The Kamaz 53504. Features of the model, parameters and characteristics.

The Kamaz 53504. Features of the model, parameters and characteristics.

KAMAZ 53504 is a tractor with 6×6 wheel arrangement. The vehicle is used to transport cargo on all types of roads, including off-road. The most common version of the KAMAZ 53504 is a tractor truck. A variety of superstructures are installed on the model chassis, which expands the range of applications of vehicles.

The model appeared as a result of a deep modernization of KAMAZ 44108. Since 2013, Kamsky Automobile Plant began making serious changes as part of the transition to the 4th environmental class models. As a result, the novelty received a unit with common rail system and improved gearbox. Another new feature is a modern redesigned cabin. The equipment was developed taking into account the harsh climate and road conditions. The result is a vehicle with an attractive design and high reliability.

KAMAZ 53504 entered the Mustang range and is produced to this day.


KAMAZ 53504 is available in several modifications. The most popular is the truck tractor (versions with the index KAMAZ 53504-46). The chassis is equipped with standardized container superstructures (K and KM lines), suitable for garbage disposal, and other special equipment.

KAMAZ 53504 tractor is available in different configurations:

  • KAMAZ 53504-6013-46 – modification with a top exhaust and a protective cover for the fuel tank. The truck has an increased protection level and is designed for transportation of dangerous goods. A manual gearbox ZF9 is installed;
  • KAMAZ 53504-6020-46 – a more modern model with a KAMAZ 154 gearbox and KAMAZ 740.662-300 engine;
  • KAMAZ 53504-6030-46 – a modern version, much like the KAMAZ 53504-6020-46. The main difference is a gearbox ZF9;
  • KAMAZ 53504-6023-46 – the model with KAMAZ transmission 154, protective casing and upward exhaust pipe;
  • KAMAZ 53504-6910-46 – version with ZF9 transmission, ZF-PTO (OMFB), safety guard and up-torque exhaust hood;
  • KAMAZ 53504-6920-46 – conversion version with manual transmission KAMAZ 154, power takeoff ZF-PTO (OMFB), tank guard and exhaust pipe upwards.



  • length – 7220 mm;
  • width – 2500 mm;
  • height – 3080 mm;
  • wheelbase – 3690 mm;
  • ground clearance – 385 mm;
  • turning radius – 12200 mm.

Weight indicators:

  • Curb weight – 9025 kg;
  • Load on the front axle – 5085 kg;
  • Rear axle load – 3940 kg;
  • GVW – 21400 kg;
  • front axle load – 5700 kg;
  • rear axle load – 15700 kg;
  • fifth wheel load – 12300 kg;
  • maximum mass of the semi-trailer – 28900 kg;
  • Mass in a train – 38000 kg.

Angle of elevation – 18%; Maximum speed – 80 km/h.

The main parameters of the wheels:

  • type – hard disc;
  • Tire type – pneumatic with adjustable pressure;
  • rim size – 12.2-20.9;
  • Tire size – 425/85 R21 or 390/95 R20.

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KAMAZ – 53504-46 (6X6)

Weight parameters and loads: curb weight of the vehicle, kg*.

With air-blade cooler

6.38 3.29 2.04 1.25 0.815 6.02

With interlocked medium differential

  • Tractor hydraulic equipment
  • Additional drive (PTO)
  • Parameters for watercraft / ** depending on equipment

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The series of devices installed on the Kamaz 53504 consists of 2 engines:

  • KAMAZ 740.662-300;
  • Cummins-ISB 6.7 E5 300.

The KAMAZ 740,662-300 engine is equipped with the majority of KAMAZ 53504 modifications. As part of the global upgrade, the unit replaced KAMAZ 740.55-300 (Euro 3). Diesel version with supercharged air mass, common rail system, electronic control and turbocharging improves economy and environmental friendliness. The design of the unit also uses Bosch fuel injection equipment.

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Parameters of Kamaz 740.662-300:

  • Working volume – 11.76 liters;
  • Rated power – 221 (300) kW (PS);
  • Maximum torque – 1275 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 8 (V-shaped arrangement);
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm;
  • Compression ratio – 17.9;
  • Ecological class – Euro-4;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 207 g/person/hour.

Some versions of Kamaz 53504 are equipped with Cummins ISB 6.7 E5 300 engine, which meets Euro-5 standard. It is assembled in Russia and is characterized by reliability. Turbocharging and Common Rail system provides high performance and efficiency.

Properties of the Cummin ISB 6.7 E5 300 engine:

  • Working volume – 6.7 liters;
  • Rated power – 215 (292) kW (PS);
  • Maximum torque – 1087 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6 (in-line design);
  • Cylinder diameter – 107 mm.

The truck is equipped with 2 fuel tanks (210 and 210 liters or 210 and 350 liters).

General features of the Kamaz-53504 tractor truck

The main purpose is to use in freight trains with a total weight of up to 38 tons together with semi-trailers. It can move on all types of streets.

Kamaz-53504 truck tractor.

Work on the model began in 2013, and the first serial production was organized in 2016. First of all, the vehicle is suitable for transportation of various cargoes.

It does not matter whether we are talking about public roads or off-road.

On the basis of the same chassis are produced not only tractors, but also other devices:

  1. Truck cranes.
  2. Tanker trucks.
  3. Military off-road vehicles.
  4. Platform truck.

Installation of additional superstructures contributes to the expansion of the scope of application, which distinguishes the saddle version of the equipment.

Purpose and advantages

The main functions have been described above.

The positive aspects of the truck transport include:

  1. Ergonomic cabin with a high roof. With improved visibility. Availability of a comfortable sleeping place.
  2. Fulfillment of environmental requirements of Euro-4 standard.
  3. Components are standardized with other models of the brand.
  4. Maintenance is greatly reduced.
  5. Installation of SSA with reinforcements. Saddle designed to withstand loads up to 12 tons.
  6. Field operation.
  7. No serious demands on fuel quality.
  8. Economical fuel consumption.
  9. Excellent traction properties.

The price remains affordable, it is not affected even by the configuration, the presence of certain technical features of the KAMAZ 46 tractor and other modifications.

Design features

KAMAZ-53504 is a three-axle frame chassis, which is equipped with a cyclic scheme 6×6, on all axles installed so-called spring suspension.

It also includes a folding metal niche of the driver’s cab, under which the engine is located. Four wheels are clearly not enough for such weight.


The truck was designed for harsh operating conditions. The appearance can be called standard for a truck of this type. But it remains attractive for a long time.


Modern comfortable cabin with a high roof is one of the most important technological innovations.

The cab houses many useful devices, including:

  1. two or three cab seats with adjustable cab angle, distance to dashboard.
  2. Noise and heat insulation.
  3. A quality heater for heating. So far it has only a technical design.

The only thing that modern modifications lack is an air conditioner, which must be installed additionally.

The dashboard deserves a separate consideration. It has an anti-glare coating. An additional advantage is informativeness. Due to this, the tractor does not cause difficulties in driving.


Technical characteristics of the KAMAZ-53504 tractor.

Parameters of the station wagon are designed to use on medium and long-distance commercial haulage lines.

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Driving is allowed not only on equipped highways, but off-road as well.

dimensions and load capacity

The characteristics of the vehicle:

  1. Maximum speed – up to 80 kilometers per hour.
  2. 38 tons – the total mass as a part of a road train.
  3. 12,300 kilograms – the maximum load on the saddle.
  4. Ground clearance or clearance – 38.5 centimeters.
  5. 21,400 kilograms – the total weight of the wagons.
  6. 12.22 meters corresponds to the outside turning radius.
  7. 9,025 kg – is the net weight of the truck.
  8. The height is up to 3080 mm.
  9. The width of the vehicle – 2500 mm.
  10. Length – 7 220 mm.

Totally the truck is equipped with units of two variants:

  1. Cummins-ISB 6.7 E5 300.
  2. KAMAZ 740.662-300.

We are describing the latest version of the KAMAZ. Denotes a variation of the eight-cylinder turbodiesel with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. It supports turbocharging, intercooling of air in the system.

In addition, the engine has an electronic unit responsible for control.

It is represented by. Common Rail is a fuel injection system that works in tandem with the engine. This ensures the combustion of fuel and reduces consumption, regardless of the current operating conditions.

11.76 is the displacement of the main power unit. Nominal output is in the range of 300 hp at a maximum speed of 1900 rpm. The diesel meets the environmental standard Euro-4 (an important characteristic for many).

Another thing is Cummins ISB 6.7 E5 300. Four stroke diesel engine of the last generation. It is easy to guess from the name that it meets Euro-5 standards. The unit is assembled at a joint venture in Naberezhnye Chelny under the officially obtained license. The engine is six-cylinder with a displacement of 6.7 liters. 292 hp. – This is the indicator of the nominal power.

It supports turbocharging and intercooling. State-of-the-art electronic systems are required for comfortable operation.

Two fuel tanks are included, one 210 + 210 liters, the other 210 + 350 liters. At speeds up to 60 km/h the car can consume 48 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers. The price also depends on this.


Cars offer two types of manual gearboxes for shifting speeds:

  1. One with ten speeds, the Kamaz 154 series.
  2. The nine-speed is designated ZF 9S1310.

A two-level front splitter is provided in each of the above boxes. In addition, there is a planetary demultiplier. Thanks to this, the gear shifting is acceptable.

The synchronizers are responsible for shifting the front gears. The rear one is engaged with the help of a toothed clutch. In addition, there is a two-stage transfer gearbox. It has a blocked central differential. On some cars, the so-called ZF KOM selection box is installed.

braking system

Of the optional equipment is a single-disc differential clutch, which has the designation ZF & Sachs MFZ 300. It supports hydraulic drive, pneumatic power drive.

Brake system.

Each wheel of the chassis has pneumatically actuated drum brakes. The drums are made with a diameter of up to 400 mm. At the same time, the width of the pads is at 140 mm.

The car has not only the main brake system, but also other systems:

  1. Auxiliary.
  2. Park.
  3. Backup.

By the way! The technological system is also present.

Electrical equipment

The chassis runs on its own power sources, which are two 12-volt batteries at 190 ah. Separately installed voltage regulator with 28-volt generator, which has a capacity of up to 3 kW.

The Kamaz of this series has an electronic control system, which simplifies troubleshooting. Error codes with the deciphering of each message can be easily found in the documentation from the manufacturers or on websites dedicated to the technique.

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KAMAZ 53504 has a modern design that meets the norms of existing Russian and foreign standards for vehicles of a similar class. The model is built on the basis of the 6 by 6 formula. In the front and rear there is a spring suspension. A feature of the Kamaz 53504 is a locking center differential, which allows it to feel free. The mechanism connects and locks the axles (front and rear), transmitting the same force, which makes it easier to overcome obstacles and viscous ground. The inter-axle differential is used to ensure that the wheels rotate equally on the axle.

Two types of transmissions are used for the vehicle:

  • 10-speed manual gearbox KAMAZ 154 of its own production with mechanical remote control;
  • 9-speed manual gearbox ZF 9S1310 with mechanical remote control.

Rotation from the engine to the gearbox is transmitted by means of a single-disc diaphragm clutch, supplemented by a hydraulic drive with a pneumatic booster. The transmission is characterized by a gear ratio of 6.53.

Kamaz 53504 can be equipped with a 2-speed mechanical KAMAZ 65111 gearbox with lockable differential. On some versions the performance selection box model ZF (OMFB) is installed.

The main brake system is represented by drum brakes with pneumatic actuator. Diameter of the drum is 400 mm and width of the brake belt is 140 mm.

Kamaz 53504 is equipped with an alternator with a capacity of 3000 watts and 2 batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah.

This series has a new generation all-metal cab that is mounted above the unit. Its main features include a high roof and modern design. A sleeping space has been created in the cab, allowing you to travel long distances. Improved interior, ergonomic arrangement of working elements and redesigned front panel contribute to the comfort of work. The cab also features a new driver’s seat with multiple adjustments (height, tilt, and backrest bend). Heating and ventilation systems allow to operate the vehicle regardless of the weather.

KAMAZ-53504 with CCh-300


KAMAZ-53504: technical characteristics. units and fuel consumption. Transmission, brakes and power supply.

The development of the model was conducted since 2013, and already in 2016, the KAMAZ-53504 was launched in serial production. The truck is designed for cargo transportation both on public roads and off-road. In addition to tractors, flatbed trucks, military off-road vehicles, tankers, truck cranes and other attachments are produced on the chassis which significantly expands the scope of the vehicle.

By design, KAMAZ-53504 is a three-axle frame chassis with the wheel configuration of six by six, all axles are equipped with a spring suspension. The truck is equipped with a full-metal tilt cab, under which the engine is located.

An important innovation for the model was a modern, comfortable cab with a high roof. The cabin has two or three seats with adjustable tilt and recline, as well as the distance from the dashboard. Drivers note a good noise and heat insulation and high quality heater, but the manufacturer did not care about the air conditioner. The dashboard is worth of mentioning. It received a more modern look, is informative and covered with anti-glare coating.

The price of a new KamAZ-53504 in the simplest version starts from 3,100,000 rubles and can reach 5 500,000 rubles. Used cars of this model are sold in limited quantities, and trucks of 2016-17 production years can be purchased at a price of 2.3-2.75 million rubles.

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Technical characteristics of KAMAZ-53504

dimensions and load capacity

  • Length: 7,220 millimeters;
  • Vehicle width: 2500 millimeters;
  • Height: 3080 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 38.5 millimeters;
  • External turning radius: 12.22 meters;
  • Curb weight of the truck: 9,025 kg;
  • Maximum load on the fifth wheel: 12 300 kg;
  • Gross vehicle weight: 21,400 kg;
  • Mass in a road train: 38 tons;
  • Maximum speed: 80 km/h.

equipment and fuel consumption

The truck is equipped with two types of engines:

  • KAMAZ 740.662-300.
  • Cummins ISB 6.7 E5 300

KAMAZ 740.662-300. V-type eight-cylinder turbocharged and air-cooled diesel engine. The engine is equipped with an electronic control unit (ECU) by Bosch and Common Rail fuel injection system, which is responsible for complete combustion of fuel and reduces its consumption while reducing harmful emissions. The working volume of this unit is 11.76 liters and the rated power reaches 300 hp at 1,900 rpm. Due to its environmental properties, this diesel engine meets the Euro-4 standard.

Cummins ISB 6.7 E5 300. Modern four-stroke diesel engine meeting the Euro-5 standard. The unit is installed under license at the joint venture in Naberezhnye Chelny. It is a serial six-cylinder engine with a working volume of 6.7 liters and nominal power of 292 hp. The engine has turbocharging and charge air cooling functions and is equipped with all modern electronic systems for complete fuel combustion and high efficiency.

Kamaz-53504 is equipped with two fuel tanks of 210 liters + 210 liters or 210 liters + 350 liters. At 60 km/h the vehicle consumes 48 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Gears, brakes and power supply

Two types of manual transmissions are used for this model of semi-trailer: a ten-speed Kamaz 154 and Nungang-ZF 9S1310. Both gearboxes have a two-stage front splitter and a planetary splitter, the shifting is done remotely. The front gears are shifted by synchromesh, the rear gears are shifted through a toothed clutch. The truck is equipped with a two-stage distributor gear with lockup agency, some trucks are equipped with a PTO selection box ZF (OMFB).

Kamaz-53504 is equipped with a single-type diaphragm ZF & SACHS MFZ 430 with a hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster.

Each wheel of the chassis is equipped with pneumatic drum brakes. The diameter of drums is 400 millimeters and brake pad width is 140 mm. In addition to the main brake system, the vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary, locking and backup braking system, as well as a brake system.

The chassis electronics and electrics are powered by two 12-volt 190 AH batteries. There is also a voltage regulator and 28-volt generator with a capacity of 3 kW.

Note that KAMAZ-53504 is equipped with an electronic control system, which can diagnose faults. Codes of errors and their deciphering can be found here:

combination Deciphering What to do
221 The electronic control unit reports a fault of the fuel pedal position sensor. It is necessary to check the sensor and circuit connection to detect open or short circuits.
232 This error code indicates a malfunction of the atmospheric pressure sensor. In particular, the unit signal may not match the charging pressure sensor signal. It is necessary to check the condition of the unit’s connection to the control unit and cables. Typically, such errors will register a short circuit or wire breakage in the network.
335 This error informs the owner of the Kamaz vehicle about the faults in the wiring of the hydraulic power control lamp limiter. The LED beacon should be checked directly for damage. It may need to be replaced. It also makes sense to check the wiring, perhaps there are breaks or shorts. First of all, pay attention to the soldering points in the circuit.
334 There is a malfunction in the supercharger control system. In this case, you can also check the circuit for short circuits. But first check the working condition and connection of the supercharger actuator.
231 This malfunction informs the motorist of an incorrect signal coming from the boost pressure sensor to the electronic control unit. To correct the malfunction, the connection and working condition of the pressure control unit itself must be checked. If the condition is found to be functional, the circuit should also be checked.
124 The on-board voltage reading is incorrect: it may be either too low or too high. First check the condition of the on-board network and its connection to the battery. Try to rectify the problem yourself, but if this is not possible, seek the assistance of a workshop, as it is not advisable to operate the vehicle with this problem for a long period of time.
246, 241 Faults in the temperature regulator or antifreeze level in the cooling system. In these cases, take the time to check the operation of the two sensors: level control and refrigerant temperature control. The circuit should also be checked for open or short circuits.
345 An error in the signal transmission from the exhaust pressure sensor is fixed. To correct this fault, the sensor circuit should be carefully checked for possible open or short circuits. Particular attention should be paid to the section of the circuit where the sensor connects to the exhaust pipe.
113 The electronic control unit reports detected malfunctions of the camshaft speed sensor. In this case it is necessary to check the connection of the camshaft speed sensor. If the connection condition is found to be normal, the sensor must be independently checked for proper functioning.
112 Crankshaft speed sensor sends wrong signal to control unit. As with the camshaft sensor, the crankshaft speed control module should also be checked. If it is OK, the wiring should be checked.
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Detailed technical and performance specifications for tractors are shown in the table:

Formula and tires: 6×6 axle configurations, single tires, 425/85 R21 dist. Print:
fifth wheel: Loading capacity of fifth wheel: 12.3 t, height of fifth wheel: 1540 mm. Casting with 2 stages of freedom, kingpin diameter 50 mm (2″).
Semitrailer: Total weight of towed semi-trailer up to 29 tons
Engine: V-shaped 8-cylinder KAMAZ-740.705 (300 hp), 1275 Nm at 1300 rpm. BOSCH equipment, Common Rail system, EURO-5, fuel tank 350 + 210 liters.
TRANSMISSION: 9-speed manual gearbox ZF9S 1310.
Chassis and transmission: KAMAZ-65111 two-speed gearbox with lockable inter-axle differential, inter-axle locking. Single-disc diaphragm clutch ZF&SACHS MFZ 430 with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster. Brakes with pneumatic actuator.
Features equipment: Add to. Options: power take-off (PTO), overhead exhaust, tank protection, etc. Air suspension cab with a high roof has a sleeping place.

KAMAZ-53504: video rating on YouTube

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A complete review of the KAMAZ-53504 cargo trailer:

KAMAZ-53504 flatbed trailer:

What is written on forums: reviews of KAMAZ-53504 drivers and owners

Yury Sinyavsky, 39, Nizhny Novgorod:

I took KamAZ-53504 in leasing a year ago. I took it for its versatility, good cross-country ability and more or less comfortable cab. The truck is reliable, no major failures (of course I had to fix some small things). In general I am satisfied so far.

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