Taiga chainsaw. Review of the model range, characteristics, reviews

Taiga chainsaw. Review of the model range, characteristics, reviews

The history of the production of Tayga chainsaws originates in the Soviet Union. Gasoline saws were produced as a counterbalance to the appliances “Ural”.

Taiga chainsaw

Saw production was carried out at the Degtyarev Plant (ZID) and IP Dzerzhinsky since 1955. After the collapse of the USSR, new models were not on sale, the plant implemented old designs and only in the early 2000s resumed work on the creation of new designs.

The production of Tayga chain saws is carried out on the basis of the production facilities of the company “Taiga”. The company specializes in mechanical engineering and production of garden tools.

The line of “Taiga” chain saws is represented by models of professional, semi-professional and domestic purposes. Many devices are designed semi-professional and most often used in the home.

Taiga” chain saws can be used:
  • at logging companies;
  • in the suburban area;
  • in a garden;
  • in construction.
Base complete set of “Taiga” chainsaws:
  • Taiga chainsaw;
  • Tires;
  • Chains;

Complete set of a chainsaw Taiga

  • Plastic protective case (in the set of new models);
  • Set of tools for assembly and adjustment of the saw;
  • Fuel mixing container (not all models);
  • Instruction manual;
  • Warranty card.

Taiga chain saws more often get on store shelves only in one complete set: standard with one set of parts. Very seldom it is possible to meet a complete set with an additional set of details of the saw.

Taiga 245 chainsaw: the main advantages and disadvantages


  • Not unpretentious to the quality of fuel and lubricants;
  • The saw has no significant load limitations;
  • A small number of plastic parts, which contributes to the longevity of the tool;
  • Long overhaul period and high maintainability.

Taiga chainsaw


  • High weight;
  • It is difficult to find original spare parts.


Taiga chainsaws are high-quality household appliances that can be used both on an industrial scale and at home. Most Taiga models are made on the basis of metal parts, so they weigh more than their counterparts.

Taiga chainsaw in action

Most owners prefer Taiga chainsaws because they are easy to operate and do not require additional repair costs. You can replace all the parts or adjust the carburetor yourself without going to a service center.

Taiga chainsaws are classified as:
  • professional;
  • semi-professional.

The second type is designed for industrial and country use.

The classification of products in the model range depends on:
  • technical characteristics;
  • weight of the product;
  • energy;
  • Quality and manufacturer of components.

Some products of the Taiga chainsaw line are equipped with Walbro carburetors. This is an American company that specializes in the production of carburetors for various devices, including chainsaws.

Japanese Walbro carburetors

Walbro has many branches in different countries: Mexico, Japan and China. The Soviet Union, in the production of chain saws “Taiga”, reached an agreement on the supply of carburetors from Japan. Today, supplies of Walbro carburetors for the Taiga are from China, Japan and the United States.

Walbro is the most reliable and experienced manufacturer of two-stroke power units around the world.

Chainsaw manufacturers: USSR, Russia.

Top 6 models of Russian-Chinese Taiga chainsaws

The Taiga chainsaw is a gasoline-powered tool that easily cuts branches, splits twigs lengthwise or crosswise, saws firewood and performs all construction and side jobs. Chainsaw equipment was developed in the USSR at the Dzerzhinsky Degtyarev Plant (ZID) and competed with such powerful saws as the Druzhba, which was distinguished by its durability, unpretentiousness and great working potential.

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At that time, production of chain saws at the Kovrov plant was discontinued. ZiD Taiga chainsaws are manufactured in China. Nevertheless, they are in demand on the market and convince with their ease of operation, serviceability, high assembly and reliability.


First of all, on the basis of ZID, several variants of chainsaws were created, which differed from each other:

  • Engine power;
  • Performance;
  • Business.

The heavier and more powerful product was intended for industrial use. It is worth noting that 1 development became the basis for all subsequent products of the line: the Taiga 214. Today, several improved models are in operation, which have become lighter and easier to use.

Taiga 214 chainsaw

Modern chainsaws are equipped with additional features, such as soft start B., emergency stop, continuous fuel supply, etc. Another difference is the weight; chainsaws have become lighter, as heavy metal parts have been replaced by durable and lightweight plastic.

The Taiga chainsaw lineup includes:
  • Taiga 214. The first model. Designed for industrial and commercial use.
  • Taiga 245 (semi-professional saw for home use).
  • Taiga BP-3650 (domestic model).
  • Taiga BP-3850 (semi-professional tool).

Gasoline saw Taiga BP-3850

Taiga BP-4400 1.

  • Taiga TBP-4000.
  • Taiga TBP-4400/1.
  • Taiga TBP-4500.
  • Taiga TBP-6300 (professional saw).

The first models 214 and 245 were developed in the USSR and were powerful and reliable saws for their time. Today, these devices have become obsolete. Their use in construction and industry is unprofitable. In more modern models, it is recommended to use them for domestic needs. Some chainsaws, such as the TBP-4000, are not designed for pruning branches, as they are too heavy and do not work with outstretched arms.

The best models

6-8 years ago, when choosing the most popular models of the brand “Taiga” to this list would have been a chainsaw 245. Today, this saw is outdated against the backdrop of the development of domestic and foreign machinery.

Taiga 245 chainsaw

However, among the many disadvantages, you can highlight the main advantage of this device – reliability. Many dacha owners still use the Taiga 245, which was purchased back in the USSR. Choosing flagships among the new models, you can highlight: TBP-4000, TBP-6300 and BP-3650, BP-3840. Let’s consider these models in more detail.

Taiga TBP-4000

Taiga TBP-4000 is one of the most popular models of the manufacturer. The power of this device is 4.0 kW, the bus length – 45 cm. Many owners use a 50 cm bar when working, the performance of the saw is enough.

Taiga TBP-4000 chainsaw

The chainsaw can be used to cut trees up to 70 cm in diameter. A full fuel tank lasts 30-45 minutes. This saw is semi-professional, but is often used by logging companies. For work in the garden, this saw is not suitable because of the large weight of 6.5 kg.

Taiga TBP-6300

This chainsaw is a professional, its power is 6.3 kW. Such a saw is not suitable for sawing large amounts of wood, so it is rarely used in the forest.

Taiga TBP-6300 chainsaw

With prolonged use, it quickly heats up and loses power, but works well at sub-zero temperatures. The design is improved by several additional features. You can see a detailed review here.

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Taiga BP-3650 and 3850

The Taiga BP-3650 and 3850 are small household nets. BP-3650 is compact and easy to operate, slightly different from the next model (6.5 kg).

Taiga BP-3650 Gasoline Saw Taiga BP-3850 Gasoline Saw

Taiga BP-3850 – more powerful and lighter model, its weight is 5.5 kg. The saw is suitable for cutting firewood of different density, it is well bought with frozen wood. These models are available in two variations: with a number of additional seed parts and without them.

Taiga Profi TBP 4500 chainsaw

Taiga Pro FBP 4500 chainsaw

This is a handy and lightweight Taiga chainsaw with an undeveloped engine and easy starting. It has average noise and vibration ratings. It’s ideal for heavy, long-duty work, and quality air cooling keeps the engine from overheating. The spark plug and air filter are easily accessible, so you can always clean them quickly or replace them with new ones.

The saw has the following ratings:

  • Power – 6.12 PS/4.5 kW;
  • Working bar length of 45 cm;
  • Speed – 9500 rpm;
  • Gas tank capacity – 0,55 liters;
  • Weight – 7 kg.

User manual

The user manual contains the following items:

  • Recommendations for operating the unit.
  • Recommendations on the use of the fuel mixture. To refuel a chainsaw, it is necessary to prepare a special mixture, clearly observing the proportions. For fuel it is necessary to mix gasoline AI-92 with part of the oil. If you do not follow the correct and necessary conditions of the components, there is a risk of fouling the cylinder, which negatively affects the service of the gasoline-powered saw tool.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Maintenance recommendations.

Initial start-up and running-in

Once the fuel mixture is filled, the chain is stretched. The fuel and oil tanks are filled with the correct fluids. The chainsaw is started and the operator adjusts to idling and checking the lubricant supply to the chain.

Correctly preparing the fuel mixture

To start: mix fuel mixture in the ratio 50/2, use 4 full fuel tanks.


Maintenance includes:
  • Timely oil and fuel mixture changes (once every 3 to 4 weeks);
  • Inspection for malfunctions before and after operation;
  • Cleaning of the construction parts;
  • Replacement of parts.

As replacement parts, it is recommended to choose original parts or similar ones from other manufacturers. As for oil, mixtures for two-stroke engines are ideal.

The main malfunctions and troubleshooting

Failure because Solution
The saw does not start or gradually stalls. Occurrence of blockages in the fuel system or carburetor. Oil penetration into fuel diaphragm. Failure of spark plug or ignition module. Check and clean the structural elements. If necessary, replace failed components, spark plugs, or module. Flush the engine with fuel mixture and run it at idle. Tip: A serviceable spark plug will have a sand color before cleaning.
The fuel filter is not working. Occurrence of fuel filter contamination. Replace the fuel filter. Replacement procedure every 3 months is recommended.
Chain is rotating without stopping. Incorrect carburetor setting, clutch springs. Check engine and carburetor, ignition system. Replace clutch spring and adjust carburetor. Run the engine at idle to check.

Depending on the model, the failure may be different. Due to the lack of additional systems, older models fail less frequently, but require frequent carburetor adjustments. It is worth noting that all models have the ability to sharpen the saw chain, which reduces the frequency of their replacement.

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Taiga 3650 chain – the advantages of the model

Among the characteristic features of these semi-professional chainsaws are improved ergonomics and durable factory components. Balanced design and minimal directionality of this tool allows you to actively use it directly on trees, dilapidated roofs of buildings and other hard-to-reach places.

Taiga-Benzura tool specifications include:

  • Ice power – 4.9 hp;
  • Fuel/oil capacity – 550/260 ml;
  • Bar length/chain pitch – 45 cm/0.325 in;
  • Weight with kit and containers – 6.65 kg.

This popular model features a proprietary bar and cutter chain that is lubricated by an oil pump. Performance can be adjusted to suit specific tasks. The chain is tensioned by means of a separately mounted side screw.

Owners reviews

Andrey, Moscow:

“Domestic manufacturers sometimes produce quality and non-alternative chainsaws, for example Taiga 245, produced in 1990 and works for parents in the country. I bought a TBP-6300 two years ago, of course, the quality is not Soviet, but the saw is good. We use it for cutting firewood, so far nothing has had to be changed. “

Vladislav, Khabarovsk:

“Bought a 4500 for myself – a good chainsaw. It is ideal for work in the suburban area. As for the lack of gadgets, it works fine without them. The main thing is that it does not break down. I have been using it for the third year. It does not care about fuel or oil. Advantages: reliable, unpretentious. Disadvantages: none. “

Taiga chainsaw: review

Various modifications of the domestic chainsaw Taiga came out of the category of scarcity after the appearance of imported analogues in the market. At one time, a fairly powerful and unpretentious tool competed in the work of a successful friendship with the legendary chain.

According to experts, a great working potential was laid in the first variants of the basic model. Unfortunately, the creators of the chain boat “Taiga” were not able to reveal all the possibilities of their development, so

Taiga chainsaw

Zeppelin “Taiga” was developed by the design team of the Kovrov plant named after Degtyarev, which is better known as the ZID brand.

On the basis of the basic model, several versions were created, differing in technical and operational characteristics, in particular:

  • Irrac drives;
  • Performance and economy.

The company, published on the Internet, offers detailed information about the main directions of its activity, the volume of the product range, the properties of new types of household appliances and industrial installations.

The manufacturer has done everything to bring its products to a higher level of quality, but because of the lack of appropriate materials and technologies, many promising projects remained unrealized.

Structural advantages

A characteristic feature of the entire model range is the minimum number of plastic parts, which made the “Taiga” chainsaw quite complex. The main technical characteristics of the very first models already largely meet modern requirements.

The design of the tool positively differs from similar counterparts by great freedom of safety and stability in relation to the whole area of working loads.

Users have highly appreciated the maintenance of the entire range, repairs can be carried out on their own with a minimum of tools at home. Spare parts are available in sufficient quantities, the list of advantages includes the affordable cost of consumables.

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Features Overview

Taig 214

Tag 214

The functionality of this model determines its suitability for the effective mechanization of work on deadwood dumping, fuel sawing and preparation for installation of lumber. The high productivity of this model is realized by the tractive parameters of the carburetor engine with the volume of 65 cm3 and the power of 3,5 hp.

The layout of the tool takes advantage of the gearless drive of the 16″ VACCET, a compensating mechanism that meets the modern requirements of the starting, fuel supply, cooling and lubrication systems of the saw.

Benefits of the 214 Series chain saw:

  • Long battery life and economical fuel consumption;
  • High fuel and lube consumption; conservative use of fuel and lube oil;
  • Capable of cutting wood with a diameter of up to 300 mm;
  • Stability of traction properties in working conditions.

Taig 245

Taiga chainsaw

The versatile model is largely focused on mastering large amounts of sawing work of varying complexity. The skills of the tool are effectively realized due to the productivity of the 3-powered engine with low revolutions and the working volume of 75 cm3.

List of the advantages of the 245 series chain saw:

  • less weight compared to the previous model (within 4.8 kg);
  • Manual reversible starter with quick-start device;
  • simplified carburetor adjustment without swimmer, with built-in pressure regulator and pressure booster pump;
  • Ability to tilt and stake 3,500 mm diameter wood;
  • Labor-intensive disassembly of sawmill for sharpening or replacement of saw chain.

The engine works on gasoline-oil fuel mixture 20: 1, which is prepared in the ratio that falls into the carburetor from an internal reservoir of 600 ml. Commercial summer or winter engine oil can be used to cool and lubricate the saw.

Taiga 3850

Taiga 3850

Domestic-class chainsaw with a powerful drive and modern technical equipment copes with many tasks on cutting any, including dense and frozen wood with a diameter of up to 500 mm.

The model is equipped with a 4, 3-horsepower engine with an easy starter and a 20-inch pump with automatic circuit lubrication system.

Operating comfort is ensured by:

  • full vibration damper;
  • Modern body design;
  • Excellent balance and comfortable handle shape for working with various accessories.

Despite the variety of chainsaws, the Taiga 3850 model remains stable.

Taiga Profi TBP-4000

Taiga Profi TBP-4000

One of the latest developments in Degtyarev system design, the 4000 Series, equipped with a 4-kilowatt motor and a 450mm high performance headset, contains the performance parameters of a professional-grade tool.

The saw’s 4.9-kg design provides:

  • Having a larger motor through the use of Chrominocyl wear-resistant coatings on the working surface of the cylinder and the smooth parts of the rod curvature;
  • Simplified access to the tool air intake and fuel equipment, guide bar mounting, gas armor cover;
  • Increased reliability of the drive and the automatic lubrication system oil pump itself.

Safety of work is guaranteed by the convenient saw record, application of the manual chain brake quick cut, anti-slip rubber coating on the handles.

Taiga 4500

Taiga 4500

When developing the 4500 series domestic chains, the main attention is paid to increasing the real life of the parts and units, increasing the comfort of work and reducing the operating costs. The power of the fuel-efficient 45 cc twin-string carburetor engine is 2.7 hp.

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The Taiga 4500 is one of the few budget models that is equipped with an efficient and easy-to-maintain centrifugal air-cleaning system and a change in HP inertia. When the headset enters the cut, the likelihood of a reverse effect initiating the formation of a traumatic situation is greatly reduced.

With the universal guide bar holder you can use other brands of saw bar, similar in pitch and other parameters. This model according to all parameters corresponds to modern quality and safety standards.

Taiga 6300

Tag 6300

The most powerful in its model range, the 6300 chain saw is equipped with an 8.5 horsepower engine with a cylinder volume of 58 cm3. The problem of cold starting is eliminated by the presence of easy start systems and booster pumps.

Simplified adjustment of the carburetor, the piston with two compression rings, transfer of operating modes from the area of maximum to the area of nominal revolutions contribute to economical fuel consumption.

Versatile bar length of 450 mm allows you to work with wood of different density in transverse and longitudinal direction.

Adjusting the carburetor

The chainsaw’s actual performance and efficiency depends to a large extent on a proper carburetor adjustment. The procedure for adjusting the carburetor is found in the instruction manual.

The preparations include cleaning the air inlet filter and warming up the engine to working temperature. Turning the adjusting screws of the quantity and quality of the engine manifests itself in an optimal mode of traction and stable idle speeds.

Incorrect adjustment can lead to consequences such as clogged injectors, float valve rarefaction or refueling the system with a fuel change.

advantages and disadvantages

  • All modifications of “Taiga” chain saws, without exception, are made on the basis of inexpensive household parts and other components.
  • Taiga brand chain saws are unpretentious in maintenance and do not require the use of expensive oils for the engine and chain.
  • The relatively big weight of the tool is compensated by its resistance to internal and external mechanical influences.
  • The high level of repairability and a wide range of spare parts help to restore the performance of faulty chainsaws for households and businesses.
  • The retail price of branded spare parts and components is several times lower than the cost of imported counterparts.

The main disadvantage of the budget models of the previous series is the moderate service life of the cylinder and connecting rod and piston group. There is also the use of inefficient air cleaning systems. In the new generation of chainsaws, these disadvantages have been eliminated.

Owners reviews

In the current situation, the operation of cheap Chinese and expensive imported European chainsaws is economically unprofitable. Buying a domestic saw like Taiga significantly reduces dependence on service and repair services, and also allows you to reduce operating costs due to the use of low-octane gasoline and available engine oils. From my point of view the reviews are the most positive. Valentin Vladimirovich

The lack of European conveniences and rarely used frills in the design of the model Taiga 4500 is compensated by the moderate cost of the tool, the simplicity of design and reliability. After 2 years of exploitation the service record includes sawing more than 10 felled trees, a log house, and a carriage made of different species of wood, sawn for firewood. Dan

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