Terex 860 Backhoe Loader – Description and Features

Terex 860 Excavator

The high popularity of the machine is due to its features such as productivity, versatility, efficiency and implementation of modern production technologies. The Terex 860 Excavator Operating Commission and English Technology are also described in detail. English technology is a four-wheel-drive roller excavator that is most effectively used for construction and street repair, gas, power, and emergency response applications and is purchased by companies that rent it out. This trend has been underway for the past twelve years.

Excavator-loader Terex 860

Terex 860 Excavator

Some of the technical characteristics are the same as the model 970 of the same manufacturer. The characteristic feature is the installation on the Terex 970 model of the bucket and the engine with more power.

The reviews of Terex 860 are the most positive, because the equipment proves itself perfectly in solving the complex types of works.

Features and Benefits

Model 860 is the most popular among the company’s products. It is characterized as a modern, productive and versatile machine with well-developed excavator equipment. It is able to work in weather conditions, it is not hindered by high or low temperatures, precipitation, etc. The power plant is characterized by efficiency and long service life. This means that Terex 860 Excavator can be used in any region or climate.

Backhoe-loader Terex 860. Photo

Terex 860 Skid Steer Loader. Photo

The main advantages of special devices include:

  • high quality of parts and assemblies;
  • A large number of functions contained in the basic unit;
  • Quick-change system for attachments installed;
  • Setting the position of the working body in space;
  • Installation of illumination of the license plate of the machine;
  • The presence of a special signal.

Under the characteristics of the loader is worth noting high transport speed – 41 km / h, the temporary transport costs are reduced directly on public roads. This is due to the presence in the basic set of a special signal – the flashing light. Transportation of machinery from the parking place to the place of work and back is carried out during the working layer. And thanks to the improved fuel system of the Terex 860, operating and transportation costs are significantly reduced.

Excavator Terex 860. Photo

Terex 860 Excavator. photo.

A synchronized four-speed transmission allows shifting without depressing the clutch pedal. A differential lock-out pedal is also included. Brakes are installed and sealed with oil, which means the wheels can be locked by one or two axles. Maintenance is quick and responsive, with a regularity of 500 mats. The quality of the excavator’s exhausts meets international standards, so the machine is very environmentally friendly.

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The cost of Terex 860 depends on the modifications offered by the manufacturer. It can be a standard machine, Terex 860 SX or Terex 860 Elite, which is slightly different from the backhoe bucket.

Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions Terex 860

Terex 860 dimensions

In addition, the Terex 860 has a high digging force and can be used on small construction sites due to its medium dimensions. It is 7.338 meters long with the backhoe down, 2.311 meters wide with the bucket mounted, 2.77 meters high with the cab top and 3.76 meters with the working tool arm folded.

Terex 860 Specifications include:

parameter value
stability 3.46 tons
weight 8,125 tons
Maximum travel speed 41,5 km/h
Weight of the working body (excavator bucket) 461,7 kg
Volume of front bucket 1,1 cubic meter
Back bucket capacity .233 cu. m
hydraulic flow 150 l/min
Maximum loading height 4.88m
breakout force 5495 kgf
digging depth 5.8m
turning radius 8
blade height 3.3m

Terex 860 dimensions:

parameter value
transport length 7,338m
Wide 2,311m
headroom 2.77m
ground clearance 0.453 m
wheelbase 2.13m

Another technical feature of the Terex 860 SX is the 5.8-meter digging depth with the standard boom.


The Terex 860 SX is powered by a Perkins engine. It is a four-cylinder diesel-powered engine with an output of 101 hp. The modern engine model meets all requirements of exhaust quality standards, which is confirmed by Stage 2 and Tier 2 certifications. Engine displacement is increased to 4.4 liters.

parameter value
engine manufacturer Perkins
model 1044S-44T
number of cylinders 4
output 75 kW / 101 hp
displacement 4.4L
cooling type liquid
torque 415 Nm
fuel diesel
fuel capacity 130L

Fuel consumption of the Terex 860 varies with the type of operation, with a minimum fuel consumption of 9.6 liters per hour and a maximum fuel consumption of 15 liters. However, the machine has a large fuel tank capacity of 130L, allowing you to work long hours without refueling.

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The technology of making the machine body is modern and fast, which increases the quality of the product. After the body is forged from thick steel, it is machined, resulting in a one-piece product with a minimum number of welds, ensuring strength and resilience. This makes the Terex 860 excavator ideal for use in demanding applications. To eliminate the risk of corrosion the body is coated with a special compound that prevents the appearance of rust.

transmission Forward travel km/h Rear travel, km/h
1 5,4 5,4
2 8,6 8,6
2 19.9 19.9
2 40

The Terex 860 features a highly efficient fuel system, providing high fuel economy and excellent performance.


The Terex 860 offers the advantage of operating in either rear-wheel drive only, or all-wheel drive. This means the operator does not have to stop the machine, but can do it on the fly. The switch is made with a device located to the left of the steering column and has three positions: left – all-wheel drive, middle – rear-wheel drive, braking is done by four wheels, right – rear-wheel drive, braking is done only by the rear wheels. It is also possible to brake one side of the car by installing brake circuits there. This helps reduce the turning radius, which is especially important in tight spaces.

Hinterrad Terex 860.

Terex 860 Rear Wheel

The Terex 860 SX Backhoe Loader has a new front axle that improves ground clearance and reduces the turning radius. This makes the machine very maneuverable.

The transmission is a synchronized semi-automatic hydro-mechanical synchronizer. The first and second speeds are intended for work, while the third and fourth are for transport from the construction site to the parking lot or other types of machinery movement. Shifting is done without reducing the speed of the power unit.

Wheels Terex 860

Terex 860 Wheels

Hydraulic fluid is used as the brake fluid. This is due to two factors – the toxicity of the original fluid and the versatility of the hydraulic fluid. This gives customers the ability to refill the fluid only in the hydraulic reservoir where it enters the brake system.

The Terex 860 uses a round pedal, positioned to the left of the brake pedal, to lock the differential. This position allows the driver to keep his hands on the steering column and react quickly in case of slippage, and provides convenience by eliminating the need to look for a button on the dashboard.

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hydraulic system

Damping valves are fitted as standard on the hydraulic cylinders to protect against unexpected pressure surges. The stable bucket is not subject to dynamic shocks when the Terex 860 excavator moves over rough terrain. The machine’s tires and suspension minimize such shocks.

Terex 860 hydraulic units

Terex 860 Hydraulics

The hydraulic transformer has a higher ratio to provide more traction.

operator cab

Terex 860 operator station

Terex 860 operator station

The operator station has a 360-degree view in the cab. For operator comfort, door openings have also been modified to provide unobstructed access to the cab. To do the same, an air-cushioned seat and adjustable steering wheel are included.

Terex 860 dredge control

Terex 860 Excavator Operation

The large interior space of the Terex 860 cab allows the driver to swivel in and out of the seat without leaving the comfort of his feet while working. A powerful cab heater comes as standard, especially important in harsh climates. The rear window, which extends to the cab ceiling, can be opened for good ventilation and better visibility. Part of the window in this case is outside the cab and is a kind of visor.

Kleilhaus seat Terex 860

Terex 860 cab seat

control system

The controls are easy to understand and come in a rich yellow color and are easily visible in the dark.

Terex 860 control lever

Terex 860 Control Lever

Joysticks are used to control the automatic synchronized transmission. There is also a foot pedal in the cab for locking the differential.

Terex 860 steering wheel

Terex 860 Steering Wheel

The Terex 860 tractor is equipped with multi-disc brakes. Planetary gears are fitted to the side transmissions.

Easy operation and maintenance

To ensure easy and time-saving machine maintenance and service, the design has changed a few things. These include the installation of a one-piece tilting hood that tilts upward to provide easy access to the engine compartment.

Excavator Terex 860. Photo

Excavator Tereks 860. Photo

The most important service points are accessible from ground level, which means that certain risks associated with servicing the Terex 860 backhoe loader during or on positioning can be eliminated. Lubrication of the front axle pivot joint is quick and easy because the unit is located next to the cooler. The friction components are lubricated after 10 hours of operation according to the instructions.

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Unassembled equipment

The Terex 860 boom is equipped with a special system that makes it easy to mount articulating arms and has safety features. A lifting arm is also defined. The standard Terex 860 bucket is a sliding bucket. You can also order a bucket width from 300 to 900 mm.

Terex 860 front shovel

Terex 860 Front Loading Bucket

By installing additional hydraulic lines on the boom, the loader can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer, drill, ripped undercarriage and vibrating rail. In addition, there is a 7 in 1 double-crown bucket, a “backhoe” bib with a telescopic boom that can be controlled directly from the cab. The latter gives the machine the ability to dig deeper pits and carry the floor an impressive distance or move it directly to a truck with high sides.

Terex 860 SX Excavator ready for snow removal

Terex 860 SX Excavator Ready for Snow Removal

New and used

The price for a Terex 860 SX (new) standard modular is about 3.2 – 4.3 million rubles. A used machine with Terex 860 costs about 1.2 – 2.5 million rubles. Modifications are more expensive, and the major equipment costs are assigned depending on the attachments and additional options.

Companies often purchase special equipment for rent. You can rent a Terex 860 with an hourly fee for about 1,200-1,300 rubles.


Before you buy a Terex 860 used or new, you should pay attention to the analogue of the machine – Volvo BL61 and JCB 3CX.

Terex 860: Specifications, overview, description

Photo Backhoe Loader Terex 860

Photo source: Terex.com Photo of Terex 860 backhoe loader

In December 2016, Terex signed an agreement with Mecalac to sell the backhoe-loader company. It is also known that the American corporation itself worked in this segment in 2000 – after the purchase of the Fermec system.

Technical characteristics of Terex 860

The considered model is a classic backhoe-loader with 4×4 wheel configuration. The front axle can be disengaged for street travel.

It is equipped with a 4, 4-liter Perkins engine with an output of 74.5 kW, Ec o-Class level 2. The transmission is either i-SeM i-Tomatic (Terex 860 SX version) or automatic (Terex 860 Elite), which provides a maximum speed of 41 km/h.

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Machine weight 8,125 kg
Bucket capacity 1,1 cubic meter
Engine model Perkins 1044-44t
Engine power 101 hp / 74.5 kW
cooling type liquid
Width of the vehicle (over the bucket) 2,311 mm
Transport height 3 762 mm

For simplicity, the battery is installed under the step entrance in the cab and the operating voltage is 12 V. Noise level in the backhoe-loader cab is 75 dBA. The door glass opens partially or fully, the rear window can be raised completely. The steering buttons are touch-sensitive. Steps are homemade. Three-speed heating is installed for comfort, air conditioning is optional. Double mirrors are available on the outside, and taillights can be adjusted.

For safe operation and easy maintenance, the designers took care of acoustic and optical parking brake alarm, transmission oil temperature, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil filter and air filter condition.

Technical data of Terex 860: Machine weight - 8 125 kg

Photo source: Tehnoplaz a-Spb.ru Specifications of Terex 860: Weight of the machine – 8,125 kg.

Operating equipment

The Terex 860 is equipped with a 7-in-1 double-jacketed dolly and an extended telescopic excavator arm (burial depth up to 5.97 m). There are additional hydraulic lines on the boom for attachments. The control is carried out with the help of a lever.

Technical characteristics of the working equipment are given in the table below.

Excavator shovel
digging depth 5 782 mm
Sledge offset, max. 1286 mm
breakout force 5 260 kg
Store magazine
Shovel tip height on the bottom hinge 3 250 mm
Shovel lift height 4313 mm
breakout force 5 495 kgf
Lifting capacity at full lifting height 3 593 kg

Hydraulic system is closed, loaded with power split. A double gear pump is installed.

Axle design and brakes

Planetary drives are used in the backhoe loader design. Angle of rotation of the front axle is 16 degrees (it provides the necessary traction).

Braking system is maintenance-free, wet multi-disc brakes with independent wheel steering.


The fuel tank of the Terex 860 backhoe loader contains 130 liters of diesel fuel. Coolant capacity is 16 liters, engine oil 8.5 liters, transmission 23 liters, rear axle 17.5 liters, front axle 12.5 liters, hydraulic system 143 liters.

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