The range of chainsaw caliber. Operating instructions, maintenance functions

Overview of chainsaws caliber. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

The caliber is a Russian company, but its production capabilities were transferred to China to reduce production costs.

Caliber chainsaws belong to household tools. Their main area of ​​​​use is summer houses and country houses. They are ideal for performing a log house and further harvesting firewood for the winter. The caliber represents a whole range of petrol chainsaws, differing in power and a long-chain saw.

The products of this company are a golden mean in a ratio of price and quality.

Caliber chainsaws are low and easy to handle. During the loss of control over the operation of the saw, the locking system will automatically deploy. It will stop the chainsaw for 0.15 seconds.

Overview of the model range of the petrol chainsaw caliber

Caliber BP-1500/16U

This model is ideal for small jobs. In terms of operation, it is very convenient, since it has a minimum volvil of vibration and fuel consumption.

Kaliber BP-1500/16U

Caliber BP-1800/16U

This model is perfect for those who often plan to carry out work on firewood and harvest them for the winter period. Your engine with a power of 2.45 hp. And a 16 inch tire can do long-term continuous work.

Kaliber BP-1500/16U

BP-2200/18U caliber chainsaw

This model is ideal for regular work privately. It can easily cope with sawing logs, harvesting firewood and performing small construction work.

Kaliber BP-2200/18U chainsaw

Caliber BP-2300/18

This model appeared relatively recently. It has an increased engine resource, an improved engine cooling system, a brake lever on both sides (left and right), a primer for pumping fuel, a comfortable rubberized grip.

Kaliber BP-2300/18

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Chainsaw professionals BP-2600/18U

A motor with a capacity of 3.5 hp will be installed on it. The BP-2600/18U caliber is a semi-professional model and can be used successfully in small logging companies.

Chainsaw professionals BP-2600/18U

Chainsaw professionals BP-2800/18U

This is the most powerful model of chainsaw caliber. Its motor has an output of 2800 watts. In this case, the installed primer can greatly facilitate the starting process in all weather conditions. The carefully balanced body and the vibration of the cutting system make the operation of the BP-2800 caliber/18U chainsaw easy and comfortable even with heavy loads.

Chainsaw professionals BP-2800/18U

The best models of chainsaw caliber

The choice of a chainsaw must be approached responsibly, since it is unequivocal to say which model is the best. Before you buy a model, you need to answer a number of questions:

  1. How often is the chainsaw operated?
  2. What work will it do?
  3. What loads do they work with?

By answering these questions, it will be possible to deal with a model of a motorcycle. If there is a rare job at home, you should select the BP-1500/16U or the BP-1800/16U. If there are regular trees or work in the forest, it is better to take the professionals BP-2600 or the professionals BP-2800.

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Another good option for private use is the EPC caliber Electric Saw. They are also shown by a whole line with different performance. The only minus of the EPC caliber is an attachment to the electrical network.

Chainsaw instructions

Before you work with a chainsaw, you should examine the operating instructions. This will help to understand the operating principle and the device of a petrol saw and to prevent possible breakdowns and damage to the operator.

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You have to be careful at work. Consider the place of your fall during the trees or the twisting of the branches so that you do not harm the operator. Start from the base while cutting the log house and go to the crown.

If you do work in winter, a motor fiber caliber does not immediately give a load of the engine, but wait 2-3 minutes so that it warms up.

If when working or before starting the start of the starts (damage to the handles or the presence of cracks in the event, the appearance of smoke or smell of thir d-party providers) should stop working and repairing the work. When working with a chain chain caliber, the operator should be dressed in protective overalls: glasses, overalls, boots.

Fuel mixture

The caliber is a mixture of oil and fuel. A lubricant should only be used by the manufacturer with the chainsaw brand, and gasoline should correspond to the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. It is not recommended to fill fuel of low quality or if it lies in the garage for a long time. User manual recommends the ratio of petrol and oil 1:25.

Chainsaw oil

Instructions for the first start of the chainsaw

An important point in the operation of each petrol saw operator is the first start. If you are the first owner of the chainsaw, it is essential to operate the engine in accordance with the user instructions. For this purpose, prepare the fuel mixture and the first three tanks with fuel should be worked out in gentle mode. During this time, the engine parts are lubricated and begin to work overall.

A feature of the Motopila caliber factory chain is a small work resource (up to 20 hours). It is carried out exclusively for the engine and prevent premature breakdowns.


In order to maximize the lifespan of the chainsaw caliber, the maintenance must be regularly maintained according to the recommendations of the manual. Before the start of the work, make sure that there is a fuel mix and its quality. If the caliber was not used for the 1st month or longer, let off the rest of the fuel and pour the new Fresh.

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Caliber chain saw at work

During work, the tire is responsible for the rotation of the chain and is deleted from one or the other after receiving the loads. In order to distribute the clothing along the entire length evenly, it has to turn over 180 degrees once a week.

Description of the main disorders of the chainsaw

Despite the fact that the chainsaws of the caliber have a high assembly, they tend to fail regularly, and the correction rules, the most common mistakes, should know every owner of this tool. A detailed description of the malfunctions can be found in the operating instructions.

Carburetor setup

The caliber carburetor in the chainsaw is responsible for the supply of fuel. And it must be able to configure it for a certain type of work. First, the tool is delivered with normal settings. And besides, they don’t have to adapt. But when the engine is carried out, the power supply should be reduced. Signals signals that the vote of the carburetor is done incorrectly:

  1. Derivation of performance.
  2. The petrol saw does not keep an idle speed.
  3. Excessive fuel consumption.
  4. The formation of smoke or excessive soot.

It is very easy to configure the carburetor. The next manual helps to find out:

  1. On the chainsaw, two screws for the delivery of fuel are responsible at minimal and maximum speed, and the nature of the settings is to change their tension at different loads.
  2. First you should configure the fuel mixture at low speeds.
  3. Then set the other screw with maximum performance.
  4. Configure working during idle.
  5. To review all modes to double.


When working with a chainsaw caliber, the main load falls on the chain. It is therefore important to monitor and undermine your condition regularly. The first signs that the chain is dull is:

  1. Large vibration with cutting.
  2. Too much oil consumption for the chain.
  3. Not even sawing.
  4. The seizure of great efforts for the saw.

The rules for the proper sharpening of the teeth on a petrol saw caliber are specified in the instructions for operation. To do this, you need a round and rectangular file and a template for a deep limiter. All of this is in the factory configuration. If there are problems or that you are not confident that you have your skills, it is better to contact the service center, as this is a rather complicated and responsible process.

Setting the spark plug

In order to ensure the normal operation of the engine, the spark plug must have an adapted interelectric clearance and have no sediments of slag and soot. To check it, you have to do the following:

  1. Remove the air filter lid.
  2. Separate the wire connection from the spark plug (pull it off at the same time).
  3. Turn the spark plug with a special key.
  4. If necessary, clean the contacts and set a gap from 0.5 to 0.6 mm.
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Video check of the chainsaw caliber

Below you will find a video review of work in a chainsaw BP-1500/16U:

However, this video review shows the work of the chain saw caliber BP-2200/18U:

And this video review shows the enema of the BP-1500/16U chainsaw:

Reviews of the owners

In the following you will find several reviews from thematic forums about the experience of working on the caliber of the chainsaws:

Gennady, 31 years old, Kramatork:

“I bought it in Angan. I looked like a pretty in terms of technical features and costs, I was 100 %100 %. I didn’t see her in detail and couldn’t touch her. A little disappointed. The most common plastic on the outside and even a disposable circuit. He ran, started working and they know nothing, saw himself properly, without mistakes. Starts with ease, even though it eats a lot of oil … “

Stanislav, 45 years old, Kherson:

“Expect a 3-4 thousand super duper of the saw a la calmly naive. This cost 100% of his money. I regularly work for them on trifles, then I will drink apple trees, then I will prepare firewood, then I will help my neighbors. During the race I smoked horribly but nothing and then let it go.

The range of chainsaw caliber. Operating instructions, maintenance functions

Caliber chain ships are very popular among residents of private houses, owners of summer cottages, suburban and garden plots. They have a low cost that anyone can afford.

The average price of gasoline saws varies from 2,000 to 7,000 rubles. Depending on technical characteristics, current, size and power.

Basic equipment and manufacturer

Saws are collected in China, which significantly reduces the production and price of temporary chain gasoline tools. The assembly is not reflected in the quality of the saw, since all projects belong to the Russian company. Chinese production and low cost exclude options for fakes. Therefore, it is almost impossible to meet them in the market.

With saws when buying, the owner also receives:

  • Technical documentation and instructions;
  • tire and saw chain;
  • measured glass for making fuel;
  • A universal key to collecting and maintaining a chainsaw.

Chainsaw caliber shift range

The company produces four models with a gasoline engine that differs in dimensions, weight, power, price and other technical characteristics.

Caliber BP-1500/16U

The very first model with simple technical characteristics. With its small sizes, you can use it for economic purposes for harvesting firewood, a log house of dried branches, small trees and shrubs.

Kaliber BP-1500/16U

The weight of the tool is quite large (6 kg) due to the two-melting engine and a long tire of 16 inches. Basopile also has a good vibration system and an automatic greasing chain. The pump pump allows you to use the saw at low temperatures without any problems.

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Caliber BP-1800/16U

This model has a more powerful 2.45 hp motor, which significantly increases the power of the chainsaw. The fuel tank was also increased to 5.5 liters, which increased battery life.

Kaliber BP-1800/16U

The caliber company conducted painstaking work on improving the vibration system and eliminated strong noise when the engine was running. A hoop 16 inches long is easy with wood up to 30 inches in diameter. On this chain BP began to install the emergency brake, which works in 0.01 seconds.

Caliber BP-2200/18U

Given its technical characteristics, a 2200 chainsaw can be encouraged to semi-professional tools. A powerful engine of 3 hp and a 45 cm long tire allows you to work quickly and effectively with wood up to 40 cm in diameter. The automatic lubrication of the chain guarantees a long service life without damage to links, stars and tires.

Kaliber BP-2200/18U chainsaw

Compared to the previous model, the level of vibration and noise remained unchanged despite the increased sawing capacity. The best use of BP-2200/18U caliber is farmland, forest parks, construction of wooden structures.

Caliber BP-2600/18U

The chainsaw 2600 has an even stronger 3.5 hp engine. Thanks to this improvement, the saw can be used on large areas and garden plots. It doesn’t take much time for a break, the chainsaw can work for a long time at maximum speed without overheating. The weight of the gasoline is 6.5 kg, the tire is 45 cm long.

Kaliber BP-2600 18U

According to the ratings, users notice the higher quality of the entire tool, a more stable and smooth workflow. For this reason, it is most popular with all users in various areas: from economic activity to large agriculture and construction.

Maintenance of the chainsaw and operation of the power supply

In general, the maintenance of calibre saws of all models is very similar. The choice of fuel is very important. To prepare the fuel mixture, you must choose AI-92 petrol and a special oil for two-stroke engines. Do not use machine or organic oil because this can damage the inside of the chainsaw. The shares are different depending on the brand and properties of the oil.

Oil Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil for 2-stroke. Motors Sturm 1l. Universal Moto mineral oil for tw o-stroke engines partner

When refueling, it is also advisable to fill the oil tank. Oil in the caliber is automatically fed to the chain and it is important to monitor its constant presence in order to avoid a break in the chain and the sprocket.

Before working with calibre chainsaws, these must be retracted. This means that when the engine is started, the saw should be placed on a flat surface and some time to warm up should be given. Oil and fuel get into all the necessary mechanisms, all spare parts are lubricated and the chainsaw becomes able to work.

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The most important malfunctions of Calibre and what to do with it

Russian chainsaws are considered to be extremely high quality and durable. After the owner recalls, however, a problem with the carburetor often occurs in the initial phase of working with the saw. Before you start sawing, it is recommended to set it. This can be done regardless of the video or the technical documentation of a specific model. In order to properly set up the calibre chainsaw, it is not necessary to carry them to a service center.

The chain is automatically lubricated, but it is important to constantly monitor the level of the oil tanks of the chainsaw. Sometimes there is a flood of candles with fuel. To remove this situation, you should disassemble the saw, pull out the candle, blow out, dry and use it again. Then it is recommended to check for a spark.

To sharpen the chain, you don’t have to bring it to a service center, but can do so with special files yourself.

Video evaluation of Calibre chainsaws

Reviews about chainsaws Calibre

All reviews of owners and users of Calibre petrol tools show that people are attracted to the low costs of saws. Use r-friendly and maintenanc e-friendly, great strength and performance are also noticed by buyers. Under the defects, the need to set the carburetor is highlighted, the flow of fuel and oil tanks.


“I bought a property and there was wooden buildings. So I had to buy a chainsaw-I chose a caliber BP-2600/18U. I read a lot of reviews and the choice fell on the most powerful model. About 5,000 rubles came out at the price and for this type of money I am very satisfied with the work of the tool and quality. When he drank a total of 60 meters, I had to change the tire. However, this is not a problem for this type of money. “


“I build a house without chainsaw, it never turned out. Then film there to foreseen there. I haven’t selected the most powerful model – 1800/16U because I have personal usage goals. And I have a good option for little money. My hands are hardworking, several improvements on the saw and it simply has no prices!

Advantages: work motor, ignition; Automatic lubrication of the chain.

Disadvantages: not very good quality and chain quality, changed to others; When the emergency brake worked, the starter had to stop the case, I had to repair it myself and strengthen it with screws. “

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