The mini version of a garden on the balcony

Oasis between concrete walls: a winter garden on the loggia or balcony.

How to arrange a winter garden on the loggia in the apartment so that he pleased with lush greenery all year round – we understand all aspects of the organization of the “living area”.

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We, the inhabitants of cities with million-strong cities, especially appreciate every minute spent away from the effects of civilization: dirty air, constant urban noise and rush. Therefore, the design of the winter garden in the apartment seems to be almost the only way to get close to nature with its pristine beauty.

Sitting in a comfortable armchair, you can enjoy an oasis of lush greenery all year round.

A mini garden can be arranged on a few square meters.

With the constant employment often not possible to go to the cottage or lake, or even a walk in the park. This material will be useful to those fed up with urbanism and its high technology, who with tenderness and trouble take care of every flower in the apartment and dreams of having their own oasis within concrete walls.

Go outside in the morning and have a cup of hot cappuccino in the company of green friends.

What is a winter garden and where can it be arranged?

Flowers arranged on window sills will surprise no one, but a winter garden gives the interior of the balcony or loggia a certain original style.

A winter garden is a composite solution of live flowers and plants that grow all year round in interiors with certain parameters on lighting, temperature and humidity. There are several options for organizing the living area, but it is always a room protected from rain and wind.

Buffer garden placement. The type of placement of indoor plants in an unheated room. The house usually uses a porch to grow seasonal flowers that need some rest in the winter. The lighting in a buffer garden is, of course, by sunlight through double-glazed windows.

A garden in an unheated space is called a buffer garden.

Location of the winter garden in the living area. In an apartment, you can place plants in the living room, bedroom or study. But to make a full winter garden is problematic. Need a certain microclimate: high humidity, diffused lighting, so to implement the island use a balcony, loggia or the roof of the house.

On an insulated and insulated loggia plants are not afraid of frost

Winter garden, greenhouse and conservatory: similarities and differences

Although these types of cultivation are generally similar and the layman will probably not recognize the difference, we will still talk about it.

Essentially, all three spaces are designed to grow plants, but both the greenhouse and greenhouse are independent structures, while the conservatory is part of the house.

Growhouses are equipped for the temporary (seasonal) cultivation of plants, the main purpose being to produce crops. Growhouses are designed for exotic plants, which require a permanent climate and care. Plants are grown in such a box every year, but it is not recommended to leave it for a long time – to maintain the ovary and ensure long blooms, technologists use chemical fertilizers. Vapors are not dangerous, but certainly not conducive to health.

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Greenhouse for growing vegetables

Sometimes we slightly substitute the concepts, suggesting amateur florists: a conservatory and a greenhouse, but now the difference between the two is obvious

The desire for beauty is inherent in us from the beginning. That’s why we are attracted to flowers, blue skies and the glow of natural colors. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, plants have a beneficial effect on health – they purify the air. For this purpose, people create a winter garden – an aesthetic garden. Plants in it grow all year round and usually do not use chemical fertilizers.

Advantages of a winter garden on the balcony

A flowering garden will distract from the hustle and bustle of the city

With a great desire to equip a winter garden in the apartment with their own hands, we will get a concentrate of benefits for little effort.

  • Winter garden is a symbol of prestige. Most designs are associated with panoramic glazing. On a French balcony (of course, if it is not tinted) you can enjoy the amazing exoticism not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Exotic flowers, climbing plants, lush greenery, translucent curtains, designer garden furniture – the living area will be a great place to relax.
  • A winter garden is a good hobby for those who dream of a cottage or home. You can experiment on your property at will and grow fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Of course, you will not be able to harvest on an industrial scale, but all kinds of spicy herbs and vegetables: sage, parsley, rosemary, dill; spring onions, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers are quite possible to grow without special agronomic knowledge. Agree, it is more than pleasant to go out on the balcony in winter and pick fresh herbs from your own “bed”.
  • The winter garden is a place of psychological rehabilitation. When the bath heals the body, plants heal the soul. Like all living things, they have an aura and sense moods. There have been known cases where not a single flower took root in a house where there was constant scandal. And vice versa – people who thought to dump a dry pear tree, a year later were surprised to find young branches – the tree awakened to life and began to bear fruit with renewed vigor.

Like water, plants are able to remove negative mental information, relieve stress and soothe. And even if you are a supporter of material things and do not believe in the laws of feng shui, you have not studied the characteristics of a healthy biofield – remember the forest. How your mood changes dramatically, how easy it becomes, how your thoughts calm down – all these are the laws of living force that work regardless of whether we believe in it or not.

Plants are great greenhouse decorations. They are pleasant to look after, they please with beauty and emit oxygen. Being in such a room is useful – living friends help to fight viruses, treat persistent migraines and depression.

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Disadvantages of a winter garden

The creation of a winter garden in the apartment with their own hands and the subsequent care of it are associated with certain time and financial costs. For people with a full-time job and those who are not ready to invest money, it is problematic to observe the regime of watering, pruning and fertilizing. Also – a winter garden is not suitable for smokers – plants are afraid of drafts, especially in the cold season. If you do not have these problems and you decided to create a winter garden on the loggia in the apartment, let’s move on to the technical issues.

How to make a winter garden on the balcony: the stages of implementation

Winter garden on the balcony in the classical style

The process of realizing a living nook cannot be called easy, it is only for those who do not want to grasp the elementary basics of growing plants. If you are assertive enough, everything will work out.

“Greenhouse” on the balcony is a long-term investment. With proper care, lush greenery becomes an atmospheric addition to the interior and pleases with a riot of colors all year round.

So the flowers do not fade and their roots do not rot, when arranging a winter garden on the balcony you must pay attention to insulation, lighting and air exchange.

Balcony glazing

For reliable protection against draughts on the loggia or balcony install multi-chamber glazing. The optimal variant – for two panes, if the load-bearing slab is reinforced, you can choose a triple profile. Since the conservatory on the balcony is part of the living space, you should not skimp on quality systems. Choose reliable manufacturers with a good rating.

Wall insulation

An uninsulated balcony accumulates moisture. After rain, the walls become damp, and with the onset of frost, the room becomes cold. Of course, no plant will live in such conditions. If the loggia is not airtight, it can be used as a temporary version of a summer garden, but the winter garden should be reliably insulated: seal the seams, insulate the walls with Styrofoam or foam plastic.

Oasis on the balcony of a private house

Buffer placement of the garden on the balcony

Ventilation in the winter garden

When planning, the ventilation system is also taken into account. The simplest options are ventilation slots and grilles. More expensive is an automatic opening system – if the doors open after a certain time, or the installation of air conditioning – it is especially often used for large conservatories.

Loggia system, temperature control

The installation of water or electric convection heating is best. As a rule, the pipes are placed in places where the heat flow out. When arranging a winter garden on the balcony can not do without warm soil.

The optimal temperature for most plants is 18 to 24 ° C. Tender leaves do not like direct sunlight. For example, spathiphyllum, which is “in the sun”, after an hour reacts by wilting. Too little heat is just as bad as too much. Therefore, the conservatory needs to be heated. Install self-contained radiators that are easy to remove if necessary.

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Winter garden on a loggia combined with a living room

A mini garden on a balcony with frameless glazing


Flowers, especially tropical flowers, love warm, humid air, so they are regularly sprayed by attentive hostesses with a sprayer. But if you’re short on time when no one is home, ultrasonic humidifiers can save the situation. Put the regulator on minimum and forget about the problem.

Another option is low tubs filled with water and fine gravel. As the water evaporates, it creates the right humidity. But there is a limitation here: If the plants have been abandoned beforehand, the roots can start to rot as the flowers absorb a certain amount of water through the holes in the flower pots. Wick watering works on this principle.

You can solve the problem with moisture and at the same time decorate the loggia with the help of a mini pond. Such fountains do not take up much space, but when looking at them a strong positive load stands out.

Decorating an original garden on the balcony: practical tips

Garden on the balcony

A balcony garden is an amazing opportunity to enjoy incredible beauty and scenery right in your own home. Landscaping the area allows you to create a picturesque corner that delights with its beauty and sophistication. To make such a beautiful place, you do not need to put too much effort. The main thing – to carefully plan the process, think through every detail, choose the optimal plants. Let’s move on to the main points that are associated with the formation of a picturesque greenhouse at home.

Where you can equip a garden on the balcony at home

Before making a garden on the balcony, there are some important points to consider. First of all, familiarize yourself with the rules of the building. In no case do not engage in the design of a winter garden, if it is forbidden by the rules of the house.

Loggia with a garden

Also consider the following points:

  • The level of load the loggia can withstand. Ceramic pots usually have a significant weight. In addition, they are filled with soil, so the weight will be even greater. In this regard, experts, rice containers and containers made of plastic, fiberglass. You can use special fabric bags. In this case, rather lightweight floor mixes are used.
  • Where does the water for the plants come from? Consider drip irrigation or the purchase of a small watering can for watering garden plants. Consider having plates and bowls for plants that are relevant for flowering. Such a solution will protect your neighbors from excess water on their balconies.
  • Plant Selection. When choosing flower arrangements, you need to be guided by the amount of sunlight that is on the balcony.
  • The amount of wind. If you plan to design a garden on an unglazed loggia, make sure that the structures do not get inside the room. If wind cannot be avoided completely, install grates that are guaranteed to protect vines or other flowers from bending.
  • Temperature conditions. If sunlight does not enter the room, you will also have to allocate plants.
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Also keep in mind that an outdoor balcony garden can be filled with indoor representatives for the summer. For example, succulents, various greenery or cacti feel great.

Obligatory condition for the formation of such a green corner determine how many rooms you can provide for growth. After all, in addition to pots with plants, seats and a table on the loggia, you can give additional decorative elements. The wall space is used for hanging cornices and wall containers.

The garden on the loggia can be supplemented with a miniature vegetable garden, consisting of edible plants. For example, a great solution would be to grow cherry tomatoes, basil or peppers.

Determine for yourself how much free time you are willing to devote to the care of plants. Depending on this, choose the most optimal plants. Not unimportant is also a financial problem. It is much more profitable to buy seedlings of flowers or vegetable crops than ready-made, complete plants. Instead of buying containers you can use your own. For example, old coffee waste, fruit boxes (they are often thrown away near large supermarkets) are good for this purpose.

Creating a garden on a balcony depending on the location

Balcony location

A green garden on the balcony is created depending on which side the room is located. Take into account the directions of the loggias and the most appropriate plants:

  • North side. Here predominantly diffused, even light. The sun’s rays do not heat up the room too much, so they should either be installed or choose plants that are most tolerant of the lack of sunlight. Gardenias, begonias, adiantums, ficuses or climbers are excellent choices.
  • The southern part. In these areas, plants get the maximum amount of sunlight. Imagine, create a real paradise full of mandarin trees, palm trees or other tropicals. Light-loving palm trees, cacti, and light-loving flowers would also be excellent choices. Make sure, however, that the root system does not overheat and that there is no greenhouse effect on the loggia. Regular ventilation is necessary for pleasant plant growth.
  • Eastern The first part of the day will be characterized by moderate light levels and pleasant temperatures. In the afternoon the ultraviolet rays begin to heat so that you have to create a little shade. Ficus, ginger, lighthorn, fuchsia, and crossed grasses look great in such areas.
  • West side. Here the heat is kept for a long time, especially at night. Cultures necessarily need shading. If the loggia is glazed, it is necessary to hang blinds.

A good solution would be the installation of split systems, which will facilitate the care of planting plants.

Choosing pots for indoor plants

To create a garden on a glazed balcony, you need to choose the best containers. If there are elongated window sills, you can use hanging pots in which to place flower crops, various types of decorative herbs and spices. In addition, garden plants such as strawberries, tomatoes or various green crops can be grown if desired.

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Miniature crops will look great in beautiful containers on racks or shelves. In addition, books and decorative items are also installed here.

For traffic light crops choose hanging pots, which can be placed both against the wall and above the ceiling. When planting flower seedlings, do not close the free circle. Lush bushes should not cover miniature flowers.

Garden on the balcony with their own hands: choosing flowers

Choosing the flowers for a garden on the balcony

In order to realize your dream of a beautiful, green corner, it is necessary to choose plants carefully and correctly. We recommend stopping at the most popular plants.

For sunny balconies

Southern or southeastern loggias are a great place for light-loving crops. Petunia is considered the most beautiful and easy to care for. Such flowers include light-loving (optimal for hanging containers) and bush flowers.

Ring flowers look no less attractive. They are undemanding to the composition of the soil, without problems tolerate both drought and large amounts of sunlight. Yellow, red, orange and white tones make interesting compositions.

Beautiful climbing annuals include:

  • Kobe; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
  • Löwenmaul.

Balcony decoration with flowers

Succulents and cacti can be taken outside in the summer. They will be a great addition if you plan to create a mini garden on the balcony.

For the north side

For shaded areas, appropriate plants should be selected. Beautiful cozy corners are formed on the basis of shade-loving, shade-tolerant garden crops. Planting Nelkene, Leukonium, Ghazanilla and Calendula is a great solution. Petunia would also be a good choice. Although its blooms are less frequent, it adds bright colors.

For the west or north side

For loggias located on the west or north side, you can build interesting indoor representatives. For example, trade glades, ivy, thistles, fuchsias, and chlorophytums will do. Large specimens such as ficus, myrtle, oleander, monster, clivia can be planted. Begonias are also a great idea. They have a variety of petals that feature decorative leaves.

Furniture for a garden greenhouse.

How to choose furniture for a balcony garden

Almost all garden ideas on balconies include a seating area. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose compact and ergonomic furniture for such purposes. A good idea is to install wooden seats on the sides of the loggia, inside which you can place various utensils.

Furniture options in the form of baskets, rocking chairs, miniature drawers with drawers will be suitable for areas with a good meal. Shelves made of beautiful wood also harmoniously complement such a room.

Special color can be added with the help of a decorative well installed on the table, or a bonsai. We also believe that if there are large plants with rather voluminous buds, it is better to do without light decorations. Prefer austere shapes, natural colors, textures.

Think about a concise combination of colors. Planters, flower spots and containers use colors in a single area. If you do panoramic or stained-glass windows, you can achieve the effect of visually enlarging the space.

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