The use of a roundabout founder in the garden


In the age of modern technology, the landing of the country is hardly conceivable without aids. A cultivator is an indispensable helper in Datschen and house gardens. There are several types of plow. Quite a few manufacturers offer their devices on consumer markets. Rotation mills have been in great demand lately.

Description of the roundabout

So what is a roundabout grub? This is a garden unit that does not differ from its petrol and diesel counterparts in the company, but is operated via the power grid. This equipment creates the same functions for cultivating the country as other units of the cultivator line.

In order to make it easier to grind the top floor, a wrench was developed. It is able to work on a continuous surface of the earth and to separate the rows of plants.

Note! Circling founder of some manufacturers can also work in rocky areas. The units have the function of mechanical soil treatment of weeds. Electric devices help to ensure a clean lawn cut alongside discounts or flower beds, to clean up sidewalks and garden paths, etc.

The functional principle of a roundabout founder

The roundabout grubber maintains the basic principle of soil processing. It moves the top floor and lets air and moisture flow into the underbody. According to the functional principle, it does not differ from a conventional plow, apart from the fact that he works on the network, or minimizes the energy costs of the farmer.

A roundabout founder is similar to a roundabout, but manual soil processing is much more difficult and longer. In addition, a singl e-off plow works many times faster and its productivity is higher than that of a hand piping. This is an indispensable helper in the virgin areas that are densely overgrown with wild plants.

This electrical flug has several crowds in its kit, which throw the crushed top floor to the side of the soil processing, which is noticeable in the next processing. First, the earth becomes softer and more flexible, and secondly, the air will constantly flock and circulate, the earth will improve its productivity. With regard to the quality of the soil processing, this device occupies one of the first places in the series of garden tools. The electrical unit can edit the soil up to a depth of 23 cm, which is the optimal depth for plowing the fertile soil layer.

When the tractor works with an attached cupboard, all knives of the attachment are powered by traction. In the event of a cultivator, the rotor forces all knives to work at the same time. The milling machine works on the same principle, these two techniques differ only in the complexity of the work carried out. With a roundabout grub, a drum works that, when it is started, gets the knife attached to it. These knives plow the floor, move the lower layers up or the upper downwards, while they are crushed and turned qualitatively. In terms of pricing, growers differ greatly on consumer markets. It is important to find the best option for the ratio of the price and quality of the unit.

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You have to find the best option

Advantages and disadvantages of a roundabout founder

Like any other expensive and useful device that was developed for the cultivation of the country, a roundabout plow has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important difference can be distinguished from the advantages of multifunction devices:

  • He quickly interrupts the arable land without leaving huge blocks of earth;
  • Let the air circulate in the ground and saturate it with oxygen.
  • Significantly reduces the time required for soil treatment;
  • Conscious resources for a tractor that would plow the country are reduced. The roundabout pit user consumes significantly less energy;
  • If you fertilize a property, you can use an electrical unit to distribute all useful substances evenly over the top layer of earth.
  • Fights weeds effectively;
  • Allows you to produce a number of cultures.

It is also ideal for working on a virgin country. When using a rush on floors, the pressure on the upper floor composition is significantly lower than, for example, with a tractor. Depending on the performance of the roundabout grubber, the time for tillage changes.

It is even surprising that such a tool as a roundabout canopy can have defects. But compared to other agricultural machines, cultivators are still inferior to her in some points. For example, the performance of a roundabout unit is many times lower than that of a tractor. This is seen as the main disadvantage of this product. It is not suitable for use on large areas. On a property with an area of ​​more than 4 hectares, it is rational to work with a tractor with attachments.

The roundabout leader is suitable for preparing the soil for the sowing season. It will help the farmer qualitatively and quickly to bring the soil to the right condition for growing vegetables.

Area of ​​application of a roundabout grubber

Recently, roundabout plows or motor cultivators have been gaining more popularity among farmers who have not very large land areas. This is an extremely useful and modern equipment with which you can minimize a person’s physical work. You can buy it in specialized sales outlets for agricultural machinery.

Buy in specialty shops

For new devices, the specialist trade issues a certificate and a guarantee of the manufacturer. You can also buy a used device. This can be done through advertisements that are published on the Internet. Before buying, the device should be checked for foreign noises, the softness of the blades and other visible mechanical damage. This equipment can be a protective roof for a han d-led tractor or other larger agricultural machines.

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Important! When choosing attachments, you have to follow the brand, since not every device is suitable for attaching to a certain manufacturer of a mini tractor and changing fastening elements is very expensive.

Operation of an electrical trubber is very easy. A woman and even a teenager can serve it. But some cultivators, mostly those with more performance, weigh less than 100 kg. Therefore, you have to be careful when moving this device.

Note! When working with agricultural machines (gyroscopic is no exception), safety precautions should be followed.

With a rotation plow you can edit any floor that is intended for cultivation of very different cultures, even a small field on which rice is to be grown, which is known to place very high demands on the soil quality.

A rotation plow is very often used to cultivate a piece of land that has long been considered wild and abandoned. This mugber is perfectly done with heavy and stony floors and wild plants that grow on it. In some summer houses or household plots, a roundabout leader is used to dig potatoes.

Description of the universal roundabout grubber top keeper

Important! You should select devices from the most reliable materials, only in this case it will serve the gardener for many years.

The Top Keeper roundabout has widespread on the consumer markets. He has some distinguishing features from other rotary plows. It obtains its energy from an interchangeable battery that is directly connected to the electric motor. The length of the rod that delivers the pressure power on the floor can be changed and adjustable, which ensures pleasant work. The width of the covered area of ​​the treated area is 20 cm The head of the device is equipped with 4 interchangeable knife structures made of hig h-strength material. Removable knife structures are good if the width of the edited soil is to be reduced.

So that the grubber trimmer can free the surface of weeds, it is necessary to deepen it into the upper layer of the floor. Thanks to the sharp knife, weeds are quickly shredded. Another removable nozzle enables you to cut lawn grass precisely and efficiently, whereby even hedgehogs remain and the soil is loosened in some accessible areas.

The prices for this hig h-quality equipment vary. Depending on the properties, you can select the unit that is best suited for your own property. Top keepers’ screens have established themselves as a hig h-quality and indispensable tool in agriculture.

Whatever the farmer chooses, he will make it much easier for him to make the difficult physical work. This allows you to edit 2 hectares of land 4-6 times faster than this processing would be done manually.

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How to work with your hands on the construction site: an overview of manual cultivators for summer houses

The country’s management has long been hard work, which is contained in many proverbs. Nowadays, many devices were invented to facilitate agricultural processes. A separate device class are electrical and fuel machines that are equipped with combustion engines. However, your acquisition is not always justified. It happens that manual cultivators of a mechanical type are better suited for small or delicate work.

What are the advantages of a han d-grubber?

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

Nowadays, mechanical han d-grubber are hardly represented in advertising and on the Internet. The reason is their low costs. Motorized devices are attached much more. However, the strength and performance of the latter is often exaggerated, especially for owners of small land.

It is quite difficult to get by with a standard shovel, for a long time: you must not only have strength, but also excellent health, which is often not enough for pensioners who are the most massive owners of small summer houses. The use of hand equipment makes the work enormously easier, but at the same time does not make a budget such as gasoline or diesel tools.

In addition, manual devices are very environmentally friendly. They use the simplest physical principles of redistribution of forces such as wheel, lever, gate, block, inclined level and others. There are no noise or emissions of exhaust gases, and the clips of the degrees are much less common. This is due to the minimum of components and simple connection nodes.

A manual grower is always ready for work – it does not require any electrical outlet or tank with fuel. Its storage conditions are ordinary dry dandruff. For a minimum of problems and maintenance, the summer residents, gardeners and gardeners love him.

The design of the manual manufacturers of the soil is most often quite simple. The task of this garden tool is the loosening of the soil for its ventilation and facilitating the growth of roots and better water access during irrigation. The second function is the removal of omnipresent weeds. And here the manual cultivation gives a hundred points in front of the benzingerät.

In narrow corridors with bulky nozzles of a motorized unit, simply not to be expressed. A compact manual device can be treated with the task, and the hands do not experience the vibrations that are dangerous for the musculoskeletal system.

The simplest manual looser

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

This is a very simple and affordable tool. It consists of a bar that is mounted on a handle with different lengths, from which three or more rounds in the cros s-section of the curved “claw” with small triangular nozzles at the ends such as that of a hook. Despite the primitive design, such a loo is very effective. This allows you to simply absorb the floor slices dried on the surface and pull the tool onto the floor with a little pressure. You only reach flat grooves that are sufficient for regular episodic loosening.

There are both nameless models among the standard removal and are made under brands like Gardena.

Star cultivator

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

The folk name perfectly reflects the essence of this simple garden tool. In shops and reference works, it is most frequently referred to as Rotary, since its effect is based on a block of rotating stars from a durable hardened metal. The stars are installed on the axes, sharpened and lightly inserted to penetrate easily into the floor at the same time and switch it off slightly.

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A mobile rectangular bracket is often installed behind the unit unit. When the weapon moves forward, it becomes the frame at the right angle, and with a back movement it folds and takes part in the earth. If such a frame is sharpened, it cuts down weeds well. In general, the tool is ideal for loosening and weeding.

Cultivating Grinda 8-421888

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

Classic Rotary cultivator for six stars. In order to improve the loosening of the radiation of the rotating mechanism, they are across – this is how they catch more soil and make it out. Three owners have screws for attaching nozzles with stars that are two per holder. In the kit there is a grumbled plastic handle of a short format. However, you can use a screw to attach a cultivator with a screw to a long holder.

Manual cultivator Wolf Garten da-s

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

There are four stars in this cultivator, flat, cros s-long rays that are composed – this makes work easier and has a gently on the ground. A bracket is planned behind the application block to remove weeds and distribute ground masses. The tool is made of stainless steel, which offers a long service life and a lack of corrosion.

Simple cutter (fokin looser)

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

The simplest device that you can either buy in a horticultural business or manufacture yourself. In its appearance, it is very similar to a chopper (SAPKA) that is widespread in the southern regions of Russia, ie a blade curved to the grip. A special feature is a narrow blade, the width of which is comparable to the thickness of the handle and is 3-5 cm, as well as a sloping cut of the blade.

Due to its special shape, it is very practical to carry out small work with a flat cutter, for example weeds in the root zone of adult tomatoes, cabbage, peppers and also weighing close corridors in a greenhouse.

Hand Grubber “Tornadika” (root graves)

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

The production of these tools is branded with the name of the company and associated with summer residents. The device is very simple: On the vertical handle, on one side there is a horizontal handle of a vertical tube and on the other hand several (normally three) teeth turned clockwise in a spiral.

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They work with a murgeum, put it on the floor and turn the handle. As a result, two problems are solved at once: the compacted floor is loosened, and if a weed appears in the area of ​​the tooth movement, it is thrown onto the surface, even if it has a very powerful root system.

The trubber tornadica is popular because it is very easy to use: the back remains straight, and the fairly long handles enable them to turn the device with little effort due to leverage.

Refrigeration “mole”

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

This device is sometimes referred to as a “miracle shovel” because of its simultaneous trench and breaking of the earth’s lumps. It consists of two parts that are connected in two places and revolve around the longitudinal axis relatively. Some resembles straight views and the second – a grille with vertical bars.

During use, the “forks” are buried into the ground like the bayonet of a shovel with your feet, and the grid is resting on the surface of the earth. When you press the handle, the rods lift and pull out a lump of earth. When passing through the rust, the lump breaks and leaves a similar effect to the use of a conventional shovel with rakes.

Mini plug

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

The most advanced, heaviest and most expensive type of han d-digging. In fact, it is a miniature plow for work alone or together. A wheel is installed in front, mostly steel with a flat rim, on the axis of which a frame is mounted with two handles. By hanging different devices on the frame – plows, landfills, furrows, flat cutters – you can significantly increase the pace of work.

A manual mini plow is produced by small companies in Russia and Ukraine (trade names “Slobozhanka”, “Labor”, “Vinnitsa”). It can be recommended for intermediate companies where the acreage is not yet large enough to buy motorized devices, but at the same time processing with standard individual tools is difficult and problematic.

How to do DIY

How to work wisely with your hands on the site: a review of manual ties to give

In view of the fact that manual cultivators are structurally easy compared to gas devices, many summer residents choose to produce such a tool in order to facilitate field work with their own hands. As a rule, this is not that difficult if you also aim at the maximum use of various old things that lie around in a dandruff or a garage.

The most important thing is a welding machine of the specific tools that are required to manufacture a sel f-made cultivator. Today, compact inverter devices are not as expensive and widespread among the population.

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