Tractor Agromash 30TK – description and properties

The compact tractor Agromash 30TK: Universal helper for a small homestead plot

Model 30-TK refers to universal vehicles with wheels of traction class 0,6. In fact, it is a mini-tractor, which works in small farms. The area of cultivation is 5 hectares. Here it is in its element and quickly copes with the most important agricultural activities:

  • Sowing of grain and vegetable crops;
  • Tillage: ploughing, cultivation, husking;
  • The application of organic, mineral fertilizers;
  • Harvesting silage for animal feed;
  • Transportation work.

All these works are performed by the machine together with strokes or excluded field implements. In addition to agriculture, “30TK” is also needed in the municipal sector. Here, the station wagon is used for cleaning the territory from garbage or snow, as well as for oversized transportation or transportation of bulk cargo.

The parameter of compactness also includes limited and limited city numbers.

Agrom 30

Possible changes

On the basis of the basic version of the “Agromash 30TK” several modifications designed to work in tight places were developed. Tractor modifications:

  • 121 D – model with only rear-wheel drive;
  • 122 D – all-wheel drive machine with increased cross-country capability and load capacity of the rear task;
  • “Vladimir” – lightweight and simplified basic model with wheel arrangement 4 × 2.
  • “Cabriolet” – a version of the tractor without a cab with an open workplace;
  • “Cabriolet Methane” – the device is identical to the above-described, but it is equipped with an engine running on gas fuel.

Tractor Agromash 30TK.

Technical characteristics

modification 121d 122D
engine Diesel engine D120 air-cooled, four-stroke, two-cylinder; Power 22,1 kW, 30 hp, at 2000 rpm.
Speed (km/h) 1.51-23.86
Traction class 0,6
Cyclic configuration 4×4
Number of programs In range 8; Backwards – 6
Depth of ford (M) 0,5
From – rotation speed (rpm) 540
Specific fuel consumption For working power 245 [180] g/(kWh ч) [g/(hp ч)]
Overall dimensions, mm) Width (with minimum track) – 1560; Length – 3180; Installation height 2600, medium input 2540, low input 2400 Width (with minimum track) – 1665; Length – 3320; Setting height 2600, average setting 2540
Load capacity (kg) Hek – hinged device on the suspension axle – 600 He- hinged device on the suspension axle – 1000
Mass (kg) Operative, without ballast – 2330; With ballast – 2440 Operational, without ballast – 2390; With ballast – 2500
Agricultural lighting (mm) High adaptation-525, medium adaptation-455, low adaptation-385 High adaptation-525, medium adaptation-455
Street lighting (mm) 200 345

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Capacity (cbm/h) 20590
Working area width (mm) 1600
Diameter of brush on the stack (mm) 550
Mass (kg) 200


Capacity (cbm/h) 20590
Removed snow layer thickness (mm) 500
Working area width (mm) 2000
Mass (kg) 170
Angle of rotation media – Robust construction using the highest quality components and functional parts puts the BRS model in the highest category of rotary booms. The BRS model, equipped with a premium quality pinion, a specially designed and manufactured palette and support in tapered roller bearings that require no maintenance, and a foundation Chivoi And at the same time beautiful in its The articulated turret is equipped with tractors up to 180 hp. With a rigid frame and power up to 260 hp. In folded frame form.
Rotating crop – implements mounted Optimum fit and favourable weight distribution, careful execution and excellent workmanship are the special features of the rotating crop. It features a particularly light hub and a compact design with which you can use a tractor up to 120 hp. The BRS model can be used in all areas of agriculture. With a working width of 1 to 4 m it is especially suited to work with special plants, for example in fruit-growing, wine-growing or vegetable cultivation.
Street salt - danger to plants

Description, technical data

The skeleton of the machine consists of coupled buildings, boxes, on a shield. The front axle and engine are based on a steel semam. The station wagon has a roomy plastic fuel tank. The material does not crack when deformed and is put into operation.

Additional information! In order to save the movement on the rowers in the design of the device is provided for setting the width of the keys of the front and rear wheels. The distance between them is set in 100 mm increments.

Table 1. Technical data

Name value
Type of motor D120
Power, hp (kW) 30 (22.1)
Service weight (with ballast), kg 2500
Tractive forces, tf 600
Transit (operating) speed, km/h 30.28 (1.6)
Freedom of movement, ММ 345
Radius of turn (with side braking), m 4
Radial base, mm 1946
Dimensions, mm (l × w × h) 3315 × 1665 × 2540

Agrom tractor


The tractor is equipped with a diesel engine of its own production. It is a two-cylinder air-cooled engine. The engine is almost fully unified with the previous model of VMTZ production, but has improved parameters of performance, reliability and environmental friendliness. Properties of the diesel engine:

  • Nominal rpm – 2000 rpm;
  • Cylinder volume – 2.08 liters;
  • Mixed method – direct injection;
  • Maximum torque – 115 n – m;
  • Average fuel consumption – 245 g/kWh (180 g/hp);
  • Cylinder/piston sleeve diameter, mm – 105/120.

Gears, chassis.

Rotation from the engine to the chessboard is transmitted by means of a dry, non-cutting clutch of permanently closed type. There is a mechanical drive from the foot pedal to engage it. The reverse gearbox gives 6 speeds for forward travel and the same number in reverse.

In addition, there are 2 downshifts that slow the movement to 1.6 km/h.

The chassis is fitted with 210-508/8.3/8-20 pneumatic tires on the front axle and 12.4 R28 on the rear.

  • Steering is hydro-petrol, with fluid intake from the main hydraulic system.
  • Steering is on the front axle only.
  • The split-agent hydraulic system is fed by a 29.4-liter/min. gear pump. The maximum pressure in the line is 17.5 MPa.
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The tractor brakes are dry. Your drive is separated for right and left side. Braking makes it easier to maneuver in confined areas on one side only and reduces the turning radius. The parking brake is integrated with the main system. It is activated by locking the pedals when depressed.


The basic model has a two-door frame cab that protects the operator from precipitation and cold. There is independent heating for heating the workplace. The cabin is equipped with a powerful ventilation system with air intake from the street and interior lighting. For the convenience of the operator inside there is a coat rack and a thermos holder.

Additional information! The small air-cooled engine could not fully heat the workplace of the machine operator. The developers have equipped the cabin with a heater with an electric heating element, which works as a “hot air gun”.

Agrom 30

Agromash-30TK (VTZ-2032) for everyday work

Agromash sh-30tk. Agromash-30 TK wheeled tractor

Universal agricultural wheeled tractor is a modernized serial tractor T30-69 with improved technical, economic and consumer properties, designed for pre-sowing soil, plants, planting vegetables, vegetable crops, cleaning seedbeds and work on the farm. The tractor can be equipped with a cab, safety cage, awning and arch products. Reliable and maximally versatile, the tractor can be specially adapted for municipal works on cleaning adjacent areas, streets and squares throughout the year. On the basis of the tractor are made local machines to perform various cleaning operations in urban areas. Tractors can be equipped with piston and bulldozer devices, sanders, front veins and other types of equipment, both own and manufactured by third-party suppliers. Advantages of tractors Agrom 30TK – Fuel economy among other similar tractors by 26% – Efficiency – Maximum capacity of the rear STS by 36% – Increased traction properties – Agrom 30TK is more than 45% – Improved passability – Agricultural machinery Prospectus is more than 20%.

parameter Agromash-30TK (VTZ-2032)
Operational weight with ballast, kg. 2500+50
Overall dimensions, mm length (with ballast)/width/height 3320/1665/2600
Speed zone, km/h 1.51 … 23.86
Traction forces, kgs 279 … 1386
Traction class 0.6
Type of engine D-1220, diesel, four-stroke, air-cooled
Number of cylinders 2
Working power, kW (hp) 22.1+3 (30+4)
Fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp) 245 (180)
Type of power shaft selection (from) independently
Speed from 1775 r./min. RPM, r./min. 540
Shaft diameter (mm) and number of splines 38-8 or 35-6
Steering mechanism Hydraulic cylinder with two-stage power cylinder
Formula of motorcycle 4×4
Maximum pressure, MPA (KGF/CM2) 17.5 (175)
Load capacity of mounting system (on suspension axle), kg, max. 1000
cab Single place, frame, with ventilation, heating, illumination, wipers, rear-view mirrors

Vladimir tractor system – tractor equipment

MTD chainsaws: description, features and rules of use

Pros and cons

The well-deserved reputation of the predecessor of the T-25 tractor, the reliability of which was confirmed by time, motivates the purchase of the stationary machine. The positive aspects of the model include the following nuances:

  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Possibility of aggregation with field implements of different purpose;
  • Stability on sloping surfaces;
  • Angles of elevation and descent is 20°;
  • The possibility of replacement with other machines of the same performance class.

From the disadvantages, the technologists note the high price and the lack of liquid cooling of the engine. In addition, the presence of only a high-speed non-complete wing with high gun loops is noted.

Reviews of machine operators, the owner

Konstantin, 36: “The new unit deliberately designed two incomplete seasons without downtime. Somewhat annoyed by the need to check the oil temperature, especially in hot weather, but otherwise completely satisfied with the tractor. “

Vladimir, 44 years old: “I have no complaints about the work of the tractor. I have to grease small leaks of the hydraulic system glands, but this happens with all hydraulic drives. I was satisfied with the mower at half a turn, even in frosty weather”.

Tractor Agrom 30TK – a stationary machine for the household

Small mototractors with productive units up to 30-36 hp. Primarily oriented for use in private farming and cultivated land with a total area of up to 3-4 hectares.

Machines are simple in design and economical in operation, have a great functionality of universal propulsion, a high degree of compatibility with a large number of strikers and excluded aggregates for various purposes. Tractor Agromash 30TK, serially produced by the same company, meets modern requirements.

Agromt 30к tractor

Photo: Tractor Agromash 30TK

The basis for the development of the new model are popular light tractors such as “Vladimir”. When working on the design, we took into account a lot of experience of using similar machines and numerous design wishes of the users. Equipped with a bulldozer blade, snowblower or mechanical brush, the machine can work with equal success in municipal organizations of the city.

The repercussions of the upgrade

Agromas 30tk differs from the previous generation machines of the same type in its lower fuel costs, improved traction, capable of charging batteries for 10 hours or more.

The tractor’s cross-country capability is increased with effective ground clearance and wide pneumatics. Tractor stability is ensured when working on steep terrain:

  • Weight distribution to the rear and front axles in the ratio of 60 x 40%;
  • Beam design and automatic differential of the front axle;
  • The possibility of extending the boom and mounting of ballast weights up to a total weight of 200 kg.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions of the tractor with a weight of 2.3 tons, dimensions of 3180 x 1560 and 2600 mm with a full base can be characterized as compact. The machine with a pulling force of 0.6 can work with attachments designed for more powerful tractors.

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The track width setting range is 1200-1500 mm, the minimum height of the agricultural distance is 200 mm. Due to the large angle of rotation of the front wheels, the tractor is more maneuverable when working on small areas and inside greenhouses and paddocks.

model 30TK 121D 30TK 122D 30TK “Wladimirez” 30TK “Cabriolet” 30TK “Cabriolet” methane
engine Diesel D120 air-cooled four-stroke two-cylinder Four-stroke, two-cylinder, gas-cooled, natural air intake, external carb, spark ignition
Formula of motorcycle 4×2 4×4 4×2 4×4 4×4
Traction class 0,6 0,6 0,6 0,6 0,6
Engine power in working mode, kW (PS) 22.1 (30) 22.1 (30) 22.1 (30) 22.1 (30) 22.1 (30)
Specific fuel consumption for operation performance g/(kWh) [g/(ps ∙h) 245 [180] 245 [180] 245 [180] 250 [184]
Travel speed, km/h 1.51-23.86 1.51-23.86 1.51-23.86 1.51-23.86 1.51-23.86
Number of gears, forward/reverse 8/6 8/6 8/6 8/6 8/6
Rear electric elevator capacity, kg 600 1000 600 1000 1000
Freedom of movement, ММ 200 345 200 310 310
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 3180 x 1560 x 2600 3320 x 1665 x 2600 3180 x 1560 x 2560 3180 x 1560 x 2360 3320 x 1660 x 2540
Weight (kg 2330 2440 2250 2300 2300

Photo: Vladimirets 30TK


Agromash 30th model is equipped with a two-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine D-12. This model has a high degree of modernization. More than moderate, in the range of 180 hp. Diesel fuel consumption per hour, standardization of many components with the predecessor models.

  • Engine torque is transmitted through a continuously closed friction disc clutch with mechanical decoupling from the pedal to the transmission.
  • The multistage interpretation of the synchronized transmission utilizes the traction characteristics of the production engine with maximum efficiency.
  • Eight forward and six reverse gears provide operating and transport speeds from 1.51 to 24 km/h.
  • Full control over the attached equipment is provided by a reliable three-point induction mechanism, the high productivity of the tractor hydraulic system with a carrying capacity of up to 1000 kg.

The series of tractors Agromash 30TG includes methane models, running on gas fuel. These machines differ from the basic designs with lower operating costs and lower expenses due to the lack of expensive fuel equipment. Traction and traction properties are identical to diesel machines.

The lack of a cab limits the use of tractors with gas engines in regions with cold climates. Despite the budgetary cost, the 30TK tractor’s single-seat, vibration-insulated and heat-insulated cab comes as close as possible to meeting current standards for comfort and safety in the workplace.

The list of conveniences:

  • self-contained heating;
  • Engine starter;
  • Multiple-adjustable driver’s seat; hydroficated steering control;
  • Dashboard with simplified information call.

There is also a panoramic glazing of the front and rear spheres, efficient lighting equipment with halogen lamps.

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Photo: Cabriolet modification

strengths and weaknesses

Only Agrom 30TK in relation to the cars of a similar type:

  • economical fuel and oil consumption by at least a quarter;
  • higher load capacity of onboard hydraulics;
  • Possibility to pull trailers with increased loading capacity by 40 percent or more;
  • The machine’s semi-autonomous capability at gas station sites has been dropped from the points.

Additional list of advantages includes the possibility of full tractor operation in difficult climatic conditions, availability of independent repair, a large selection of spare parts and whole units interchangeable with tractors of the same power.

A considerable part of owners consider air cooling of the engine to be a significant disadvantage of a rather expensive tractor. Despite significant metal consumption and a simpler design of the electric unit, the liquid cooling system provides a more stable engine temperature in high RPM modes.

Many private owners believe that the efficiency of high-speed attachments is reduced because of the standard 540 rpm and power wave speeds.

30TK on gas

Photo: 30TK on gas

The price of a new and used tractor

The average cost of a new machine in standard configuration at the beginning of 2017 is 114,000 hryvnia ($4,000). Used machine with at least a half-deficit overhaul resource can be bought for 70-80 thousand (from $2,500 to $3,000). At the end of the working season the number of discounts increases from 7-10 to 15 or more.

Video: Agromash 30TK at work on the farm


For the most part it is a small-sized tractor of earlier editions of T-25 and identical in power to the serial model MINSK. Similar parameters have the Chinese general purpose tractor JM-354 from the import offers, equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine rated at 35 hp.

Reviews of owners

About the 30th model on the Internet you can find only general information and minimal comments about the skill of the Agromash minitractor. The convincing reason to buy this model was the well-tested authority of the Vladimir tractors. Time has confirmed the correctness of the choice. New “Agromash” faithfully worked two incomplete seasons without idle time. From the disadvantages – I have to constantly monitor the oil temperature, especially in hot weather. The quality of hydraulic cylinders and hoses leaves much to be desired. Vladimir Viktorovich.

In principle, there are no special remarks. The compatibility of the suspension with agricultural desires has long been established to save money when buying attachments. When plowing, the results are average, but when towing a loaded trailer, the power of the machine is above average. The cabin has not pleased, it takes a long time to warm up a relatively small volume in severe frosts. But, contrary to expectations, there are no problems with cold start of D-1220 current up to 15°C. The engine, as they say, is lazy enough. George

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