also repeated its production potential, the range and the sale of products, increasing the commercial extension to other countries. The MTZ was the first of the former Soviet companies that certified its products in accordance with the standards of the European Union, and received a number of international certificates in May 2000 about compliance with the quality of the ISO 9001. The tractors have been using the Belarus brand (in Soviet times – Belarus) since the same year.

One of the best MTZ tractors

Every tenth of the roller tractor on our planet is an MTZ tractor that comes from the assembly line. Nowadays, the actual MTZ catalog is the potential consumers of two dozen basic models of various tractors, bike and gear-from mini-mini format for high-performance energy-intensive grace class. We can say that the company is trying to cover all market segments, and this task is successfully performed .

One of the best MTZ tractors

If you familiarize yourself with the sales statistics, it becomes apparent that universal tractors of traction class 1.4: MTZ-82 (and its version of MTZ-82.1), which have become modern embodiment of the legendary MTZ-80-Belarus. are most popular on the domestic market. Together with the 82nd Belarus, another modern Model-MTZ-920 gains popularity.

Characteristics and scope of the “MTZ-920” tractor

The MTZ-920 is a universally proper roll tractor of the traction class 1.4 with a drive for four wheels. This model is considered a modernized version of the “Bestseller” of the Minsk Plant-MTZ-82, its further development. Both models use the same D-243 diesel engine without turbo load, of which other construction features are identical. With the exception of literally two or three.

First, a new synchronized gear is installed on the MTZ-920. It contributes to a more smooth movement of the tractor, without idiots and characteristic noises when changing the corridors. In addition, this model has an additional hydraulic circuit on the return coupling, and the tank of the hydraulic system is also increased. Tires are used a little wider than with MTZ-82. MTZ-920 costs only 30-50,000 more than the 82.

In addition, Belarus-920 has a lot together in its design and with many other tractors from the Belarusian manufacturer, especially with MTZ-892, MTZ-952 etc. They vary among themselves according to the parameters of engines, the presence or the absence of turbo loads. The MTZ-920 found its niche on the market mainly due to the fact that the diesel installed on it is quite economical, since it is from the perspective of fuel consumption and in the costs of its maintenance and repair. A significant plus – and the relatively low costs of the tractor, for which it pays off for a rather short lifespan.

MTZ-920 with densely tanned cabin cabins.

The main element of the MTZ 920 tractor is of course agriculture. Like its predecessor, it is suitable for use in every agricultural work: all types of soil processing; Sowing, processing and harvesting; Transport of goods; As a drive for a wide range of special stationary devices.

Features and scope of the MTZ-920 tractor 01

MTZ-920 in Finland.

Because of its versatility; Firm assembled ability; the possibilities of the aggregation with a variety of follo w-up, dependent and sem i-western devices; The convenience of using all types of earthworks when cleaning the territory came this model of Belarus not only among farmers, but also in households of community, forest, construction and industry. And not only in the vastness of the former union, but also in Europe!

Technical features of the MTZ 920 tractor

Dimension dimensions and mass

  • Length – 3.97 m; Width – 1.97 m; Height (in the cabin) – 2.84 m.
  • Radgrund, length – 2.45 m.
  • Trail on the front wheels-1455-1955 mm; On the rear wheels 1800-2100 mm.
  • Road freedom under the front bridge – 645 mm; Under the back bridge – 465 mm.
  • The smallest rotary radius is 4.1 m.
  • Operating mass – 4.1 t.
  • The mass is maximum permissible, with a load – 7 t.
  • The dimensions of the front tires are 11.2-20; 13.6-20; 360/70R20; 13.6R20.
  • The dimensions of the rear tires – 15.5r38; 16.9R38; 18.4R34; 9.5-42; 11.2R42.
Checking the engine blocks MKM-3 LANDER. reviews

MTZ-920 engine

Like MTZ-82, a four-stroke four-cylinder diesel engine D-243 is installed on this tractor. His cylinders are installed in a number in an upright position. It is equipped with a system of direct (direct) fuel injection and the electronic control and setting system. Like the MTZ-82, the turbo is not on the D-243 engine. However, according to many managing directors, this is a plus for working as a minus. The cladding of the tractor motor space is made of high quality plastic. In contrast to MTZ-82, a capture design with closed side walls (lined with full capotiation of the tractor diesel engine) is used.

MTZ-920 engine

  • The work volume of the D-243 engine is 4.75 liters.
  • The diameter of the cylinder is 110 mm.
  • The maximum developed service is 81 l./s. (or 59.6 kW).
  • Maximum torque – 298 N/M.; With a rotation frequency of 2200 rpm.
  • Specific fuel consumption 229 g/kWh.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 135 liters.
  • Ecological standard – “Level 0″/”Level I”

Transfer MTZ-920. Brake system

The tractor is with synchronized (although it can be a mechanical gear after a special order). The checkpoint is equipped with a lowering gear (multiplier). Synchronized accelerator. Number of programs: 14 front and 4 behind. The minimum speed is: 2.55 km/h forward and 5.35 km/h. The maximum speed is determined by the manufacturer as 36.6 km/h to the front and 12.07 km/h. The clutch coupling is a frictional one-disc type, constantly closed type with mechanical control. The lining of the clutch disc is made of metallic-ceramic material.

The role of the leading bridge is played by the MTZ-920 tractor front. It is about the final programs being transferred, and a self-protecting differential and planetary gearbox is installed. A handout with automatic inclusion, two cardan shafts and intermediate support with a safety coupling are used as a front bridge drive. The rear bridge MTZ-920 is equipped with electrohydraulic control.

For each of the wheels, mult i-disc brakes are installed, the cooling of which is carried out with an oil bath. The handbrake is equipped with independent control. The type of brakes can vary: dry or wet; Doubl e-Disc or three lens; With one or two wire wire pneumatic operators. The reverse tutor is mechanical. The steering (mountain) is hydrobe, modernized. The mountain is equipped with a Danfoss-doser pump. The cylinder in the steering trapezoid and in the insecure Len k-yaga.

Hydroin system MTZ-920

The hydraulic system MTZ-920 is a type of separate agency with hydraulic buoyancy. It differs in that the conclusions for the rear hydraulic system and hydraulic buoyancy duplicate. In addition, the tractor is equipped with a tw o-speed rear ham with an independent synchronous mechanism. The loa d-bearing capacity of the rear folding wheels on the axis of the suspension is at least 3.2 tons. The maximum pressure is 20 MPa. The volumetric supply of the pump in the nominal speed of the crankshaft of the diesel engine is at least 45 l/min. The tank of the hydraulic system is 28.5 ± 0.5 l.

In a foreign exhibition. MTZ-920: rear view

Three sections of the distributor offer the management of lon g-distance cycles of agricultural machines and weapons. The pedal control of the hydraulic coupling, which reduces the differential of the rear axle; Lever control of PVM’s handout.

There is the possibility to complete the tractor with assistants. Ballast loads for front or rear wheels; Tel frame of the cabin; stands for choosing the rear wheels; a rear suspension system; three output pairs for the hydraulic system; Hydroverse and bracket; additional chair; Air conditioning.

Cabin MTZ-920

The air conditioning system can and should be used in MTZ-920, since the cabin of the tractor is equipped with good seals and has decent properties of noise and thermal insulation. The Machmer machine operator is adjustable in height, pressed. The cabin is characterized by an improved interior with modern materials and corresponds to the requirements of the EU and the OESD.

Minitor Htz. Overview of the lineup, attachments, reviews

There is a washing machine of the frontal and rear jars as well as door glasses with electrical drives. Further front jobs are attached to the brackets of the front lamps. The panoramic glazing of the cabin provides the machine in all possible aspects a really excellent check. The comfort is that you can work for a long time by “moving” the start of tiredness “for later”.

The possibilities of the aggregation of MTZ-920

The use of Belarus-920 with a variety of trailer, semi-sound and adhesion equipment is amazing with its impressive amount. In addition to the standard three-box plows “PKMP-3-40R” and “PLN-3-35P plow”, the tractor can be used with hinge plows: corrare plows and watches for smooth plowing.

The capabilities of the MTZ-920 aggregation

With hinge, disc, garden and heavy eggs; With cultivists for continuous soil processing. With combined aggregates: cheese and soil processing. With seeds of all kinds of structures: exact sowing; pneumatic; Stareva; with an additional fertilizer application; dashed sowing. With a variety of mowers: exceeded Ivy; followed with a mill; Segment finger; Schindeln or half grinder. With units and diffusers for feeding floors (use of liquid organic and mineral fertilizers). With dremer or scooter press colleagues, rake ribs, packages with silos and senage mass, windshots of rollers. With snow spots, kunami, shock walls, loads of all kinds. Of course with tractor fans and semi trailers, usually o n-board and sel f-vital. And so on.

Reviews of the owners MTZ-920 and prices

There are several versions of this model from Belarus on the modern market. The most modern and demanded from them are currently MTZ-920.2.

Modification MTZ-920.3 in Poland. The engine compartment of this version is differentiated by optimized shapes.

Like any other tractor, MTZ-920 has its own positive and negative sides. The plus points include:

  • High performance and endurance of different weather conditions and intensive operating modes;
  • Decent performance and performance indicators, combined with good efficiency.
  • Ultra-universal use. Thanks to the widest selection of devices that are compatible with the tractor, the MTZ-920 is practically suitable for use, as you say, “for all occasions”.
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin, light and understandable control;
  • Compared to competitors, the costs of the tractor and the sufficient efficiency of its use accessible; Fast repayment.

All types of praise from owners and machine operators deserve the “behavior” of a synchronized gearbox of the MTZ-920 equipment. After certain impressions, the transfer of the tractor is slightly “stretched” compared to MTZ-82; Switching is almost fine. Without habit, it even becomes incomprehensible: there was a change to a different course or not.

  • According to the observations of one of the specialists of the MTZ dealer service “nurses” for only three to four years during daily business. After that, synchronizers and equipment of the 2nd gear are poured, the cast iron of the fork housing is also broken. The repair price costs at least $ 1,000: three synchronous of 100 (and only Belarusian is worth taking because “China” runs for a maximum of three months), the equipment of the 2nd Gear-25, the equipment and 12. 82- I, the 56th, 16th, 18th, all bearings, the body of the fork-80 each, but in another case you can $ 10 by replacing cast iron.
  • Another disadvantage: There is not enough cultivation speed in the “MTZ-920” field. Namely: It is difficult for him to work quickly, and if slow, the engine sounds very loud, but there is no real speed.
  • With a slightly filled with a diesel fuel, the tractor can stand, whereupon it is very difficult to start.
  • Also, many express such a disadvantage as wider rubber compared to MTZ-82. As a result, the track of the tractor is somewhat wider and does not always “fit” into the row spacing. Some farmers had to put up with such inconveniences as self-adjustment of the rear wheels, so the tractor usually “fell” between the rows of sunflowers.

There is an opinion that compared to the MTZ-920, it is preferable to buy an MTZ 892 with a turbocharged engine. Since this tractor will be faster and more powerful than the MTZ-82 and MTZ-920. But as mentioned earlier, the presence of a turbine is seen by many as a disadvantage rather than an advantage. (They say that with a turbine, especially if it’s not a new one, it’s more trouble than good).

Prices for a new MTZ-82 tractor at official dealers of the Minsk company start from 1,500,000 rubles; on MTZ-920.2 – from 1,700,000 rubles. As for the prices of used tractors, there are very few advertisements for their sale. For MTZ-920 2010-2011 in good technical condition they ask from 700,000 rubles.

A garden without weeds

Overview of tractors MTZ-920 and MTZ-921. Description, specifications and user reviews

Tractors MTZ-920 and MTZ-921 are universal wheel units for row crops, all-wheel drive models with 1.4 tk. Sales statistics of MTZ devices show that the best-selling model is the MTZ-82, on the basis of which modernization has just been completed and its modern version MTZ-920 was created using the latest technology.

Tractor MTZ 920

The tractor was originally designed to perform various agricultural work, taking into account the expanded functionality in other industries: transport of goods, as a drive for stationary machinery and equipment. The cost-effective aggregation with additional equipment made the tractor a popular technology in the municipal sector, construction, industry, road and forestry.

A significant advantage is the affordable price, due to which the payback period of the equipment is short. You can buy a tractor MTZ-920 Belarus for 1.2 million rubles, a used unit can cost from 0.7 million rubles. The price of the MTZ-921 tractor starts from 0.8 million rubles.

Tractor MTZ 921

Description of tractor models Belarus MTZ-920 and MTZ-921

Agricultural units have many design features in common with other MTZ models – 892, 952. MTZ-920 modifications differ mainly in engine power – in the range from 81 to 86 hp, environmental friendliness of engines, the presence or absence of turbocharging , and some other parameters . The MTZ-920.2 tractor is the most popular model.

In order to work in a confined space – in the garden, in the vineyards, modifications of the MTZ-921 tractor with reduced dimensions were developed. The units are equipped with supercharged diesel engines, unlike the 920s.

Due to the reduced dimensions, they are effectively used in narrow spaces – in vineyards, in gardens and greenhouses, various warehouses, the construction industry, parks and utilities.

Garden tractor versions 921. differ in engine power, some design and technological features:

  • Tractor Belarus-921 has a power of 90 hp.
  • MTZ-921.2 – engine power 95 hp
  • The MTZ-921.3 model is equipped with a 95 hp engine. with air temperature reduction system.
  • MTZ-921.4 – with increased torque, intercooling.

MTZ 921 equipped with a front loader

Technical features of the MTZ 920 tractor

Type of 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine
Power, hp/kW 81/59.6
brand D-243
environmental standard Level 0/level I.
Specific fuel consumption g/(kw · h) 229 +3
Maximum torque n · m 298
transmission Synchronized (according to the order of the mechanical) with mechanical reduction in the gearbox/reduction synchronized/accelerator with a mechanical/with increasing synchronized
Coupling coupling Rodial singl e-pane tax closed type with mechanical control
Number of gears forward/backward 14/4
Heck, mi n-1 540/1000
Hydraulic system
The loa d-bearing capacity of the rear hinge device on the axis of the suspension, kg, no less 3200
Maximum pressure, MPA 20-2
Volumetric supply of the pump at the nominal speed of the speed of the crankshaft of diesel, l/min, no less 45
The tank of the hydraulic system, L 28.5 ± 0.5
The chassis
Type of wheel
Bike formula 4K4
front 11.2-20; 13.6-20; 360/70R20; 13.6R20;
back 15.5r38; 16.9R38; 18.4R34; 9.5-42; 11.2R42
Other properties
Brakes/brakes of the trailer Dry (wet) tw o-disc (thre e-disc)/a wir e-pneumatic drive (after order of two wire)
The mass is maximum permissible, KG 7000
Climatic performance U1/T1
Minimum and maximum speed forward/backwards, km/h Min 2.55/5.36; Max 36.6/12.07
Reversal mechanically

Belarus MTZ 920

Technical features of the Belarus 921 tractor

Tractor model 921 (Euro 0) 921.3 (Euro 2) 921.4 (Euro 3)
Mass in a state of shipment from the system, KG 4000
The mass is maximum permissible (full), kg 7000
Base, mm 2460
Dimension dimensions: length, mm 4100
Dimension dimensions: width, mm 1600
Dimension dimensions: height, mm 2380
Trail on the front wheels (min), mm 1250
Trail on the front wheels (max), mm 1420
Trade on the rear wheels (min), mm 1160
Trail on the rear wheels (max), mm 1640
The smallest rotary radius, m 4
Road freedom, mm on (on tires 12.4 l x 16, 14.9r30) 350
Front wheels tires 12.4l X 16
Rear wheels tires 14.9R30
Specific pressure on the floor, KPA 140
Speed: Transport, KM/H Max 27
Speed: Working, km/h Max 14.4
brand Mmz
model D-245.5c D-245.5S2 D-245.5S3A
The number of cylinders 4
Type of 4-stroke diesel with turbocharging and cooling of a boost air
Cylinder diameter, mm 110
Piston, mm 125
Work volume, L 4.75
Nominal speed of the speed, speed 1800
Nominal power, KW (p.) 65 (89) 70 (95) 70 (95)
Maximum torque n.M. 397 (38.5) 451 (43.7) 464 (43.7)
Twisting Poin t-Aktiefficient, % 15 20 25
Specific fuel consumption for operating power, g/kWh 229
Specific fuel consumption with nominal power, g/kWh 236
Electrical equipment
The power of the generator is nominal, KW 1.15
Nominal voltage of the power consumers of the wrestling power supply in 12
Nominal voltage of the electrical system in 24
Coupling coupling Singl e-Disc
transmission Mechanically
The number of gears forwards forward 18
The number of transfers back 4
transmission Gain weight
Front axle
Bridge type Divided, inseparable beam
Type of wheel gear Conical
Differential type Sel f-shifted friction increased friction
PVM drive Two Cardan waves with medium support
PVM management Mechanically
Rear bridge
Bridge type Composed
Type of wheel gear Cylindrical
Differential type Kegel with four satellites
The drive constant
Workers on the rear wheels Disc, dry
Park Disc, dry
Pneumatic control of the trailer brakes A wire, connected to brakes
Type of Low profile with straight glasses
back +
Halfth from Independent I (with a nominal motor frequency), speed 540
Halfth from Independent II (with a nominal motor frequency), speed 1000
Heckzapfwelle synchronous i, rpm 3.03
Type of hydrostatic
Type of swivel mechanism Trapeze
Hydraulic suspension system (HNS)
Hns behind +
rear HNS type Separate aggregate
Load capacity on the joint axis of the lower drivers of the rear HNS, KGF 3600
Number of hydraulic outputs of the rear HPS 4 (Synchronized)
GNS front After rerification
Pump gear
Maximum pressure, MPA 20
Pump output, l/min 56
Capacity of the hydraulic system, L 45
Running system On wheels
Type of
Bike formula 4K4
Mechanical snow blower Patriot Arctic. Description of the model, video work, reviews.

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The dimensions of the MTZ-920 tractor are: LXBXH 3970x1970x2840 mm. Accordingly, for the garden tree model 921.: 4100 x 1600 x 2380 mm. The operating weight of the 920th tractor is 4.1 tons, for the 921. Modification is less – 3.8 tons. The maximum loading weight of machines with equipment and load should not exceed 7 tons. , 1 m and 4.0 m.


Like the 82nd version, the MTZ 920 tractor is equipped with a four-cylinder four-stroke D-243 engine without turbo charging, which is equipped with a direct injection system. Machine performance – 81 PS This model uses a modern version of the cladding of the engine compartment made of durable plastic, the design of the bonnet with closed side flaps. The engine construction standard of international classification corresponds to level 0 / level I environmental friendliness.


Gear and gearbox

Thanks to the advanced synchronized gearbox, a smooth movement is guaranteed without jerking. Thanks to the reduction gear, speeds of 14 forward/4 are provided backwards. The forward gear area is in the range of 2.55–36.6 km/h, in the reverse direction 5.36–12.07 km/h. The MTZ-920 and 921 tractors are equipped with a single-pane friction clutch with mechanical control and ceramic metal coverings. Optionally, owners can order a mechanical version of the gear.

In the 921, the gearbox offers 18 forward/4 reverse gears. The speed interval is: forward 1.8-35 km/h, 4.5-7.5 km/h backwards.


Drive axis – at the front with sel f-proportionate differential. The rear axle is controlled by an electr o-hydraulic system. Every bike has slat brakes. The handbrake is controlled independently.

The track is adjustable: front wheels 1455-1955 mm, 1800-2100 mm-rear wheels of the MTZ-920 tractor. For the 921. Model each: 1250-1450 mm, 1160-1600 mm.

Cabin, control

The tractor is equipped with an improved comfortable cabin that has a modern interior. Made at a high level: heat, vibration, sound insulation. Thanks to panoramic glazing, an excellent view is guaranteed. The seat of the tractor driver is sprung, height adjustable.

Glass cleaner, additional headlight, door windows are controlled electrically. The tractor is equipped with a modernized hydrostatic steering. Differential lock and hydraulic clutch are controlled via pedals. On the steering column, dashboard with sensors, ads, controls is conveniently placed. The cabin of the MTZ-921 tractor is lower.


Models 920, 921 differ from the MTZ-82 tractor by installing an additional hydraulic circuit on the rear power lifter and an increased tank capacity. The hydraulic system is a separate aggregate with hydraulic hub. The tap wave is independent, two speeds. The possible load capacity is at least 3.2 tons on the suspension axis.

October in the garden: calendar of works

Appendices and units

The possibilities of aggregation of machines with various additional equipment are practically unlimited. In addition to the standard agricultural work in tillage-plowing, disc cuts, eggs, weeds between the ranks, hills-the tractors effectively carry out many other works:

  • Mowing systems with pulled mower, saddled, assembled, segmented;
  • Sowing of cereals and industrial cultures with seeds of different modifications – stubble, pneumatic, precision seed, dotted;
  • Care of plants and seedlings of plants – top dressing, fertilization, insecticides;
  • Harvest different cultures and harvesting food, hay with rake, hay turnters, a baler, a combined agricultural unit, silage packers;
  • Load and unloading processes with loaders of different modifications, Kuhn;
  • Transport of goods on followers and saddle trailers of various models, including hollo w-ups;
  • Aid work with brushes, snow shields;
  • Special work with other attachments.

Cereal sawing machine shovel blade front loader plow segment mower slice of redotiller potato

Operating characteristics

The MTZ-920 tractor and the 921st version have found wide use primarily because of the engine-economical in diesel fuel consumption and in maintenance.

In addition, the owners are offered a rational way to retrofit MTZ tractors with the necessary components and optional mechanisms: air conditioning, oil bath brakes, cabin awning, hydraulic hook, additional seat, axle ballast, rear-wheel canon, creeping, bike doubling device.

MTZ 920 at work


MTZ tractors consume diesel fuel, the brand of which is regulated by the manufacturer depending on the operating season and the climatic conditions of the area. Oil of Sae-30, Sae-40, Sae-50 and in winter at extremely low temperatures oil in the SAE-20 class is used as motor oil.

Use 140 SAE oil for hot climate zones for the gearbox, in the temperate zone-90 SAE oil, multi-area oil is permitted.

Larger disorders, repairs

MTZ tractors are characterized by high processing quality, solid processing of components and components as well as durability. According to the owners’ ratings, they are not characterized by serious system failures. Disruptions are mainly caused by the human factor and manufacturing errors, illiterate control of agricultural machinery and exceeding maintenance periods.

Breastfeeding and failures in the company are much less common in these models than with similar models from other manufacturers.

A big advantage is the possibility of carrying out quick repairs on site with a set of standard tools. The costs for spare parts and their selection are affordable on the agricultural machinery market.

For a detailed examination of the device of MTZ tractors, operating features with attachments, maintenance regulations, system settings and repairs, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information in the operating instructions for the Traktor MTZ Belarus-920 and tractor machines.

Video assessment of work

Tractor MTZ-921

Tractor MTZ-920

Review of the MTZ-921 tractor

Tractor MTZ-921.3

Reviews of the owners


“Tractor Belarus MTZ 920 led the third year. I didn’t even expect such a functional unit. Of the advantages, I would like to note high capacity and performance, and economical maintenance. The cabin is understandable. You can install any problems on the car. “


“MTZ 921 Belarus tractor is a cool machine. It’s great to work with him in the garden. On diesel fuel – economical. It practically does not break more than other tractors.

Of the advantages, I note a low taxi – even on a farm, I freely stop in space.

Of the minuses – the air intake system is not thought out. “


“The Belarusian tractor MTZ-920 is made in conscience. The advantages are obvious: affordable price, easy control, easy repair, high versatility can work in any weather. I consider the not fully developed design of the checkpoint a serious drawback – the programs are stretched, it has not worked for more than 3 years. If there is little diesel in the tank, the tractor will often stall and then not want to start. You need an intermediate speed when growing. Due to the wide rubber, the width of the rear track will have to be reconfigured, otherwise the wheels will not fall into the gears. But in general the technique is at a high level. “

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