Tractor Belarus MTZ-1221: specifications, owner reviews on operation

Reviews about Belarus 1221 (MTZ)

This page contains a list of the latest (new) reviews from the owners of Belarus 1221 (MTZ), as well as the opinions and comments of visitors who are not indifferent to this technique.

Once they bought MTZ-1221. Operating time – almost 3200 hours. There is a six with a turbine – D-260. A tractor, like a tractor, gets the job done, but something keeps breaking.

• First the dosing pump failed. It happened in the second month of use. We contacted the service – the guys agreed to replace it under warranty. Shortly thereafter, the distributor rod fell out and plastic sleeves began to flow (we fixed it ourselves).

• There have been other failures – for example, the input shaft bearing fell apart once.

• Two weeks ago, oil leaked from the differential lock case. I haven’t figured it out yet because I haven’t had the time. Most likely a diaphragm problem.

Now for the direct operation of the tractor.

One of its weak points is the fuel tank – the available capacity is not enough for normal operation. During the cultivation you have to drive twice to refuel.

There are also some issues with the PTO. Here he is very weak. Ribbons must be changed before each season.

The new tractor had an alternator belt SPA 1157. You searched for it for a long time but couldn’t find it. As a result, they took another – A-1180. Now we change it twice a season. The quality leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least.

In addition, the MTZ-1221 has a too small radiator. This is no longer a secret for anyone. Worked fine for a year after which it started to get very hot. They called in specialists, but their knowledge was up to par with ours. In general, the cooler was also changed.

He worked on this tractor for three years, first in timber transport, then in road construction. In principle, the MTZ-1221 is almost as powerful as the same T-150K.

When they got into lumber, they installed a bucket on a pitchfork and turned a gritter trailer into a lumber truck. In the end he loaded and drove himself. The only thing is that I had to endure every time.

I do not claim that this tractor did not reach the Urals equipped for timber transport, but it coped with its task.

As I said, I had the opportunity to work in road construction. Was busy loading sand. In fact, there were no problems here either.

The tractor overall is not bad, but there is one thing I did not like: First, the rear hitch lowered too slowly in winter. Secondly, he was quite insatiable – he had to refuel twice when transporting wood. And thirdly, the bolts of the front axle sleeves were regularly broken off.

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I work in an agricultural company on a tractor MTZ-1221, 2010. Got it new. Before that, I went to the MTZ-82. In general, the tractor is normal. You can work on it.

The first time there were minor problems with the engine. Constant flow of antifreeze. At first I thought it was the seals. Changed them but it didn’t get any better. It turned out that one of the plugs was associated with a marriage. I pulled another one out. helped.

After some time the seals on the front axle were leaking. They also had to be replaced. They haven’t mentioned each other since then.

There are no problems with the transmission. And the clutch works well. So far it has not changed anything.

The tank is too small here. Its volume is not enough, especially if you have to work with the KPS 8 cultivator in spring. The diesel fuel ends quickly. In my opinion, the tractor is weak for this cultivator. It has a small cooler – the engine heats a lot.

We tried to capture the five-home plow. Went normally without effort.

In winter, the tractor does not breastfeed either. Most of the time I drive the barrel MzHT-11 at that time.

In autumn the rubber was changed on all bikes. Now there is a new one.

In general, the tractor is doing well. At regular intervals breaks like any other technology, but luckily all breakdowns can be easily eliminated. I have left it normally for 6 years.

Did you hit the problem of oil heating in hydraulics? I can’t find what the problem is

Tell me, owner: MTZ 1221 as in maintenance (as well as MTZ 82 or more expensive and more complicated).

More expensive and more complicated. But again in places.

Guys, hello everyone.

I know that there are specialists among them. Do you tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of all MTZ models?

Please tell me: On the MTZ-1221 tractor, a hose swells that from the side of the centrifuge to magnetic craps (a small piece on two terminals) does what do you do?

MTZ 1221: specifications

MTZ 1221: Technical properties

The MTZ-1221 tractor is another car in the line of the famous Minsk tractor plant, which can be referred to as popular complaints. Of course, this model is not as massive as the younger counterparts of the MTZ-80/82. But only because this machine is not advisable to a higher second traction class and its use in small farms.

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“1221” is perfect with the entire list of agricultural work. It is equally good in any kind of soil, in all climate zones. A good power supply enables the use of widespread agricultural instruments with which you can process large areas in a limited time. The tractor for construction, street and road and supply and transport work is also widespread.

Technical properties of the MTZ-1221 tractor

The design of MTZ tractors simplicity is traditionally. Good performance, maintenance and multifunctionality have also become their trademark. In order to take a complete picture, we will analyze the main nodes and units of the tractor in more detail.


Dimensions and mass:

  • The dimensions of the tractor D/SH/in – 4600/2250/3000 mm.
  • The route on the front/ rear wheels: 1545-2265/ 1500-1900 mm.
  • Agricultural light under the front/rear bridge – 620/465 mm.
  • The minimum rotary radius is 5.3 m.
  • Mass without add. Fracht loads – 4640/5300 kg.

MTZ-1221 tractor motor


The diesel engine is installed in a series of 6 cylinders with turbochargers. Model D-260.2 Production of the MINSK engine plant. It differs in the economic consumption of fuel and lubrication and meets all modern environmental requirements. It can work without problems with both domestic and imported fuel.

  • Model D-260.2 turbocharger;
  • Power – 130/96 HP/KW;
  • Nominal revolutions – 2100 q. Min;
  • Location and number of cylinders – i n-Line six;
  • The volume of the cylinder – 7.12 l;
  • The diameter of the cylinder/piston hub is 110/125 mm.
  • Fuel consumption – 226 g/kWh.

Gearbox MTZ-1221 tractor

The gearbox on “1221” is mechanically with a constant hook of gears. Switching is gradually using synchronizers, in 4 areas when they move forward and 2 areas back. At four speeds in the area, the checkpoint generally offers 16 speeds forward and 8.

The transfer of gears can be carried out under load without prejudices against torque and electricity loss.

The chassis and the transmission of the MTZ-1221 tractor

The transfer of the tractor has a number of significant differences to the tractors used by earlier models:

  • The clutch coupling is tw o-disc, reinforced and trapped in a hard case.
  • The rear bridge is equipped with planetary gears with bikes. An electrical hydraulic system of differential management with possible modes: automatically, switched on, switched off.
  • The brakes are dry, thre e-disc. The equipment is possible with mult i-disc brakes that are mounted on the waves of the leading gears. This design of the brakes is called “wet” because they work in oil.
  • The semi waves of the final passage and the rear axle are reinforced so that you can use a heavier and more powerful fastening equipment.
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Front axle. It is also a leading one, it can be a planet type or a beam second. Equipped with planetary wheel reducers, knots with SHKVornne v-double hub, reliable reinforced beam and hydraulic cylinder of the steering mechanism.

Together with the reinforced beam of the bridge, the wide front wheels serve as a reliable basis for attaching the front fastening equipment, which significantly expands the functionality of the machine.

Cabin and control of the tractor MTZ-1221

The main elements of the tractor control are located on the right of the tractor driver. They are lever: control over the hydraulics of the trailer and hinge devices, manual diesel fuel supply, inclusion of the PVM control etc. Next …

Since the work in reverse mode is possible on MTZ-1221, the lever and switch is placed so that their use is convenient in both modes. The steering is completely hydrocrat.

An additional advantage of this tractor model is a completely modern salon with an application for comfortable work. A wel l-decorated, modern interior with upholstery made of hig h-quality fabrics and plastic plates delight the eye.


You have not forgotten the safety of the driver, a reliable metal frame protects the driver when driving a tractor, and the seat belts are kept in the cabin. There is a hatch in the roof, it serves as additional ventilation and as an emergency exit in an emergency.

The salon is equipped with heating and forced ventilation, which means that the machine can work in every season, but there is very not enough air conditioning systems in the basic configuration.

A large glazing area gives a good review. The rear window opens and offers additional ventilation. The noise insulation is pleasant, the use of soundproofing materials of high quality of materials in the upholstery and the special mastiness for the fuselage of the cobine effects.

Hydraulic and Scharnner tractor MTZ-1221

To control the operation of a trendy, subsequent and semi-Western equipment, Belarusian-1221 is equipped with a hydraulic system. The system on this model is shown in two versions:

  1. Two vertical strength cylinders are installed in the water receiver.
  2. Autonomous strength cylinder, horizontally located.

The system is unpretentious in operation, and the adjustment of the temperature of the working fluid and its filtration occurs without the intervention of the operator. A large consumable tank and 3 pairs of outs for high-pressure hydraulic hoses allow you to work with hydraulic equipment.

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The rear system of the hitch is 3 points. It serves to install the fasteners on the tractor and adjust its position in space using brackets and stretch marks.

The pairing stream device can be represented by one of the options:

  • SA-1 Automatic Coupling Device;
  • The TSU-2R Python buzzer device;
  • Cross TSU-1ZH-01
  • TSU-3V Lifting Reciprocator

Modifications of the MTZ-1221 tractor

MTZ-1221 In addition to the basic version, it had two other main changes:

  • MTZ-1221L model created to work in the field of forest industry. Thanks to the auxiliary equipment and improvements, this version of the tractor is perfect for grating, loading, planting and transporting forests.
  • MTZ-1221V.2 from the basic version is distinguished by a reverse management post. This model has not been supplied to Russia since 2011

Operation of the tractor MTZ-1221

The tractor of the 1221 model, despite its multifunctionality, primarily agricultural, universal professions, is also saturated with energy.

And this means that its direct purpose is to work in the field, with row crops, and not only. For example, in a plow, thanks to a good reserve of power, it can be replaced with T-150.


Here is an approximate list of his work in crop production:

  • The main and surface treatment of the floor;
  • Soil fertilizer and chemical processing of plants;
  • The cultivation of grain, corn, potatoes and other vegetables, as well as cleaning.
  • cleaning of technical crops: flax, rapeseed, etc.;

In animal husbandry, this machine does not remain idle:

  • Removal of organic fertilizers from animal farms and introduction into the soil;
  • A complete work cycle for feeding: hay, silage, hayge.
  • Various transport work.

In many other areas there was a job for our hero:

  • utilities and road transport;
  • Construction;
  • Industry

As we can see from the above, the scope of the tractor is really very wide, and this is not the entire list. Is the tractor really as good as manufacturers say, or are there any pitfalls? I suggest finding out first, and then summarizing.


MTZ-1221 on narrow rubber

Reviews of owners MTZ-1221:

  1. I will share my opinion on this car. In my practice, 1.5 years of operation “1221”, he worked on many domestic tractors, including T-150. So far this is the best tractor in my practice. It can do everything the T-150 does, but often outperforms it in terms of comfort and reliability. There are 9 of them in our company and men who work on them are commended. The tank just doesn’t last enough until the gas station had to fill up once or even twice a day.
  2. When he acquired he was worried about how the tractor would behave in a row, the car is still not small and the wheels seem wide for such work. It turned out in vain, the track is adjustable for a row of 70 cm, the front tires 14.9R24 18R38 are included exactly between the plants, and due to the elongated base it is very stable between rows. Productivity is much higher than the MTZ-82, which will receive up to 50 hectares for cultivation.
  3. You can distinguish from the weaknesses that the camp is supported on the primary waves, whereby the intensive operation inevitably crumbles sooner or later. The front bridge is forever, but the electr o-hydraulic drives of differential locking, both the front and the rear axles can bring, twist or oxidize.
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Most of the manufacturer’s explanations coincide with the opinion of the tractor drivers, so that they can certainly draw conclusions.


  • A powerful and reliable machine for working in large areas;
  • This does not mean that the conditions for the operator are most convenient, but the manufacturer clearly works in this direction.
  • In its class, the MTZ-1221 exceeds many foreign analogues with regard to the efficiency of fuel consumption.
  • The maintenance, accessibility of spare parts and a wide network of dealers, a characteristic feature of all MTZ tractors.



  • Nevertheless, there are several in the design of the tractor, if not fatal, but unpleasant wounds. Such as failure.

The presence of air conditioning is only optional that is unacceptable for a modern tractor. Extremely high temperatures in summer will certainly affect the health of the tractor driver, if not immediately, but with certainty.

Buying a tractor MTZ-1221 used. Characteristics of choice

The acquisition of MTZ-1221 can be a good replacement for expensive foreign analogues. This tractor is very reliable, but if you take the car with your hands, you have to be careful. The main wounds (like the drive) can mainly be checked at work so that you have to trust the seller. However, you should pay attention to the appearance of the machine, oil implemented.

Make sure to go through all the programs, there should be no foreign noise in a box or in the engine.

The cost of MTZ-1221 areas depending on the year and condition is approximately 1.5 thousand to 2.5 million rubles.

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