Tira T 15 bulldozer – description and properties

T15 bulldozer technical properties

T15 T15 is a large bulldozer binding technology, which is produced by Proltor (Cheboksary). This system is currently one of the leading Russian companies in the segment of specialized machines.

The Bulldozer made its debut in 1999. The model was sold almost immediately. Powerfulness, efficiency and high productivity ensure high demand from consumers. The T15 T15 series is successfully competing with foreign machines and has EU requirements (TUV Rheinland Intercert).

This model is one of the most popular Russian bulldozers and is exported to Asian and African countries. Special versions demonstrate high performance at temperatures up to +50 degrees. There are also models adapted for use in cold climates (up t o-50 degrees Celsius).

T15 T15 is used for removing and moving soil and materials up to 300 meters. The bulldozer is suitable for tasks of increased complexity. The main indications for using the equipment are:

  • Landscape design of areas;
  • Road construction;
  • Housing construction;
  • Mining;
  • Forestry.

T15 is the basic model of the series, which is represented by several modifications. The most common are versions Tylara T 15M, Tylara T 15.01 m and TSILRA T 15.02 m which feature more power and improved lateral balancing.

Technical features T15 T15

Overall dimensions without additional equipment

(Base/Reconditioned version):

  • Length – 4500/4900 mm;
  • Width – 2560/3010 mm;
  • Height – 3709/3709 mm.

Working mass of the bulldozer in the first version with caulk blade and 3-toE loop is 29200/28020 kg (YAMZ-238-Motor ND4-1 / Cummins QSC8.3-C245-Motor).

Characteristics of front assembly equipment

(Spherical blade U / half-spherical blade SU / straight blade S) :):

  • Height – 8500/6800/5800 mm;
  • Width – 4180/3820/4050 mm;
  • Maximum lifting height – 1150/1150/1150 mm;
  • Maximum depth – 555/555/555 mm;
  • Blade tilt angle – 10/10/10 degrees;
  • Drawbar volume – 8,5/6,8/5,8 cu. m;
  • Weight – 3320/3110/2980 kg.

Rear support properties

(Multi-tooth eyebolt with set angle of loosening/loose eyebolt with set angle of loosening):

  • Number of teeth – 3/1;
  • Max. ripping height – 555/738 mm;
  • Max. loosening depth – 700/830 mm;
  • Angle of loosening – 45/- degrees;
  • Weight – 3575/- kg.

Also possible to install a wind power unit with up to 30 tons of thrust.

Fuel tank:

  • Fuel tank – 450 L;
  • Hydraulic tank – 130 l;
  • Cooling system – 115 l.


The T15 series is available with different types of engines:

  • YAMZ-238 ND4-1;
  • YAMZ-236 ND7-1;
  • Sisu 84;
  • Cummins QSC8.3-C245.
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The most common is the diesel engine JAMZ-238 ND4-1. This 4-stroke turbocharged, air-cooled, direct injection and liquid cooling system engine is a product of the Yaroslavl engine building complex. The engine has proven itself in Russian conditions.

Properties of the YaMZ-238 ND4-1 engine:

  • Working volume – 14.86 liters;
  • Power – 174 (235) kW (hp);
  • Speed – 1700 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1108 Nm;
  • Fuel consumption – 220 (162) g/kWh (g/hp);
  • Number of cylinders – 8;
  • Cylinder diameter – 130 mm.

YAMZ-236 ND7-1 Diesel with 154.5 (210) kW (hp) capacity. Compared to the YAMZ-238, the ND4-1 is much less widespread.

Sisu 84 – assembled in Russia according to the Finnish technology. T15 T15 models with this engine were produced in limited quantities.

Cummins QSC8.3-C245-YMZ-238 Alternative to ND4-1. Foreign 6-cylinder diesel engine with longer service life. Liquid cooling, turbocharger and lines – cylinder layout is shown under the characteristics of the engine.

Properties of the Cummins QSC8.3-C245 unit:

  • Working volume – 8.3 liters;
  • Power – 180 (245) kW (hp);
  • Speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1085 Nm;
  • The diameter of cylinder – 114 mm.

The device – T15

The chassis of the chic Tner T 15 is based on a semi-rigid three-point suspension with painted bogie axle for high traction. The steering wheels support and support roles with disposable grease throughout are equipped with Sel f-Puimity “Double Cone” seals.

Chassis parameters:

  • Number of support rollers – 7;
  • Number of track rollers – 2.

Caterpillar part is represented by tracks with 1 primus and a special seal that keeps grease in the joint. The track tension is set with a grease syringe.

Track parameters:

  • Number of shoes – 44;
  • Step of a link – 215,9 mm;
  • Ground height – 70 mm;
  • Width of a standard shoe – 560 (810) mm;
  • Reference area – 3.26 (5.44) m²;
  • Specific floor pressure – 0.86 (0.56) kg/m².

T15 T15 is equipped with a planetary gear under load. The couplings work in oil and have a high transmission capacity (diameter – 415 mm). A special modulating gear system ensures smooth gear shifting with the lever. Transmission, main program and coordinating gear are structurally shown by the power unit.

Speed (forward/reverse):

  • 1 Transmission-0-3.9/0-5.1 km/h;
  • 2 Transmission-0-6.9/0-9.0 km/h;
  • 3 Transmission-0-11.1/0-14.2 km/h.

The hydraulic system uses an S1A6155 (David Brown) 235 l/min gear pump. The safety valve is designed for maximum pressure of 20 MPa. In addition, the hydraulic system is welded and includes a hydraulic tank and 4-sequence dealer.

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The T15 T15 is equipped with one type with one rubber shock absorber. The large glazing area provides optimum visibility. There is a leaning stool in the cabin that adapts to the individual properties of the operator (size, weight). Noise-absorbing pads, living space and calorifier heating ensure comfortable operation. Air conditioning is available as an option.

New and Used Prices

Prices for a new Buldozer T15 start at 13.05 million rubles. Used model in working condition costs 5.5-7.2 million rubles (2007-2010).

Bulldozer Chickr T 15

T15 T15 is a bulldozer and ripper with high performance and modern design. The devices are manufactured at the JSC “Promtorg” in the city of Cheboksary.

Chetra T15 is a striking representative of the brand. The bulldozer premiered in October 1999, after which the machine went on sale immediately and was very popular among gold miners, builders and oil companies. The model was notable for its productivity, power and maneuverability, which were combined with comfort in work. Thanks to this Chetra T15 was able to compete with leading foreign counterparts.

The bulldozer has been adapted to the harsh conditions of the Far East and Siberia with operating temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. For this purpose, the model also received improved hydraulics, preheating device and isolated driver’s cabin. No less effective work of the bulldozer showed in a hot climate with the upper temperature limit up to +50 degrees. Special equipment in tropical version has been supplied to Africa and Asia. The machine had been certified by TÜV Rheinland Intercert (compliance with EU requirements).


Chetra T15 refers to medium-sized machines, which are suitable for a large amount of work. The model is designed for paving, mixing and moving the floor over short distances (up to 300 m) as part of construction planning or other jobs. Special devices are used in road, housing and landscape construction. The bulldozer is suitable for working with loose material and snow.

Modifications and functions

The CHETRA T15 family is represented by several modifications, which differ:

  • Version (models for work in temperate, cold and hot climates);
  • Design features (versions of Chetra T15, Chetra T15.01 and others);
  • Type of built-in engine. Series with the index “I” in the name is equipped with units of Yaroslavl Motor Plant, series with the index “K” – by Cummins engines;
  • Type of additional equipment (straight, spherical or hemispherical blade, single or multi-tooth output);
  • Permeability. Cheetra T15 – basic model with standard grip and 0.86 kgf/sq.cm floor pressure. Cheetra T15 m – reclamation version with reduced floor pressure (0.63 kgf/sq.cm) and increased stand area.
  • Modular structure of units (gearbox, cooling system, driver’s cab, chassis, control mechanisms, working equipment), allowing convenient and easy maintenance, checking and replacement of the necessary elements;
  • Hydraulic system with adjustable pump capacity;
  • Oil cleaning system with centrifugal filter and replaceable filter elements;
  • Advanced electronic devices and systems (digital injection system, control unit for leveling the working area, diagnostic mechanism, etc.);
  • Modern diesel engines with high power reserve and considerable efficiency;
  • Glonass module and system of telemonitoring with which you can find the car in real time, control fuel consumption, determine the technical condition and speed.
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Technical Specifications

  • Length – 7758 mm;
  • Width (with the blade) – 3794 mm;
  • Height – 3709 mm.

The operating weight of the bulldozer in the basic version with a hemispherical shield, full load and Yamz engine is 29200 kg. The similar version with a Cummins engine weighs 28020 kg.

Design and operation features

A key feature of the T15 T15 is its modular design. The auxiliary and working systems are separated into separate units, and the ability to dismantle them does not affect the adjacent units. When carrying out maintenance or repair work, this arrangement will be very convenient and will avoid many problems. With an extensive fleet of simple machines of the same type, it is practically eliminated.

Another distinguishing feature of the T15 T15 is considered to be the semi-rigid suspension. The lowered idler wheel and the curved pulse axle of the machine significantly reduce the loads that fall on the chassis. Again, body and operator cab vibration is reduced. The guide wheels with track and support rollers are lubricated for life and have self-lubricating seals. The tracks are of prefabricated construction with special gaskets that retain the liquid lubricant in the joint and primer. Track tension is adjusted by greasing with a syringe.

Features of the undercarriage:

  • number of track rollers (on one side) – 2;
  • number of track rollers (one side) – 7;
  • Number of shoes (one side) – 40;
  • shoe width – 560 mm;
  • Ground height – 70 mm;
  • link pitch – 216 mm;
  • Surface area – 3.26 m².

T15 T15 is equipped with a planetary power transmission with 3 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. The gearbox is combined with the power transmission and coordinating wheel into a single unit mounted on the rear axle. After PTO and torque converter the gearbox is connected to the motor clutch. The modulation system allows speed selection under load with a considerable degree of smoothness, and gear shifting is handled by the lever. A 1-speed 3-cylinder torque converter (410 mm active diameter) is mounted on the front of the rear axle. The on-board transmission is of the 2-speed type. The transmission allows driving in the following speed modes:

  • 1. Transmission up to 3.9 km/h;
  • 2nd gear up to 6.9 km/h;
  • 3. Transmission up to 11.1 km/h.
  • 1. Transmission to 5.1 km/h;
  • 2. Transmission to 9.0 km/h;
  • 3rd gear up to 14.2 km/h.
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The Chytra T15 features an upgraded hydraulic system with a powerful 2-stage slant and cast-iron body pump with a capacity of up to 235 l/min, which allows efficient operation on both normal ground and rock and frozen work. The maximum pressure in the system is 20 MPa. The hydraulic system again includes a 4-section distributor and a 250-liter welded tank.

The T15 T15 is equipped with a spacious operator’s cabin with double glazing. Thanks to the good visibility, the operator has a clear view of the work area and the equipment. The operator’s cab is mounted on rubber shock absorbers supplemented with noise absorbing pads, which reduce transmitted vibrations. High-quality soundproofing materials and a sub-dimensional seating position, taking into account fit and weight, minimize driver fatigue. The cab includes a ventilation system and self-contained heating to maintain the desired temperature. An air conditioner and additional heater will be installed on request.

Operation of the bulldozer is very simple. The speed and direction of movement are selected with a single lever. The working equipment is again controlled by the lever. Advertising and sensors in close proximity to the operator provide parameters for the operation of the unit.

The Chera T15 can work with the following devices:

1. Hemispherical blade:

  • Height – 1550 mm;
  • Length – 3794 mm;
  • Weight – 2800 kg;
  • Capacity – 6.8 cubic meters;
  • Height of hub – 1105 mm;
  • Depth – 555 mm;
  • Maximum inclination – 16 degrees.

2. Spherical blade:

  • Height – 1650 mm;
  • Length – 4058 mm;
  • Weight – 3400 kg;
  • Capacity – 8.5 cubic meters;
  • Height of hub – 1105 mm;
  • Depth – 555 mm;
  • Maximum inclination – 16 degrees.
  • Height – 1500 mm;
  • Length – 3880 mm;
  • Weight – 2900 kg;
  • Capacity – 5,8 cubic meters;
  • Height of hub – 1105 mm;
  • Depth – 555 mm;
  • Maximum inclination – 16 degrees.

4. Non-dismountable ripper with tines:

  • Weight – 2268 kg;
  • Hub height – 738 mm;
  • Depth – 830 mm;
  • Maximum extraction – 21000 kg;
  • Maximum penetration – 9600 kg.
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5. Multi-tooth ripper (3 teeth):

  • Weight – 2475 kg;
  • Hub height – 555 mm;
  • Depth – 770 mm;
  • Maximum extraction – 21200 kg;
  • Maximum penetration – 9600 kg.


The Cheetra T 15 is available with several powertrain options:

1. YAMZ-238 ND4-1 – the most common unit for this bulldozer. The V-shaped 4-stroke liquid-cooled, air-cooled, direct injection and turbocharged diesel engine is produced at the engine plant in Yaroslavl.

Properties of the engine YaMZ-238 ND4-1:

  • Working volume – 14.86 liters;
  • Rated power – 174 (235) kW (PS);
  • Rated speed – 1700 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1108 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 8;
  • Cylinder diameter – 130 mm;
  • Weight – 1135 g;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 220 (162) g/kWh (g/hp).

2. Cummins QSC8.3-C245 – foreign unit with high reliability. The 4-stroke diesel engine has an in-line arrangement of cylinders, liquid cooling, turbocharging and smaller volume than the Jaroslawl unit.

Cummin QSC8.3-C245 characteristics:

  • Working volume – 8.3 liters;
  • Rated power – 180 (245) kW (PS);
  • Rated speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1085 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • The diameter of cylinder – 114 mm.

3. Diesel engine JAMZ-236 ND7-1-A with a capacity of 154.5 (210) kW (PS).

4. Sisu 84 – diesel engine developed in Finland, with a service life up to 15,000 hours (versions are produced in limited series).

The cost of a new Chetra T 15 bulldozer starts from 8 million rubles (specialized versions can cost much more – 12-15 million rubles).

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