Tractor Belarus MT Z-1523 – technical characteristics, power, dimensions, weight photo rating

MTZ 1523: technical characteristics

MTZ 1523 specifications

Agricultural technology of Belarusian production is deservedly popular with consumers over and over again. To such a technique that the MTZ-1523 “Belarus” belongs universal damage wheel tractor for performing field, unloading and transport work. The list of agricultural operations performed by the machine includes: the main and preparatory processing of fields, sowing and cleaning work, cultivation, fertilizers and plant protection products. The specified works are carried out with attached or towed equipment, as well as other units, in strict accordance with the operating manual.

The history of the creation of the MTZ-1523 tractor

The MTZ-1523 tractor is designed and manufactured by the MINSK Tractor Plant Open-STOCK company. This company belongs to the well-known trademark of Belarus.

The described machine is the modernization of the MTZ-1522 model, in which a number of changes were made:

  • Hut of increased comfort with a durable frame;
  • front bridge of an improved design;
  • The modern form of the hood and wings.

The climatic design of the U1 model in accordance with GOST 14254-96 provides the possibility of outdoor exploitation in almost all regions of the Russian Federation.

Technical characteristics of the MTZ-1523 tractor

Belarus-1523 belongs to the category of energy-saturated machines of the 3rd traction class. The tractor has a classic layout with the front longitudinal location of the engine installed on the frame in front of the cab and covered with removable side panels.

Technical properties of the MTZ-1523 tractor

The power transmission is located directly behind the power unit and consists of:

  1. Dry grip, two-disc hydrostatic drive.
  2. mechanical transmission.
  3. Rear axle with a locked differential.
  4. Portal type anterior bridge with a planetary cylindrical type of wheels.
  5. Current selection shaft for driving fastening equipment.

The chassis of the tractor consists of the front and rear wheels of different diameters. The MTZ-1523 is equipped with dry three-disc brakes with hydrostatic control. Changing the direction of movement is carried out by turning the front wheels using hydraulic steering.


The MTZ-1523 Tractor Belarus is equipped with an in-line six-cylinder diesel engine of its own production.

Tractor motor MTZ-1523

The power unit of the D-260.1 model has the following technical characteristics:

  1. The working volume is 7 120 cm 3.
  2. Engine power:
    • Nominal – 155 hp or 114 kW.
    • Operation – 148 hp or 109 kW.
  3. Fuel consumption is specific – 161.8 g/ l.s. × h.
  4. crankshaft speed:
    • Nominal – 2100 rpm.
    • Maximum – 2275 rpm.
    • Idling – 800 rpm.
  5. Maximum twisting – 587 n ∙ m.
  6. The mass of a diesel engine without operating fluids is 650 kg.

The unit is equipped with a thre e-stage air filter. The engine can be equipped with one of two TKR-7 or S2A “Schwitzer” K27 turbochargers that supply the cylinders with air. Starting is carried out by an electrical starter with an aerosol device.

Brand High pressure fuel pump:

  • 1111003 Production MTZ (Belarus) in two parts.
  • PP6M 10P F-3492 Distribution type “Motorpal” (Czech Republic).
  • 1111003-40.03 Yazda (Russia). Type – inline, si x-pistons.

The form in the fuel line is generated by an eccentrically powered printer increase pump, a piston pump is used in the phase of preparing the start. The tractor is equipped with two diesel fuel tanks with a total volume of 270 liters. One of the tanks is located under the cabin floor, the other on the right.

The cooling system is a two-circuit liquid type with a cooler installed in front of the unit. The frost protection is circulated by a roundabout pump, the maintenance of the thermal regime by two thermostats and a fan with a viscoccut.

The aggregate’s lubrication system is combined with a gear oil pump. Oil cleaning takes place with a centrifugal unit and a filter element. The liquid lubricant is cooled by a buil t-in heat exchanger that is installed in the engine.


The driving mode is selected via a synchronized manual transmission with constantly combing gears.

The gearbox has 16 forward gears, which are distributed over 4 areas. In reverse gear, there are eight gears that are divided into two areas in equal parts.

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The main elements of the gearbox:

  • Body with crankcase;
  • Hydraulic system;
  • Control mechanism;
  • low gear shaft;
  • Gear block;
  • Transmission node;
  • Intermediate shaft.

The lubrication of parts in the gearbox is carried out with gear oil, which is located in the crankcase. The oil change in the gearbox is carried out regularly in accordance with the operating instructions.

The drive unit and the gear allow the tractor to make speeds from at least 1.74 to a maximum of 32.58 km/h when driving forward and up to 15.61 km/h when traveling backwards. This allows the tractor to be used for a wide range of agricultural work.

Measurement and measure of measure

The tractor belongs to the category of agricultural machinery in the middle class. MTZ-1523 “Belarus” has the following total and mass parameters:

  • The length of the rear wheel suspension in transport is 4710 mm.
  • Width of the ends of the axle waves of the rear wheels – 2250 mm.
  • Maximum height – 2960 mm.
  • Base – 2850 mm.
  • Trace width on the front wheels – 1610 mm, on the back – 1800 mm.
  • The minimum distance is 388 mm.
  • The weight of the tractor without equipment and fuel is 5800 kg.
  • Gross weight – 7200 kg.

The properties of the tractor give the latter a good offense and the ability to overcome fords up to a depth of 0.85 m.

The tire size used for the front wheels in the MT Z-1523 “Belarus” is 420 / 70r24, for the rear wheels – 520/70 R38.

The agricultural machine has a good maneuverability: the minimal Wenderadius is no more than 5 m if the inner rear wheel is slowed down.

Chassis (gear) and tractor control

The MTZ model 1523 tractor is equipped with a working and parking brake system. The executive mechanisms are installed on the shafts of the leading gear of the devices on the board.

Working brakes are divided into right and left, using two pedals with a hydrostatic drive.

The parking system is engaged by a fixed lever with independent mechanical rods. There is a pneumatic drive of the trailer brakes or towed equipment, the compressor of which is also used to pump tires.


The steering of the Belarus tractor is hydraulic, which can significantly reduce the power during maneuvers.

The system consists of the following elements:

  • dispenser pump;
  • two-stage working cylinder;
  • a pump driven by a diesel engine and a hydraulic system;
  • Oil tank with thin cleaning filter.

The mountain is designed in such a way that the tractor tractor can be controlled in reverse mode from the operator’s rear workplace.

The transmission of the MTZ-1523 tractor mechanics includes the following elements:

  1. The clutch clutch is dry, two-disc, constantly closed. The control body is the pedal, the drive is hydrostatic.
  2. The rear bridge, the design, consists of the main gearbox, differential with the sling function, tw o-see- and final gears.
  3. The forward bridge, the host, is in the form of a cast beam, which houses the main rank casing with the leading and driven gears.

The chassis of the Belarus-1523 tractor is characterized by high reliability and simplicity of operation. The wheels are installed on hubs, the design of which allows changing the agricultural machine. On the front axis, the increase or decrease in clearance occurs due to the discharge of the disc by 180 °, on the rear – by moving the assembly along the peninsula. To improve patency, the installation of double wheels is possible.

The cab of the MTZ-1523 tractor: review of the workplace

The MTZ-1523 tractor differs from the previous model in the workplace of the operator’s workplace. The single cabin has a hard spatial protective frame made of steel profile. The design is isolated and provides reliable protection against noise and vibration.

Maintaining a comfortable microclimate is carried out by a system of ventilation and heating of the calorifier type. A CO air conditioner will be installed to order.

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The operator is on the subressor symptom, which has a variety of altitude adjustments. The windshield and rear windows are equipped with wipers with an electric drive and a washer, thanks to which the tractor is used during atmospheric precipitation.

The large glazing area and large rear-view mirrors are a good check. The cabin has a place for installing a standard car radio and audio system.

Tractorbine MTZ-1523

The operator’s tractor control is carried out with the following bodies:

  • The steering wheel, adjustable through the column in the corner of the tilt, with a multifunction switch.
  • Four pedals of them: two control the working brake system, the rest of the fuel supply and the clutch.
  • Transfiguration levers and scopes.
  • Control blocks: VOM, hydraulic system, differential lock and connecting the front axle.
  • Power Shaft Operation Dealer and Hydraulic System Dealer.
  • The parking brake lever.

Control over the condition and operation of the systems is carried out by indicators installed on the combination of devices. The characters are concentrated here:

  • oil pressure in the control point;
  • tank level;
  • emphasize;
  • pressure in the pneumatic system;
  • coolant temperatures;
  • Pressure in the engine lubrication system.

A block of control lamps and an electric tachospidometer with a control panel are also installed on the instrument panel. The operation of the heating fan, headlights, windscreen wipers and signal lights of the street is carried out from the panel of switches mounted in the ceiling.

Certain implements for the tractor

The universally correct tractor MTZ-1523 is designed to perform a wide range of agricultural and transport operations.

The work is carried out with the following mounted and towed equipment:

  1. PPN 7.30/50, (4+1)-40, PKM-5-40R, PKM-6-40R, PLN-5-35P and PLN-5-35P-2 connectors.
  2. Platform for the transport of animal feed.
  3. Sem i-Trailer: agricultural with a scattering, a transport and a special tractor.
  4. Seeders: Pneumatic, mechanical and dotted sowing.
  5. Strained seedlings cultivators.
  6. Aggregates: seeding, cheese, tagging and combination.
  7. Cultivators depended for continuous soil processing or steam.
  8. The harrow are hung and semi-grown.
  9. Front and mower articulated.
  10. press calculation.
  11. Form s-Harves t-Combine.


Installation of the listed devices is carried out using a universal hinge system, which is located at the rear of the tractor. The drive of the unit s-mechanisms is carried out from the power shaft, and the operation of the pneumatic systems is carried out from the tractor pneumatic system.

Modifications of the MTZ-1523 tractor

The manufacturer is constantly working on improving the base model and offers several versions of the tractor. Currently, the consumer is offered five changes:

  • MTZ-1523V “Belarus”. The main difference from the basic model is the presence of a reversible control of the control, which is used when powering the power with a long movement of the tractor reverse. The control point is equipped with an increased number of gears to 24 – forward and 12 – back.
  • MTZ-1523.3 “Belarus”. Equipped with a diesel engine of the D-260.1S2 model (ecological stage II standard). Rated capacity – 150 liters. With. With specific fuel consumption – 250 g/(kw h).
  • MTZ-1523V.3 “Belarus” -a version of a tractor with a reversible fasting post and a Power Unit D-260.1S2.
  • MTZ-1523.4 “Belarus”. The D-260.1S3A engine was installed, which was brought to Environmental Stage IIIA norms. The power unit has increased torque to 660 N m.

  • MTZ-1523.5 “Belarus”. Equipped with diesel model D-260.1S3V, rated power 153 hp. with reduced fuel consumption to 222 g/(kw h). The engine meets the requirements of the European environmental standard – Stage IIIV.

The Minsk Tractor Plant modernizes its products in accordance with the needs of the market. The trend of making changes to the engine design is clearly followed in connection with the tightening of environmental requirements for agricultural machinery. The manufacturer’s engineers are working to improve the ergonomics of the operator’s workplace.

Features and experience of operating MTZ-1523: pros and cons

The Belarus 1523 tractor has been produced relatively recently, and the main market for it is the Russian Federation. Workers and managers of agricultural enterprises operating this model praised its ergonomics. The operator’s workplace offers a good overview and easy control over the machine and assembly equipment.

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The advantages include the multifunctionality of the tractor, which is equally well matched with the performance of a large number of field work and transport operations. This is facilitated by an extensive appendix of more than 10 types. There are also general trailers and specialized in transporting various goods.

Consumers note the high reliability of the nodes and mechanisms of the tractor, which on individual models exceeds 1700 mothers without major breakdowns. This result is achieved by maintaining the maintenance instructions. The car is praised for maintainability and a relatively low price.

At the same time, the MTZ-1523 tractor has a number of disadvantages that can be considered teething problems of the new model. In particular, the operators indicate weak hydraulics and frequent breakdowns of the gas distribution mechanism. Dealers received complaints about the work of the gearbox, clutch and on-board electronics. The manufacturer collects complaints and carries out the refinement of the car.

Operating experience MTZ-1523


The universal power MTZ-1523 Belarus tractor is characterized by high technical and operational characteristics at an affordable price.

The cost of the new tractor inside the official dealer is 3,400,000 rubles, and the former in operation is within 2,000,000 rubles.

The manufacturer’s constant improvement of the model allows us to count on the elimination of childhood diseases and increase the reliability of nodes and assemblies.

Tractor MTZ-1523 (Belarus) -description and technical characteristics

Tractor technology in Belarus is constantly developing. The models have long established themselves, new, more advanced, in accordance with modern quality standards.

Since 2009, the Minsk plant has been producing the MTZ-1523 tractor, which belongs to the 3rd traction class. The distinctive features of machines of this type are: high engine power and a full wheel drive structure that provides the best grip on the ground. Agricultural technology corresponding to these parameters is ideal for agricultural work.

Technical characteristics


MTZ 1523 has very impressive sizes and weight indicators:

  • Its length is 4.71 m.
  • Width – 2.25m.
  • Height – 2.96m.
  • The wheelbase is 2.85 m.
  • The distance along the rear wheels is 1.8 m, on the front – 1.61 m.
  • Road clearance (release) – 0.4 m.
  • Without fuel and operating fluids, it weighs – 5.8 tons.
  • The total mass is 7.2 tons.

Thanks to these parameters, the tractor can overcome Ford, the depth of which can reach 0.85 m. He also differs in good cross-walking ability in conditions of complex movements and increased maneuverability.


The model is equipped with a diesel turbo engine D 260 with six cylinders designed for an output of 148 hp. The volume of the power unit is 7.12 liters, the maximum speed of its crankshaft is 2275 rpm, which is 175 more than nominal. The torque limit is 587 Nm. Without working fluids, the motor weighs 650 kg.

The turbocharged engine is equipped with a three-stage air cleaner that provides airflow to the cylinders. It is started with an electric starter.

According to the technical passport, the combustible consumption is 161.8 g/hp, but in functional mode there can be more. The volume of the main fuel tank is 130 liters, additional – 120.

The engine is a double cooling system with cooler. The movement of the frost protection occurs due to the centrifugal pump, and the thermal regime is supported by the operation of two thermostats and the fan.

The engine is equipped with a combined lubricating system with a gear oil pump. The lubricant in it is cleaned by filtering and cooled with a mounted heat exchanger.

You should list as advantages D-260:

  • economic fuel consumption;
  • Compliance with the environmental security standards;
  • Successful location of the liquid oil transmission transfer device;
  • Automatic temperature control;
  • Tw o-level cleaning of fuel and oil.


Additional tools with a large carrying capacity of MTZ 1523 are controlled by electrolycial, based on the Bosch-Rexroth technology. With automation you can work in three adjustment positions: electricity, mixed and position.

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The operator can control fastening devices, set up floor processing parameters and carry out other necessary actions directly from the cabin.

The maximum weight for which the tools are designed is 6.5 tons. The synchronization of brake and trailer devices enables you to reduce the braking distance by 1.5 times.

Additional tools are installed with a standard hinge system in the rear part of agricultural protection. The work of the pneumatics is guaranteed by the pneumatic system of the tractor itself, the drive takes place from.


The machine is equipped with a mechanical control point. For progression, 16 speeds for reverse – 8. The box consists of:

  • Fuhrmann;
  • Hydraulic systems;
  • Regulatory complex;
  • Intermediate shaft;
  • Six blocks.

The transmission lubricant smears the details of the checkpoint. It must be replaced regularly in accordance with the instructions in the instructions.

Thanks to the engine, the agricultural machine is able to accelerate up to 32.5 km/h and move 15.6 km/h in the rear. This makes it suitable for the execution of many manipulations in the field of agriculture.

Chassis, gears and controls

This configuration is equipped with a parking and working brake system. Functional elements are located on the waves of the leading gears.

Work brakes are divided on the left and right. They are driven by two pedals with a hydrostatic drive. The parking brake activates the solid lever through independent mechanical traction.

The gear contains:
  • A closed tw o-coupled coupling. The drive is hydrostatic, the line body is the pedal.
  • The rear bridge, consisting of the main gear, the end and o n-board transmission and differential locks.
  • The front bridge that is the leader. It is presented in the form of a whole beam with the main gear inside as well as the LED and the leading gears.

Differentiation characteristics of the chassis are reliability and convenience. Thanks to the design of the bikes, you can change the route. The distance decreases on the front axis or decreases by 180 ° on the back with a drop in the pane by moving the knot along the hal f-wave. To increase the ability to increase the landlord, install dual wheels.

Line bodies:
  • The steering wheel installed on the adjustable column;
  • Four pedals, two of which are designed for the use of the brake system, the rest for the supply of fuel and coupling;
  • Lever, switching and changing areas;
  • Several control units: differential lock, connecting the front bridge, hydraulic system, from;
  • parking brake lever;
  • Handles for changing shaft operating modes and power selection.


The Hydrack steering regulation of agricultural loads allows the effort to exert to be significantly reduced. The system is:

  • Left rotation gear pump;
  • double podication;
  • two-stage cylinder;
  • The capacity for the oil inside which is the fine cleaning filter.

The mountain is arranged in such a way that you can control the tractor from the location of the operator behind it.



The ergonomic cab has been designed and manufactured using the latest technology.

It is equipped with a comfortable adjustable chair that allows the driver to perform a circular assessment. Protective screen, traumatic spherical windows, high-quality internal casing and modern design guarantee comfort and safety when performing tasks.

The inside of the operator is fully protected from temperature differences, noise and vibration. The optimal microclimate – support heating and ventilation.

Washers and wipers with an electric drive are installed on the rear and windshields, thanks to what even heavy rain or snow does not interfere with confident work. Side mirrors provide an excellent overview of the tractor driver. If desired, you can mount a car radio in the cabin, a special place for it.

Equipment not assembled

Almost any agricultural equipment is suitable for this model:

  • various types of plows;
  • seeders;
  • Harrow;
  • Pigtails;
  • soil processing units;
  • Cultivator Mammals.
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With the help of hydrovation, such devices are installed on the rear suspension. Their movement is provided by the tractor itself.


The Belarusian plant is constantly improving basic variations. Now there are five modifications, all of which are presented in the table below.

models Characteristics
MTZ 1523V It differs from the basic version by the presence of a reversible control of the control. Suitable for work that requires a long movement of the machine in reverse. The control point with a large number of gears (up to 24 in front and up to 12) is equipped.
MTZ 1523.3 It features a D-260.1S2 diesel engine that conforms to Stage II environmental standards.
MTZ 1523V.3 This is a variation of a machine with reversible controls and the D-260.1S2 engine.
MTZ 1523.4 The D-260.1S3A engine is installed on this agricultural shelter, which is brought to Stage IIIA environmental standards.
MTZ 1523.5 Equipped with diesel D-260.1S3V with a nominal capacity of 153 HP Meets Stage IIIV standards.

The manufacturer modernizes the manufactured devices in accordance with market needs. The design of the power unit is constantly being made by changes associated with the tightening of environmental requirements for agricultural desires. In addition, leading company engineers do not stop improving the ergonomics of the tractor driver’s location.


Since MTZ 1523 has a combined lubricant of the engine, in summer it is better to use diesel oil with DP 11 and DSP 11 additives, and in winter – DP 8. Synthetic lubricants are also suitable. For the transmission it is recommended to take a universal all-season oil. When choosing, you should pay attention to the viscosity and temperature mode of operation. A technical inspection must be performed once per shift (every 10 hours). The planned inspection is carried out after 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 mothers.

Basic breakdowns and their elimination

This model has proven itself through the possibility of carrying out repair activities in the field. The tractor is characterized by a stable operation during the guarantee period defined by the manufacturer. The intensity of use has no influence on it. The suitability of mechanisms and components for repair can be described as quite high.

According to customer reviews, the costs and quality of this agricultural device are optimal. Most malfunctions are usually caused by improper operation of the devices, premature maintenance and negligence.

advantages and disadvantages

You can find out how good this configuration is from the feedback from owners who already have experience with it. In their opinion, the advantages are worth a list:

  • economical powerful engine with excellent traction properties;
  • simple and clear control;
  • comfortable cabin;
  • high terrain through al l-wheel drive;
  • a variety of additional drawn and attached devices;
  • Hydraulic distributor for good power supply;
  • Availability of the required information, available spare parts and materials for repairs;
  • High quality tires.

It should also indicate the disadvantages:

  • Cup discs wear out pretty quickly, even with regular troubleshooting;
  • Rubber hoses of the hydraulic system are not reliable enough;
  • There are characteristic signs of poor assembly (leaky connections, misalignment, bad attracting the elements).


Similar properties have another model that is produced in the Minsk tractor work, MTZ 1525. It is equipped with an automatic BOSH hydraulic system that enables it to set the depth of the edited soil. Such a refinement entails an increase in costs, which is natural.

Another analogue of the MTZ 1523 is the Case Maxxum 140 model, which is significantly inferior to it in terms of the technical properties.

Where to buy and how much

You can buy a new or used tractor from the official representatives of the manufacturer and from dealers for agricultural machinery in every region.

The price of the car is based on the year of construction, configuration and the presence or lack additional equipment. The MTZ 1523 tractor currently costs the buyer at least 2,850,000 rubles.

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