T-35 Bulldozer – description and characteristics

The T-35 Bulldozer

The manufacturer of this model is the Russian plant “Promtor”, located in Cheboksary. Due to new developments and technologies, the T-35 T-35 has a high productivity. It has impressive dimensions and can work in difficult conditions.

The technique is mainly used:

  • in construction (industrial, oil and gas and hydraulic engineering);
  • As a soil technology in the development of the fourth category of soils;
  • in the mining industry.

features and benefits

Buldozer T-35 features include:

  • Semi-rigid suspension attached to the main frame at three points. Dynamic impacts are reduced, traction fighter characteristics are increased, and the quality of working conditions is improved by the installation of a delayed carriage pulse axis.
  • Availability of functional units, repair and maintenance of which are of a complex nature. Availability of all parts of the working body, transformer, body and cooling system allows to carry out their diagnostics and repair quickly and easily.
  • Modern equipment guarantees the performance of all tasks on time, regardless of the scope of work and their complexity (with minimum costs).
  • T35 T35 tractor power units are highly powerful, which positively affects the traction characteristics of the machine.

For the oil and gas industry, high productivity is a particularly important advantage of the bulldozer. Works that the technique is engaged in – from development of high-strength rocks to land leveling.

T-35 operator's cabin

T-35 Operator’s Cabin

Recent machine innovations include:

  • Installation of David Brown Hydraulics Pumps made in England instead of conventional NSH pumps (since 2009);
  • Installation of SKF (Sweden) or FAG (Germany) bearings on the pump drive gearbox. The result is a longer service life;
  • New design of undercarriage – spindleless carriage with telescopic element to release or break the crawler belt (since 2009);
  • Installation of new and improved o-rings. As a result, the tightness of wheels and rollers is improved;

T35 bulldozer

T35 Bulldozer

  • Installation of Inf springs (Germany) for proper operation of transmission control unit valves;
  • increased number and quality of discs in brake mechanisms (since 2010);
  • Installation of two additional heaters in the operator’s cabin – dependent XERS 400 and independent Airtronic D2;
  • Installation of high-pressure hoses (since 2011).
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Modifications of the model differ in type of power plant and mounted body:

Name of modifications Number of free tines blade shape engine
01YABR-1 1 hemisphere YAMZ
01YABR-2 1 Bullet YAMZ
02 CBR-1 3 hemisphere YAMZ (“NB-2”)
01 KBR-1 1 hemisphere Cummins
01 CBR-2 1 Bullet Cummins

Specifications and dimensions, fuel consumption


Technical characteristics of the T-35 T-35:

parameter value
total mass 61.47t
specific pressure on the base 1.191 kg/cm2
Volume of bucket equipment (standard bucket) 18,5m3 or 20,6m3
Ditch depth 0.73 m
fuel tank 450L

parameter value
length 9.7m
Wide 4.71 m
Height 4.165m

Fuel consumption of the T-35 T-35 aircraft is 228 g/sq.


Can be of three types (determined by model modification):

  • The Cummins QSK19-C650 is an American-made, four-stroke, six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 18.91 liters. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled, pre-cooled intake air temperature with an output of 360 kW (490 hp). Cylinders with a diameter of 16 cm are installed. The maximum torque is 3119 Nm and the unit generates 2100 rpm. In addition, the quantum option of direct injection and timely response is responsible for faults to protect, check and correct motor control.
  • The YaMZ-850.10 is manufactured in Yaroslavl and is characterized as a four-stroke twelve-cylinder engine with a 25.9-liter displacement. It is equipped with a cooling system (liquid) and turbocharged has a capacity of 383 kW (520 hp). Cylinders are 14 cm in diameter and have a V-shape and the angle of camber is 90 degrees. Maximum torque is 2,686 Nm and the setting problems are 1,900 rpm;
  • Ktt19-520 is extremely rare. Its power output is 480 kW.


The gearbox is planetary, the clutches of which work in an oil bath. Thanks to it, the bulldozer can move forward and backward in three gears, and they can be switched with a handle during operation. The torque converter has a stage and 3 elements. In the rear axle housing there is a performance unit. It contains the drive stroke, reference point, and transmission.

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Hydraulic system.

Piston mechanisms of T-35 T-35

T-35 T-35 piston mechanisms.

The hydraulic system with separately mounted units of:

  • 2 spool distributors required for lifting and adjusting the tine angle, which are adjusted by the hydraulic system;
  • hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic tank with filters;
  • a safety valve that the system shuts off when the pressure reaches 20 MPa;
  • 3 gear pump with a capacity of 500 l/min (total).


T-35 caterpillars

T-35 crawler tracks.

Due to the unique design of the suspension and the extended pivot axis of the machine, traction disturbance properties, quality of working conditions and reduced dynamic effects have been improved. The guide wheel and roller seals are equipped with “double cones”. A grease syringe is used to accurately tension the track belt. Seals and 1 floor are installed on the T-35 T-35 caterpillars.

Unassembled equipment.

  • Uy mouldboards are 5.2 m long and 2.21 m high;
  • Uy shovels are 4.71 m long and 2.21 m high.

Due to the large volume, the bulldozer has a high productivity. To ensure minimum distance from blade to shroud and maximum cutting force, diagonal traction is defined. It transmits lateral forces to the economy.

Depending on the application, the T-35 T-35 can be loose:

  • One-tooth with a maximum breaking force of 49 tons at a weight of 6.17 tons and a maximum plunge depth of 1.5 m;
  • Three-tooth with a maximum breaking force of 48 tons at a weight of 7.23 tons and a maximum depth of 0.9 m.

T-35 T-35 drawbar

T-35 T-35 Hitch

Cost of new and use

The price of the T-35 T-35 T-35 starts at 12.5 million rubles. Used T-35, T-35 costs about 9.5-11 million rubles. Edition 2011-2012. Do not forget that the price varies depending on the configuration.

T35: technical specifications, review, description

Photos of T35 T35

Photo source: Chetra-M.com Photo Chetra T35

Technical characteristics of the T35

The machine is equipped with a semi-rigid three-point hitch, the design of which provides for an outrigger bogie pivot axle. This improved traction and reduced shock loads on the chassis. On each side of the fuselage there are 7 supporting and 2 supporting rollers, the number of shoes is 42.

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supporting surface

ground pressure

Type of transmission – hydromechanical, gearbox – planetary with clutches, working in oil. The gearbox, matching and main gears have been combined by the designers into a single drive, which is located in the rear axle housing. Number of gears: three forward gears and three reverse gears, gears are shifted under load. The axle drive is two-stage. The torque converter is single-stage, three-element.

gearbox, clutch diameter

Maximum gear ratio

Maximum speed (forward)

Maximum speed (reverse)

weight, dozer blade

Total weight of CHETRA T35 bulldozer is 61,470 kg. Three types of blades are available: hemispherical, spherical or straight. The ripper is available with one or three teeth.


The bulldozer can be equipped with several engine options. The manufacturer offers to install either Russian-made diesel engine YAMZ-850.10 or imported Cummins QSK19-C650.

Weight of T35 T35 - 61 tons

Source of photo: chetra-im.com The weight of the CHETRA T35 is 61 tonnes.

For efficient operation of the bulldozer at low temperatures, the standard delivery set includes installation of Eberspacher starting preheaters. Control is automatic. And for better purification of diesel fuel, additional Fleetquard filters with water separation function and fuel heating are installed. The remaining service life of the filter elements can be easily monitored: The transparent cover makes it possible to visually assess the service life.

Monolithic aluminum radiators from the German company AKG were preferred. The cooler unit contains an air-to-air cooler and a fuel cooler.

Stage III / Stage III A

Power of YaMZ-850.10 engine

382 kW / 520 hp.

Engine power of QSK 19-C525

360 kW / 490 hp

cab and attachments

The cab has standard ROPS-FOPS frame elements and double-glazed windows. It is mounted on hydraulic bearings, which reduces vibration. For the driver’s comfort, there are climate control systems (we are talking about air conditioning and heating), sun protection and audio system. In addition, there is a mini-bar for water and drinks cooling.

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Photos of T35 T35

Photo source: Chetra-M.com Photo Chetra T35

A single lever is used to shift gears and change direction.

The hydraulic system refers to the type of separate units. It consists of three gear pumps (their total capacity reaches 500 l/min at engine speed 1900 rpm) and two spool valves. The latter are responsible for lifting and tilting the blade, raising and adjusting the angle of the ripper. The spool valves are controlled remotely by the hydraulic servo control system. The maximum pressure at which the safety valve operates is 20 MPa.

Maintenance of the T35

When developing the T35, a modular principle of construction of the main units was used, according to which the chassis, transmission, cab, etc. are produced. For this reason, the overview and operation of the various systems of the bulldozer is simplified. In addition, the transmission with individual modules can be dismantled, which is convenient if the repair and testing of assemblies have to be carried out in specially equipped rooms.

T35 T35 maintenance is simplified thanks to its modular design

Source of photo: Chetra-M.com Maintenance of the T35 T35 is facilitated by the modular design.

The support and support drums, as well as the bike guides are 1-tail live, i.e. H. They do not need to be lubricated during operation. The seal is a self-sealing “double cone” type.

The tracks are prefabricated, have ceremony and compression, which ensures that liquid lubrication is retained in the pivot. The track tension is easy to adjust: a grease gun with permanent grease is required.

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