The model range of chainsaws Huter. Service and maintenance manuals, main troubleshooting and solutions

Huter chain saws: model range. Typical mistakes and ways to fix them

Huter chain saws: German quality at an affordable price.

The producer of horticultural and agricultural equipment Huter has long ago established itself on the domestic market. The owners of devices from this company note its reliability, good quality and high performance. However, few people know that the company was founded in Germany in the late 70’s and originally engaged in the development and production of various lighting devices, gasoline and diesel generators, mini power plants. But by the end of 80-ies the assortment of products was greatly expanded, and chain saws and electric chainsaws of Huter were in particular demand among customers.

During its 50-year history the company has built two factories in Germany, but in recent years much of the production capacity has been moved to China. It is connected with the world trends and dictated by the desire of the manufacturer to optimize prices and increase production volumes of devices. It should be noted that the transfer of production capacity has not led to a decrease in the reliability of Huter tools. All tools are produced in accordance with the company’s internal quality standards and are certified in many countries around the world. The high quality and safety of Huter chain saws is also due to the fact that many components are imported from Germany, Japan and USA.

The company attaches great importance to the after-sales service of its devices. Service centers of Huter are presented in all regions and large cities of CIS countries. Choosing a Huter electric saw, a buyer pays attention to a reasonable price – the company does not tend to overprice its products.

Today, it is possible to buy Huter chainsaw for the price ranging from 4,800 to 5,700 rubles.

Features of Huter chainsaws:
  • Quality factory assembly and components;
  • Long overhaul period and good maintainability;
  • Information support from the manufacturer and after-sales service of the tool.

Model range of electric saws Huter

As already mentioned, the main direction of the company is the production of generators and mini-electric power plants. Perhaps that’s why we find only three tools in the model range of Huter chain saws. It should be noted that the company only produces chainsaws, there are no cordless saws from this manufacturer on the market at the moment.

Huter ELS-2000P

Universal chainsaw of the household class, designed for use in private households. With its help you can saw boards and lumber crosswise and lengthwise, perform various construction and repair works (including indoors), cut trees, prepare and chop firewood. The device is driven by a 2 kW electric motor, which is located transversely. This significantly reduces vibration and prevents operator fatigue.

Characteristics of grape mantles

The Huter ELS-2000P is equipped with a 40-cm guide bar and a chain speed of 13.6 m/s. The only disadvantage of this electric saw is its high weight – about 7 kilograms in the equipped state.

Today, the Huter ELS-2000P model is available for a price of 4,810 rubles.

Huler ELS-20000.

From the previous model, this electric saw differs in the longitudinal location of the engine, which increases its power and increases productivity. The tool is designed for domestic use, including logging and sawing wood, construction and repair work. Owners of the model note the low noise level emitted by the device and the absence of vibration. Model Huter ELS-20000 has a fairly large weight (7.4 kg unloaded), but thanks to the excellent compensation of the body and ergonomic handles, it does not cause operator fatigue even with prolonged use.

This electric saw can be ordered on the company’s official website for a price of 5,460 rubles.

Huler Els-2400

The most powerful electric saw of those presented by the company. The device is equipped with a 2,400-watt motor, a 45-centimeter guide bar and a 72-range chain. This chainsaw belongs to the household class of tools and can be used for a variety of household tasks. According to owners, they use this model for chopping firewood, building and repairing homes and businesses, tree crowning and hedge maintenance.

The Huter ELS-2400 model is equipped with a non-permanent chain tensioner, has an ergonomic body and high-quality anti-vibration protection. The accuracy of the saw is enhanced by the presence of a high-quality metal gear. Like other electric saws of this manufacturer, the Huter ELS-2400 has an impressive weight of 7.5 kilograms.

In the domestic business you can buy these saws at a price of 5,730 rubles.

Unpacking and preparing for work electric chainsaws

Before proceeding to the assembly and operation of the tool, we recommend that you carefully read the manual, the device of the electric saw, study its technical and operational features. It is also important to observe safety precautions when working with electric chainsaws – be sure to study them and always follow them when working.

Aconitophylla weinberga

The Huter electric chainsaw is delivered assembled. After the purchase, it is necessary to assemble the saw set. Note that all models of this manufacturer are equipped with a non-permanent chain tensioner, so you won’t even need wrenches.

  • Unscrew the inner nut of the tensioner and remove the safety guard from the sore;
  • Put the tire shaft in its seat, put the chain on the main sprocket, and slide it into the tire bars.
  • Make sure the cutting edges of the teeth face the sprocket.
  • Use the inside nut to fasten the blade guard and saw mounted on the saw body.
  • Use the outer tensioner nut to determine the correct tension of the saw chain;
  • Pull the inner nut as far as it will go;
  • Check chain tension and adjust if necessary.

Important: The chain gets hot and the limbs get stretched during operation. It is therefore necessary to stop the engine after 10-15 minutes of work and check again that the chain tension is correct.

Oil for the Huter electric chainsaw

All Huter electric chainsaw models are equipped with automatic chainsaw lubrication. The performance and durability of the individual parts and components of the electric saw depends a lot on their operation. As a lubricant, the manufacturer recommends the use of chain oils from well-known manufacturers. At the same time you should not pour transformer or diesel oil into the tank, it is strictly forbidden to use as a lubricant used fluid or spindle oil.

List of chain oils for chainsaws Huter

  • Huter 80W90;
  • Husqvarna chain oil
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lubricant
  • MANNOL chain oil
  • STIHL Forest Plus

Important: After you have filled your machine with oil, it is a good idea to look carefully for any oil spots on the body of the saw. If you find any, look for the cause of the leakage and repair the leak.

Typical Huter electric saw problems and remedies

symptoms possible malfunction solutions
When you press the accelerator pedal, the engine speeds up, but the chain slips Worn guide wheel

Problems in clutch system

Have the clutch repaired or have it repaired by an expert.

Armature winding short circuit

Contact a service center or an experienced electrician

Clean and repair oil line, replace unserviceable parts if necessary

Operating temperature too high

High ambient temperature

Clean vent rollers on electric motor

Take breaks from work.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Huter chainsaws


  • Budget cost;
  • Powerful, reliable engine;
  • High-quality vibration damping system;
  • Automatic lubrication of saw equipment;
  • High-quality plastic housing.


  • All models from this manufacturer are very heavy;
  • Some models are equipped with a low-quality chain.

Video review of Huter electric saw

Repair of the chain saw gearbox:



What they say on forums

Stanislav Verbitsky, 43, Ulyanovsk region:

I use the Huter ELS-2400 saw mainly for cutting firewood. I work in the barn – it is warmer and you can not be afraid of rain. In terms of productivity, in my opinion, the electric saw is better than its gasoline sister. There, while you prepare fuel, while you start it, you have already sawed half a heap of firewood with the electric tool. I am even silent about the efficiency of the tool: electricity costs pennies, the cost is only the oil for the chain. I am very satisfied with my purchase, I wish I had bought it earlier.

Peter Starkov, 51, Ekaterinburg:

Of course, the electric saw is not suitable for tasks related to working in the woods and cutting down large trees. As a second device, I bought the Huter ELS-2000. I use it for repair work, especially when I need to cut something in the room. Among the advantages of the tool I will highlight its environmental friendliness, efficiency and low noise level. As for the disadvantages, I don’t really like the keyless tensioner – the chain seems to loosen all the time. Also, the model is too heavy compared to competitors of other brands.

Advantages: price, efficiency, environmental friendliness, low noise level;

Disadvantages: high weight, the power cord is made of low-quality material, weak chain in the basic set.

On our site you can also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline-powered) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Sturm, Parma , Zubr, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl, as well as reviews of chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of the assembly and the experience in operating certain chainsaw models of these brands, write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

Huter chainsaws: an overview of the range

Many leading manufacturers of high-quality home appliances introduce powerful and productive electric chainsaws into their range. On a number of technical and operational characteristics, electric saws are not inferior to their carburetor counterparts, which contributes to the stability of market demand.

Motor see. Huter

Electrically powered models compare favorably with counterparts with internal combustion engines:

  • lower cost;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • low cost of maintenance;
  • no problems with winter starting.

Simple in design and reliable in daily operation, electric saws do not require expensive maintenance. The owner of the saw can clean the collector from carbon deposits and replace the graphite current collectors by himself if he has some skills.

Huter electric saws – performance characteristics

In unofficial ratings, Huter electric saws occupy the top positions. For the most part, the model range of this brand belongs to the class of powerful household appliances, allowing to perform significant sawing work with less time and materials.

The assortment of chainsaws Huter includes several popular models of different capacities, which allows the consumer to choose the option according to the peculiarities of subsequent operation.

Design features and scope of application

Huter electric saw is designed for many years of service and will perfectly cope with most labor-intensive work related to:

  • when cutting firewood;
  • building a house;
  • Pruning garden and ornamental trees in the country house.

Products electric saws brand Huter developed on the basis of the principles of classical layout and modern constructive design.

The model range is characterized by:

  • proper balance;
  • low noise and vibration level;
  • ergonomic body shape, practical for secure grip;
  • Soft start, automatic lubrication of saw head and emergency stop systems;
  • Use of low-profile saw chains.

Overview of parameters of the most popular models

In the domestic market of home appliances, from the first months of its appearance, the brand’s electric saws have been positively proven in all respects.

Huter ELS 2400

Huter Els 2400

This model weighs 7.4 kg benefits from the compact longitudinal positioning of the 2400-watt motor. The longitudinal drive makes working in hard-to-reach places and from different positions more comfortable.

The tractive force of the electric motor is sufficient to fully drive the powerful 18″ saw unit. The electrical insulation class of the motor allows the tool to be operated in wet weather without the risk of electric shock to the operator.

Many consumers give positive feedback:

  • The efficiency of the air cooling system;
  • Convenience for complex and time-consuming sawing jobs; r
  • Easy access to the chain tensioning mechanism;
  • Reliability of individual parts and the entire product as a whole.

Huter Els 2000p

Huter Els 2000p

Based on the previous model, the budget saw of the ELS 2000P series was developed. The tool is equipped with a quite powerful 2000 watt motor, which has a heat-insulated circuit and better electrical insulation.

The saw’s lubrication system with 16-inch bars has been improved in terms of extended service life, visual monitoring of oil levels in the filler tank, and a side-mounted saw chain tensioner.

Huter Els 2000.

Huter Els 2000

The Huter ELS 2000 is a small electric chainsaw aimed at sawing work in private households and on construction sites. The experience of universal operation of previous models was successfully used in the project.

The advantages of the saw:

  • Longitudinal drive arrangement;
  • High class of electrical insulation of the electrically-carrying elements;
  • Low sensitivity to electric shocks;
  • Instantaneous activation of the emergency stop brake (within 1/15th of a second).

advantages and disadvantages

Huter chainsaws have received positive reviews when used in northern and southern regions of the country with difficult weather and climatic conditions.

The user appreciated:

  • Stability of traction properties;
  • Pleasant working conditions;
  • Economy of maintenance;
  • High level of safety.

There are practically no critical comments on the design. There is a number of reasonable requirements for the quality and durability of removable seeding units. This disadvantage is completely eliminated by the possibility of installing headsets with similar properties and a longer service life.

The short range is compensated by connection to a mobile gas generator. With this option, you can use the advantages of Huter chainsaws and their imitators with maximum efficiency.

Reviews of owners

The lineup of chainsaws huter is not diverse, so the cross-drive design and a moderate price for its class convinced me in the model ELS 2000p. First impression – the engine traction is enough, but for stable operation, especially when working with frozen, wet wood, you should use more expensive and high-quality chains. The chain makes noises in the beginning, but it gets better with time. Arkady

Huter electric saw was bought for a one-time job of swinging an old tree, which the wind blew into the garden. Then I bought a Haspel extension cord and started earning something in the village by making firewood. The tool is gradually paying off. For the record, a standard budget quality headset, a sturdier counterpart to Shtlev or Husqvarn. Mountain

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