The purpose of Kamaz 5325: modifications of the model, scope of application

The purpose of Kamaz 5325: modifications of the model, scope of application

5325 KAMAZ – on board cargo tractor, produced from 1988 to present. A popular model of a truck made from a kama plant. The main purpose of the car is work on the road, you can use it with a trailer. As a basic trailer model, you can use GKB 8352.

The Kamaz 5325 prototype has become the Kamaz 53212 three-axis model. At the same time, version 5325 was designed more as increased axial load to export to the countries using national standards and practical use. Subsequently, the 5325 model served as a prototype for the development of Kamaz 4325, an on-board tractor (as well as its modifications, a semi-mounted tractor 43253 and a dump truck 43255). All cars from this lineup are similar, they share similar technical characteristics with Kamaz models 5320 and 53212, Tractor 5410, Mulde Truck 551 and chassis 53213.

The distinctive features of Kamaz 5325 were a metal body platform, equipped with the rear and lateral sides. The front, unlike the rest, is motionless and has a fairly large height. The frame of the classic design, reinforced. Currently, the option of Kamaz 5325 in the form of a van is most often found.

Technical characteristics of the car

Main technical features:

  • load capacity 12515 kg;
  • The mass is complete: 19000 kg;
  • load in kg. on the leading bridge – 11500;
  • load in kg. (front axle) – 7500 kg;
  • Equipped mass 6485 kg;
  • load in kg. (to leading bridge) 2105;
  • load with equipped mass on the front axle – 4380 kg;
  • Fuel consumption 38 liters. per 100 km;
  • External turning radius – 7.5 m;
  • The maximum car speed is 90 km/h;
  • battery 2×12/210 V/a h;
  • voltage 24V;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 350 l;
  • Fuel Type: Diesel;
  • The brakes are electro-pneumatic and equipped with a target stability system and an anti-bow system.
  • type of brakes – disk;
  • wheel discs with a rim size 9.00-22.5;
  • The tires are solid, radial, 315/80 R22.5.
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Kamaz engine parameters 5325

CAMAZ 5325 engines, depending on the modification, different types are installed:

  • Kamaz-74006.10, power 162 kW (220 hp);
  • Kamaz-7403.10 (turbocharged);
  • Kamaz-74037.10 (turbocharged) -capacity of 191 kW (260 hp).

Gearbox, Kamaz 5325 clutch 5325

Kamaz 5325 is equipped with a hydraulic drive with a hydraulic wiper. Adhesion type: single-disc, membrane. MFZ 430 clutch model.

MF Z-Mod adhesion mechanism – 430: 1 – leading shaft; 2 – flywheel; 3 – LED disc; 4 – thrust washer; 5 – persistent ring; 6 – membrane; 7 – clutch cover; 8 – turn off the clutch; 9 – plugs from shutters; 10 – connector shaft; 11 – restrictive ring; 12 – gearbox; 13 – Pneumatic hydrogen power of the company “Wabco”.

Driver’s workplace: what does it look like?

The floor in the cabin is wooden, it is possible to install an awning. The Kamaz 5325 cabin is leaning back. It is three Seter. You can install the second passenger seat on order. There is a wooden floors in the cabin. It is isolated, soundproof, there are places for attaching seat belts. There is also an option to install a berth (depending on the configuration). Characteristics of the seat: shit and adjustable according to the weight of the driver, tend to the back of the seat and its length.

Electrician Kamaz 5325

KAMAZ power supply scheme 5325:

Which nodes often fail and require replacement?

The main misalignments of Kamaz 5325 and how to remove them:

  • The engine is not launched (a possible reason: the lack of fuel, undamaged fuel filters, the air purifier is clogged; the method of removal: check the fuel and the condition of the filters);
  • Reduced oil pressure (reason: fabric is closed; solution: you have to rinse the fence);
  • The temperature of the liquid in the cooler lies above the standard (the reason: the core of the cooler is clogged; the solution: we have to clean).
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Where can you buy spare parts for Kamaz 5325?

Purchase of spare parts for Kamaz 5325:

  • Official dealer (business of the Kama Automobile plant);
  • Markt;
  • Car shops;
  • Flea market for car spare parts;
  • Auto parts online shop for Kamaz (on inventory/order).

Fotogalerie Kamazov 5325

Photos of Kamaz 5325 different years of publication:

The costs for the new and used car, what are analogue for the same money?

The cost of not new Kamaz 5325, depending on the year of publication, is $ 8 to $ 12,000. The new car costs 2-3 times more. Analogue: Korean and Japanese van are similar to the costs.

Video Review by Kamaz 5325

Reviews about Kamaz 5325

“A rare car, we have such a model for 16 European production. Cycling formula 4×2. 2017 publication. Cummins engine, electricity 242 hp six speed transmission. It can be used for transport with a range of up to 300 km.

Advantages: very high engine, electricity is sufficient. The air intake system is located under the cabin to load the front axle more effective. So there will be more loa d-bearing capacity for the rear axle.

Kamaz-5325: Description and properties. Transfer, brakes and power supply

The publication of this truck began in 1988 and continues to this day. It is clear that Kamaz-5325 has gone through many changes and modernizations over the years and is not very similar to its thirty-year-old predecessor. The car was intended for the transport of goods along the street streets. Structurally, KAMAZ-5325 is a double axis tractor with a wheel formula 4*2, the front motor location and an all-metal-end carbon cabin. The first cars were equipped with Raba High Cros s-Country bridges, had a strong frame and slices for chamber tires.

The car interior was characterized by asceticism, the sleeping place was installed depending on the height of the cabin. After the reparation, Kamaz-5325 received a new modern Mercedes-Benz Axor cabin with practical seats on a pneumatic suspension with many adjustments, but without a berth. The dashboard is made of hig h-quality plastic has become more informative and more ergonomic. It should be noted that the last changes to the truck are equipped with many electronic systems, the comfort of the driver is provided by the presence of autonomous heating and air conditioning.

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The price of the new KAMAZ-5325 chassis starts from the mark of 3.45 million rubles. The cost of cars with superstructures can reach 6,200,000 rubles. Models, release of 1991 – 1995 can be bought at a price of 350,000-600,000 rubles.

Dimensions and carrying capacity KAMAZ-5325

The modern KAMAZ-5325 car has the following technical characteristics:

  • Chassis length – 6 630 millimeters;
  • The length of the car on board is 8 560 mm;
  • height – 3 100 mm;
  • width – 2 950 mm;
  • Full weight of the equipped car – 6,485 kg;
  • Carrying capacity – 12 515 kilograms;
  • The angle of lift overcome is 14 °;
  • outer radius of the curve – 7.5 meters;
  • The maximum speed is 90 km/h.

Engine and fuel consumption KAMAZ-5325

Initially, Kamaz-5325 was equipped with domestic engines Kamaz-74006.10 and Kamaz-7403.10, with a capacity of 220 and 260 hp, respectively. Cummins ISB6.7E5 250 licensed diesel engine is installed on modern trucks of this model. This six-cylinder engine with an in-line cylinder location and a 6.7 liter working volume has a power of 242 hp. The power plant is equipped with a turbocharger system and intercooling of the air-blood air. According to environmental parameters, this engine meets the standards of Euro 4. The declared mileage without overhaul is 800 thousand kilometers.

Fuel economy depends on operating conditions, engine serviceability, and fuel system. According to driver tests, KAMAZ-5325 cars with Cummins ISB6.7E5 250 engine consumed 23.5 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. The old modifications of the truck were equipped with a 350-liter fuel tank. Today, an aluminum fuel tank with a capacity of 400 liters is installed on the car.

Transmission, brakes and power supply KAMAZ-5325

Modern modifications of the KAMAZ-5325 car are equipped with a ZF 6S1000 six-speed mechanical gearbox after. This checkpoint is a gearbox where all front speeds are engaged through a synchronizer, and the rear gear is engaged with a gear clutch. The box is controlled remotely.

Review of motor-blade wheel "Sterwin". Technical features and rules of use

The truck has a single disk membrane adhesion from MFZ 430. The clutch is equipped with a hydraulic drive and a pneumatic hydraulic booster to reduce the pressure on the pedal.

The latest modifications of the KAMAZ-5325 are equipped with disc brakes with an electropneumatic drive (EBS) and the course stability system (ESP). Also, the car is equipped with an anti-wings system (ASR).

The car’s electronic and electrical systems are powered by two batteries, a total capacity of 420 A/H, a 24 volt generator is also installed here with a capacity of 3,000 watts.

A more detailed description of Kamaz-5325. The operational and technical characteristics are available here:

Weight parameters and loads
Chassis lifting capacity, kg 12 550
Total weight A/m, kg 19,000
The load on the front axle, kg 7 500
Load on the rear bridge, kg 11 500
Equipped mass, kg 6 485
The load on the front axle, kg 4 380
Load on the rear bridge, kg 2 105
engine model Cummins ISB6.7E5 250
Max Useful Torque, NM (KGSM) 937 (96)
at an evaluation frequency of the crankshaft, speed 1 300
Maximum Useful Power, KW (L.S.) 178 (242)
At a speed of the crankshaft, speed 2 500
volume of work, l 6,7
Location and number of cylinders in-line, 6
engine type Turbocharged diesel with medium boost air cooling
Model CP ZF 6S1000 then
Type of mechanical, 6 step
control Cable, remote control
The number of transmissions KP 6
Main equipment
Sender 4,3
Type of Hypoid
execution Low, without sleeping place
suspension Pneumatic 4 point
Type of taxi Low, located above the engine
Wheels and tires
The size of the edge 9.0-22.5
The size of the tires 315/80 R22.5
Type of bikes disc
Tire type Pneumatic, without sound
Supply system
Fuel tank capacity, L 300
Cricking filter of the fuel With a piston pump (for winter conditions)
Drive unit Hydraulics with a pneumatic capacity
Type of Dwordfell, Singl e-Disc, Mod. MfZ 430
Drive unit Electr o-Pneumatic (EBS) with a target stability system (ESP) and an ant i-boom system (ASR)
Type of Disc (front and back)
Properties of a full mass climate system
Maximum speed, not less, km/h 90
Minimum rotary radius, m 7,5
Electrical equipment
Batteries in/a · H 2×12/210
Generator, V/WT 28/3000
Stress, B 24
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Video review Kamaz-5325 on YouTube

Test trip and a review of the refrigerator based on Kamaz-5325

New Kamaz.

Reviews of owners and drivers of the Kamaz-5325 truck

Anton Alekseev, 38 years old, Leningrad region:

In 2017, the company acquired an Isothermal van based on Kamaz-5325, and I have been working on it since then. The cabin from the Mercedes is impressive – they feel like a man, the seats are normal and the air conditioning and the modern dashboard. There were no problems in the main nodes (and the car only ran 125,000 km), but the processing quality and painting must be improved. After the purchase, I had to tighten everything, fistulas appeared in the taxi, in general there is something you can work on.

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