The chain tension on the chainsaw. Device, customization, reviews

The chain tension on the chainsaw. Device, customization, reviews

Almost every modern household today has a chain electrode or chainsaw. Sooner or later, the majority of Saw owners ponder how to use and operate it to make the tool work and not lose work.

The tension of the chain

Most users show sufficient care about the engine, while forgetting to pay attention to other important nodes of the chainsaw, on which the performance and durability depend on the applicability. Proper care of all chainsaw nodes will save your funds and allow you to extend the life of the unit.

The general device of the chainsaw

The topic of our conversation today will be a sawing apparatus consisting of a leading star, tires and tracks. The performance of chainsaws depends on the serviceability of these parts even more than on the characteristics of the engine. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone – it’s not the engine, but the chain, which is carried on the tire and driven by the main star. Let’s see what surprises can be expected after several weeks or months of operation, how to choose and serve the nodes of our chain chain.

main features

Despite its low cost, the chain plays a crucial role in the operation of a chainsaw. Not only its performance, but also the safety of other components depends on how correctly it is sharpened and stretched.

Classify the chains according to the following parameters:
  • Step. It is customary by this term to mean the distance (measured in inches) between the first and third connecting rivets separated in half. In fact, all existing saw chains are divided into five groups: ¼”, .325”, 3/8”, .404” and ¾”. When choosing, this should be borne in mind: the larger the step – the greater the power, but at the same time the load on the engine will increase significantly.
  • The thickness of the leading link. We are talking about the depth of landing on the tire groove, after which it moves in the sawing process. The lower the landing, the less chance the chain can fly off the tire.

Pale chain parameters (step)

Manufacturers offer the following changes:
  • 1.1 mm – for miniature tools;
  • 1.3 mm – the bulk of benzo and electricity is equipped with a household class;
  • 1.5 mm – semi-professional models;
  • 1.6 mm – used for professional chain saws;
  • 2.0 mm – industrial chainsaws;

Dimensions of saw chains

Other chain parameters:
  • Profile. This refers to the height of the chain cutting chain above the tire. According to this indicator, saw chains are divided into two types: low profile and high profile. Low profile chains are safer to use, while a high profile offers high performance. In addition, the chains are distributed according to the profile of the cutting teeth: semi-similar, chisel, rounded and teeth with a winning attack.
  • The depth of cutting. In other words, the gap between the sawtooth and the limiter. In the domestic level chainsaws, it is correct to use a chain with a gap of 0.025 inch and 0.03 inch. Chains with a gap of up to 0.07 inches are installed on professional and industrial models.
  • The number of links. When choosing a chain for a chainsaw, focus on the length of the tire. For example, if you have a household China with a 14 inch bus, you will most likely need a 52 link chain.

Important! A chain for a chainsaw is correct in accordance with the parameters specified in the operating instructions.

If you do not have this option, we advise you to use the selection tables on the manufacturer’s side or here: your browser does not support frames

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Causes of a circuit disorder

Like any other part, the saw chain requires attention and proper maintenance. These words first refer to the inlet time of the chainsaw and the sawing system. However, your usability should be monitored during the entire operating time.

The main causes of circuit cancellations:
  • Poor metal quality in budget models;
  • The operator’s work style;
  • Wrong tension;
  • Malfunction or excessive wear of the drive scribble;
  • Malfunctions in the automatic lubrication system;
  • Craumatic, dirt or other damage to the saws;
  • Use of materials of less quality;
  • Unfamely sharpening of work edges;
  • The amount of the operating load on the chainsaw;

The angle of sharpening the connection of the circuit

All of this can lead to rather sad circumstances and considerable costs for the purchase of new spare parts and the repair of chainsaws:

  • Determination of operational skills and labor productivity;
  • Operator security when sawing;
  • Early wear of individual components and parts as well as the entire chainsaw;

Tire maintenance and operation

An important part of the saw chain saw is the tire. It depends on its suitability for use in many ways on the performance and quality of the device.

saw chain lubricant

Early tire wear is mostly caused by improper operation of the automatic lubrication system. There are strong friction in the saw zone, which leads to warming and deformation of the metal. As a rule, the driven chain wheel fails first. In order to avoid premature wear, it is also important to turn the tire frequently – this contributes to deleting the rolling of the driven chain wheel.

Important: Use a rail with the specifications specified by the manufacturer of your chainsaw. This extends the lifespan of both the sawdust itself and the entire benzo or electricalaw.

The most important tire disorders:
  • Deformation or damage to the tire body;
  • Outsight of teeth or complete failure of the powered chain wheel;
  • Wear of the landlord and the shaft;
  • Critical damage to oil supply channels;
  • Break or complete wear of the tensioner;

Chain reduction to do it yourself

Like any other part, the chainsaw chain is gradually using, and constant loads and work under different temperature conditions lead to its extension. In this case, it cannot be really excited, it flies regularly from the tire. Is it possible to repair such a part at home? As practice shows, this does not require any special devices, skills or high qualifications. However, you should pay attention to the presence of a vice, a needle file, a hammer, pliers and a breakdown.

Bubbing base of needl e-fish flat hammer pliers

If you have all of these tools, you can safely continue with the disassembly:

  • Determine how much the chain length has increased;
  • We fix the chain in a vice;
  • We grind the protruding heads of the rivets with a file or file while we try not to touch the side parts of the limbs;
  • We dismantle the rivets with a breakdown or solemn clamp;
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Distance when setting the circuit

Important: When separating the connections, make sure that you count the guided tours on the inside. There must be a agreement between you and the leading asterisks.

  • We remove the right number of links and connect the ends of the chain. To do this, use old rivets.
  • We collapse the rivet heads with bright hammer blows;
  • We remove the burr and irregularities with a file or a file.

Important: you can quickly enough flare up and hold the links, but you should remember that after repairing them, they weaken and can not be able to serve for a long time.

Proper adjustment of the circuit

The quality of the chainsaw largely depends on the correct setting and voltage of the circuit. If the chain is of normal length, then this process will not take much time and effort.

Important: During operation, the metal heats up and expands, which leads to the lengthening of the chain. Periodically check and adjust the tension.

The processing process looks quite simple and is carried out for a few minutes:

  • weaken the nuts on the canopy;
  • adjust screw appropriate tension;

Put the chain on the tire

Important: A correctly stretched chain moves easily with a slight effort of the arm, without making extraneous noises and without stopping. At the same time, with proper tensions, the connections should not sag.

  • Tighten the nuts and check the tension, if necessary – adjust;

Video review

Checking the shortening of the chain

Check over

Reviews of the owners

Sergey Abazov, 32 years old, Lipetsk region

“I work as a builder, I use a chainsaw all the time. You need to see not only wood but aerated concrete, sometimes you need to make a longitudinal distress in concrete (although I wore a carbide disc for that). The chains get bored and stretched quickly – I won’t run for a new one every time. So I bought a repair kit (it costs a dime) and when stretching I just shorten it. I concentrated and got back to work. Fast and inexpensive. “

Ruslan Timirbekov, 44 years old, Tatarstan

“Having used the chainsaw for six months, the chain stretched and began to fly. I wondered – which is better to go to the workshop (there is the right equipment there) or to make it at home. And then he did it himself – he threw the link, the leading star was already bored, the step did not change. Everything seems to be working correctly, just for some reason now it’s necessary to record more often. “

Andrey Kazantsev, 27 years old, Volgograd region

“There were problems with the powered star – when she had just stopped spinning. I looked closely – the tire is to blame, or rather the holes are completely littered. As a result – production in the country Groove. These are the problems as I have not observed if the lubrication system is working correctly. Now change the entire saw to the chainsaw. He flew into a penny. “

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How to properly pull the chain on the chainsaw

If you live in a private house, harvesting the firewood for the winter period on the farm should be a saw to do homework to anchor the garden. With stove heating, the volume of blanks is large, so the task needs to be simplified in order to spend less effort and time on it. Buying a chainsaw solves this problem because you can reduce wood processing time, increase speed and save on third-party use. As with any equipment, it can fail, for which it is necessary to carry out prevention and get some equipment repair skills. Pull the chain on the chainsaw if it can weaken, can be independently or with the help of a specialist.


The reasons for the weakening of the chain on the chainsaw

The chainsaw consists of a tire that guides the working canvas and directly the chain. Any of the parts can fail, affecting the work of the mechanism.

There are several reasons why you need to tighten a chainsaw chain. Even with a tensioned roller, after you have already cut several logs, the elements can sag. The main causes of a malfunction are:

  • tire loosening;
  • canvas stretching;
  • failure of the guide star.

The stretching of the links occurs constantly, which is due to the design feature. In order to fulfill its task of moving along a given path and cutting the wood, it consists of many limbs that are sharply pointed at a certain angle. With the help of sockets they are connected to each other. In between there are gaps.

chainsaw chain

Under the influence of an increase in the temperature of the metal during operation, this clearance increases, the steel expands and lengthens, and the working canvas is deformed.

Possible problems of some parts of the structure cause injury to others, as they are combined into one system. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the injury of the saw in time at the initial stage, replace or adjust the broken part.

Possible reasons for stretching of the main part of the chainsaw can be work in unfavorable conditions (ingress of dirt, dust), improper operation of the oil pump (lack of lubrication of the links), use of poor quality material.

weakened tyre

The bar is the guide chain of an electric saw. It is made of stainless steel, the technological characteristics of which determine the durability of the product. If worn, the part must be replaced and not repaired. Often when the tire is weakened, this is due to overheating of the belt, which, in addition to the age of operation, can have several reasons:

  • discrepancy between the size of the chain leg and the width of the channel;
  • if the chain pitch does not match the parameters of the installed sprocket.

The chainsaw tire

In addition to changing the parameters of the guideway, the working area itself can also stretch. As the main component of the tool, it is directly responsible for the quality of the cut.

stretched chain

The work area is more likely to sag with a new design or after a long period of service. Strains can be caused by:

  • the selection of goods from substandard materials;
  • violation of the web lubrication system;
  • if the sprocket or tire is defective.
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The durability of metal belts depends on the way the operator works. If a household tool is heavily used, its service life will be reduced.

problems with the guiding star

The design of the chainsaw is such that the motor has to transfer energy to the band where the teeth are located. A star-shaped part is provided for this purpose. It continuously receives, stores and transmits thrust from the engine and heats up during operation. The life of the drive star is affected by the pitch of the teeth, what angle they are at, and how properly they are ground.

If you do not tension the chain on the chainsaw in time and do not replace the part, this will result in costly repairs:

  • the blade begins to cut along a curved path;
  • the load on the motor increases, which increases the risk of failure;
  • the clutch spring breaks;
  • The piston of the tool motor is deformed.

The instructions for the saw indicate the standards under which part of the mechanism will operate. If the deviation is more than 0.5 mm, you must change the pinion.

Clamping device and principle of operation

To pull the chain on the chainsaw, there is a special device. The complexity of the design of the mechanism is due to the cost of the tool and its budget category. In inexpensive models, a chain tensioner on a chainsaw is a bolt with a controller that is on the side.

The chainsaw tensioner

You can set the setting with a screwdriver or a special tool. The Capture key is included in the kit for work. It consists of 2 parts: On the one hand, the device is dragged the duties, on the other hand, the slope. More expensive models are displayed as a lever or a setting plate by an adaptation tool.

If you have to pull the chain

Find that you have to tighten the main part of the chainsaw, you can look through the look. Below is free and it can be inclined to the side. If you continue to work with such a canvas, it starts to sniff unevenly, gives an uneven disc and can break when working.

Chain stretching algorithm

The chain is stretched to adjust the shape of the canvas. The procedure is possible in several ways, quickly and more complicated. It is easier to get one clockwise clockwise until the chain is removed. A more complex method requires more time:

  1. Find a place where the tire is attached to the case.
  2. Screw the nuts, weaken the limbs and pull the top edge.
  3. With the chain tensioner on the chainsaw you have to turn to the desired level.
  4. Check the level of voltage.
  5. Fix the tire.

To replace the chain with a new one, the tool is placed on a table or a workbench. Next, unscrew the tire, remove the old canvas, clean the base. The new design is placed in such a way that the limbs go in the opposite direction of the body. If you then use the Capture key, you must tighten it at the desired level.

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Checking and setting the mechanism should be carried out if the design is cold. If you try to delay after work, a star is deformed or other elements of the system are missing.

Opportunities to check the voltage degree

After installing the circuit or during sawing, the master should be checked how the chain is stretched. There are different ways to do this. You have to try to move the links manually in a circle. You have to move in both directions without effort or with a slight resistance, but without signs of seizures, foreign noises. If the canvas sees a creak, the sound of the friction, we can judge that it is tight or not works.

The second option to check the circulatory degree is in the middle of the tire after setting to draw the connection up. It should be pulled up, but to leave the groove where it is installed in the gutter, no more than 2/3 (3-4 mm). The canvas should not hang out below.

The tension of the chainsaw

If the stretched circuit has exceeded the check of all points, you have to start the engine, let the saws work idle. Then the saw and check the degree of voltage. In the absence of absorbing or confiscation, the tool can be used for its intended purpose.

If you have to shorten or stretch the chain

If it is determined as a result of the exam that the element is so striking that the adjustment screw does not return to normal condition, the only way to correct the situation is to shorten the chain. The specialist removes several links, not more than 2 until it reaches the desired length.

The chain is used evenly. So if you change the old elements for new ones on the GAP site, this does not guarantee continuous operation. The canvas can burst in another weak place.

To stretch the chain, that is, to add new links, it may be necessary if it is torn and part of the elements is lost. You can buy items in a store or with a donor, an old chain. It is important to ensure that it is similar in thickness, step of connections and shape.

For this purpose it is not necessary to contact a specialized service. At home you can also increase or decrease if you have proper equipment. For work you will need a rivet and flair machine, spare links, rivets.

There are many reasons for stretching the chain within the chain, from breaking down other elements of the system to violating the rules of operation. In order not to bring the condition of the mechanism to critical, it is important to periodically check the degree of adjustment of the canvas and eliminate defects at the initial stage. You can build up or shorten the chain if necessary if you buy suitable equipment.

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