Terex 820 Excavator – Description and Features

Features of the Terex 820/840 Excavator.

Terex makes a lot of different devices, but the roller excavators come out. They can be distinguished by their appearance and speed. Experienced professionals worked on the design of the excavators and created them to perform their tasks in the most demanding conditions. The earth dumping work is done thanks to the bucket and the blade, in the basic configuration. High performance has been proven in construction, gas and surveying applications. More than 50 Terex companies in several countries around the world produce high quality excavators, which have gained popularity in Russia.

The high performance and versatility of Terex backhoe loader allows its use in various industries. A wide range of models and affordable price allows you to choose equipment in accordance with the needs of the enterprise. The list includes 6 models: Terex 820, Terex 840, Terex 860, Terex 880, Terex 970 and Terex 980. The differences are in technical characteristics.

The main purpose is to carry out backfill, grading, trenching and ditching operations. They can be equipped with attachments and used for loading, unloading, drilling and construction work.

Tähneer is considered a small-sized loader and combines different types of devices: excavator with bucket, front vein and tractor.

Features of the layout.

  • All-wheel drive 4×4 and the ability to disable front wheel drive when driving on good road surfaces to save fuel
  • 41.5 km/h
  • Engine 94 hp. – 101 hp, diesel
  • 0.234 m3 bucket, up to 6.1 liters deep
  • Protected driver’s cab with lever or joystick. Heavy heat and noise emissions.
  • Self-tipping chassis with additional support
  • The 980 and 970 are equipped with a 4x4x4 chassis. This increases maneuverability and gives you the tightest turning radius.

What are Terex tractors?

Tractors are versatile machines that perform a variety of construction, agricultural and utility applications. Farmers often buy them to tend to their fields quickly and efficiently. Today you’ll find a wide range of tractors, from small models to larger and more powerful ones. It’s easy to find a machine to suit your needs in both price and specification.

Terex tractors offer state-of-the-art technology combined with high quality construction and parts. The American brand takes care of its customers which it incorporates in a harmonious way.

Terex 820

Manufactured in the UK (2007-2010).

Terex 820


  • 2,700 mm. and 2,300 mm. dump.
  • The bucket capacity of 1m3.
  • The bucket 4600 mm.
  • The depth of discharge 5820 mm.
  • Dimensions: 7300x2800x2300 mm. Dhvhsh
  • The base rad rad 2130 mm.
  • Speed 41 km/h.
  • Payload – 3051 kg.
  • Fuel tank 130l, Consumption 8l/h.

The engine has four cylinders, model Perkins 1104C-44T.


The engine is located directly in front of the cab, and access to the cab itself is simplified. The hood is raised thanks to a hinge, and the compartment to operate the power unit opens fully.

The basic version is equipped with a quick-release main shovel and hydraulic dealer. Thanks to the back shovel you can work on floors I-IV categories.

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You can also use:

  • Narrow bucket.
  • Bucket Grip
  • Hydraulic hammer
  • Grapple grip

The cost of the model used is 1,500,000 – 1,700,000 rubles.

Terex 820 Excavator

Technical specifications

  • Total weight – 7847 kg
  • Engine name-111104C-44T
  • Type – diesel
  • Power / speed – 68 hp / 2200 rpm
  • Torque – 400 N/m
  • Speed – 40 km/h
  • Wheelbase capacity/volume – 390/2130 mm
  • Dimensions, mm: 7338/2311/3762
  • Height/height bucket – suspension point – 500/3550 mm
  • Height with enlarged bucket – 6637 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity/cooling system – 130/16 l
  • Loading depth/unloading height/fork height – 5815/2708/3097 mm
  • Tire options – 12.5×18/16.9×30
  • Seat –
  • Working body – bucket
  • Bucket width – 2310/305-900 mm.

Terex 840

The new generation model was launched in spring 2011 in Concatrix.

The Terex 840 is equipped with the latest diesel engine (Perkins 95 hp), hydrolic engine on the boom, semi-automatic transmission and telescopic arm with reversible shovel. Attachments are offered by the manufacturer: breakaway collars, grapple, hydraulic line, hydraulic cutter and others.

Of the characteristics of the model, we can highlight the following:

  • Speed 41 km / hr.
  • A cabin with a 360-degree angle of view.
  • The seat is equipped with air suspension, which reduces vibration
  • The rear windows can be opened.

Excavator Terex840

The 840’s main production focus was on comfort and performance and the end result is an excellent machine that can perform many jobs in less time than ever before.

Terex 860 Excavator

The high popularity of the machine is due to its features such as productivity, versatility, efficiency and implementation of modern production technologies. The Terex 860 excavator’s operating commission and English technology are also described in detail. The English technology is an all-wheel-drive roller, which is most effectively used for construction and street repair, gas, power and rescue work and is bought by companies that rent it out. This trend has been occurring over the last twelve years.

Terex 860 Excavator

Some of the technical characteristics are the same as the model 970 of the same manufacturer. The characteristic feature is the installation on the Terex 970 model of the bucket and the engine with more power.

The feedback from the Terex 860 is very positive, because the machines are excellently suited for the most demanding jobs.

Terex 860 and 860SX

The 860 replaces the 840 and remains in the lead in terms of demand.

It stands out, among other things, due to the highest flag height of the front dipper = 3.9 m. It has high cross-country capability and a small radius of curvature. The brakes are multi-disc, which greatly improves braking efficiency.


Specifications of the model:

  • Power = 101 hp.
  • Payload = 35 tons.
  • Weight = 8.13 lbs.
  • Volume of lifted bucket = 1 m3
  • Backhoe volume = 0.23 m3
  • Bucket height = 4.25 m.
  • Separation depth = 5.8 m.

The new Terex 860 SX has a hydraulic machine attached to the boom arm for additional attachments. Bucket rotation is stabilized with the Motion Control System.

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Terex 820 Excavator

The Terex 820 Backhoe Loader is a latest generation machine known for its reliability and performance. The model is at the top of its class. This machine with its wide range of skills and performance was manufactured from 2007 to 2010. The model has a versatile and modern look. “Terex 820” optimally combines the functions of an excavator and front loader, and additional equipment greatly expands the sphere of application of the model. In this modification the developers have made several significant changes that simplify maintenance.

Terex 890

The new model of the backhoe loader 890 was presented at the Terex Day in Russia, which was attended by Richard Gent (one of the top 3 drivers in the world rating) and more than 70 representatives of dealers.

The model is now even more comfortable and efficient. The 100-horsepower Perkins 1100 engine and the latest hydraulic system increase the workload and provide smoother operation of the units.


Of features:

1.2 m3 front shovel capacity.

Load capacity of 3500 kg.

Charging height of 4 m.


The loading shovel with an advanced and reliable stabilization system is located at the front of the machine. The frame of the backhoe-loader is equipped with a front counterweight.

The advantages of the Terex 820 include:

  • Comfort;
  • High manageability;
  • Long service life (interval between services is 500 hours);
  • Excellent performance characteristics;
  • Long service life of disc brakes;
  • Easy-to-clean hydraulic oil coolers.

The equipment’s twin shovel has great functionality and is capable of performing a variety of general construction jobs (plan, load, load, plan). The Terex 820 itself is used for a variety of agricultural, industrial, quarry, construction and supply tasks.

The Terex 820 has a high travel speed in transport mode to significantly reduce the time it takes to move the equipment on the highway. A foot-operated rear axle differential lock greatly increases throughput and makes operation easy.

Terex 970

This small model is very popular in Russia and with foreign representatives. It was in development for over two years, and during this time the following changes were made:

  • The volume of the front shovel is increased to 1.2 m3.
  • With a pressure of 205 bar. A bypass valve in the hydraulic system is triggered
  • Shovel lift height is 4.4 m.
  • Several gear pumps operating in parallel in the hydraulic system
  • Mounted piston pump 150 l / min.
  • Side shovel option


Price = 3.000.000 – 3.500.000


What is Terex Tractors?

Terex has been building construction and industrial equipment since 1925. From the beginning, however, it was a General Motors company. The first production facilities appeared in 1957, and it became independent and self-sufficient in 1980.

Terex tractors are known all over the world. This is not surprising, because the quality meets all standards, and a wide range of models can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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The equipment is widely used in construction, industry and agriculture. You can load and unload cargo, transport vehicles, digging excavations for future foundations, and much more.

The units can combine three types of equipment at once: tractor, loader, and excavator.

All models have:

  • 94-101 hp diesel engine;
  • Driver’s cab. Controls can be joystick or lever;
  • hydraulic system for attaching a variety of attachments;
  • excavator bucket;
  • bucket.


Optionally, the equipment is equipped with a 68.5 kW or 92 hp Perkins power plant. Models 1104C-44T or 1104D-44T with a displacement of 4.4 liters can be installed. Emission level of the diesel engine complies with European standards (level 3A). The power unit is liquid cooled. Maximum torque of the unit is 395 Nm, and rotational speed is 2200 rpm.

parameter value
engine manufacturer Perkins
model 1104C-44T or 1104D-44T
number of cylinders 4
output 68,5 kW / 92 hp
displacement 4.4L
cooling type liquid
torque 395Nm
fuel diesel
fuel capacity 130L

Terex 820 Engine

The Terex 820 Excavator can be used in all seasons and weather. The power unit itself is economical and has a long service life. Terex 820 uses only 8 liters per hour of operation, while material hauling costs up to 3 to 4 liters per hour. The fuel tank capacity is 130 liters.

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Running gear: axles, brakes

Rear drive axle, with integral limited slip differential, planetary reduction gears, and oil bath brake discs. Front axle is detachable, with independent suspension. Hydraulically actuated disc brakes. The size of pneumatic wheels: front – 16/70×20; rear – 18,4×26.

Waste: axles, brakes

As already mentioned, the undoubted advantage of the special machine Tereks 860 SX is the ability to work with both rear and, if necessary, switchable all-wheel drive. The operator does not need to stop the tractor, the shifting can be made on the move. The ability to brake on only one side of the machine as there are brake circuits reduces the turning radius, which is very important in tight spaces.

Terex 820 Excavator

The Terex 820 Excavator is a modern machine with a proven track record of reliability and performance. Due to the declared properties it is the clear leader among the machines of its class. The excavator is characterized by great capabilities and productivity in carrying out any tasks. However, these devices are not currently in production, the last machine came off the assembly line in 2010, while the first appeared in 2007. At the same time, the loader is very aesthetically pleasing, modern-looking and versatile.

Terex 820 Excavator

Terex 820 Excavator

In terms of functionality the machine can replace two different types of equipment – excavator and front loader, and with the attachment of working equipment can be used in many industries. The model is characterized by ease of maintenance, which is achieved by improving the design of the machine.

Produced in England, it is equipped with full wheel travel, providing high cross-country ability and the ability to maneuver even in small areas. It is most often used in construction, road construction, gas and energy sector and emergency services. The equipment is also popular among rental companies.

August work in the garden.

Terex 820 boom. Photo

Terex 820 boom. Photo .

Terex 820 reviews stated by users of the machine are all positive, as this technique falls among the competitors with high productivity and maneuverability.

features and benefits

The Terex 820 Excavator is used for loading, unloading and excavation work, as well as for the transportation of goods. The peculiarity of the equipment is the tractor base, which increases the technical parameters of the machine. Another quality feature of the loader is the integration of parts and individual modules, which makes them interchangeable.

The advantages of the backhoe loader include:

  • comfort;
  • increased controllability;
  • Long service life – service is carried out after 500 hours of operation;
  • High performance;
  • increased wear resistance of disc brakes;
  • Easy cleaning of hydraulic oils.

Modern technical solutions have made the machines special compared to other models of this class. The dual-core bucket is very functional; it can be used to transport materials, plan loading and unloading, land leveling and bulldozing. This machine can also be used in agriculture, industry, quarrying, construction and utilities.

The 820, like the rest of the Terex range, is built for reliability, productivity and quality.

Specifications and Dimensions

Terex 820 dimensions

Terex 820 Dimensions

Terex 820 Specifications:

Terex 820 dimensions:

  • Length 7,3 m;
  • 2.3 m width
  • 2.8 m high.

The truck has a transport height of 3.8 m and a wheelbase length of 2.13 m.


Optionally, the equipment is equipped with a 68.5 kW or 92 hp Perkins power plant. Models 1104C-44T or 1104D-44T with a displacement of 4.4 liters can be installed. Emission level of the diesel engine complies with European standards (level 3A). The power unit is liquid cooled. Maximum torque of the unit is 395 Nm, and rotational speed is 2200 rpm.

parameter value
engine manufacturer Perkins
model 1104C-44T or 1104D-44T
number of cylinders 4
output 68,5 kW / 92 hp
displacement 4.4L
cooling type liquid
torque 395Nm
fuel diesel
fuel capacity 130L

Terex 820 engine

Terex 820 Engine

The Terex 820 Excavator can be used in all seasons and weather. The power unit itself is economical and has a long service life. Terex 820 uses only 8 liters per hour of operation, while material hauling costs up to 3 to 4 liters per hour. The fuel tank capacity is 130 liters.


The excellent performance of the Terex 820 is due to the nature of the machine. The standard implement is located in the front and is equipped with a modern and reliable stabilization system that prevents the material from crumbling when traveling on uneven ground. The counterweight is also located in front of the machine and is directly on the entire frame.

The excavator is equipped with a telescopic arm and vertical supports that increase the machine’s stability when working with heavy loads on every type of ground.

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Terex 820 operator steps

Steps in the Terex 820 operator’s cab

Operator Cabin

The Terex 820 Excavator has a state-of-the-art, streamlined operator’s compartment. The cab entrance is comfortable and the glazing has been enlarged to 360 degrees for a safer working environment. Thanks to the articulated hood, you can lift the cover to have easy access to the engine. For machine and operator safety, there are FOPS and ROPS safety systems that protect the truck from tipping over and falling objects.

Terex 820 operator compartment

Terex 820 operator’s compartment

The operator station is very comfortable and ergonomic. The chair and steering wheel are adjustable and the seat is also rotatable.

Control System

The controls are operated by joysticks in the operator’s cab. This provides for a smoother ride and better utilization of the machine. Joysticks have a function of emergency closing of all mechanisms of the device.

Hydraulic System

Terex 820 excavator has a hydraulic system with cleaned oil coolers. The system works on a closed-centered, common river principle.

Terex 820 hydraulic hoses

Terex 820 hydraulic hoses


If you use the machine in different parts of the city, it doesn’t take long to transport it. The high transport speed allows you to use the loader at the construction site and not have to spend hours driving it to the parking lot. The machine can travel on public roads on its own.

Terex 820 Wheels

Terex 820 Wheels

The Terex 820 Excavator has a synchronized transmission with four semi-automatic gears for clutchless shifting.

The rear differential is locked via a foot-operated actuator. This has a positive effect on the ability and ease of cross-country control. Slotted brakes can be installed on all bikes or axle wheels. You work in a sealed oil bath, which guarantees a longer trouble-free operation.

Easy operation and maintenance

Terex 820 is easy and convenient to inspect and repair, thanks to the layout of the critical functional units. They are accessible directly from the ground. The engine is in front of the machine, which is also very convenient.

Unassembled Equipment

The standard assembly includes the installation of a main bucket with a module facilitating its replacement with other devices, and a hydraulic dealer. The implement in front of the machine is designed for transportation of goods, loading and unloading and excavation work. The backhoe is also included as standard equipment. With this bucket, you can work with any floor, which is used for digging trenches, pits and production of other nerves.

Terex 820 Excavator

Terex 820 Excavator

As optional attachments to the terex 820 carrier excavator, offer:

  • Hydraulic shaft;
  • Graphical and narrow bucket;
  • packed;
  • Quick-release optional attachments.

With any type of attachment, the range of use of the machine is greatly expanded.

Cost of new and use

The price of a Terex 820 (new) is approximately 2.9-3.6 million rubles. That said, used units are sold in large quantities. Usage of Terex 820 05/06 in small series production is approximately 1.5-1.7 million rubles.

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