The STIHL FS70 C-E brushcutter with ErgoStart. Overview of models, videos, how-to reports

Stihl FS 70 CE

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Reviews of the Stihl FS 70 C-E

Advantages: easy start, very well-thought-out construction, rich equipment.

Disadvantages: Unfortunate suspension on the belt, but you can get used to it, this is the only disadvantage

Comment: Very robust construction of the body, engine and running gear. Light enough, very powerful, all the elements of construction and control in place, “nothing to add or take away” so to speak. It starts easily. No strong smell of exhaust fumes. I can work without any risk to my health. I mowed 8 acres of land, and I spent 1.5 liters of gasoline and 30 ml of oil. I think it is very successful for a robust mower.

The pros: the build quality, the engine power, the engine start without misfires, the fuel pump, the spring starter (I particularly liked it, even in the chainsaw, I had bought it earlier).

Cons: In theory, the cable shaft, although I have no real complaints about this yet.

Comment: I am a particular fan of Stihl, I choose the product on the official site, buy from a dealer, I firmly believe that Stihl has no competitors in the Russian market for price, quality and reliability. I always choose the tool very long and painstakingly, take a long time to collect feedback. I have no warranty service experience, so far nothing has broken, chain saw 7 years, saw 4 years, lawn mower, which just mowed 1 hectare of windbreak, now everything is working fine.

Advantages: 1. handling 2. thoughtful design 3. sufficient performance 4. huge selection of consumables at reasonable prices. 5. Maintenance-free transmission

Disadvantages: 1. 1. “Snotty” belt fastener, which smells very much like chinese – the tongue of the carabiner is made of some thin sheet metal, which occasionally shifts and unhooks the braid. (but this is a complaint specifically to the belt) 2. Slumps appeared immediately when pressing on the gas (when switching from idle to work), the feeling that is about to stall, later began to periodically idle stall This is probably because of the carburetor. The service center said to bring everything to fix it, but. It’s not a pleasant thing to haul a pretty big unassembled braid from the middle of nowhere by electric train. So hopefully everything will “grind out” on its own. 3. A lot of noise, although the sound is not harsh and does not hit the ears, but the neighbors do not envy. 4. When idling, the flexible shaft rattles in the pipe.

Winter pruning of fruit trees

Comment: It took me a long time to choose a scythe. I wanted the FS250, but the FS70 is lighter and much quieter than the 250. I was afraid that it would not have enough power, but there was a chance, and I think I got it right. In short, the “fishing line” 2.5 mm a little blows parts of trees and bushes 4 mm thick, cuts and more, but 10 cm and not so fast remain. But all weeds that size don’t even notice. (Although the tall nettles sometimes hurt the body and stops the scythe, hogweed did not have to mow) The hard drive is not yet full – for the care of the site, however safe to take it – “Power enough with this head”

Advantages: Bought a 70 last year, as recommended for large areas. Took it before, what were you afraid of!!!? Easy start. Doesn’t feel the weight at all. Mows with two hands. The line in the head is so low that you don’t have to bow for a clean cut. I don’t drive twice over the same spot in the same spot, but go in rows like a handheld skye. If the grass gets thicker and thicker, I drive in just a little, not to the detriment of power. The transmission doesn’t have to be serviced. Clutch when transporting and storing – I screw in 4 screws and with foil it’s not hard to wrap around the pole. No reason to have it serviced. Looking forward to the start of the second season)

Disadvantages: Reduced the star for convenience and reliability: weak belt fastening and the shaft at idle shakes, I do not know if this is normal.

Comment: I certainly have something to compare the merits of this network) Three seasons mowed FS 50-CE with an easy start. Thought they were mowing. After buying this model, it turned out that you actually have to believe the manufacturers. You write that it means beds for an hour. And we have “plowed” almost 50 acres.

Kamaz-5350. Dimensions and payload, suspension, Morkectrosam and other features

Comment: Bought this in 2013 for daily heavy use for haying 9 head of beef and 30 sheep. The chainsaw does a great job. Separately bought a bic belt for convenience reasons. Fuel consumption is low. Many of my comrades have switched to the Stihl FS 70 after ditching their Huskers and throwing away the Sa FS 130 and FS 250. If I have to buy a new mower, I will choose the Stihl FS70C again.

Cons: The workmanship is top notch. The casting is perfect, the design is simple, it feels very well thought out, all screws are keyed, which means that they can be disassembled/reassembled in the tool. The weight is not felt during operation. It is easy to start. The exhaust smell is faint. The kit includes two cutting tool guards of different sizes, a large one for the fishing line and a small one for the knife. By the way, the protection of the protection deserves the highest praise, very thoughtful design.

Disadvantages: the lock for locking the belt. The only detail that caused bewilderment – the feeling that it was spared. At the same time there is no dysfunction, but it would be possible to make these nodes more interesting.

Comment: At the beginning there is a feeling of “plasticity”, “toyishness”. However, afterwards one understands that it is designed in such a way that the tool is very handy in work, light, powerful, everything works in its place and all that. The reel in the kit works as it should, with a light bang on the ground line, which is very convenient. Mowed 16.5 acres of virgin land, it took exactly 3 liters of AI 95 + 60 ml. Hands didn’t shake, no ringing in my ears, no signs of poisoning.

Disadvantages: High noise level, I can work only with headphones or earplugs.

Comment: I work with the scythe in my country house. The scythe is very durable. Power of 0.9 kW. Handy two-handed handle. Simplified engine starting system, thanks to the additional spiral spring between the starter rope coil and the crankshaft. Reduced fuel consumption due to modern engine. The engine is not prone to overheating, you can work for a long time without interruption. Also includes a handy shoulder strap.

Pros: The build quality is excellent. Low weight.

Comments: Bought my mower this spring. Mowed all summer, works great. At first I was disappointed with the outboard strap (wanted a two shoulder strap), but no discomfort while working. If I had to buy it again, I would take the same one.

Pond in fall and winter

Pros: build quality, performance, weight, service.

Cons: Doesn’t start on the first try, sometimes has a detonation while working (maybe the gasoline is not very good, but I use the same one in my car).

Comment: I chose reliability and service in the future first of all, for Quiet always have all the consumables. 6 acres of pristine land mowed. Fishing line cuts branches only 1.5 cm along the way! Vine 5-6cm, no questions asked! Did not put a knife, was afraid to run into rocks, pieces of iron.

Pros: Power, so the disk freely cuts bushes in its path.

Cons: Would have liked a folding handle.

Commentary: In three years of operation only positive emotions. I mine and my neighbors’, a total of about 100 acres. Even today it starts with a bolt and works great. For all time I have changed only blades, which are always available at the local store. I recommend to everyone.

Cons: noisy, confusing starting system, you need to carefully read the “dust jacket” (when starting this chip from the “others” =)) Did not come with a hard drive, had to buy separately. not folding handle. Almost everything has to be disassembled for transportation.

Comments: Bought like everything else for the suburbs. Great fan of bringing the area to the state of the jungle, and then pledge to mow at least part of the electric mower =) mowed almost all of his 12 acres the first day of use. mower breaks and beats. With the purchase of the disk mowed all the backyards and ditches from hard thickets, including bushes. For fans of experiments I will tell that the disk easily takes sticks up to 1.5-2 inches in diameter, thicker not so quickly, but also takes. The disk is soft, it’s better to grind more often. At first it was annoying that the reducer gets very hot, I was afraid for the health of the reducer, then I read that this is normal for it.

Cons: noisy, confusing starter system, you need to carefully read the “dustbin” (when starting this chip from “the rest” =) ) Did not come with a hard drive, had to buy separately. not folding handle. Almost everything has to be disassembled for transportation.

Comment: Bought everything for work in the suburbs. Big fan of bringing a plot to jungle condition and then vowing to do at least a little digging =) Pulled almost all 12 acres on the first day of use. The scythe rips and swings. With the purchase of the drive all backyards and ditches from hardcore thickets, including shrubs. For fans of experiments I will say that the disk freely enters the thicket up to 1.5-2-1.5-2 centimeters in diameter. The disk is soft, it is better to sharpen it more often. At first I was annoyed that the reducer gets hot, I was afraid for my well, but then I read that it is normal for it. The bottom line: I am satisfied with my purchase, but I was horrified with the greed. Finished the report.

A sharp cut, or what is a chainsaw good for?

Stihl FS70 C-E chain saw. Technical data, service, owner reviews.

Benzosa universal Stihl FS70 C-E belongs to the group of the most powerful domestic CO. Designed for use in the field and for landscaping, it will perfectly cope with soft overgrown lawn grass and tough weeds. It has 1.2 horsepower and features a simplified starting system.

The model is available since 2011 and was originally designed for owners of large plots and gardens, but it is quite suitable for professional use.

Technical features

Fuel tank – BBU 0.34L
Brand Country Germany
chainsaw type household
output 1,2 hp
dumbbell simply
lever T-shaped
motor power 900 watt
rotation speed 8600 rpm
Engine location Upper, higher
rotation speed 1200 rpm
tank capacity 0.34L
engine devices two-stroke
weight 5,4 kg

Model description

Stihl petrol brushcutters feature a number of design and technical advantages:

  • The mower features a powerful engine with 2-Mix technology, which significantly increases tractive power and saves up to 20% fuel. Emissions into the atmosphere are significantly reduced.
  • The Ergostart system makes starting the power tillers easy and smooth.
  • The ignition switch returns to its original position for the next start.
  • The STIHL FS70 chain saw is fitted with a gearbox.
  • All the controls are integrated into the multifunctional handle, so you can operate the machine safely.
  • The basic model includes an Autocut 25-2 line mowing head and a 230×2 steel blade for grass. Additionally, you can install a mowing head with 4-blade and 8-blade metal discs for hard grass.
  • The power tiller is very easy to control thanks to the two-fingered handle (bicycle handle).

operating characteristics

The operation of the FS70 S-E-E gasoline blower consists of moderate loading of the device during the first 2-3 refills of the gas tank. After a period of 5-15 refuelling is considered complete and operation of the trimmer in intensive mode is allowed.

Stiga e-ride cordless garden tractors

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Before starting the Stihl FS70 gastropower, check the main nodes and systems of the device:

  • tightness of the fuel system
  • cleanliness of installation and mounting of the cutting tool
  • free movement of the limiter lever
  • freedom of movement of the air flap levers, control of the fuel mixture
  • Density of ignition of contacts
  • Availability and maintainability of safety devices
  • Ease of adjustment of the suspension belt.

To avoid premature information and malfunctions, the Stihl FS 70 gas troops must comply with the unit’s operating rules and not install mowers not specified by the manufacturer. The engine of the chainsaw works with the chainsaw (50: 1) with original Stihl engine oil for two-stroke engines.

The manufacturer of the Stihl chain saw warns of the need for timely replacement of consumables. It is recommended to install only original spare parts.

Operating instructions for the Stihl FS70 chain saw

Model advantages and disadvantages

The FS70 chain saw is characterized by a simple device, reliable in operation. With proper care, it serves for a long time without repair. Thanks to the engine with 2-mix technology, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions have been significantly reduced.

The owners note the high quality of the assembly, the simplicity of design, ease of maintenance – all the screws can be unscrewed with a universal wrench from the basic set. The fasteners of the safety devices are well thought out to the smallest detail.

Of the disadvantages of Stihl gas skins, which in relation to the laundry are operational, somewhat unpleasant design of the shoulder belt, most often there are cases of incomplete braiding in the network.

Video performance evaluation

Benzokos Shtil FS70 C-E

Owners reviews


“The purpose of buying a power tiller was: to provide order in the vegetable garden and mow the grass in the hayfield. On the seller’s advice I bought a Stil 70 C-E chain saw. The unit turned out to be reliably based, practically it is a professional equipment. I found the efficiency in the fact that there is no special seal, which works productively. At first it seemed to be a toy, some weak, but in fact a powerful beast. “

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