Test of the HUSQVARNA ST 276EP snow blower. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Test of the HUSQVARNA ST 276EP snow blower. Description, instructions, owner reviews

The Husqvarna ST 276EP snow thrower is the most powerful and productive machine in this series. The width is 76 centimeters, which is significantly higher than that of older snow plows.

Snow mill Husqvarna ST 268 EP

As with previous snow throwers, there is a two-stage ejection system. Snow enters the impeller through the auger, is crushed and ejected through the bell. Thanks to two levers that regulate the angle and direction of the ejection, it is possible to increase the ejection up to fifteen meters. The deflector in the snow plows is specially lengthened to increase the amount of snow ejected.

A Briggs & Stratton Snow MAX engine with 11.5 hp is installed. Its already high performance is further increased by the ergonomics of the housing.

The engine is equipped with an electric starter, thanks to which the snow blower starts at the touch of a button. The device has excellent grip, this is achieved by installing a differential lock on the machine and a high tread.


Engine manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton (USA)
Motor power (kW): 8.57
Engine power (hp): 11.5
Engine type: 4 tact
Upper valve position: да
Fuel tank volume (l): 3.8
Itinerary: self-propelled, on wheels
Number of driving speeds: 6 forward / 2 back
Working cleaning width (mm): 760
Working height of the recording (mm): 585
Throwing snow wet/dry (~ m): 16.7
electric start: from the mains 220 V from the button
Direction of snow throw: lever on the control panel
Heated grips: да
Management and maneuverability: Panel trigger control
Halogen headlights: да
Wheel size (cm): 41×13 X-Trac
Dimensions snow thrower, WxHxD (mm): 800×1300/1200
Weight (kg): 140
Country of Manufacture: United States, Sweden

special feature

  • Two-stage system, guides snow through the auger to the impeller, where it is crushed and ejected through the bell;
  • Comfortable loop handles with heating and height adjustment;
  • The efficiency of the augers regardless of the type of snow;
  • Sturdy auger cover for easy cleaning of snow;
  • The ball bearing auger increases the strength of the machine;
  • tires with special tread to improve traction;
  • Electric starter that maintains temperature in all weather conditions and starts with a push of a button.
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video ratings

owner reviews

The forums are filled with glowing customer reviews of the Husqvarna ST 276EP.


“The snow blower was used to clean the area near the cottage. Dirt road. He is not afraid of him once a large stone fell into the snail. One blade bent, but it was easily repaired. The weight of 100 kg is scary, the car seems big and chunky. When you start working, you realize that this is not the case. Thanks to the self-propulsion and steering control of the levers, steering is easy and turning can be done on the spot. An indispensable function for places with little space. If there is a small layer of snow, he throws it about two meters away. Very powerful, easy to start engine, easy engine oil change.”

Husqvarna ST276EP snow blower. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Husqvarna ST276EP snow removal is one of the most powerful models of the ruler. High power, performance and many structural innovations are the main differences in the model. A petrol engine with a capacity of 10 liters. With. Allows the device to work on large size.

Snow mill Husqvarna ST276EP


The home of the Snowman Husqvarna ST276EP assembly is the USA. This is due to the fact that engines are produced in this country to equip the border. The heart of the Husqvarna ST276EP Snowpock, the powerful four-stroke engine Briggs & Stratton 1650 Snowseries.

Snow mill Husqvarna ST276EP

Briggs & Stratton has developed several engine options specifically for Husqvarna products. It is for this reason that most models of snow removal equipment from this brand are made in the USA. A feature of the motor engine is the location of the valves in the upper part, which provides more productive operation at subsequent temperatures.

Main features:
  • the presence of a heating system of handles and a powerful lighting glow;
  • speed adjustment (6 forward and 2 before 2);
  • two step screws;
  • two-stage cleaning system;
  • increased volume of the fuel tank (from 3 to 3.8 l);
  • The bell is controlled with a lever on the panel.
  • the presence of an electric steamer;
  • increased strength of structural elements (metal screws, housing);
  • X-Trac tread tires for better grip on the surface;
  • A high level of maneuverability is achieved by disabling the differential lock (effort control);
  • Wear-resistant connectors;
  • The presence of a pole for cutting a snowdrift.
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Compared to previous models of the ST line snow pock engines, this snowman is equipped with a two-blade screw that allows you to increase snow capture. These details are attached to the Husqvarna ST276EP construction using self-tapping screws.

Husqvarna ST276EP snow removal comes in two versions depending on engine type. The model can be equipped with an engine: Briggs & Stratton 1650 Snow or Briggs & Stratton Snow Max. In the second option, the power of the unit is higher: 11.5 liters. With.


engine type petrol
engine volume 342cc
engine power 9.8 hp
engine power 7300 watts
begin electric starter
Summary of programs 6 forward/before 1 forward
The volume of the fuel tank 3.8L
The width of the capture 76 cm
record height 58 cm
The diameter of the screw 12″
administrative direction direction There is
Cessation of Release of Publication There is
Dimensions 120*80*130cm
weight (kg 140

User Guide

The power and dimensions of the device allow you to process the territory up to 76 cm in one pass, at the maximum height of snowdrifts up to 58 cm. Husqvarna ST276EP snow removal can be used to clean roads, areas and parking lots. As for work in the country, it is unprofitable to buy such a unit. It is recommended that the snow removal machine is recommended for use only after reading the instructions.

Snow sparkling device

For the convenience of transportation, some of the components of the snowman have been separated. After unpacking, they must be attached and prepared for the forthcoming use. After assembling the snowy Husqvarna ST276EP, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the labels and designations that the manufacturer placed on the control panel and on the device itself. These pointers will help prevent injuries, breakdowns, and also make work easier.

After setting up all components, it is necessary to start the snow blower for the first time taking into account the manufacturer recommendations. A great deal of attention should be paid to the safety of the operator during operation. Snow removal without protective clothing and accessories is not recommended because this can lead to injuries.

In order to extend the lifespan of snow plows, you must comply with the rules for maintenance and storage conditions.

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Maintenance and storage include:
  • An inspection of the machine is required before operation and after completing the snow clearance.
  • It is not recommended to store it with high humidity under conditions.
  • Before you set up the snow blower for lon g-term storage, you need to clean the snow plow of dirt and deposits and wipe it dry.
  • With longer transport and storage, it is recommended to let off the fuel fluid and the oil.
  • If splintering or corrosion have been found on the structural details, these areas must be tinted.
  • Damaged or worn parts must be replaced in good time.

Under the main disadvantages of the Husqvarna ST276EP model, buyers highlight the failure of shear bolts. Depending on the year of construction, the snow blower can be equipped with additional bolts. The manufacturer recommends buying only certified replacement and accessories for the Husqvarna ST276EP snow blower. The rules for replacing shear screws and setting up construction elements are specified in the operating instructions.

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Video review

Husqvarna ST276EP snow blower in the test

owner reviews

Igor, Rjasan:

“I am the owner of a small supply company in the city. Last year, a Husqvarna ST276EP snow blower was purchased for cleaning the site. The second year works without breaks. The only unpleasant moment was the actual purchase of the device. Due to their high costs, many shops only sell these snow blower to order.

Kirill, Krivoy Rog:

“Two years ago, my son brought a Husqvarna ST276EP snow blower to the country. Before that, the unit worked in the company for cleaning the territory. From my own experience, I can say that it is not suitable for cleaning a holiday home because it is too strong. With a small amount of snow, the blade throws it only 1-2 meters. After working with stale snow, the drive belt had to be replaced. Before work, you have to adjust this part to avoid an exchange. Advantages: powerful snow slingshot with a large reach. Disadvantages: weak drive belt, high costs. »

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