Terex 970 Backhoe Loader – Description and Features

Terex 970 Backhoe

Depending on the attachment equipment installed, this machine can combine several functions. However, it is mainly used as a backhoe or front vee. The reliability of the construction is guaranteed by the whole body. In order not to use welds that reduce rigidity, stamping is used to create this element. The durability of all machine parts is very important for the heavy-duty applications for which the Terex 970 loader is used.

Terex 970 backhoe-loader

Terex 970 Backhoe

Technology also explains:

  • Loading work during construction;
  • Site planning;
  • Preparatory work in agriculture;
  • Digging soil.

In addition, the machine can easily handle the creation of buildings, streets or embankments. The Terex 970 is built by Terex /Fermec in the UK.

Features and Benefits

The main feature of the Terex 970 excavator is a special design of the wheelbase. Special bikes allow simple movement and rotation of each axle. Long operating time without repair made the machine popular in many countries around the world.

Small dimensions and the ability to maneuver in small areas allow the technique with great efficiency to replace elements of technical networks. Due to the large choice of layering equipment, Terex 970 can be used for various jobs. Work tools are controlled from the cab, and hydrolysed equipment can be replaced quickly and easily. This way, the machine can cope with loosening the ground in the field and working in the logging field.

Terex 970 backhoe loader

Terex 970 loader

There are virtually no restrictions on the use of machinery in particularly difficult working conditions. This has a positive effect on the choice of the buyer. It is assumed that the most important indicator of the designers of this machine is the ideal ratio of features and functional units with a high load capacity. The quality of the base also plays an inconspicuous role in the performance of stores and unloading. The technique has a high ranking ability and good traction on the floor.

Loader Terex 970. Photo

Terex 970 loader. photo

The Terex 970’s undeniable advantages include:

  • The ability to slow down with two or four wheels;
  • Closed center of the hydraulic system;
  • The cooler of the hydraulic system can be cleaned;
  • Long service intervals without the need for maintenance;
  • Four-speed transmission that can be switched without a clutch pedal;
  • high speed;
  • high maneuverability due to “crabbing” and “tracking movement”;
  • does not require replacing oil brakes for a long time;
  • Differential locking is provided by the starter pedal.
  • Environmental friendliness in accordance with international standards.

The machines can work in any weather conditions, temperature fluctuations can be from t-40 to +40 degrees.


The differences between the versions are as follows:

  • Terex 970 Bagger-das the basic model;
  • Terex 970 Elite Bagger- the side-mounted model.

Terex 970 Specifications and Dimensions

Terex 970 dimensions

Terex 970 dimensions

parameter value
Load capacity 3.593 T
weight 7.537 T
Maximal speed 40 km/h
Weight of the tool (bucket) 338 kg
Speed of hydraulic river 80 l/min
Maximum height 3.35 m
Upper 5390 kgf
Trench depth 4.43 m and 5.58 m with telescopic arm
Max. slope 8 degrees
Unloaded bucket height 3.3 m

All these parameters are typical for a machine with a length of 7.325 m (including the implement), a width of 2.387 m (including the bucket) and a height of the operator’s cabin of 2.81 m. The distance between the front and rear wheels is 2.09 m. The support legs increase the stability of the machine when working. The distance between them in transverse direction is 2.115 m. The height of the machine can increase significantly with the implement (bucket) in the folded position and is 3.8 m. The turning is reflected in the equipment. If it is unfolded during the movement without changing the speed, it will need 6.7 m, but if its speed is reduced before the turn, it will need 7.3 m.

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Performance is directly related to operating time. That’s why the Terex 970 has a 130-litre fuel tank. That means less refueling during operation, so less downtime. At the same time, the fuel consumption of the Terex 970 G/PS per hour is the operating rate.


The engine has a displacement of 4.4 liters and generates 75 kW or 100 hp. The powerplant is made by Perkins and is labeled 1044-44T. The torque of the device is 415 Nm. It runs on diesel fuel and is equipped with a cooling system that runs on liquid. At the same time, the engine speed is 2200 rpm.

parameter value
Engine manufacturer Percins
model 1044-44t
Number of cylinders 4
output 75 kW / 100 hp
displacement 4.4 l
Type of cooling liquid
Torque 415 Nm
fuel diesel
Fuel capacity 130 l


The machine is considered all-terrain, because its cross-country ability on any type of ground, including puddles and mud, is always high. This also applies to off-road, which is especially important when working in agriculture. This is an undeniable advantage of machinery, as no similar machine has this quality (different bikes). It should be remembered that the weight of the loader is quite large. The presence of a rigid frame is provided for work in difficult conditions.

Parameters Terex 970 is much higher than the equipment of the heavy class. Not all models can dig trenches of the same depth. This figure is comparable only with those of special machines used to produce trenches in construction.

The frame of the machine repeats the U-shape and consists of a double steel frame. The welds are localized as the body is created by dies and requires virtually no stress concentrators. The coating of the supporting structure is polyurethane – anticorrosive. It guarantees preservation of the original steel quality for the entire period of operation of the equipment and prevents corrosion due to contact with water (including precipitation). The coating is done in two layers.

Only high quality and reliable materials are used for the manufacture of RI assemblies of the working bodies. The standard equipment of the loader includes the working bodies, the dimensions of which are optimal. Buying a simple assembly machine, you can get a helper, characterized by high performance and efficiency. This is a key factor when purchasing equipment.

Excellent speeds guarantee fast transport of machinery, and fuel consumption is economical.

Operator Cabin

Terex 970 operator cab

Terex 970 operator compartment

The ergonomics of the Terex 970 excavator cab is achieved by trial and error, but so far it’s a major quality. You can adjust both the operator’s seat and the steering column. The pneumatic seats are pneumatic shock absorbers that reduce vibration and have a positive effect on the perception of the dynamic forces. A heater is provided for work in cold seasons. The operator’s viewing angle is almost 360 degrees, as all sides are glazed. The gearbox is installed automatically, which guarantees torque-free shifting.

Driver level ladder on Terex 970

Steps in the Terex 970 operator’s cab

hydraulic system

Terex 970 hydraulic spoon

Terex 970 Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the Terex 970 blower includes self-coating radiators. The coolant in this case is oil. Operation is based on the total hydraulic flow in the system.

Terex 970 hydraulic hoses

Terex 970 hydraulic hoses


The gearbox is set automatic, four x-speeds. Determination of the absorption of one or another gear is done by an electronic matrix and depends on the load. At the same time, the value of torque is not reduced, because the gear is not involved in the process. The advantage of this type of box is the ease of operation and the increased consistency of the technology. This is possible due to the fact that when the wheel shifts speed, it does not lock up, but continues to move.

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Equipment not assembled

Terex 970 Rear Shovel Equipment

Terex 970 Rear Loading Bucket Equipment

  • ripper;
  • hydraulic drill;
  • hydraulic hammer;
  • 2-IPE buckets.

Thanks to this equipment, the machinery easily copes with a number of tasks.


To gain access to the engine compartment, all you have to do is open the hood. This is very easy to do, as it is secured and opens high enough to guarantee unobstructed access. Service points are also easy to find, with no need to look under the forklift or climb up.

Cost of new and used

Renting a machine costs 2,000 rubles per hour. The price of Terex 970 without the barrel will be 4 million rubles. At the same time used Terex 970 in Russia can be bought for 3-3.2 million rubles.

The cost of the technique is very impressive, but its parameters are worthy of such a fee.

Terex-970 Elite: specifications

Terex 970 elite specifications

Terex 970 Elite is a four-wheel drive single wheel excavator-loader, which is used for digging trenches, pits, embankments and various earthworks in road, land and municipal construction. The model is presented on the special equipment market since 2002 and is in steady demand among consumers. It is one of the leaders in its segment.

The Terex 970 Elite is the optimal combination of an excavator and a front-mounted vee with the possibility of installing an additional attachment The bucket height, serious lifting capacity and bucket capacity, as well as the considerable engine power.

The 970 elite differs from the base version (Terex 970) in a version with a board, which is sold from the center of the rear working equipment. There is a modification with a telescopic arm. The bucket with two buckets can perform seven common operations, including ground leveling. Terex produced this model for ten years from 2002 to 2012, then replaced it with a more modern one.

Design features

The Terex 970 Elites is a classic backhoe loader in 4×4 configuration with a drive and swing bucket. It works efficiently under heavy loads, which is especially appreciated by all customers. The most important advantages of the model can be called an optimal ratio of technical parameters and mechanical connections of the working equipment with adequate lifting skills. Good cross-country ability and traction allow performing almost all types of loading and unloading operations under difficult terrain conditions.

The backbone of all Terex 970 Elite components is a carrier system. Part of the BODY has a fixed structure, which is defined on a double steel U-shaped frame with local welding seams. The tractor has a balancer suspension on the front axle and a hemispherical design on the rear axle.

The body of the carrier excavator has practically no welds, as it is made by stamping method. Such a decision in the production technology had a positive impact on the rigidity and strength of the entire structure. Supporting structures have a polyurethane anticorrosive coating. It guarantees the preservation of the original quality of steel during the whole period of exploitation of the technology and prevents the appearance and development of corrosive phenomena on the metal. The coating is made in two layers. The backhoe-loader has a hydrostatic steering with an emergency manual control and a brake system with hard disc devices on the axles and three operating algorithms (two or four wheels).

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Design Specifications

One of the main features of the Terex 970 Elite excavator is the original wheelbase design. You can create not only a simple movement but also rotation of individual axes in a separate mode. Modest overall dimensions and enviable maneuvering skills in small areas allow this mobile excavator to work on replacing elements of underground technical networks and utilities with a high degree of efficiency.

Thanks to its ability to work with a large set of layering equipment, the Terex 970 Elite can also be used for a variety of special, highly specialized jobs. All work tools are controlled directly from the machine operator unit, and hydrolysis allows quick and easy device changes.

The impressive all-terrain configuration helps the tractor to overcome areas with muddy soil freely and to drive over the field, including deep toothed grooves. The special vehicle is specially designed for increased loads. As for the working elements, all the working elements and assemblies of the backhoe loader are made of high-strength steel alloy and have optimal volumetric and total parameters. Therefore, they handle difficult tasks with maximum speed and efficiency.

Terex 970 Elite comes standard with a hydro-mechanical transmission with four forward gears and two reverse gears, all-wheel drive with a front axle approach differential and a locking rear axle. In addition: heated cab, front and rear wiper, audio equipment, mechanical suspension seat, steering column that is adjustable in two levels, excellent working lights and other equipment.

Other important features of this model are:

    • A maintenance interval of more than five hundred hours.
    • Dimensions and transport speed are sufficient for comfortable transportation in city traffic.
    • Powerful brakes with extended service life.
    • Closed central hydraulic system with common flow.
    • Crabbing” and “Tracking” modes of operation that increase maneuverability and smooth operation.
    • The hydraulic system is equipped with oil coolers, which provide effective cooling and protection against overheating. Oil coolers have self-cleaning technology.
    • Ability to work in harsh weather and climatic conditions, at ambient temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

    Terex 970 Elite intended use and operation

    The Terex 970 Elite is suited for use in all types of earthmoving applications. Terex 970 Elite has proven itself in construction, industry and municipal services – digging pits, building embankments, laying and replacing underground cables, loading earth and building materials, constructing buildings and structures, building roads, etc. Equipping the Terex 970 Elite backhoe loader with various special equipment greatly increases its functionality. Moreover, this technique can be used in conditions of limited accessibility, as in closed storage, and in cramped conditions.

    Terex 970 elite application and operation

    Work equipment installed

    The standard rear excavator (backhoe) installed on the Terex 970 Elite has a capacity of 0.312 m3. The deepest excavation (with standard arm length) is 4.43 meters. With the extended arm, it reaches 5.775 meters. The maximum width of the lower cutting edge of the excavator is 0.9 m. Loading height is 4.571 meters. The loading height range when unfolded is 1.996 m.

    The standard front shovel of the Terex 970 Elite backhoe is a two-blade shovel. It holds 1.2 m3 of earth (or other loose material). The maximum burial depth of the front shovel is 116 millimeters. Discharge height is 2748 millimeters. Range at maximum spreading height is 645 millimeters. Width of the lower cutting edge of the front spoon is 2387 millimeters. The outreach of the spoon is 54.5 kn.

    Work equipment installed

    In addition, the list of popular attachments that the Terex 970 Elite successfully works with includes a ripper; a hydraulic drill; and a hydraulic hammer.

    Terex 970 Elite Engine

    Under the hood of Terex 970 Elite is a 4.4L Perkins 1104D-44T liquid-cooled, four-cylinder, vertically arranged turbo diesel engine. With a maximum output of 100 hp (or 74.6 kW) at 2200 rpm, this engine produces a maximum torque of 562.7 Nm at 1400 rpm. The engine consumes 60 grams of diesel fuel per horsepower per hour. The fuel tank holds 130 liters of fuel.

    Terex 970 elite engine

    What’s important is that the diesel engine belongs to the category of “tried and tested” powertrains. And these are not just words: it really is reliable, trouble-free and long-lasting in operation.


    The gearbox of this model is a four-speed automatic transmission made by Carraro. It is a fully synchronized transmission with servo control. The absorption of a particular gait is determined by an electronic matrix and depends on the value of the particular load. At the same time, the value of torque is not reduced. The main advantages of this transmission are the ease of operation and the increased capacity. This is made possible by the fact that the wheels are not blocked during gear shifting and the unit continues to move freely. The maximum forward speed of the tractor is 41.6 km/h; the maximum reverse speed is 13 km/h. Usually the first two passes are used for loading and unloading, and the rest are used for moving equipment or transporting loads.


    Front-wheel drive is not permanent, but switchable; it should be used only when absolutely necessary. All gear and drive shifts can also be carried out while the tractor is in direct motion. The capabilities of the machinery can be expanded by installing additional brake circuits. This allows you to use the plate on which they are installed to stop the loader, significantly reducing the turning radius, as well as reducing accidents when working in cramped conditions. Thus, they are a kind of protection against injury to the machine operator or damage to the body.

    hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system of the Terex 970 Elite Backhoe Loader includes self-cleaning radiators. The coolant in this case is oil. Operation is based on the total flow of hydraulic fluid in the system. The system also includes a 160-liter-per-minute dual gear pump and load-sensitive dual gear pumps. The bypass valve pressure is 22407.9 kPa. Even in the standard version, the hydraulic cylinders are fitted with pressure relief valves to prevent sudden pressure peaks from upsetting the hydraulic system.

    Hydraulic System

    Technical characteristics of Terex 970 Elite versus the popular Terex TX860B (shown in parentheses)

    • Maximum weight 7,521 tons (7,241 tons) – 4 percent more.
    • Maximum forward speed: 41.6 km/h (37.5 km/h), up 10 percent.
    • Ground clearance: 463 mm (385 mm) – 17% more.
    • Loader bucket capacity: 1.2 m3 (1 m3) – 17% more.
    • Bucket breakout force: 54.5 kN (54.7 kN) – almost the same.
    • Maximum dumping height: 2.748 m (2.6 m) – up 4%.
    • 4.571 m (4.46 m) loading height of the backhoe – up 2%.
    • Extended reach at folded height: 1.996 m (1.86 m) – 7% more.
    • Extended reach when unfolded is 2.924 m (2.79 m) – 5% more.
    • Maximum effective engine torque: 562.7 Nm (393.2 Nm) – 30% more.
    • Front axle fluid volume: 12.5 liters (12 L) – 4 percent more.
    • Rear axle fluid capacity: 17.5L (13L) – 26% more.
    • Turning radius: 3.85 m (5.7 m) – 32% less.
    • gearbox
    • Number of reverse gears 4 and 2 50% more or 2
    • Maximum reverse speed 37.5 km/h and 13 km/h 65% more or 24.5 km/h
    • Front tire size: 16.9×24 (12.5/80×18).
    • Rear tire size: 16.9×24 (19.5×24).
    • Transmission oil volume: 23 liters (15 liters) – 35% more.
    • Coolant system fluid volume: 16 liters (same).
    • Fluid volume of oil system: 8.5L (the same).
    • Hydraulic system fluid volume: 143L (same).
    • Diesel tank capacity: 130 liters (same).
    • Dimensions
    • Cab height to top: 2.81 m (2.7 m).
    • Wheelbase: 2.09 m (2.1 m).
    • Overall length: 7.325 m (7.2 m).
    • Width: 2.387 m (2.3 m).
    • Transport height: 3.802 m (3.7 m).
    • Working voltage of vehicle electrical system: 12 volts.
    • Alternator current: 75 amps.

    Terex 970 Elite specifications compared to the popular Terex TX860B (shown in parentheses)

    Terex 970 Elite Cab

    The cabin of this backhoe-loader has a huge amount of glazing and, accordingly, a wide view forward and backward, all 360 degrees. It is characterized by a fairly low noise level, adjustable steering, comfortable layout of controls and instruments, ergonomic handles. The driver’s seat is based on a mechanical (spring) suspension. Access to the interior of the cab is simple and clear. The cab is equipped with a certified tilt and fall protection system against heavy objects. A highly efficient heating and air conditioning system is available as an option.

    Terex 970 Elite Cab

    The proven ergonomics of the Terex 970 Elite cab have been achieved through years of manufacturing experience and can now be considered the ultimate quality.

    Terex 970 Elite Owner Reviews

    Reliable reviews about the backhoe loader Terex 970 Elite in the network are few. Their overall meaning can be summed up as “good and productive equipment, but on the whole I expected more from the foreign car. It means that the build quality and the reliability indicators of the major units and assemblies are not always faultless. Some owners categorically do not like the driver’s seat installed in the cab of Terex 970 Elite. It should be noted that the backrest does not recline and armrests are not adjustable in any way. However, all owners of these units admit that the hydraulics is of high quality and durable. And if we talk about performance, the backhoe loader is quite decent.

    The hydraulic system of the backhoe-loader, of course, is not as powerful as that of similar JCB or Volvo machines, but it copes with its work adequately in any difficult operating conditions. The repair of the hydraulic system takes about 8-10,000 hours. This includes selective replacement of o-rings in the rear manifold and some cylinders.

    Owner reviews of Terex 970 Elite.

    None of the owners say anything bad about the engine. You only need to “inspect” it for regular maintenance, no repairs needed at all until at least 14-15,000 hours. The Carraro transmission is the same: it has proven itself from the best side, although it causes relative discomfort with its loud gear lever. Throughout the life of a special machine with a gearbox, only basic maintenance needs to be done.

    The rear axle of the machine manufactured by the same company Karraro is equipped with a wet brake. And the friction discs are replaced at about 6,000 hours.

    The front axle, also made by Karraro, generally cuts well. However, the design of its pivot assemblies forces repairs over and over again. It takes about 4,000 hours to replace the pivot couplings for the first time (the steering rods must also be replaced at the same time). It takes about 8,000 to 10,000 hours to replace almost all clutches and knobs.

    Costs for the Terex 970 Elite Backhoe Loader

    Cost of Terex 970 Elite backhoe loader

    The Terex 970 Elite backhoe loader is represented on the used construction equipment market, although not very widely due to the low popularity of this model. The price range for used units is from 1.5 million rubles (for units that were manufactured in the 2000s) to 3,500,000 rubles (for Terex 970 elite backhoe loader, which was manufactured in 2012).

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