Tank mixtures for grape processing

Example of tank mixtures for treating grapes

Protection of grapes – an obligatory measure to get a high yield of good quality. To minimize the number of treatments, vine tank mixtures are made. These compounds are a kind of “cocktail”, which includes fungicides, insecticides and growth stimulants. The action of tank mixtures is aimed at protecting against several diseases and pests at the same time. But not all preparations can be mixed with each other. Take into account the peculiarities of preparation and application of tank mixtures.

Unacceptable combinations for tank mixes

Preparations that are not suitable for mixing often react immediately. The mixture begins to stratify, flakes appear or sludge forms. Such liquids are not only useless, but can be dangerous. Most often the intolerance of medicines is not determined visually. In order not to harm the vineyard, you need to know which drugs interact badly:

  1. Drugs with sulfur and boron do not mix with oily liquids.
  2. Alkaline substances do not interact with phosphorus.
  3. Magnesium and iron with calcium.
  4. Pesticides with zinc, boron, magnesium and iron fertilizers.
  5. Do not overdo it with growth stimulants, in excess you harm the plants.
  6. Bordeaux liquid should never be mixed with other components.

Breeders often use household soap in garden solutions. Instead, it is recommended to use baby soap or baby shower gel with a neutral medium.

If the mixture for the aquarium is prepared by yourself, you should use only plastic, glass or enamelware. Galvanized and metal utensils lead to an oxidation reaction, which makes the composition unsuitable for use.

Reservoir mixtures: peculiarities of application

As already mentioned, first of all, it is necessary to consider the mixing conditions of the fabrics. In addition, it is necessary to observe the conditions of treatment of the vineyard.

The duration of action of the pesticides contained in the solution for use is important. These data should coincide. All prepared liquids must be used immediately after dilution. Otherwise, the effect is significantly reduced or completely reduced to zero.

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It is not recommended to prepare tank mixtures containing more than 3 ingredients. Solutions consisting of 2 pesticides and a growth stimulant are considered the most optimal and safe.

The remains of the used solution must be disposed of properly, since pesticide vapors can be harmful to health. Dig a hole at the edge of the building site, fill with the liquid and bury it.

It is important to remember that each mixture is only good for the vineyard if the ratio between the components is completely checked in the solution. How much nutrient mixture to put in the tank depends on the climatic conditions in which the grapes grow, what is the composition of the soil and how the vineyard is treated. Therefore, if you lack experience, it is advisable to buy ready-made mixtures in which all components are available in the correct ratio.

As a nutrient component of the tank mixture, which is an additional growth stimulator, the following preparations are well suited: Humate +7, Narcissus, Ecosil, Albit, Megafol, Novosil. These preparations help to resist external influences from the outside. In addition, balanced nutrition with Gamma n-containing preparations has a direct impact on yield, harvest rate, sugar tipping.

Recommended compounds of tank mixes for the vineyard

There are several vineyard-tested tank mixtures that have proven to be very effective.

  • Fufanon with copper chloroxide is suitable for treating vineyards, bushes and fruit trees in the spring before budding begins.
  • Albit, Ridomil Gold and Topaz are effective against all fungal diseases that can affect grapes.
  • Ridomil Gold with ATM provides protection against pests.
  • Circus, Topaz and Actara are an effective mix to control most pests.
  • Phyto, Acarin and Aktara combined with grape humates protects against diseases and strengthens the immunity of the plant.

Advantages and disadvantages of tank mixtures

Experienced grape growers know that even if the soil contains sufficient nutrients, undesirable environmental conditions can significantly weaken grapes and cause disease. And tank mixes also affect a number of negative factors.

Carmacode grape variety

At the same time, tank mixes with growth stimulants do not replenish organics and minerals. But they do help the plant absorb the nutrients in the soil in the most efficient way.

In addition, the use of fungicides and insecticides in working solutions significantly reduces their concentration. This is important for those who want an environmentally friendly crop.

Preparing tank mixtures for grapes correctly

When growing grapes, there is a high risk of fungal diseases and pest infestation of bushes. Various fungicides and insecticides should be used to prevent infections and protect plants. Since there are no universal means effective against all diseases and insects, the number of necessary treatments increases. Complex mixtures help make gardeners’ work easier and save time.

  1. Characteristics and purpose
  2. Rules of preparing
  3. Recipes for tank mixes

Characteristics and purpose

Buck mixtures are actively used by experienced gardeners and vegetable growers. They are a combination of several active drugs from different groups. When treated, they protect plants from diseases and insect pests. The tank mixture includes:

  • Insecticides – chemical preparations that kill insects;
  • Herbicides – drugs that inhibit weed growth;
  • Fungicides – chemicals that kill pathogenic fungi on plants and in the ground.

In addition, the tank mixture includes mineral fertilizers and preparations of biological origin. The latter are manifested by live spores and bacteria. Such a combination makes the treatment of vineyards more effective. A single application can kill all pests, improve vineyard immunity, enhance bush growth and improve fruit.

Using tank mixtures reduces the chemical load on the spot. Pesticide consumption can be reduced and ecosystem restoration can be achieved. Flower’s tank mixtures do not harm non beneficial insects, microorganisms and crops.

Rules of preparing

Complex mixtures are created by taking into account the compatibility of the drugs. Chemicals are diluted in a certain order and added to a common container. Different containers are used to prepare each component. Then they are mixed and the concentrate is diluted with water. For the first preparation of the solution, it is recommended to use glass transparent glasses.

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When preparing a tank mixture, do not use preparations of the same group. Mixing two different insecticides makes no sense. It is better to replace one of them with a mineral fertilizer. An exception to this rule are biological preparations. They can be mixed together, but not with chemicals. Acidic and alkaline preparations should not be combined. An uncontrolled chemical reaction can occur if you mix them together.

Pesticides do not mix in oil-based preparations because they contain boron and sulfur. Copper preparations mix only with sulfur-based chemicals. Lime solutions do not mix well with vertebrate, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur.

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The tank mixture is made in a certain order. First, the pellets are dissolved in water. Then it is the turn of powders, suspensions and emulsions. Water-soluble concentrates and alcohol-containing liquids are added last. A safe tank mix must contain a maximum of 3 components.

Recipes for tank mixes

The following mixture is used to protect the vineyard from pests:

  • 10 g of “Ordan” dissolved in 3 liters of water;
  • 20 g of “Tiovit Jet” mixed with 3 liters of warm water;
  • 3 ml of biopreparation “Albit” is diluted in 2 liters of water;
  • Combine in a common liquid container and filter through gauze.

The prepared solution is sprayed on vine bushes. The treatment is carried out at a temperature of 18 ° C or higher. The product is effective against spider mites and insect pests.

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To protect against fungal diseases, a tank mixture of the following composition is used:

  • 20 g of the drug “Hom” on 3 liters of warm water;
  • 1 ampoule of “Topaz” preparation for 2 liters of warm water;
  • 3 ml of biopreparation “Albit” for 2 liters of heated water;
  • After mixing the liquids, the volume of clean water is brought up to 10 liters.

For protection against infections and stimulation of fruit prohibition, the following composition is effective:

  • 2 ml of Topaz drug dissolved in 2 L of heated water;
  • 50 ml of biofungicide “Narcissus” per 3 liters of coolant;
  • When using both solutions, the volume is brought up to 10 liters of clean water.

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Vineyards are sprayed on the leaf with a prepared solution. Thanks to the treatment it is possible to contain the spread of rotting, to prevent the formation of cracks on the berries. The mixture well protects grapes from diseases, but has a weak stimulating effect. Therefore, it is used in the second half of the growing season after flowering.

When making a working solution, the ratio of components is precisely observed. The nutrient is added taking into account the climate, the chemical composition of the soil and the peculiarities of agrotechnics. Inexperienced growers are better off using ready-made preparations, bought in the store, in which all components are added in the right amount.

The treatment of vineyards with tank mixtures greatly simplifies the care of plants and saves time. The preparations used improve the absorption of nutrients dissolved in the ground through the roots. When using a solution of fungicides and insecticides, its concentration in the crop can be reduced.

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