The last summer courses in kindergarten

SKD “Farewell to summer” outline of the lesson (middle group) on the topic

Objective: to create a favorable emotional state in children of preschool age.



– Generalize the children’s ideas about the season – summer;

-Learning the tempo and mood of the music through musical games.


-Development of free communication between children of different ages;

-Development of attention, logical thinking, agility and quickness, the ability to act on the signal, to orient in space;

-Development of the ability to understand the mood expressed in the music, and transfer them to the movements.


-To cultivate a benevolent attitude to the peers.

The course of the event:

Host: People, the summer is ending. A little sad, but we have left a lot of vivid impressions of the warm summer days. We will remind you of that with a friendly word. How nice, a summer day, the shade plays joyfully, a butterfly flies in the garden, a finch sings something, dragonflies dance on the rosebush in bloom, and a bee buzzes all day – fragrant honey. E. Erato asks what do they remember? (Children share their impressions)./ Sung the song “Song of Summer,” the words of Y. Entin, music E. Entin, music E. Krylatova on the site appears in a light-colored outfit, upside down, carrying a bag of summer Summer hello people. I was in a hurry to go on vacation. Host Summer, we look forward to seeing you on our vacation. We’d love to show you what we did in summer. And what is summer, you guys answer. I will ask you questions and you will answer loudly, “Yes” or “No.” 1. Is summer a heat wave? 2. Is summer winter? 3. Is summer bright sunshine? 4. Is summer the cold? 5. Is summer a beach? 6. Summer is swimming in the river? 7. Summer is going to the woods? 8. Is summer about butterflies? 9. Is summer the fall of leaves? 10. Is summer a vacation?

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Well done guys! The three summer months are back, so tell us about them! (Children loudly name the summer months).

Now tell me, guys, what did you do this summer?

(Children stand in a circle)

The game “What did I do in summer”.

(The leader asks questions, and the children do the movement to the music in a circle)

  1. Did you go for a walk? (Children make a march).
  2. Did you swim in the sea?
  3. Do you run in the streets? (Run).
  4. Did you pick berries? (Walk in a circle, picking berries.)
  5. Did you meet any friends? (Keeping close by.)
  6. Did you play with your friends? (Play together).
  7. Have you been jumping around, jumping around? (Children jumping in place.)
  8. Did you catch butterflies? (Catch butterflies)
  9. Did you laugh out loud? (Laughing out loud).

Leading the way: Well done, boys! So, you had a great time this summer.

Summer is great! Have fun!/ Children sit on the benches. Host Leto, what is this bag in your hands? Leto is a bag of summer riddles. Now I’m going to check how the guys can guess them./Summer takes a multicolored balloon out of his pocket and guesses the riddle. The riddle can be written on a piece of paper that is attached to the balloon. This task can be approached creatively. One of the elements is an object whose color somehow corresponds to the color of the balloon. For example, the riddle can be written above the grasshopper on a green ball, above the sun on a yellow ball, above the daisy on a white ball, above the ladybug on a red ball and above the bell on a blue ball. Illustrations with clues can be used.

A summer riddle

1 The smallest bug, in black burners is a barrel. (Ladybird) 2 very light, like a grass, itself green, like a grass, hides in the grasses in the forests, in the woods and in the grass rivers. (Homeleus) 3 stands in the field sister, yellow-eyed, white zilka. (Chamomile) 4 Eh, bells, blue, with a tongue, but no ringing. (Bells) 5 Not high, not low, not far, not near. There’s a balloon floating in the sky. Open like fire. (Sun)

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Summer is great! Host Guys in the summer went to the woods, mushrooms, picking berries. Summer I’ll watch with great pleasure, as you did.

Game “Pick berries, mushrooms.

/Models of mushrooms and berries are placed in tires. Competition of teams. The leader calls 4-6 children, divides them into 2 groups. Each group is given a basket. At the signal offers: “One – two – three years! Gather mushrooms, berries! ” Children must collect forest gifts in baskets: for one child – mushrooms, for others – berries. During the competition, cheerful music is played. Sunny sums up the results of the competition and praises both teams. Summer – it’s great! You have coped with the task and proved that you know how to pick berries and mushrooms. During the summer the children and their parents spent a lot of time at the ponds. Summer, what did you do there? (Zonnen – swimming, catching fish) Summer now we will check, what type of fishermen you belong to.

The game “Catch a fish”.

/Fish swim in an inflatable pool. It is recommended to fill the pool with water depending on the weather conditions. If it is hot, the water can be sprinkled. Two chairs can be placed near the pool. Competition under the steam. The presenter invites 2 people to fish. He tries to call those children who did not participate in the previous competition. The task of the children is to catch fish as quickly as possible. Fun music is played. Praise the child who won the pair. The leader invites the next couple to take part in the contest/. Summer is great! You are so smart! Real fishermen! Loading all who wish to ride on carousels.

Carousel cell phone game.

Summer is the time to say goodbye until next year. To say goodbye, I want to treat them to apples.

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Goodbye, summer! Entertainment Scenarios for Saying Goodbye to Summer

Entertainment “Goodbye, Red Summer! For children of middle and older preschool age entertainment “Goodbye, red summer!” (For children of middle and older preschool age) Children’s songs about summer sound. The children step aside. Presenter (on a picture of the sun): Hello, dear children! What a wonderful song we have gathered here today! And now I’ll do for you.

Cardboard with literary works “Goodbye, summer” in the older group e-Poem Blaginina Elena Alexandrovna “Marking”. Objectives. To introduce children to the Blaginina Elena Aleksandrovna’s poem. To form the children’s ability to listen to the poem attentively and with interest. To show children the variety of native nature. Encouragement.

Goodbye to summer! Entertainment Scenarios with Summer – entertainment scenario “Goodbye to Summer” as Kolobok searched for “(at the location of the kindergarten)

The publication “Scenario entertainment “Goodbye to summer” as Kolobok searched for summer” (by. “Public budget educational institution “Kindergarten №9 “Zvezdochka” “As the Kolobok searched for summer” scenario of the theatrical entertainment for children of all groups” : The teacher of the 1st category Pichuzhkova O.V.

Vacation scenario for children with disabilities “Goodbye, Summer! Hello, School! “Goodbye Summer! Hello school! ” Slide1: (Behind the scenes a sad song, the leader reads a poem in the background of the music. Summer, summer is going away. It hurts … I want to fly away. And I want the song to be. The nights are getting longer and already colder, I see so many, so many shadows. It’s sunbathing.

Scenario “Goodbye, Summer” municipal budget educational institution of the city of Irkutsk kindergarten № 180 scenario entertainment “Goodbye, Summer! (for groups with a high level of training) Musical director: S. Ulyanenko Goal: Generalization of ideas about summer. Objectives: 1. To consolidate knowledge.

Quest game “Goodbye, summer!”. Objective: To create social development in the process of the quest game “Goodbye, Summer!”. Objectives; to promote children’s good mood during the game and performing tasks; 2.

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Goodbye, Summer! Scenarios for Goodbye to Summer – calendar week in a mixed-age group “Goodbye, Summer!”

Article “Calendar-themed week in multi-age group”. “Thursday, September 1, 2022 Morning gymnastics. To read an excerpt from the story “Summer” by N. Pavlova. Objective: to expand knowledge about flowers; To help children distinguish flowers by external signs. Self-play game “Wash your hands!”. Objective: to exercise the ability to use soap and a towel correctly.

Entertainment “Farewell to Summer” in the group of kindergarten Entertainment “Farewell to Summer in the group of kindergarten in the old lady Borovichki Farewell to summer with the children! Author: Teacher Julia Anatolyevna Shukshina Goal: Creating a favorable emotional state in preschool children. Objectives: – To gather the children’s ideas about the time of the year – summer;.

Entertaining quest “Summer-Summer” for children with disabilities Scenario of the entertaining quest game “We see summer!” The tutor performed by: Lyubomishko Irina Vladimirovna State Committee for Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Tatarstan State Social Service Center № 7 Sport and entertainment game for children with disabilities “We see the summer!” Goal: creation of conditions for active recreation of disabled children and children with disabilities. Objectives.

Scenario of outdoor entertainment “Summer, goodbye” for children of a different age group Scenario of outdoor entertainment “Summer, goodbye” for children of a different age group. Children dressed up as different insects walk in front of the kindergarten. (Summer is coming) Summer: Here is the end of summer money. I decided to say goodbye to mine.

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