Texas motor varieties. List, properties, reviews

Motobobloks and Texas cultivating, listing, technical features

Motoblocks are a modern and high tech replacement for normal soil processing tools. With such a unit, you no longer have to spend much time in the garden, dig the soil, plant plants and be harvested. Agree, all of this not only requires a lot of effort, but also health.

Texas Motor Blocks and Motor Cultivators are a combination of the latest developments, enormous performance and multifunctionality. They have been successful in our country for a long time and this is not surprising. The farmers show that with such a unit neither heavy soil types nor virgin countries nor huge work are terrible.

Everything about motor blocks “Texas”

Since 1960, Denmark has been produced in Texas Motor Worfer. During this time, a large amount of devices with a wide area of ​​application was released. In addition, such units can certainly be described as one of the hardy, since they can withstand heavy loads in external temperatures. In addition, the motor hiking engine blocks repair, spare parts can be bought in all manufacturer service centers and in many special shops. It is only important before you carry out the smallest repairs to carefully examine the instructions for your technology model.

All Texas Motoblocks have such advantages and functions:

  • The engine is reliably protected by a special bumper that is in front of the device.
  • The device is controlled directly on the handle using a control panel with a high tech control panel.
  • Motoblock can be maneuverable and easy to control. This is achieved at the expense of special wheels;
  • The mass of the models is reduced by reducing the console. Also improved centering;
  • The engine is behind the milling cutter so that the machine is stable during work.
  • The convenience of the management was also influenced by the shift in the center of gravity due to a special aluminum frame.

It is also worth mentioning that you can easily select and buy a variety of attachments for many models. With the help of such tools, you can significantly expand the scope of your technology: you will not only cultivate the earth, but also take care of plants, transport goods and remove your personal property.

The manufacturer of the Walk behavio r-Tract Texas has published several lines:

  • Lilly. The line included models with a very low weight, but at the same time a powerful engine;
  • Hobby. Units are designed in such a way that they work in very small areas. You will be able to work with the work in greenhouses and between the beds;
  • Tx. The models have a manual starter, a very powerful engine that works on gasoline. The handles are coordinated in a person’s parameters.
  • LX. You can process the virgin countries perfectly in small areas. There is a chain gear, a reverse gear and the ability to assemble different fortifications.
  • El-Tex. It is only used for small areas with prepared soil. This means that the virgin country is strictly forbidden to loosen up;
  • Merger. The series has only one motoblock – 10 TG Vario. This is a powerful unit with a custom control handle, two hig h-speed modes. Suitable for virgin areas in large areas.

This technology is widespread in our country. Reviews of the owners show that motlocks rarely summarize – they have flawless quality and deal with the tasks specified for them.

The installation of the cultivating and motifblock “Texas”

Cultivator “Texas” hobby 500

This model of the Texas cultivator is very convenient to use – the operator of each height can configure the handles for himself. In addition, you can easily transport the dimensions and the weight of the technology in the trunk of the car. A large selection of hinge tools significantly expands the skills of the cultivator.

Motoblock Luchs MBR-16. Review, characteristics, reviews

With this unit you can process areas up to 4 acres of size. Due to the weight, you can also use the machine older people and adolescents, whereby all safety rules are prescribed.

It is worth noting that this includes several cultivists: Texas Hobbies 500V, Texas Hobbi 500tgr, Texas Hobbies 500 TG. All have almost the same parameters, but differ in performance and in the type of engine. The first has an engine output of 5.5 hp. And the Motor Briggs & Stratton 650e series, the second – 3.12 hp. and Texas Powerline TG485, the third – 4.75 hp and Texas Power Line TG475.

It has such technical properties:

  • Petrol engine;
  • Width of loosening – up to 55 cm;
  • The depth of loosening – up to 33 cm;
  • 1 speed forward;
  • Air cooling;
  • Manual starter;
  • Weight 53-54 kg.

Texas cultivator hobby 600tgr

Texas cultivator hobby 600tgr

The Texas cultivating this model is a universal assistant to carry out various tasks. The engine has an increased motorcycl e-line tour, so it will take much longer. It also has a low noise level, so it does not cause inconvenience to its neighbors, including them.

Due to the fact that the device weighs very little, even an older person will finish. There are protective wings over the cutter that protect the operator from airstones and dirt. The ergonomic case protects all elements and systems from dust, moisture and dirt. For sale you will find a large selection of hinge tools.

The Texas Motoblock has the following parameters:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • The size of the gas tank – 1.4 l;
  • 1 speed forward and 1 back;
  • The width of the floor buildings – up to 56 cm;
  • Plowing depth – up to 33 cm;
  • Weight – 46 kg.

Texas Kultivator Lilli 532TG

Texas Kultivator Lilli 532TG

One of the most important advantages of the cultivator is the presence of a protective shield that does not allow dirt and stones to fly directly onto the operator during operation. Special bikes enable the models to move easily in every area. You can quickly attach a different fastening tool, such as products for cleaning snow, carts and much more.

It has the following indicators:

  • Power – 5 PS;
  • The width of the loosening of the earth – up to 85 cm;
  • The depth of loosening – up to 30 cm;
  • 1 speed forward and 1 back;
  • The size of the gas tank is 3.6 liters;
  • Weight – 48 kg.

Cultivating “Texas” Lily 534 TG

This petrol model Texas is designed in such a way that you carry out different work in a mediu m-sized area. All hinge tools are connected to a special console, which expands the functions of the machine.

The dresses are very reliably attached, so that the processing of even heavy soil types fits quickly and efficiently. The size of the gas tank is large enough, and in combination with the efficiency of the cultivator you can work for a long time without reconciliation.

If the device was in the ground with grinding tailors during operation, there is a opposite in this case. The case of hig h-quality material has a thoughtful design, so that dust, dirt and water do not get into the systems and elements.

Review of the Caiman Vario 60s engine unit. Features, reviews

It has the following indicators:

  • 7 PS;
  • The volume of the gas tank is 3.6 liters;
  • 1 speed forward and 1 back;
  • Looster width – up to 86 cm;
  • Plowing depth – up to 33 cm;
  • Weight – 52 kg.

Motoblock “Texas” TX 601

Motoblock Texas TX 601

This includes two models – the Texas singl e-axis TX 601b and the Texas singl e-axis stractor TX 601TG. Both are designed for small areas, gardens or orchards. They also get along with dry soils.

The new chain reducer with two chains ensures higher speeds of the mills and thus better processing of the earth. The handle is ergonomic and even has special compartments in which you can store tools, protective gloves and much more.

There is a special arc on the front panel, which facilitates the transport of the singl e-axle tractor and protects the device from all possible damage. You can also install a variety of different additional modules.

They have two models and differences. The Texas TX 601b has 6 hp, the TX 601TG has 7 hp. In the first version of the Briggs & Stratton engine, in the second – Texas.

Both models have the following common technical indicators:

  • The size of the gas tank is 3.6 liters;
  • 1 forward and 1 reverse gear;
  • Cultivation width – up to 86 cm;
  • Plowing depth – up to 33 cm;
  • Weight – 60 kg.

Motorgrubber “Texas” 602 V

Copy every soil type, which makes this cultivator very versatile. The model becomes even more multifunctional with the help of additional modules such as plow, potato rolls, more frequently and others.

Thanks to a wel l-though t-out control, the operator is completely protected from errors. The double chain gear is even more durable, more reliable and makes its job perfect. A perfect balance was achieved, which, in combination with the low weight of the device, makes work easier and facilitates.

The Texas unit has the following properties:

  • Performance – 6 HP;
  • The size of the gas tank is 3.6 liters;
  • 1 speed forward and 1 back;
  • Processing width – up to 86 cm;
  • Plowing depth – up to 33 cm;
  • Weight – 60 kg.

Grubber “Texas” hobby 300 V

Texas cultivator hobby 300 in

This is a very small Texas unit that is perfect for working between beds, in greenhouses, gardens and lawns. Suitable for loosening the floor and mixing the floor with fertilizers. The manufacturer immediately warns that such a machine is not suitable for heavy floors, for clay floors and especially for virgin floors.

Motor cultivators Texas. Model palette, properties, owner reviews

We offer you a more detailed insight into the products from the wel l-known Danish manufacturer Texas, which has specialized in the production of garden devices and motorcycles for almost 60 years.

Multifunctional Texas cultivators, lawnmowers, wood splitters, sweeping machines, trimmer and other highly specialized units have replaced primitive tools such as spades and chopping.

Texas Muldvarp Es 300 Mini Mini

One of these machines is the only 4.6 kg light electric mini-grubber Texas Muldvarp ES 300, with which you can weigh row distances in a short time without burdening back and arms.

The preparation

Motor cultivators of the Texas brand are extremely reliable in operation, recognizable by their original design. The owners emphasize the extraordinary ergonomics of the models and the ease of use. Texas engine Grubber are characterized by a number of design and technology characteristics:

  • The operating options of the mugber are placed on an ergonomically shaped steering wheel.
  • The weight distribution was significantly improved by the weight reduction of the rear console and the weight of the machine was reduced.
  • By placing the engine over the cutting works, the Texas Grubber has received extraordinary stability.
  • Thanks to the special construction of the frame, the center of gravity is lowered and maneuverability is improved.
  • The protective front bumper protects the engine from damage.
  • A useful feature is the processing at low speeds of the knives, which reduces damage to the topsoil layer of the soil.
Weimera WM1000N-6 Deluxe Motoblock KM. Features, reviews

Some models have been discontinued (Texas 530 TG MY 13 PRC cultivator) as technically obsolete, they have been replaced by more functional versions. The modern range of Texas motor cultivators is represented by several series, differing in technical characteristics and purpose.

El-Tex series

Texas cultivators of this series are equipped with electric motors, which saves fuel, but due to the low power (1.0-2.7 hp), these models should not be used on uncultivated ground.

Motorized cultivator El Tex 750 Motorized cultivator El Tex 1400 Motorized cultivator El Tex 2000

A comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of the Texas El-Tex cultivators is presented in the table:

Motor cultivator name El Tex 750 El Tex 1400 El Tex 2000
Engine power, kW 0.75 1,4 2,0
Processing width, cm 28 38 45
Plow depth, cm 22 21 26
weight (kg 7,4 12 12 32

Texas El-Tex 750 motor cultivator in action:

hobby series

Compact small modifications of motor cultivators are designed for operation in confined spaces, greenhouses and other closed spaces for working row spacing.

Texas 500B tiller Texas 500BR tiller Texas 500 TGR tiller Texas 600BR tiller

In this series, the most popular models of Texas 500BR, Texas 500B, Texas 500 TGR petrol cultivators, which are almost identical, differ slightly from each other – in the range from 2.3 to 2.6 kW (up to 3.5 hp) and engine brand . The weight of the machines is 41-45 kg, the tillage parameters are: width 50 cm, depth 33 cm.

The Texas Hobby 600BR cultivator is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 650E series engine, 3.55 hp, cultivator weight 45 kg.

Instruction manual – download.

In the video you can see how the Texas Hobby 500 TG cultivator works successfully even on difficult ground:

Fusion series

Petrol cultivator Texas, more powerful 5 hp, weighing over 90 kg. differ in solid processing parameters: width 90 cm, depth 38 cm. The series is very ergonomic, the machines have an adjustable handle adapted to the height of the operator. Powered by Texas Fusion 10BVario, Fusion 10TGVario cultivators.

The features of the 10TGVario model are described in the video:

TX series

The most common model in the series is the Texas TX601B cultivator with a 5.5 hp Briggs&Stratton (USA) engine with adjustable working width. Thanks to the impeccable work, this modification receives invariably positive reviews from the owners.

The Texas TX602 cultivator, unlike the TX601 version, has some technological improvements and is more expensive.

Texas TX601B cultivator Texas TX602B cultivator

The letter marking in different samples of Texas motor cultivators (B) and (TG) means that the machines are equipped with engines of different brands – Briggs & Stratton and Powerline, respectively.

Texas TX601B Cultivator Specifications:

Manufacturer Texas
energy source petrol
perfomance 3300W
engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
type of engine 4-stroke B&S 800
engine power 5.5 hp
cylinder volume 205cc
launch system Mechanical starter
cooling air cooling
fuel petrol
fuel tank capacity 3.6L
Recommended oil type Sae 30
Number of programs 1 forward/before 1 before
rotational speed 90/95 rpm
The width of the edging of the extension, cm 30-85 cm
Depth of work 33 cm
The weight 55 kg
Guarantee, month. 36 months
class Household instrument
The birthplace of the brand Denmark
Manufacturer 90060145
Powerful lawnmower Husqvarna 235r. Properties of the model, video, reviews

Series Lilli

For users, some cultivators with special properties that bring them closer to motifs are of interest. According to the owners, the motor cultivator from Texas Lilli 534TG with a capacity of 5.71 hp is a high performance, good maneuverability, which can be set at a depth of 33 cm for soil width 36-57-85 cm.

Texas Lilli 532TG motorcycle engin e-Kultivator Texas Lilli 534TG

The model from Texas Lilli 532 TG 500/620 differs by the Powerline engine with a capacity of 5 hp.

Texas Lilli 532/534/535 – Download motor cultivators.

Unmounted equipment

Cultivated by the cultivated of Texas of various garden, household and personal work are provided by a large selection of hinge devices: ointment plugs, adapters, rakes, harme, rags, bikes with pneumatic tires, metal bikes with graft, brush for garbage, collection, collection Transport cars, platforms, platforms, platforms, platforms, platforms, platforms. Various options for mills, ventilation work, mower, coupling, weighting.

  • Treens (saber and “goose legs”) are used to cultivate all types of soil. The number of knives on floors can vary from 3 to 4.
  • The main purpose of the trailer car is the transport of bulk goods or pieces with a load capacity of up to 500 kg. The trolley joins the hiking loss tractor with a hook.
  • The walk-in tractor with an adapter turns into a mini drive, the owner of the device carries out the entire work.
  • With the clutch to the device you can attach all fastening devices.
  • With tears you can increase the existing weight of walking behavior tractor so that the cultivation depth increases. The weight average are placed on the waves of the walk behavior tractor and directly on the wheels.

Hobby floors HIGS HOBY 500 coupling Tche Cargo Wheel

With the help of hinge devices (potato tankers, potato steamers and cigarette and cun), the Texas motor cultivator can plant and collect, weed and hill of potatoes: planting and hilling:

operation and maintenance


In order to extend the lifespan of the Texas motor cultivists, to reduce outbreaks and unproductive downtime, the machine should first be carried out. At the beginning of the input procedure, the engine should work at idle and gradually work within 10 to 13 hours in gentle mode to 50% of the load. Different types of soil processing work are permitted.

In the phase of the run, the production of the main nodes and mechanisms of the machine occurs so that you should pay attention to your functions: the clarity of the speeds, the condition of the movable parts of the structure, the chassis, the wheels the presence of noise. At the end of the outlier, the oil is changed, the cultivating person is carried out again.

Heating oil

Texas petrol builders consume unhealthy AI-92 petrol, fuel consumption is fairly economically 1 l/h, whereby the load increases, and gasoline consumption can increase. Recommended oil brand – Sae 30.

User Guide

The recommendations for the use of motor breeders in Texas are similar to the operating rules of other similar units, which are explained in detail in the instructions for each instance of the cultivator. We denote the basic requirements:

  • You should thoroughly examine the instructions and specific features of the model, its technical properties, especially the emergency methods that stop the machine.
  • The use of the cultivator at work, which is not provided for by the instructions and exceeds the maximum load, is excluded.
  • It is forbidden to manage the cultivator with people under the age of 16, for people who are not familiar with the instructions in a painful state, alcohol poisoning.
  • At work, it is necessary to observe a safe distance of 20 m from the nearby people, animals, property.
  • A thorough inspection of the equipment should be carried out before each company.
  • Perform preventive maintenance in accordance with the schedule.

The main disorders

The most common collapse of the cultivation engine and problems with the gearbox. The fees with the engine (not starting) can occur due to the constipation of the air filter, silencer, carburetor pollution and candle burning.

The noise in the gearbox occurs due to a lack of oil flow, in this case you have to replace the sea racks.

A significant vibration of the motor cultivator can be caused by improper installation of hinge units. If the tailors no longer rotate, the clutch cable may not be set or the fastening elements are loose.

The key to the longevity of a device is proper operation. In order to extend the lifespan of your assistant, avoid the information, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • It is necessary to ensure that the processed area is not littered with stones, metal objects and bricks.
  • Work should be carried out near the trees with caution to avoid grinding in the roots. You cannot solve the floor after cutting off, the knives will surely break the roots.
  • The proven preventive method is the constant presence of a small amount of gasoline in the fuel tank. This helps to avoid the occurrence of rust and condensate formation.
  • In the case of malfunctions of manufacturer automation, it is extremely recommended to eliminate problems independently. It is wiser to use the services of special centers.



“I have been using Texas TX 602b cultivator for two years. No complaints, very pleased. I hadn’t even expected that everything could work so clearly. I changed the filter in time and the car is back in the rows. Briggs & Stratton Engine is reliable. “

Valentine’s Day:

“We buried the Texas 534 cultivating people, we saw on the video that they cling to goods. We tried it, so another thing, the work went as expected. And another time, three tailors were tried on each side and it got better. The car is satisfied, powerful and reliable. We carry out the entire plow in spring. We transported the harvest in autumn, 300 kg pull calm. “


“More motifs are widespread in our region. But if the property is small 30-40 hectares, it is quite possible to do a cultivating person. Texas 601 has been working with the American Brigs Engine for two years. 5.5 Horses are sufficient to do to do everything on the website, not particularly shaken. Such a unit wanted long and now I don’t regret it. There were small breakdowns, but spare parts are inexpensive, have changed it yourself, everything is fine. “

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