The first lawn mowing in the spring – how and when is it done?

When and how do I mow my lawn for the first time after planting?

A well-maintained lawn can be a great addition to your personal property. However, it does require proper planting and proper care. In today’s article, we will find out how and when you can mow the lawn for the first time after planting.

The need for the procedure

Mowing lawn grass is a mandatory process that should not be neglected. Mowing greens is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons. The owner of the site should take into account that mowing is required due to the characteristics of the exposed grass. In order to organize and arrange a decent grass cover, characterized by sufficient density, plants taken directly from natural conditions are often used.

Lawn plants, which are the most common in modern lawn areas, have a number of features that should be taken into account.

  • These types of grasses grow rather quickly, so they need to be mowed particularly quickly.
  • Such plants do not have special requirements for soil quality.
  • Greens, taken from natural conditions, quickly and restlessly adapt to different weather conditions.
  • Such grasses are able to strengthen the lawn.
  • Actively growing weeds and slow their development.
  • They can form very thick and lush bushes.

Since lawn grass grows and develops very quickly, it definitely needs timely and regular feeding. This is necessary so that the greenery grows less and looks neat and good.

Without mowing, the lawn will look untidy and will not serve as a decorative component of the area.

Timing and time of day

Many dacha owners are interested in when it is possible to mow the lawn exactly after its sowing. The described mandatory procedure is recommended to be carried out on a day when there is no precipitation, but there is a little cloudiness. It is desirable that the humidity of the soil is high enough. To achieve the desired level of moisture, the greens can be watered the day before. Properly mowing grasses that grow on dry soil increases the likelihood that they will pull out with the root.

Grass should not be mowed after a previous rain. Failure to adhere to this recommendation can cause moisture or waterlogged soil to penetrate the mower. In this situation, the garden equipment can be susceptible to serious breakdowns.

The correct time to mow the lawn for the first time after planting is morning or evening. When it is too hot, it is not advisable to participate in the basic maintenance processes. At these times, they dry out and yellow too quickly, so the appearance of the lawn layer at the mowing site ceases to be attractive and decorative.

Some gardeners who pay a lot of attention to decorativeness of personal territory, mow the lawn, focusing on the lunar calendar. The moment when the moon reaches its lowest point is considered the cheapest time to cut grass. At this point, you can not only mow the lawn, but also carry out an operation to remove weeds.

Due to the said phase of the moon, both the lawn and the weeds become much slower.

Tools needed

For high-quality and accurate mowing of the lawn grass layer, gardeners use different tools. Some are more comfortable using the more technologically advanced ones, while others find it easier to work with classic hand tools. Objects of both categories are suitable for testing.

Makita UC3520A chainsaw: description, specifications and rules of operation

Let’s understand what tools are necessary for effective mowing of lawn grass on personal property.

Lawn Cutter.

After planting the lawn grass, you can proceed to the first mowing with a special garden cutter. These types of tools are divided into 2 main groups – gasoline and electric.

Trimmers, in which electric motors are installed, are characterized by a lightweight, convenient design. The majority of such instances are relatively small in size. However, a certain level of inconvenience can be achieved by the presence of an outlet nearby for electric braids. In addition, the presence of a network cable often causes a lot of complaints from users when processing greenery.

No less popular are modern types of benzoskosas from garden shrub trimmers. Such tools look more imposing compared to their electric counterparts. Your design has a special tank, in which gasoline is poured. From the latter and the device works. Appropriate devices are produced by many well-known manufacturers.


Another popular device, with the help of which the lawn is mowed, is a lawn mower. Such devices are available today in a wide range, which is divided into many different types. Different models have different types of engines.

There are many lawn mowers with other options. When making a quality choice of garden equipment, it is very important to take into account the area of the plot and the shape of the planted lawn.

Do not forget about the parameters of the engine power and make a choice in favor of a particular unit.

Let’s understand what subspecies are divided into modern lawnmowers.

  • Mechanical. Very popular options, as you can mow the lawn grass with your help and do not pay attention to the availability of energy sources. In addition, the design of such units does not include a mains cable, which makes it more convenient and practical.

  • Electric mowers of this type are produced today by many well-known and young brands. Electric mower will be a profitable solution for medium-sized lawns. The main advantage of these devices is compactness. Electric mowers are electric and easy to manage. The first mowing of lawn grass with a certified device can be performed even by a child. Electric models are environmentally safe and very easy to clean after all interventions. The main disadvantage of these devices is their dependence on sources of electricity.

  • Gasoline models. Excellent for mowing large lawns. The advantage of such devices is their complete independence from external power sources. The inconvenience can cause excessive operation of the gasoline mower.


Many gardeners use good old secateurs to mow the lawn. With the help of this simple device you can mow even the most inaccessible places. Among the total number of other tools and devices, shears are the cheapest, easiest and most durable.

Attachments for power tillers Ugra

The main disadvantage of secateurs is that when using them, it takes much more time to cut the lawn.

In addition, with the help of the tool in question, the gardener will be able to process only small sections of the planted green layer.


This model of garden tool is a scythe, supplemented with a special drum. The latter is equipped with the necessary cutting elements. In most cases, lawn mowers are made on gasoline, but there are also devices with a battery.

Thanks to the use of modern lawn mowers, the farmer can easily handle large areas. In addition, the mowing itself becomes as clean and aesthetic as possible at the same time. Mowers can also mow grass in inaccessible places on the construction site.

Classic Mower

In the arsenal of most dacha owners there is such a useful and extremely simple thing. It should be remembered that a regular scythe is the most dangerous type of tool that can be used to mow lawn grass. It is not recommended for beginners to use a regular scythe.

Labor costs when using the device in question increase significantly, and the results are less aesthetically pleasing and pleasant. The same trimmer or lawnmower will cope with such procedures better.

cutting height

Before proceeding to the first mowing of lawn grass after planting, the gardener needs to know its permissible height. It is categorically not recommended to cut grass plants too short for the first time. It is best to leave the height of 4 cm or 2/3. If you cut the stems even shorter, the grass may soon turn yellow. This also often results in the weeds growing too quickly and clogging up the yard.

The height of the grass remaining after mowing should be appropriate for the type of lawn. For example, it is recommended to leave a green cover of up to 4 cm on a parterre lawn, 4-5 cm is the optimum length for an ornamental area and 6 cm for a sports lawn.

How often should I mow?

It is extremely important for the gardener to know how often it is necessary to mow the lawn on the plot. If you regularly mow herbaceous plants, you can achieve the formation of compacted turf. The latter does not allow weeds to actively grow. Weeds are simply replaced by fresh shoots. Regular mowing also protects the lawn from damaging exhaustion and extends the growing season.

We recommend mowing at a frequency of 4-7 days in the spring and 7-10 days in the summer. Exact time intervals are highly dependent on weather conditions, soil parameters, grass texture, and time of year.

The final mowing should be done in mid-autumn and then proceed to prepare the lawn grass for the coming winter.

Helpful hints

The process of mowing the lawn, depending on the planting, must be done correctly. The gardener should use the right tools, choose the right time for the procedure in question. It is also recommended to listen to a number of useful tips on carrying out such maintenance work.

Bulb line, buds and flowers

When to mow the lawn: for the first time and throughout the year

When to mow the lawn: for the first time and throughout the year

It is better to shorten the lawn at the end of May, provided that it is the first feeding process. From the appearance of the stalk to the thinning of the grass cover should pass at least 7-10 days. At the same time mowing can be carried out only if the grass has grown by at least 10 centimeters since planting. These are the basic requirements for providing vegetation. In this article, you will learn all the details of what not to do.

Why mow lawns?

Live lawns in home areas and parks are mowed regularly. It is done for several reasons:

  • Cleaning and preventing the growth of weeds;
  • Prevention of dangerous reptiles;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Maintaining the health of grassy vegetation;
  • Preventing the development of new tall shoots;
  • Maintaining soil density.

However, in order to achieve the desired landscaping success, a customized treatment plan must be followed.

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Respectfully! Grass height and at least 1.5 centimeters should be removed at one time. If they are more, it can disrupt the root system, and if less, the useful micronutrients in the soil will not be enough for the active growth of the lawn.

Rules for mowing the lawn in another season

Sooner or later the question arises when to mow the lawn. This can be done in different periods: spring, summer and autumn. But there are individual recommendations for each season. The first and most popular mowing is in the spring. It is performed on May 20. However, the exact period should be chosen depending on weather conditions. The main thing is to avoid drought. For example, 2-3 days after rain, it is worth cutting in warm weather. The floor should not have time to dry out. Otherwise, it must be moistened.

Proper mowing of the lawn in the summer can be carried out with garden shears, but it is a thorough source of work

In summer, the vegetation of the landscape design mow twice a week, provided that there is active growth and new shoots constantly appear. However, if the area of planting is practiced shaped mowing, then it is carried out more often. The frequency is chosen independently depending on the time of muesli and the speed of grass growth.

Lawn mowing in the fall should only be done after thorough harvesting and fallen leaves source

Lawn vegetation may not be mowed in the fall until one year after planting. The frequency is kept to a minimum, as nutrients are reduced in the fertile soil from September through October. If you exaggerate with the number of cuttings, the plant may die.

Important! Incorrect pruning can be detected a few days after the grooming process. Characteristic spots with yellowing appear on the surface. They indicate that the plant lacks nutrients.

Mowing after winter: Highlights

Lawn mowing after the winter period is carried out only 10 cm after the grass grows back. Earlier this should not be done. It is also worth refusing to mow the lawn vegetation, if the air temperature has not yet exceeded the mark of 10 degrees with a plus sign every day.

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Usually the first mowing in the southern part of Russia is carried out at the end of March – April.

Respectfully! Before the onset of cold weather mowing is carried out from October 15 to 20. In this case, all mowed grass is immediately removed from the site. If this is not done, the live vegetation turns yellow and deteriorates, and bare spots appear on the plot.

Preparing for the first mowing after a frost

Don’t rush to remove overgrown grass immediately when it heats up. Prepare your lawn for this procedure in advance. Otherwise, the vegetation is stressed, there is a great risk of a protracted phase of recovery. What you should do:

  • If you take a rare rake, collect leaves, small branches in the fall;
  • Make sure that the cutting tool sharpens the blades when working.
  • Airing – this event will help the roots to get stronger faster.
  • After all the preparations, mow the lawn for 3-4 days.

Often the first cleaning and mowing of the lawn after the winter period try to carry out the source in the middle or end of April.

The result after mowing will be conspicuous after only a week: the grass begins to grow slightly, which gives the vegetation additional density.

Height and frequency of lawn mowing

The height of mowing the lawn mainly depends on its variety. For example:

  • Stall-3-3.5 centimeters;
  • Sports-5-5.5 centimeters;
  • Garden-Park-4-4,5 centimeters.

The height of mowing the lawn can be measured with a ruler or tape measure, so as not to make a mistake with the source

As for the frequency of mowing, it is individual for each variety. Details below:

  • Meadowgrass is mowed for the first time after seed is given. This occurs approximately in June. At the same time, the cuts are removed after a few days. Such manipulation gives the seeds roots. The next mowing is done early in mid-September.
  • Moorish lawn is shortened in early July (weather permitting: you should not cut in the rain). Seeds have already appeared on the flower stalks of the plant and are crumbling into the ground. The second mowing is carried out after the summer flowers fade – in early October.
  • Mow the lawn more frequently – around once a week. In this case, the volume of mowing is calculated depending on the timing of planting ornamental culture on the site.

On how favorable conditions for mowing the lawn are chosen, depends on the further result.

Tools that can be used for mowing grass

Automatic units are often used to cut the grass. These are lawn mowers – special devices with other functions. You should choose the option that is suitable for your vegetation. Some tools are equipped with special containers for collecting waste. In other cases, the mower must be cleaned manually.

  • A mechanical mower. This is a manual device that does not have an electric drive. In most cases, the design does not even provide a compartment for collecting waste. However, this option is a budget option and is not a hit.
  • Electric ones, equipped with a motor, come in a variety of capacities. However, for such a device, it is necessary to have an equipped socket near the lawn or run the device through an extension cord. It is undesirable to conduct the ra w mood through damp ground to avoid electric shock.
  • Gasoline-powered unit. This device does not depend on the electric network, it is convenient to use on any site. From the disadvantages of such devices, it is worth noting a strong noise effect and the regular need for fuel and lubricants (fuel and lubricants).
  • Trimmer. This is a universal equipment, which is suitable for the care of plants of different varieties. Such units try to use not only for mowing the lawn, but also for cleaning unwanted vegetation in flowerbeds. With this device, you can beautifully decorate paths and paths between the beds in the yard.
Electric lawnmower Stiga Collector 40e: description, characteristics and rules of use

Lawn mowers, riders and special mini devices are often used to mow lawn vegetation. If the lawn area is small, you can do with special scissors and use special attachments to create a pattern or a beautiful geometric shape.

Respectfully! Before the onset of cold weather mowing is a prerequisite for care. If it is not performed or performed too late, there is a risk of death of the plant.

Problems that can arise

When mowing lawn grass, sometimes difficulties arise. This is due not only to the lack of experience in caring for the plant in the owner, but also other factors. Consider them below.

  • The grass tears. This is often caused by not knowing how to properly adjust the trimmer or lawnmower blades. As a result, they get tangled, and the clumping does not happen. When lawn stems break off. Then yellow, dried out bushes form on the ragged ends. It doesn’t look pretty.
  • Crooked floor surface. When lawn grass is planted on an uneven surface, bare spots occur when mowing. However, such a problem can be eliminated by adjusting the height of the mowing. This is quite a complicated process. To avoid it, the shoots should be leveled, then the cutting will be easier.
  • Brown ends of lawn shoots. Such a problem occurs (and accordingly the appearance of the landscape) with the wrong mowing conditions (wet grass, early period after frost) and poor preparation of blades.
  • Uneven mowing. This can be seen in the result: long lines appear on the plane. This is usually due to the slow rotation of the mower legs and its improper installation and calibration in the landings.

After mowing, fresh greens can be attacked by pests. It is therefore necessary to regularly monitor and supervise the vegetation.

Lawn droppings are often caused by improper operation of the blades in the lawnmower wave.

General recommendations

Before the procedure of direct mowing of the lawn grass, we recommend studying a few useful tips.

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