The lawn mower is comfortable for you, safe for your lawn

Review of the best lawns of 2022

We have compiled a review of lawn mowers from 2022. It included both the longest models on the market and new elements that acquired new technologies. For all readers, the items have special conditions and discounts from 5 to 15% on all models. You can check the details with the manager to use a discount.

Review of the best lawns of 2022

Which lawn mower is better to buy: choose the view and model

With the advent of summer, the owners of personal plots and cottages are thinking about how to put their lawn in order – an important part of landscape design. And the best solution to the problem is to buy a lawn mower. However, it is not so easy to make the right choice among all models and brands. In our review we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower based on your individual choices.

Types of Lawn Mowers

How Do I Choose the Right Lawn Mower? First you need to deal with the functional differences between the lawn mower from similar garden and park equipment: trimmer and motorcycle. Often, owners of suburban real estate do not see a significant difference between this equipment, which is fraught with errors when choosing a technique.

The lawn mower is a garden and park technique of medium size and power for mowing lawn grass in a flat landscape.

Trimmer is a low-force mechanism designed to be carried in the hands and consists of a cutting element, a rod and a motor. The trimmer is used when it is necessary to cut the grass on an uneven surface, in hard places and near plantings. This device is usually used to process relatively small areas. Or for the doctrine of the remaining areas where the lawn mower has not passed.

Motokos (Benzokos) is a more powerful and structurally reliable version of the trimmer. Designed for mowing tall grass and mowing in uneven areas. It can be used as the main tool for taking care of the site when it is not possible to use the lawn mower. Due to the fact that mowing is performed manually and unevenly, it is suitable for use on lawn grass.

So we decided that the lawnmower is the best option for areas with an even landscape and simple geometry. However, this is only the beginning of the path. Next you need to choose the type of lawn mower.

Features of the lawn mower

type of power. According to this parameter, lawn mowers are divided into gasoline, electric network and electric battery. From the latter, a separate subspecies of lawn breeze can be distinguished. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.


On average, Basin lawn mowers are much more powerful and productive than electric ones. Therefore, the choice of the type of power supply to the lawnmower is largely determined by the area processed. If the area of ​​the lawn is more than 15 acres, the power of Manual Electric lawn mower is not enough.

A major advantage of petrol lawn mowers is their mobility. If there are no points of sale in the range of 100m, then you can not even consider networ k-elektrol directions.

But petrol lawn mowers also have disadvantages: – More weight. Rare petrol lawn mowers weigh about 20 kg, most light lawn mowers weigh 30 to 35 kg; – Ecology and high noise. Basin lawnmowers are noisier than electric ones. – Price. Basin lawn mowers are more expensive than electric (if any).

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However, the pluses are significantly larger, autonomy, power, latitude of processing, mainly all models prepared by themselves.

The power of the lawnmower affects its performance – the greater the power of its engine, the better it maintains speed under increasing load. But the lawnmower is usually chosen not by power, but in another way, very much related to the performance of the parameter – the width of mowing. The larger this parameter, the smaller you can cut the lawn.

For a lawn with an area of ​​u200bu200babout 5 hectares, the width of mowing from 30 to 40 cm is enough.

If the area of ​​​​the lawn is in the range of 5-10 hectares, then the optimal width of mowing is 40-50 cm.

After all, for lawns larger than 10 hectares, a powerful lawnmower with a mowing width of 50 cm is required.

Of course, the power of the lawnmower must match the width of the mowing. By purchasing a lawn that has been mowed by a trusted manufacturer, you can have no worries about this.

The engine speed determines the speed of the blade. The higher the speed of the knife, the cleaner the cut and the less likely the plant is to pull the soil with the root. For a high-quality haircut, there is enough rotation frequency of 2000 rpm, which (it seems) all lawn mowers provide, but it should be remembered that this is the rotation frequency at idle. With load, this speed decreases significantly, so it is better to have a speed speed and choose between models with at least 2500-3000 rpm. If the power of the lawn mower is not enough for its mowing width, the speed speed should be even greater.

It is advisable to cut the haircut of a delicate young lawn at an increased speed. In a freshly grown lawn, the root system is very weak and the decrease in blade speed can lead to the formation of Prophesh.


grass exit. Most lawn mowers provide a grass release into a grass collector, but there are models with the option of throwing mown grass to the side or back onto the ground (models with mulching). The discharge of grass to the side can be useful when the roadsides cut the release of grass into the grass collector in other cases.

Lawn mowers with a mulching function can grind up the mowed grass and scatter it back onto the lawn. At the same time, shredded grass (mulch) protects the soil from drying out and serves as fertilizer. The function is useful, but it should be borne in mind that it cannot be used when the lawn has grown a lot or when it is wet with rain or dew. Therefore, mulching models without a grass collector should be treated with caution – you can mulch the grass with any lawn mower, installing a small depth of mowing and removing the grass collector. But after the haircut of a heavy grass, a lawn mower without a grass grower, excess grass will have to be collected manually.

Adjust mowing height. The height of mowing is an individual value for each lawn, depending on the purpose of the lawn, the type of grass, the tuberosity of the soil, etc. There is no universal mowing height, so the presence of a lawn mower adjustment is extremely desirable. This allows you to configure the mowing height specifically for your lawn. The number of mowing determinations is not so important – 3-5 determinations will suffice.

Self-propelled lawn mowers have a ride on the front or rear wheels. This option is useful for heavy gasoline lawnmowers and is especially important if the lawn has complex relief or is on a slope. However, it should be borne in mind that the propulsion drive is “picked up” part of the power, so it is better to have a larger power supply on a self-propelled lawnmower.

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Front-Wheel Drive turfs are easier to manage but tend to slide (especially with a full blade). The rear wheel drive – “pass”, but it is more difficult to change – the drive at the time of the turn must be turned off.

The volume of the weed collector will determine how often you need to dump it into compost. For a small lawn with an area of ​​​​about 5 hectares, 25 to 30 liters in volume is enough. For a lawn of about 10 acres-35-50 liters. The volume of more than 50 liters is required when the lawn is greatly extended or has an area of ​​​​15 hectares.

The grass collector can be fabric or plastic. Plastic is more convenient when unloading and less clogged with grass, but it easily fits a small litter and weed seeds. The cloth grass collector provides the perfect cleanliness of the lawn, but is regularly cleaned of clingy waste.

Price. (important)

And not enough the simple question of what price range for a lawnmower to choose for selection? At the moment there is an unhealthy trend in the market, the ruble exchange rate is growing and, logically, the cost of lawns should also grow with it. However, the market has a fairly strong competition among manufacturers and they are not chosen with an easy choice or without the quality of increasing the price or without the expense of the cost. However, this affects the quality of the products, but the cost is maintained. As a result, many manufacturers changed the production base in China. Some began to use cheaper components or use thinner than metal in the deck, sleeve bearings instead of ball bearings, cheaper plastic, fewer resource engines and there are a lot of such nuances. In fact, the difference between real Europeans and Chinese is not significant. There is an issue of brand promotion and distribution. Someone at the expense of a well-known brand is freely produced in China and at the same time keeps a fairly high cost, and in Europe someone, on the contrary, is produced and adheres to a loyal pricing policy. Ultimately, this affects the mowing resource. A normal mowing has a resource for the life of 8-10 years, and 70% of the market is no more than 3-4 years. And now from the price factor. The average price range for ordinary gasoline lawnmowers depends on the width of processing and power varies from 17500 rubles and the choice is quite large. You need to buy proven brands, not fake or just appear. Maybe they work, but when a breakdown occurs, the problem of the availability of spare parts is really an unresolved issue, because they order products from different factories, and the design is constantly changing. There are no details on spare parts. And original spare parts just can’t fit, so the name of the model can be one thing, but it can be made in different factories. If you need information about the country of manufacture of the lawn mower or which model to choose, you can contact our specialists by calling 8 (495) 266-63-67

Which speed mower to choose? We made a rating for convenience of choice

Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawnmowers are sel f-driving and not sel f-driving, but sel f-driving lawnmowers are usually 46 cm or more wide, but they also weigh 25+ kg and in this case it is not very comfortable to use such mower, as you have to go to the cable all the time Pay attention and when the area is large, then this is extremely impractical, for such purposes it is better to use gasoline. Electricity is optimal up to 5 hectares. Width 36-42 cm and here you have to choose from functionality, such as mulching, grass catcher, wheel size. Usually a mower of 38 to 40 cm is sufficient for an area of ​​up to 5 hectares, you can also consider more than 42 to 44 cm, but weight is important for an electrical tower. The wider, the heavier, and if the mower weighs more than 20 kg, the role pleasure is not the most pleasant, with such a weight, lawnmowers should be regarded as sel f-driving. Here are some models that you should pay attention to.

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Electric lawn mower MTD Optima 42 E

Price: 15490 rubles

Electric lawn mower MTD Optima 42 E


The electric lawn mower MTD Optima 42 E is characterized by simple operation, maintenance-friendliness, quiet operation and absolute environmental friendliness. The 1.8 kW electric motor is equipped with a forced cooling system with which you can work for a long time.

The cut width is 42 cm and the cutting height is adjustable in 11 positions of 25 to 85 mm. The cut grass comes from a 47-liter grass catch basket, is thrown or mulched by the rear deflection on the lawn. The full notice indicates it in good time when the grass catch basket has to be emptied.

Thanks to the removable grass fishing cod and the foldable handle, the lawnmower does not take up a lot of space when storing and transporting. Hinter bikes with a larger diameter facilitate maneuvering on the construction site. The mower body consists of impac t-resistant polypropylene, which reliably protects internal mechanism from mechanical damage and from the penetration of moisture and dust.

This model has replaced the MTD 4218 E HW electrical tower.

Supply voltage 220 V
Electricity consumption, KW 1,8
Work width, cm 42
Cutting height, mm 25-85
Grass catcher volume, L 47
Type of movement No n-sel f-driving
Mulch There is
Page insertion device no
Housing material plastic
Weight (KG 16

Advantages European Montage Light Weight of High quality plastic Stylish design

Disadvantages no mulch

Electrical lawnmower EFCO PR 40 SE

Price: 19791 ruble


See this model in the catalog

The EFCO PR 40 SE electric lawnmower is designed for mowing land and house gardens. The power of the PR40SE electric motor is 1.3 kW and the cutting width 38 cm The mower housing is made of hig h-strength plastic. The grass catch basket of the EFCO PR 40SE electrical tower holds 40 liters.

You can set the grass section height individually for each wheel and fix it to 28, 44 or 60 mm. The weight of the mower itself is only 15 kg, so it is easy to wear. The PR40 SE has neither side ejection nor mulch.

Type of electrical Engine power, PS 1,8 Work width, cm 38 Cutting height, mm 28-60 Grass catcher volume, L 40 Cutting height adjustment 3 Type of movement no n-sel f-driving Housing material plastic Weight (KG 15 Engine power, KW 1,3
  • Reduced noise level by electric motor
  • Plastic body for longevity
  • The drive of a knife in action realizes with the help of the comfortable lever, which is located on a handlebar
  • Big grass catch box

Petrol mower

We divided lawnmowers according to the working width for their convenience.

Processing width up to 46 centimeters

Petrol lawn mower EFCO LR 44 TK Comfort Plus

Price: 41391 ruble


The lawnmower EFCO LR 44 TK Comfort Plus is a sel f-driving gasoline model with a cutting width of 41 cm and your own engine.

Made by EMAK K 605 OHV. The LR 44TK is equipped with a 70-liter grass catch bag. Deca mower

It consists of hig h-strength steel and is therefore not afraid of collisions with obstacles. Cutting height at the LR44 TK Comfort Plus

has a central adjustment in the range of 28-75 mm. This model does not have any pages out of the page or

Type of the engine petrol
Displacement, cm3 139
Engine model EMAK K605 OHV
Engine power, PS 3,3
Work width, cm 41
Cutting height, mm 28-75
Grass catcher volume, L 70
Cutting height adjustment Central
Type of movement sel f-driving
Mulch no
Page insertion device no
Housing material steel
Weight (KG 28.3

Advantages of sel f-driving assembly in Europe Reliable engine quiet low fuel consumption of simple start

Small rear wheels no mulch

Petrol lawn mower Husqvarna LC 140

Price: 24300 rubles


Self-driving lawnmower with Briggs & Stratton engine for small garden areas. The characteristics of this model include a robust steel structure of the mowing deck and a central cutting height setting. In addition, the lawnmower has soft handles on the handle and wheels with storage.

Types of lawn mowers for lawn grass. Which lawnmower is best suited for your lawn, petrol or electrical? Which lawnmowing?

Types of lawn mowers, lawn grass, petrol, electric

You can buy lawn grass seeds from us cheaply. Seeds for lawn in different directions. Quality guarantee. “Rasenhof on Leninsky”. Our telephones in Moscow: +7 (495) 294-80-80, +7 (919) 99-88-770 Write to what’s app

If you have a datscha or live in a suburban house, you undoubtedly want to live under comfortable conditions and try to achieve beauty on your website. Lawn grass is an integral part of every modern country house. If the lawn grass does not yet grow on your site, then you will probably already take care of the seeds for the lawn.“No matter what kind of lawn seeds it is,” sporty “or” Moorish ” – every lawn grass needs some care.” As soon as your lawn seeds have germinated and full lawn grass is created, you need a lawn mower. And then the question arises – which should you choose? Today the market offers various types of lawnmowers. Each of them is good in their own way and there are no individual lawn mower types for different types of lawn, nor are there are grass seeds that result in grass, which is suitable for mowing with one or the other lawnmower. So let’s find out exactly what types of lawn mowers there are and what their main advantages are.

When and how you mow the lawn you can read in our other article.

1. Mechanical lawnmower

The main advantage of mechanical lawn mowers is efficiency – they do not require electricity or petrol to operate. Silence is also considered a strength of such lawn mowers, so you can mow in the early hours of the morning without fear of waking up the neighbors. However, a noticeable disadvantage of this type of lawn mower is that they have wheels and are difficult to push, especially on wet and overgrown grass. It is convenient to use such a mower on perfectly flat areas of up to two hundred square meters, covered with a lawn given by seeds of lawn grasses of any kind.

But if you look from the other side then you will mow the lawn and physically. take care of the culture.

2. Electric lawn mowers

The advantage of electric lawn mowers is considered to be lower than petrol lawn mowers, the noise level and the lack of oils and fuel. These are easy to use and eco-friendly mowers. Such lawn mowers are powered by 220 volt networks, and their chamfer width can be from 32 to 47 cm. Power is supplied via a flexible cable, which often has to be purchased separately. The cord itself greatly reduces the manoeuvrability of such a mower and can cause some inconveniences, for example with some electric lawnmowers it can be quite easy to damage the power cord.

Lawn mowers of this type can be cylindrical and rotary.

Lawn Mowers, Type Buying Lawn Grass, Lawn Grass Seeds, Lawn Grass Seeds

Cylindrical blades control the scissors principle and shearing with such a mower is considered the highest quality, however, such a mower will not be able to mow grass with hard stems.

Rotary lawn mowers control the blades in the same way a regular scythe cuts grass. This reduces the quality of the cut, but the prices for such mowers are much lower, and the devices themselves are more unique – they can easily cope with overgrown and hard grass. They do well in large lawns with even grass provided by the lawn seeds of many modern varieties.

3. Hovercraft lawn mower

Lawn mowers made using this technology are an excellent option for small lawns with complex contours or for areas with a slope. These mowers can move in any direction and even handle irregular lawns that produce poor quality grass seed.

4. Petrol lawn mower

Gas lawn mowers are free from all the disadvantages inherent in electronic options. Such mowers do not require separate cables as their motors are mounted on the units themselves. Such a mower will allow you to move around the lawn without inconvenience.

Gas lawn mowers offer great power and power, but are noisy, heavy and generally not environmentally friendly. During work, a person is forced to inhale the exhaust fumes from such mowers.

Such mowers cut forty-three to fifty-seven centimeters of grass in one go, but have to be refueled regularly. The fuel tank of such a lawnmower can ensure its continuous operation for about an hour. Lawns of huge areas can be mowed most effectively with petrol lawn mowers. No problem for them – the most difficult lawns, where grass seeds of any quality can grow.

5. Cordless lawn mower

This is a distinct type of lawn mower that immediately combines the eco-friendliness of electric devices and mobility with gasoline options. These are exactly the batteries.

Most often, a battery ensures the operation of the lawn mower for a not too long period of time, which allows you to process only small areas. At the same time, there is no inhalation of exhaust gases and no need to trace the supply cable.

About the main advantages and disadvantages, as well as types of lawn mowers, we told you that you only need to choose which of them to buy.

For more information or to buy the right grass mix for your lawn, give us a call. Our phones in Moscow: +7 (495) 294-80-80, +7 (919) 99-88-770 write in what is app

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