Tractor Agromash-90TG – description and characteristics

Agromash-90TG: technical characteristics

Agromash-90TG: technical characteristics

Agromash-90TG-A traction tractor of the third Caterpillar class. This is the last modernized version of DT-75 – the most mass crawler tractor in the world. On the basis of more than fifty years old model, the BT-90 tractor was developed in the early 2000s. In 2009 it was put on the market with minor changes, called Agromash-90TG. But in current economic conditions there were no buyers for this tractor, and it went into oblivion together with Volgograd Tractor Works, of which only a beautiful facade was left in 2009.

In fact, “Agromash-9ZDG” tractor is the same DT-75, but with a different engine, new cabin (the way of cabin mounting has changed), hood made of modern polymeric materials, treated with pneumatic system. High level of unification with its famous predecessor allows the Agromen-90TG to use a large number of spare parts from DT-75 when repairing. The new tractor combines reliability and performance of the legendary Soviet agricultural machinery with modern standards for special equipment of this type.

Differences of Agromash-90TG from DT-75

In the Agromash 9TG it was decided to abandon the former diesel engine and equip the tractor with a more modern engine. For this purpose the engine A-41S-O2 from the motorcycle “Altai” from Barnaul has been chosen. And also Finnish diesel engine SISU 44 DTA, which was supposed to use Dieu-90TG tractors.

SISU 44 DTA – four-cylinder diesel engine with a working volume of 4.4 liters and output of 94 hp. D-245.5S2-A four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a working volume of 4.75 liters and output of 11 hp.

The second main difference from DT-75 is the improved, more spacious and modern cab of frame construction. Ergonomic indicators have been improved due to the fact that mechanical levers and tubular oils have been replaced with electric gauges. An oversized fiberglass folding hood has been installed on the tractor. Using this material instead of metal reduced the overall weight of the tractor. The cab has a full second seat for the operator, as well as a second door.

Differences of Agromash-90TG from DT-75

Silencer and exhaust pipe of “Agromash 9-Pog” were installed on the front racks of the cab, and the fuel tank was placed behind the operator cab (on DT-75 it was on the side). Volume of the fuel tank increased from 260 to 300 liters. There is a special scale on the outer surface of the tank for diesel fuel, as it is convenient to constantly monitor the remaining fuel.

The designers also changed the location of the hydraulic clutch manifold and the hydraulic valve itself. They were placed next to the fuel tank to prevent machine oil from getting into the cab. Previously, they were located not at the rear but at the front of the tractor, which caused oil to get into the cab and accumulate on the liner and working surface of the state organs.

In developing this tracked tractor, they eliminated the use of an air compressor. The classic model uses a pneumatic (not oil) steerable clutch, steering and hand brakes.

Another innovation was that removable front ballast weights were included as standard equipment, rather than a list of optional extras that must also be ordered (as before).

Among the components used in the manufacture of the Agromash 9 PRG, there are imported parts. In particular, Samozzi pneumatic booster units, which were produced in Rostov-on-Don at the common Russian-Italian enterprise “Camozzi Pnevmatika”; And also crankcase castings for engines A-41C-02, which were delivered from Germany by Luitpold company.

The last modification of DT-75 also has a different color: chosen for AGROME-90TG.

Modifications and variants of use

Tractor “Agromash 9ZhT” is also available in modifications for the peat sill. The main purpose of the tractor, like its famous predecessor, is to perform tillage and a large number of agricultural activities, as well as earthworks with soils of 1-2 categories in moderate climatic conditions.

The tractor could be equipped with different types of caterpillars. In particular, it could be equipped with ringed or ribbon ruby tracks. Totally there were several dozens of options of Agroma-90TG configuration, which were specially aimed not only at using it in agriculture, but also outside, in other buildings, in combination with drilling rigs, etc.

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Modifications and application

The main emphasis was placed on versatility of the tractor. Therefore, the developers and manufacturers tried to ensure that the 9ZhMash Agromash was not a purely agricultural tractor, but could be used for industrial and construction purposes. To work on construction sites, this crawler tractor was equipped with bulldozer equipment. AGROME 90TG bulldozer, created on the basis of DZ-42 bulldozer (based on DT-75), has a different design of brackets, on which the hydraulic cylinders of the blade and protective mechanism are installed.

In addition, for tractors “Agromash 9ZhMS” there are possibilities to place other additional devices. You can work with a variety of equipment options: mounted, semi-mounted or follow-up, hydroficated or not so hydroficated.

Non-agricultural working equipment of the tractor

There are four types of Agromash 9ZhGG tractors for aggregation with bulldozers. Namely: dozer blade models BN-90; BT-90; rotary dozer blade BP-90 and universal dozer blade with hydraulic transmission BU-90. Depending on the use of one or another of these devices, the technical characteristics of the special vehicles change too.

The BN-9O bulldozer has a shield width of 2.52 m, a sheet height of 1 m (with a canopy) or 0,8 m (without a canopy), the volume of traction prism – 1,31 cubic meters. M, the depth of the equipment object under the contact surface – 22 cm, the height of the equipment hub above the contact surface of the rails – 65 cm, the angle of the site – 55 degrees, the angle of entry – 20 degrees. The weight of the BN-9O bulldozer is 900 kg.

Bulldozer with a turning sign BP-9O has a shield width of 2.8 m; Sheet height of 1 m (with a visor) or 0.8 m (without a visor); The volume of traction prism 1.45 cubic meters. M; Depth of the equipment object under the contact surface – 35 cm; Height of the equipment hub above the contact surface of the rails – 68 cm; Angle of the platform – 55 degrees; Angle of entry – 20 degrees. With this modification of the equipment, the blade angle of rotation is 25 degrees, and the angle of rotation of the blade is 8 degrees. The weight of the BN-9O bulldozer is 1,080 kg.

Arrangement of agricultural tractors

The BU-9O bulldozer with a swivel and hydrocotton duster has a shield width of 2.8 m; Height of the plate is 1 m (with a canopy) or 0.8 m (without a canopy); Traction prism volume is 1.45 cubic meters; Depth of the equipment object under the contact surface – 35 cm; Height of the equipment hub above the contact surface of the rails – 68 cm; Angle of the plate – 55 degrees; Angle of entry – 20 degrees. Angle of rotation of the glider – 25 degrees, angle of inclination – 8 degrees. The weight of the BN-9O bulldozer is 1060 kg.

The bulldozer equipment is controlled hydraulically. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders with an inner diameter of 80 mm and stroke of 710 mm are used. The angle of lateral static stability is at least 40 degrees, and the maximum angle of raising and lowering is 30 degrees. Weight of the tractor with bulldozer equipment can be from 7.3 to 7.83 tons, depending on the specific modification. Its length is 4.75 to 5.53 m. Braking distance is 2.6 m.

In addition to leveling boards, the Agromah 9otG tractor is equipped with the following types of special equipment:

  • Pipeworker Bulldozer TB-2;
  • Drilling machine BKM-2,5/2; or BK0-G; or BM-3O5A (BM-3O8);
  • Graben excavator ETS-75;
  • Machine for earth moving M3TS-75;
  • Refrigeration unit 3t;
  • DE-22O/SSR-2,6 snowplow;
  • Drainage installation UV-1;
  • Sprinkler machine ДД-1OV or ДД-7OVN-O2;
  • Welding machine USN-2x25o4VU1.

Engine Agromash-90TG

The main engine of the tracked tractors “Agromash-90TG” was the diesel A-41Ci-O2, which was produced by Barnaul 0A0 Altai Engine Plant. This unit is a four-stroke four-cylinder diesel engine with liquid cooling system and direct electric start system. The A-41SI-O2 engine is equipped with a pneumatic compressor, a liquid oil heat exchanger and a paper air filter.

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A-41SI-O2 engine has a power output of 94 hp or 69.1 kW at a crankshaft speed of 1750 rpm. The engine has a four-cylinder displacement of 7.43 liters. Specific fuel consumption of 245 g/kWh and 180 g/power*h when the engine is at operating temperature.

Engine Agromash-90TG

To ensure trouble-free operation and consistently high performance under increased loads, the manufacturer provides a 20% torque reserve.

The hood of the Agromash 90TG tilts to the UP/Forward position, providing excellent access to the engine compartment for all major service and maintenance items.

Transmission. brakes. turning mechanism

The engine of the tractor Agromash 9ZhTG works in conjunction with a seven-speed gearbox with movable gears. The work of the mechanical transmission is supplemented by a belt-type braking system. The clutch operates on two discs, has a friction device and belongs to the permanently closed type of these devices. The transmission is designed for driving the tractor in reverse.

Forward, the Agromash Caterpillar 9 POG tractor can travel at speeds ranging from 5.3 km/h to 11.17 km/h under main gear mode conditions. If necessary, the driver adds a significant increase in consistency and performance of the transmission. With this increased load, the tractor moves within a speed range of 0.28 km/h to 11.17 km/h. In addition, a reversing expert can be installed, with the participation of which the speed range changes in the range: 3.17 km/h-11.17 km/h.

Transmission. Brakes. Turning mechanism

The number of forward gears with reverse gear increases from 7 to 14 with the driver to 23; reverse gears from 1 to 5 (with reverse gear) and up to 7 (with the driver).

PTO on the tractor Agromash 9ZhPG single-speed, partially independent, with a speed of 540 or 1000 rpm. Two planetary single-stage reducers with belt brakes act as a turning mechanism. The nominal traction force (at the rear) is 34 kN.

The tractor Agromash 90TG hydraulic system

The Agromash 9TG Caterpillar tractor’s hydraulic system is separate. Rear linkage for lever spars of NO-3 brand is separate. Depending on the current need for work, the attachment is set to two or three points.

Hydraulic system of Agromash-90TG tractor

The tractor itself and its equipment comply with GOST-30746. According to the requirements of this state certification system, the lifting capacity of the tractor Guing system is not less than 1800 kg. Hydraulic pumps create the maximum pressure of working fluid in hydraulic system within the range from 18 to 20 MPa (or 180-200 kg/cm2).

Technical characteristics of Agromash-90 TG in figures

  • Overall dimensions: length – 4.4 m, width – 1,85 m, height – 2,71 m with the support device in the transport position.
  • Operating weight – 6.95 tons.
  • Mass of the detachable counterweight – 250 kg.
  • Drawing class – 3-rd.
  • Average pressure on the ground – 41,5 kPa.
  • Longitudinal tractor base – 1.612 m.
  • Track width – 1.33 m.
  • Minimum ground clearance is 38 cm.
  • Crawler width is 39 or 47 cm.
  • Overall length (with a hitch for transportation)

The tractor Agromash 90TG cabin

The doors of the Agromash crawler tractor cabin open in the opposite direction to the movement. Getting into the cabin is facilitated by comfortable handrails and two levels. One of these tiers is flush with the caterpillar rollers, and the second has been placed directly under the door. Of course, it’s always possible to get in or out of the cab from the top of the track.

The cab provides excellent visibility in all directions thanks to an impressive area of glazing. You can also look forward and down, as there is additional glazing on the sides of the cab. The lenses have basic anti-sun tinting. Mechanical windshield wipers are installed in the front and rear. There are four headlights in the front and two in the rear. There are no exterior mirrors on the Agromash 90TG – with its snail-like speed and excellent all-around visibility they are not needed. But there is a mirror in the cabin to check the situation behind you. There is also a special sun visor.

Christmas garden decoration

The cab of the last DT-75 is equipped with an advanced ventilation and heating system. It also includes special additional nozzles aimed at the windshield. Six air ducts for blowing warm air into the cab are located in the front part of the mezzanines. Behind the doors are slightly ajar shutters, which can and should also be used for additional ventilation of the cabin. Together with a hatch, for example, which is also available in the Agromash-90TG cab.

Tractor Agromash 90TG

When working in conditions with a high level of dust, the cabin is made with the appropriate level of tightness. In front of it, where the dashboard is located, there is a cabin filter. The instrument panel, while not modern in appearance, has easy-to-read instrument dials and well-placed switches with appropriate symbols.

The driver’s seat is comfortable, with two armrests. To the left of it is a small seat for a trainee or passenger who needs to be taken to a hard-to-reach location.

The location of the steering levers immediately catches the eye. In contrast to the classic DT-75, where they protrude vertically from the ground, on the Agromash-90TG the levers protrude horizontally from under the front panel. This makes the internal space of the cabin even more spacious. The machine operator no longer has to hold the levers between his knees and is less restricted in his movements during work. The manual transmission speeds are shifted with a lever to the right of the driver’s seat.

Behind/to the right of the driver’s seat in the cab are the hitch control levers. The PTO shaft – power take-off shaft is also located in the u200bu200bt of the rear hitches.

Watching the work of tractor Agromash 9OTG from the side, standing up, it is easy to make sure that by the noise level it is almost the same as DT-75 – the same characteristic “tank sound”. The tracks and growling sound of the new diesel are similar to the old engine. You’d think that all the improvements were limited to replacing the tractor’s plumage. But in the cabin it feels like a completely different machine. On the one hand, you can not miss the significantly reduced impact of noise and vibration at the workplace of the operator. And that the tractor is no longer operating with a lot of muscle power. In addition, there is a feeling of space, which was missing in the classic cabin of DT-75.

Agromash 9otG has extensive skills of aggregation with a variety of agricultural, industrial and construction equipment. In addition to the “bundle of levers” in the rear of the tractor, designed to hitch and pull up all kinds of special equipment, there are also cheap hydraulic connections and electrical connectors for connecting various additional devices. With its relatively low cost, the Agromash 9otG tractor could have been a good replacement for the DT-75 and quite an interesting representative of the public sector in the agricultural machinery market. But, unfortunately, this did not happen.

Price of tractor Agromash 90tg – new and used

After the collapse of the Volgograd Tractor Plant, the stagnant production of its crawler tractors after Cheboksary was transferred to the Promtractor plant, which is also part of the Tractor Plant group. By the way, the same was done with the Vladimir tractor and Krasnoyarsker combines. In 2019, the new Agromash 9otg will be offered in Cheboksary at a price of 2,700,000 rubles. Despite the fact that the company itself no longer exists, the VGTZ website will continue to be maintained. Apparently, they are counting on the fact that those who want to buy a “new diesel” will look for it, and a tractor from Cheboksary can be sent to it.

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Tractor Agromash 90tg price - new and used

There are almost no offers for the sale of a used tractor “Agromash-90TG”, which is not surprising, given its non-publicity. In one of such ads, which can be found across Russia, for the “Agromash-90TG” from 2010 year of manufacture they want 450,000 rubles. It is being sold by the Central Agency for Regime Property (TsAZI) in Pskov (sale of regime property).

Agromash 90TG caterpillar tractor

Agromash 90tg

Get a commercial offer now:

The Agromash 90TG caterpillar tractor is a newly updated version of the most popular tractor in the USSR, DT-75, whose serial production was celebrated at the Volgograd Tractor Plant in 2013. Release of the new model, originally called VT-90, was recorded in 2009.

Differences of Agromash 90tg from DT-75

The new product essentially repeats the most characteristic features of the DT-75 tractor. The construction and design of the tractor Agromash 90tg, however, differ from its predecessor:

  • the use of modern composite materials;
  • availability of a more advanced engine;
  • more comfortable and safe framework cabin;
  • fiberglass folding shroud;
  • obligatory participation in assembly of removable front ballast weights (DT-75 was equipped with this only by special order);
  • location of muffler and exhaust pipe on the front cab pillars;
  • Various colors: white and blue with orange accents (instead of the usual red). However, there are modifications of blue color.

Accessories for attachments that can be installed on the tractor Agromash 90TG will still be made taking into account dimensions and seats of DT-75 tractor, therefore when installing on a new tractor equipment must be changed.

Advantages of Agromash 90TG compared with DT-75

The following changes have improved the tractor Agromash 90TG compared with DT-75:

  1. The volume of the fuel tank has increased by 40 liters to 300 liters. The tank itself is now located behind the cab, not on the side as on DT-75.
  2. The hydraulic coupler manifold and the hydraulic manifold itself are no longer in front of the tractor, but near the fuel tank behind the cab. As a result of these movements, oil no longer enters the cab and does not accumulate on the cladding and working surface of controls.
  3. The new tractor has no air compressor, which controls the clutch, steering and handbrakes with air (not oil).
  4. The mechanical lever and oil pipes were removed from the dashboard and replaced with electric gauges.
  5. The cab got an equipped passenger seat and a second door.
  6. The cab and hood of the modified tractor is slightly larger than that of the DT-75 tractor.

Equipment of tractor agromash 90tg

The tractor Agromash 90TG is equipped with a diesel engine of one of three models:

  • A-41CI-02 manufactured by the Altai Engine Plant. Compared with the A-41CI-02 diesel engine produced by the same Barnaul plant that is used in the DT-75D tractor, this engine is more advanced: it has an air compressor, a liquid oil heat exchanger, and a paper air cleaner.
  • D-245.5S2 of Belarusian production, equipped with a turbocharger with medium air cooling.
  • SISU 44 DTA is an economical and environmentally friendly Finnish engine, the production of which has been mastered by the Vladimir Autotractor Complex.

Modifications of the tractor Agromash 90tg

There are different modifications of the tractor Agromash 90TG, which differ in combinations of additional devices such as: B.:

  • Reverser Outsector (RR);
  • Humor (hum);
  • Heckhydraulic system;
  • Frame dozer blade (BN-90 or BT-90);
  • Rotary dozer blade (BP-90);
  • Universal dozer blade with hydraulic transmission (BU-90).
Last name Из Rear part of STS РР бу peat Bulldozer equipment
БН-90 /БТ-90 BP-90 BU-90
Agromash 90tg 1040a
Agromash 90tg 2007a
Agromash 90tg 2008a
Agromash 90tg 2009a
Agromash 90tg 2040a
Agromash 90tg 2047a
Agromash 90tg 2048a
Agromash 90tg 2049a
Agromash 90tg 3040a
Agromash 90tg 3047a
Agromash 90tg 3048a
Agromash 90tg 3049a
Agromash 90tg 3007a
Agromash 90tg 2600a
Agromash 90tg 2607a
Agromash 90tg 3600a
Agromash 90tg 3607a
Agromash 90tg 3640a
Agromash 90tg 3647a
Agromash 90tg 2640a
Agromash 90tg 2647a
Working with electric chainsaws and chain saws

X1 -Tractor transmission design 1 without gearboxes and a driver; 2 with a reversible editor; 3 – with a driver. X2 – Type of tractor modification 6 – peat modification; 0 – agricultural modification. X3 – presence of rear hydraulic system 4 – with rear hydraulic system; 0 – no rear hydraulic system. X4 – presence of dozer blade 7 – uncorrected blade; 8 – swivel blade; 9 – universal blade with hydraulic transmission; 0 – no dozer blade. X5 – Engine brand A – AMZ engine (JSC “Altai Engine Plant”).

Technical characteristics

Description of the tractor agromash 90tg

Finding spare parts for the tractor Agromash 90TG is not difficult: parts fit from the DT-75. A repairer, who knows the well-known and widespread predecessor, can easily understand the maintenance and repair of the novelty. Besides, it can be easily modified. Then it becomes possible to use 90-T G-Agrom not only for inflating the country, but also for road construction, reconstruction, loading and transportation works.

However, there are 75 factory configurations of the model, it is aggregated with more than a hundred grown, riveted and pulled devices, up to drain, sweat and drill devices. Therefore, professionals have plenty of choice when purchasing new devices. The tractor can be used in the city (as a local vehicle), in the countryside, in completely undeveloped areas away from the production base.

Depending on the purpose, the tractor can be equipped with different types of caterpillars: caterpillars – for agricultural and road-building work; Band rubber reinforced – for the city and arable land, sensitive to weathering fertile land; There is a peat-bog modification of the tractor. But each crawler tractor model requires low ground pressure and no slippage, which means less soil damage and more tractor performance.

For work in boggy terrain or on weakly unsupported soils, a peat modification of the Agromash 90 TG tracked tractor has been developed. Swamp buggy (peat maker), fully equipped with a wider bulldozer blade BT-90, is capable of extracting and transporting peat and carrying out work on draining swamps. Such bulldozers Agromash 90TG are also used for backfilling of temporary roads, for recultivation and flood control works, laying of drainage and near impassable bogs.

Strangely enough, the ideas of Volgograd designers are embodied in metal, including foreign companies. For example, Camozzi Pnevmatika 2012 company in Rostov-on-Don has mastered mass production of pneumatic booster for tractor Agromas 90TG, which uses high-tech stuffing developed by Italian company Samozzi. If the new equipment is used properly, it is guaranteed to increase the life of the pneumatic booster by 50%.

Castings of the crankcase for the already mentioned Altai A-41CI-02 diesel engine were made by the workers of the German plant Luitpoldhütte. As a result of the modernization of the crankcase design its stiffness and mechanical strength has increased, its mass has decreased by 20-30 kilograms, and the maximum temperature in the cylinder seat has decreased by 20-25 degrees.

It seems that the design idea of Volgograd tractor plant specialists will not agree to stop there. And this means that we can expect even greater expansion of the lineup of multi-purpose crawler tractors Agromash 90TG and further improvement of their technical properties.

Maintenance of the Agromash 90TG

The Agromash 90TG crawler tractor is supplied with a necessary set of spare parts and accessories (spare parts, tools and accessories). The SPA allows to carry out timely maintenance and repair of the tractor without additional costs. At the customer’s request, it is possible to deliver with an extended offer of spare parts and accessories.

Maintenance table:

Type of maintenance (by) Maintenance intervals, operating hours
Maintenance for pre-commissioning Before start-up
Maintenance in case of break-in 10
Maintenance after commissioning 30
Monthly maintenance (ETO) 10
First TÜV (to-1) 125 ± 12.5
Second TÜV (to-2) 500 ± 50
Third technical inspection (k-3) 1000 ± 50

The tractor Agromash 90TG price

The price of the new tractor Agromash 9 90TG, released in 2022, is 4,465,000 rubles.

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