Taiga TBP-6300 on taiga.rf. Rating, port, reviews

Taiga 6300 Pro chainsaw. Specifications. Lubricants and running

Universal chainsaw of semi-professional class is designed to perform a variety of household chores, including the preparation and sawing of firewood for the heating of baths and residences. The model is characterized by high reliability and reliability in operation. The unit is driven by a powerful 8.2 hp engine, 450-millimeter guide bars and a 0.325-inch pitch chain. Such engine power and the saw’s configuration allow you to use this model with the effect of a non-professional forest.

The tool is equipped with all the modern systems that guarantee the operator’s comfort and safety. The durability of the chainsaw is achieved due to the chrome coating of the cylinder and piston walls, the impact-resistant magnesium alloy crankcase and the reinforced winding mechanism.

Features of the chainsaw Taiga 6300 Profi:
  • Reinforced piston group, designed for 5 years of intensive use;
  • Wear resistance of the tool and high maintenance;
  • The Tayga 6300 chainsaws are adapted for work in various climatic zones.
  • Informational and technical support from the manufacturer.

The main quantity of chainsaws l-Taiga.

Many sources claim that Taiga is a Russian brand, and chainsaws and other devices of this company are produced in Russia. This is not entirely consistent with the truth. In fact, the Taiga holding was created on the basis of proven Perm designs. However, today there is no information that the system produces products and products. The company’s production facilities are located in China, where the factory produces the Taiga 6300 Pro chainsaw.

It should be noted that the quality of the Taiga tool has been significantly improved recently, including the use of Japanese components, in particular the Walbro fuel system. The saw is certified in Russia and meets all modern quality and safety standards.

It is worth noting that the budget price of this model can be purchased at a price of 4,500 rubles.

  • Branded box for preserving and transporting the tool;
  • Warranty card, warranty card and instruction manual in Russian;
  • The body of the product with a single-cylinder gasoline engine;
  • Guide bar (45 cm/18″);
  • Protective cover for guide bar;
  • Saw chain (3/8″);
  • Several universal assembly wrenches;
  • Special fuel tank.
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Technical Specifications of the Taiga 245

When buying a chainsaw, the new owner should receive a package of documents in the basic package, which contains technical specifications, information about the device of the device, recommendations for maintenance and safety regulations.

Engine displacement 58 cc.
The power, hp. 8,4
Fuel tank capacity 550 ml
Fuel tank capacity 260 ml
Easy start да
Vibration damping system да
tires 45 cm
Weight 7.5 kg

Fuel and lubricants and stroke

The Taiga 6300 Pro semi-professional chainsaw is equipped with an air-cooled, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine. The friction of such engines is lubricated by oil in a fuel mixture, which must be made beforehand. Fuel is mixed from two ingredients: gasoline AI 92-95 and special engine oil for two-stroke engines.

Preparing fuel for the engine:

  • Pour gasoline into a measuring jug – about 1 liter;
  • Add motor oil in an amount of 1/25;
  • Mix the ingredients;
  • Fill up the engine.

Important: You should not use gasoline with octane number of 95 to make fuel. Such gasoline contains special additives, which can significantly reduce the moto – resource, which can lead to serious edits of the Tayga 6300 Pro chainsaw.

Before running-in the engine, it is necessary to install the saw headset. Do not forget to check your Taiga 6300 Pro chainsaw for oil and fuel leaks. If you find such a leak, repair it. When entering the entrance, 1-2 tanks (550-1100 ml) of fuel should be worked at idle for 30-35 seconds at regular intervals. It is forbidden to operate the engine only at idle speed.

For further exploitation of the gasoline-saw Taiga 6300 prepare fuel in 1/50 part and continue the work of the tool. It is necessary to work out 7-9 tanks of mixture, which operates the device in an economical mode: without overheating and without overloading the engine.

To feed the automatic lubrication system of the saw head, you must use a high-quality chain with a viscosity index that ensures reliable protection of the solver in all weathers. Do not use ordinary motor or transformer oils as lubricant. It is strictly forbidden to fill the tank with forceps, waste fluid or other surrogate matter.

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advantages and disadvantages


  • High performance;
  • Improved air filter;
  • Walbro fuel system;
  • Upgraded ignition system;
  • Effective contour, brake stops and kickback protection;
  • Ergonomic body made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Scuffed handles.


  • There are caveats to the starter design;
  • Weak tires and chains as standard equipment;
  • Poor quality plastic on the fuel and oil tanks.

Taiga 63,000 Pro chainsaw: Video reviews

Video inspection and chain test of the Taiga 6300 semi-professional chainsaw:



Presentation of the tool from the seller:



Changing the drive sprocket on the Taiga chainsaw:



What to write on forums: reviews of owners

Samen Stavrikov, 39, Nizhny Novgorod region:

The two main advantages of the Taiga 6300 chainsaw are the price and the powerful engine. Of course, the claimed 6300 watts it does not produce, but for sawing trunks with a diameter of 70 or more centimeters of power is still enough. There are questions about the quality of assembly and plastic, but I did not expect the brand quality for such a small money. The engine normally starts, holds revs under load, fuel system works great. Recently changed the chain and looked at the drive sprocket – did not notice any wear and tear, so will serve as a whole chainsaw.

Sergey Astakhov, 51, Penza region:

Many people praise this brand and also recall tools that were produced in the USSR. To be honest, the Taiga chainsaw said even then was not distinguished by special quality and performance, and now it is far from the top tools. The model Taiga 63000 I bought because of its price. I understood that a lot of things would have to be finished and I was ready for the difficulties. In general, it is worth its money: good engine, many parts are made of quality material. Of the disadvantages: bad plastic, flimsy tires and weak chain – the native ones flew in the second week of use, the starter also did not cause complaints.

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Advantages: price, powerful engine, focus in the basic configuration;

Disadvantages: The body and tanks are made of bad plastic, weak bar and chain, the starter broke, many mistakes were made in the complete set of chainsaw

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Taiga TBP-6300 on taiga.rf. Rating, port, reviews

The Taiga Profi TBP-6300 benzocosa is a compact model for the household. The model is developed on the basis of the previous one – TBP-4500. This line is created for comfortable use in various conditions.

Taiga TBP-6300 chainsaw

The base complete set of chainsaws Taiga TBP-6300:
  • see;
  • 2 bars;
  • 2 chains on 72 left;
  • A candle wrench and a screwdriver;
  • A cap for fixing the tire in case of emergency;

Taiga TBP-6300 chainsaw in action

  • 2 nuts for securing the blade;
  • Container for mixing oil and gasoline;
  • Box;
  • Instruction manual and warranty card.


The TBP-6300 is a professional class machine, powered by a 6.3 kW two-stroke engine. The length of the bar is 45 cm, which allows you to handle wood of different diameters. Most owners say that the optimal diameter of wood is 45-48 cm.

Taiga TBP-6300 chainsaw in action

When sawing wood with a larger diameter, overheating of the motor and a decrease in power is possible. The device is equipped with a number of additional functions that simplify the work in various conditions.

Advantages of the Taiga TBP-6300 professional chainsaw:
  • Availability of a primer. Primer is a pump fuel pump. After downtime, it is necessary to pump fuel into the engine. Such a system is often installed in chainsaws, which are designed to work at minus temperatures.
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Gasoline system of chainsaw

  • Easy start system. Such a system reduces the friction of the starter cable, which reduces the likelihood of engine structural failure and saves the owner’s effort.
  • Emergency system stops the chain.
  • The presence of anti – vibration system.

All these features increase the life of the device and reduce the load on the user during operation. Users also note the low noise level during operation.

Taiga TBP-6300 Taiga TBP-6300 is used:
  • When working in the garden;
  • For preparation of firewood;
  • For building work;
  • For logging at low temperatures.

The main feature of the “Taiga” line of chainsaws was that they were made with minimal use of steel elements. This feature significantly increased the weight of the devices and their power.

Today, most models of the Taiga chainsaws are made with a minimum of steel elements.

The main construction material is high-strength plastic. Weight of the Taiga chainsaw for TBP-6300 is 5,5-7,1 kg (depending on the configuration). The country of origin: Russia, has no analogues of the Chinese assembly.


Engine displacement 58 cc.
The power, hp. 8,4
Fuel tank capacity 550 ml
Fuel tank capacity 260 ml
Easy start да
Vibration damping system да
tires 45 cm
Weight 7.5 kg

Owner’s Manual

The basic features of operation are given in the instruction manual of the device. Maintenance is no different from that of other models of the Taiga chain saw line.

chainsaw structure

The manufacturer indicates that this model can be used at low temperatures. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the temperature of the device itself. With prolonged use, the chainsaw TBP-6300 can overheat, lose power and fail. To avoid such consequences, it is recommended to give 15-20 minutes to cool down when refueling.


Service maintenance includes:
  • Timely oil changes;
  • Visual inspection of the product before and after service;
  • Cleaning of parts from chips and wood residues;
  • Drainage of oil and fuel residues;
  • Observance of storage conditions: store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place;
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Gasoline mixture preparation for chainsaw

  • Observance of the rules of mixing the fuel fluid (specified in the manual);
  • Timely repair and replacement of defective parts.

Main malfunctions and ways of their elimination

Failure because solution
Burr on the working surface Prolonged use of the saw, saw blade wear. Remove the work surface and clean it with sandpaper or a file.
Saw will not start Fuel system or carburetor clogged. Oil has penetrated the fuel diaphragm. Check and clean components. If necessary, replace defective components. Change fuel and allow engine to idle.
Tight rotation or continuous seizure Bearing sediment, sprocket worn. Flush bearing with gasoline and lubricate with oil. replace sprocket.
Engine power loss Carbon deposits on piston, ring clogging. Wear rubber crankcase seal. Remove cylinder. Clean or replace worn parts. Clean carbon deposits from piston. Wipe and lubricate parts with oil. Replace rubber seals if necessary.

Video review

Review of Taiga Pro 6300 chainsaw

owners’ reviews

Igor, Taganrog:

“Bought the chainsaw at the beginning of this year. Assembly 2017 Works great, no remarks detected. Did not use for a long time, because it heats up a lot.”

Nikita, Kiev:

“Bought this tool 4 years ago. Chainsaw Taiga pro 6300 attracted attention by the fact that it is quite cheap in comparison with analogues. Of the advantages I can highlight the equipment and small size. Works well in the garden and when cutting firewood. During the exploitation I have changed the tires and the chain. Now I have the chain, which was included in the set, but the tire was installed with a drill, the original chain did not inspire confidence. Pros: Inexpensive, lightweight. Cons: Overheats, weak parts

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