Taiga 245 chainsaw. Review, characteristics, reviews

Review of the chainsaw Taiga 245. Description, technical characteristics, equipment and other important details

The creators of the semi-professional chainsaw Taiga 245 tried to simplify the design as much as possible and use a minimum of plastic. As a result, it turned out quite reliable and expected unit. However, the considerable weight of the saw (8,95 kg) does not allow to use them for professional purposes, but for the budgetary needs this tool will approach in the best way. The chainsaw can be used for logging and sawing firewood, repair and construction of houses, dandruff, arcades, baths and other household premises.

  • Capacious fuel tank (800 ml.);
  • High level of maintenance;
  • The body and most of the chainsaw are made of metal;
  • Efficient automatic lubrication system of the saw;
  • Instruction manual in Russian.

Taiga 245 chainsaw

Description of the Tayga 245 chainsaw

Taiga – a Russian brand, known to the domestic consumer by the products, which were produced in Soviet times at the plant ZID (Dzerzhinsk-Verk). However, there is no information that one of the Taiga chain saws is now produced at this plant. On the contrary, it is common knowledge that the enterprise has moved its production facilities to China, where the chainsaws are installed. Their quality is considerably inferior to the world brands, but this disadvantage is compensated by low prices. Another disadvantage is the lack of authorized warranty and reverse service centers.

It should be noted that the original Russian Taiga ZiD saw is still available on the used machine market. It features high quality metal parts, good assembly and high price – from 12,500 rubles.

The modern model of the Taiga 245 chainsaw consists of Chinese and Russian components, but the fuel system is equipped with parts from the Japanese company Walbro. As already mentioned, the company conducts a balanced pricing policy, which attracts many potential owners of its devices. Today, the Taiga 245 chainsaw, manufactured in Russian workshops, can be purchased in China at a price of 5,000 rubles.

Tayga 245 chainsaw construction

Basic configuration

  • Handbook, passport and warranty card;
  • Cardboard boxes for storage and transportation;
  • The product case with a gasoline-powered two-stroke engine;
  • A set of universal assembly tools;
  • Saw beam (40 cm / 16″);
  • Protective cover;
  • Chain – division 3/8″;
  • Transparent tank for fuel preparation.
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Technical specifications

model Taig 245
Manufacturer taiga
Manufacture (assembly) Zid
Brand homeland Russia
Class semi-professional
Power, PS (kW) 3.5 (2.6)
Engine volume, cm3 75
Chain division, customs 0.325
Chain strength, mm 1,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.55
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tire length, cm (in.) 40 (16)
Number of links 76
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 8.95

Every owner receives detailed information, descriptions and instructions on how to use the TAIGA 245 chain saw. We suggest you get acquainted with the technical features of the tool and download the instruction manual.

Unpacking the chainsaw and getting it ready for work at the company

  • When buying your Taiga chain saw, check that it is complete and free from visible defects. If it is defective, ask your dealer for a repair or replacement.
  • Ask your dealer to give you a test run of the engine to see for yourself that it is in good working order.
  • Study the instruction manual, check the device, and familiarize yourself with the safety rules for operating a chain motorcycle.
  • Make sure that all components and parts of the chainsaw are secure.
  • Remove the protective guard and place the saw bar on the slots;
  • Place the chain in the bar slot and slide it onto the main sprocket.
  • Install the guard and fasten it to the body of the unit with the fasteners.
  • Set such tension of a chain at which extremities do not go over, and the chain itself can move on a tire with insignificant effort of a hand, without stopping and without making noise.
  • Raise the nuts on the stop, once again check the adjustment of the chain.
  • Fill fuel tank;
  • Seal the automatic lubrication system;
  • Check the chainsaw for leaking oil and gasoline. If any are present, find the cause of the leak and repair the leak.
  • Start the engine.

Taiga 245

Start the cold chainsaw engine.

  • Hold the saw steady with your right foot on the rear handle bracket.
  • Engage the throttle marker in the center position;
  • Pull the water handle and thereby block the air to the carburetor.
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • Turn the crankshaft until the first resistance through the starter, then pull sharply on the starter knob.
  • Start the engine;
  • Return throttle lever to original position;
  • Start the engine.
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Fuel and Lubricants

When mixing fuel for the chainsaw engine, it is recommended that you use high quality gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 and no higher than 95. Two-stroke motor oil should be used as the second ingredient.

Vital Semi-synthetic Master Jaso FD Oil HP Oleo-Mac Prosinkt Oil Husqvarna HP

The chain lubrication system also needs high quality oils. There are cheap chain oils for sale that reliably lubricate the saw at all temperatures. Transformer and diesel oils should not be used as a lubricant, and it is illegal to pour waste fluid into the tank.

Oleo-Mac polar chain oil steel forest plus chain oil liqui moly souge chain oil mannol chain oil husqvarna chain oil

Taiga 245 chainsaw: Main advantages and disadvantages


  • It is unpretentious about the quality of fuel and lubrication;
  • The saw has no considerable restrictions on loads;
  • Small number of plastic parts, which contributes to the durability of the tool;
  • Long overhaul and high maintenance.

Taiga chainsaw


  • Heavy weight;
  • Difficult to find original replacement parts.

Video review

Taiga 245 ZID – test purchase

Taiga 245 ZID chainsaw repair

Clutch clutch reducer in Taiga 245 saw

Owners reviews

Vladimir Kazan, 28 years old, Krasnodar

I have wanted to buy this chainsaw for a long time. Minimal plastic, no silumin: a really reliable tool. Recently I managed to buy a Taiga 245 chainsaw by an ad. It was standing for a long time, but it was not worth it to bring my order. Recently tested it and was pleased – the engine is a beast, the native tire is of excellent quality. Too bad the tool is no longer in production.

Arkady Novinsky, 51, Siberian Federal District

I bought a garage, there was a bunch of junk, and among all the junk I found a Taiga 245 ZiD saw. The unit was out of order, but within a couple of months I managed to find the original parts and rebuilt the tool. I tried it on my job – it saws well, but it looks great. For a professional role, it is not suitable: the engine does not pull such intensive loads and the operator cannot work long on the weight.

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Oleg Vashenov, 33, Tomsk

My father bought the saw in 2003. Still in working order. Sturdy metal, though already covered with rust spots. The engine starts in any weather, holds revolutions, even saws, tires have not rubbed. But the weight of this saw is very large, not everyone can carry almost 10 kilograms. The tire also had to change for a very long time. In general, at one time it was a good tool, but Taiga 245 ZiD can not compete with modern models of chainsaws.

Pros: reliable engine, good maintainability, metal body.

Cons: weight, lack of original spare parts, strong vibration.

Chainsaw Taiga 245: Reliable saws s-ZiD – production

A small selection of domestic chainsaw equipment includes several popular designs, simple and inexpensive to maintain models of the domestic class. Tayga 245 chain saws have not found wide application in the industrial logging sector, but have received positive reviews in the private commercial sector.

Part of the production facilities of the plant named after Degtyarev specializes in the production of this model. The peculiarity of this development is the use of domestic production units and aggregates as the main components.

Taiga 245 Chainsaw: Reliable Saws - ZiD - Production

Photo: Taiga 245 chainsaw

design advantages

According to many experts, the Taiga 245 is identical to the best examples of the budget Chinese lineup in quality and durability. The overall performance of the user confirms the general indicators for its category of performance.

In addition to the general parameters, the price of the domestic chainsaw is largely influenced by the cost, the complexity of maintenance and troubleshooting on their own, the availability of spare parts and consumables recommended by the manufacturer.


Taiga 245 chainsaw

In particular, many potential buyers are attracted by the possibility of independent, affordable, approximately up-to-date and overhaul. Self-adjustment and repair tasks are facilitated by the availability of highly informative instruction manuals in the range and price range of spare parts.

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Allows timely and complete repair with your own hands, makes it possible to reduce operating costs by almost half and reduce dependence on service repair structures.

Technical specifications

The “Taiga 245” is structurally made with a minimum amount of plastic parts, which negatively affects the weight category. The dry weight of the tool with saw settings is incomplete 9 kg.

  • The 16-inch SAW is powered by a 2-stroke low-speed 2.5 kW power unit. The 75 cm3 cylinder volume provides stable traction characteristics of the engine and sufficient torque delivery in all operating modes.
  • The operational feature of the tool is the work on a petrol mixture, composed in the proportion of 20: 1.
  • Oil, which constantly feeds and cools the parts of the saw head, bars and saw chain. The increased consumption is compensated by the low cost of domestic lubricants.

The electronic ignition does not need separate maintenance. The main difficulty for beginner sawyers is setting up the fuel system.

model Taig 245
Manufacturer taiga
Manufacture (assembly) Zid
Brand homeland Russia
Class semi-professional
Power, PS (kW) 3.5 (2.6)
Engine volume, cm3 75
Chain division, customs 0.325
Chain strength, mm 1,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.55
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tire length, cm (in.) 40 (16)
Number of links 76
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 8.95
instructions Download

carburetor adjustment

The work according to the specific instruction is performed after cleaning the air intake filter on the engine previously warmed up to operating temperature.

By turning the appropriate quantity and quality screws the composition of the gas-air emulsion entering the engine is set in the proportion of 16:1.

Operating the chainsaw with a rich or poor mixture will result in:

  • loss of power;
  • higher fuel consumption;
  • impaired conservation and unstable idle speed.

If the adjustment of the fuel system did not give the proper result, it is necessary to remove the carburetor and flush it with mandatory cleaning of the injectors. Check the condition of the gasket.

The cause of unstable operation of the power unit can be punctured fuel or a dirty fuel filter.

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advantages and disadvantages

  • Taiga 245 chainsaw differs from modern chainsaws, unpretentious to the quality of fuel and lubricants, easy maintenance, high level of maintenance and minimal operating costs.
  • Winter and summer machine oils of domestic assortment can be used as a material for the engine and chain.
  • The minimum of plastic parts positively influences the mechanical durability of the tool, reliability of the loaded units and aggregates.
  • The saw “Taiga” has no essential restrictions on operational loads. Therefore it can be used for work with dense and frozen wood in diameter of 300-350 mm.

The disadvantage of this one is considered large, in relation to similar models of other brands, weight. The resource of the cylinder and connecting rod and piston group leave much to be desired.

The cost of the taiga 245 made by ZID 12,500 rubles.

Video: See 245 in action


The characteristics of several versions of the Druzhba chainsaws are identical to those of previous years. Modern, similar in characteristics and purpose analogues are Chinese chainsaws STIL 180, Champion 241-16, Huter BS-52, Daewoo DACS 4500 and a number of other brand models.

Owners reviews

Even against the background of modern chainsaw equipment, the characteristics of Soviet models look quite decent. I managed to refurbish the decommissioned Taiga chainsaw myself, and not because of the lack of a model of that model, which before me served the previous owner for long 11 years. The machine is heavy, there is no dispute, but it is less noisy and more economical in operation than many modern designs. Taiga confidently runs on low-octane fuel and is not capricious to the set of engine and chain lubrication. andrew

Used to work, but visually all Taiga 245 got me when I bought a country house. Read a lot of good and bad about this tool, but until I fix it myself and check it myself, I will not comment. In appearance, the machine is solid, compared to the Chinese plastic consumer goods saws – like a tank against the Lada. As soon as I adjust the tool in working conditions, immediately otpisuyut. Sergey Vladislavovich

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