T-25 Bulldozer – description and properties

Cheech T 25 bulldozer

Chich T 25 is a family of heavy bulldozers (25th traction class), which is produced by the Cheboksary plant “Promtor”. The model is one of the most powerful and oversized in the brand’s lineup and on the domestic market.

The development of the Tyler T 25 bulldozer began a little later than other models of the main range. The machinery was created for use in Russia and imports to other countries. Wide functionality, good maneuverability and easy operation made the Tyler T 25 bulldozer very popular among the customers. The model was similar to the Cyrus T 11 series, but differed by more powerful and economical unit, modernized hydraulic system and modified design.

The bulldozer is designed to work in the temperature range from t-50 to +50 degrees. At the same time, the model creates a small pressure on the floor, which allows you to work in areas with a small capacity of the ground. The equipment also contains compliance with EU standards (TUV Rheinland Intercert).

The Tyrar T 25 family has been frequently used in various applications: road construction, earth moving, mining, oil and gas, urban and hydraulic power generation, as well as in the mining industry. The main purpose of the bulldozer is transportation of domestic waste, soil of different categories, including frozen ground and rocks, as well as construction materials at a distance of up to 300 meters for transport access. Due to its design features, the model shows the greatest efficiency when performing large works.

The Chera T 25 was involved in the construction of the Blue Stream and Sakhalin-2 pipelines, where it performed at its best.


Modifications and functions

Structurally, the Chera T 25 differs little from other Promtor products and is based on a modular design. The family contains the following modifications:

  1. Chilsr T 25.01yab-1 version with a hemispherical blade, TCU and YAMZ-8501.10 engine;
  2. Chilsr T 25.01yab-1 version with hemispherical blade, single-tooth traction control system and YaMZ-8501.10 engine;
  3. Chilsr T 25.01yab-1-01 version with hemispherical blade, three-headed luff and YaMZ-8501.10 engine;
  4. Chilsr T 25.01Yab-2 variant with spherical mouldboard, three-headed lover and YaMZ-8501.10 engine;
  5. Chilsr T 25.01Yabr-2 modification with spherical mouldboard, single-tooth luff and YaMZ-8501.10 engine;
  6. Chilsr T 25.01yabr-2-01 modification with spherical mouldboard, three-toothed hooker and YaMZ-8501.10 engine.

Similar modifications are offered with external Cummins QSX15-C440 engine (with “01K1BR” and “01K1B” indexes in the name).

The Tich T 25 family is in great demand, which is explained by the following characteristics:

  • Versatility;
  • No need to adapt to shocks and rollers;
  • High power;
  • Efficiency and environmental friendliness;
  • Ability to work under diagonal pull in all conditions;
  • High Continuity;
  • Long operating life.

Technical Specifications


  • Length – 9140 mm;
  • Width – 5262 mm;
  • Height – 4115 mm.
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The standard version of the bulldozer has a total weight of 51,000 kg when fully loaded. Specific surface pressure does not exceed 0.92 kg/cm². The bulldozer can move forward with a speed of 4.1-12.7 km/h, and backward with a speed of 5.1-15 km/h. The model is equipped with 2 types of bulldozer equipment:

1. Spherical blade:

  • length – 4508 mm;
  • height – 1956 mm;
  • capacity – 13,1 cu.m;
  • weight – 5890 mm;
  • maximum lifting height – 1290 mm;
  • maximum depth – 690 mm;
  • maximum inclination – 10 degrees.

2. Hemispherical blade:

  • length – 4280 mm;
  • height – 2045 mm;
  • capacity – 11,9 cubic meters;
  • weight – 6680 mm;
  • maximum lifting height – 1290 mm;
  • maximum depth – 690 mm;
  • maximum inclination – 10 degrees.

Design and operating characteristics

The CHETRA T 25 family is based on a modular design. The advantages of this layout are:

  1. lower assembly costs;
  2. simplicity and low time costs for maintenance and repair.

The CHETRA T 25 has an improved undercarriage system, which allows to work on muddy or stony surfaces. The chassis has a special design to reduce dynamic impact and improve traction characteristics:

  • semi-rigid design;
  • Extended bogie axle;
  • Supporting on 3 pillars.

Support rollers ensure efficient wheel guidance and fixation. This arrangement of the undercarriage system allows a much longer service life.

The track includes support and guide rollers with special single-sided lubrication and double cone seals. The chain design consists of a single tire, and seals prevent grease from penetrating the base or other elements. Tension adjustment is done with grease, which has a thick consistency and is injected with a syringe.

A feature of the CHETRA T 25 model is the ability to stop one crawler while the other is moving. This allows the bulldozer to rotate virtually in one place.

Features of the chassis:

  • number of shoes – 39;
  • shoe width – 61 mm;
  • spike height – 800 mm;
  • link spacing – 250 mm;
  • storage area – 4 sq.m;
  • weight of the chassis – 3260 kg.

The peculiarity of the CHETRA T 25 gearbox is its operation based on various clutches 455 mm in diameter, which are in an oil bath, which increases the service life. The transmission includes a planetary automatic gearbox with power transmission capability, which provides convenient control with 3 forward and reverse speeds. Gear shifting is handled by a lever. The power train of the transmission consists of a gearbox, a gearbox and a final drive. This element is mounted on the rear axle. The torque converter has an active diameter of 480 mm, has a 1-stage design and is located on the gearbox.

The CHETRA T 25 is equipped with a hydraulic system with a separate power unit, which consists of the following elements:

  • 3 gear pumps with a capacity of 390 l/min (each);
  • 2 control units for lifting, lowering, tilting and angle adjustment;
  • Tank with filters to prevent contamination of the hydraulic fluid;
  • Hydraulic cylinder to operate the device.
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For the CHETRA T 25 bulldozer, a cab with double glazing and large windows is used, which provides an excellent view of the working equipment and machine operation. The cab is mounted on rubber shock absorbers and has high-quality absorbent upholstery. Inside, there is a comfortable suspension seat with the ability to customize it for the individual driver. The ventilation and heating system is responsible for maintaining a comfortable microclimate. Air conditioning and additional heating are available as options.

Operation of the bulldozer is simplified and is represented by several levers and buttons. Speed and direction changes are made with one lever, and equipment operation is done with another. All the buttons and sensors are located in close proximity to the workplace.

Two types of equipment are used:

  • Bulldozers: hemispherical and spherical blades;
  • rippers: single- and triple-teeth rippers.


The CHETRA T 25 family is equipped with 2 types of power units:

1. YAMZ-8501.10 – 4-stroke diesel engine produced by Yaroslavl Motor Plant. The power unit has a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and turbocharging. An additional advantage of the engine is a special stream cooling system, which allows to cool the engine and fluids.

Characteristics of the engine YAMZ-8501.10:

  • displacement – 26 liters;
  • Rated power – 300 (405) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Max torque – 2230 Nm;
  • number of cylinders – 12;
  • Cylinder diameter – 140 mm.

2. Cummins QSX15-C440 – In-line 4-stroke liquid- and air-cooled diesel engine with turbocharging. The Quantum system provides electronic diagnostics, simplifying operation and providing additional protection. The unit also includes a full-flow filter oil cleaner and a liquid-to-oil heat exchanger for oil cooling.

Cummins QSX15-C440 engine specifications:

  • displacement – 15 liters;
  • Rated power – 308 (420) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Max torque – 2250 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 137 mm.

Specific fuel consumption of these units differs slightly and is 231 g/kWh. The fuel tank capacity is 670 liters.

The new CHETRA T 25 model with YAMZ-8501.10 engine in basic version costs from 7.5 to 8.5 million rubles.

The price of the used version is determined by the operating time, additional equipment and condition. Average prices for used models:

  • 2007-2008 – 3.5-4 million rubles;
  • 2010-2011 years – 4,6-5,3 million rubles;
  • 2014-2015 – 6-6.5 million rubles.

The cost of CHETRA T 25 bulldozers after overhaul ranges from 6.5 to 10 million rubles.

CHETRA T-25 bulldozer

The machine is made in Cheboksary at the Promtractor plant. The company is known for the production of high-quality domestic machinery, as well as participation in large-scale construction projects, such as the construction of the pipeline “Sakhalin-2”. The Cetra T-25 bulldozer belongs to the class of heavy equipment and is the largest machine produced by this plant. It is also considered the most efficient and productive model in its class.

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T25 bulldozer

Cetra T25 Bulldozer

The main purpose of the bulldozer is to transport materials over short distances and load them on the back of the machine. The main materials with which the device works are domestic waste, earth, construction materials and garbage. It can also be used in mining, oil and gas plant construction, road construction, utility work, excavation and hydraulic engineering.

View of T-25

Side View of Chetra T-25

Externally, the Chetra T-25 bulldozer is very similar to the T-11, but the difference is in the engine. The new model has a more powerful and economical power unit. The tractive effort of the machine is significantly increased in comparison with the T-11. Maintenance of the bulldozer is a fairly simple process, because. all elements are connected to each other, forming modules and functional units.

The temperature range of normal operation of the devices is from t-50 to +50 degrees. Due to the use of new technologies and changes in design, it was possible to reduce the pressure on the ground and increase productivity. Dynamic loads on the chassis are significantly reduced, fuel consumption is also reduced, and traction, traction and working conditions are improved.

The Chetra T-25 is TÜV Rheinland InterCert certified.

features and benefits

The bulldozer’s unique advantages include:

  • high productivity thanks to the installation of a new engine;
  • Maneuverability In spite of its heavy weight and large size the machine is easy to maneuver;
  • Reliability, because all units and elements are carefully designed and the materials used in production are always of high quality;
  • Economical models associated with low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs of machinery.
  • versatility, a wide range of attachments allows you to expand the scope of the machine.


Modifications of the Chetra T-25 bulldozer have the following markings:

  • 01YAB-1 has a towing device and a bulldozer blade in the shape of a hemisphere;
  • 01YabR-2 with a towing device and a sphere-shaped dozer blade;
  • 01YaBR-01 has a ripper with three teeth and a ball-shaped blade;
  • 01YaBR-1 provides for installation of a ripper with a tooth and a blade in the shape of a hemisphere;
  • 01YaBR-1-01 combines devices of two previous models and has a ripper with three teeth and a blade in the shape of a hemisphere;
  • 01YaBR-2 is equipped with a ripper with a tooth and a blade in the shape of a ball.
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All above modifications assume installation of domestic engine. When installing Cummins, the marking of the machine is 01K1B and 01K1BR, and working equipment in the kit is the same as that of a domestic engine.

technical specifications and dimensions

The main characteristics of the Chetra T-25 machine are:

parameter value
total weight 51t
fuel consumption 231 g/kWh
fuel capacity 670L
Specific ground pressure 0,9 kg/cm2
Bucket capacity (standard bucket) Digging depth 11,9 m³ or 13,1 m³
digging depth 0.5 m or 0.69 m depending on attachment
blade tilt 10 degrees

Machine dimensions are shown:

parameter value
length 9.14m
width 5.26 m
Height 4.12m

Chetra T-25 fuel consumption is 231 g/kW per hour of operation.


As mentioned, the engine can be installed in two ways:

  • Cummins QSX15-C440 four-cylinder six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 15 liters. It is equipped with a quantum protection system, which is responsible for diagnostics of working elements and units, control of instruments and control of electronic systems. The system has a capacity of 308 kW or 420 hp. The engine is liquid cooled. The coolant temperature is lowered by the turbocharger, whose air is also subject to cooling. The engine has a torque of 2,250 Nm. In addition, the unit is equipped as standard with an oil cleaning system with non-flow filters and a heat exchanger to reduce oil temperature. The diameter of the operating cylinder is 137 mm.
  • Yaroslavl YMZ-8501.10. It is also four-stroke, but its volume is significantly larger and amounts to 26 liters. The cooling system is identical to the previous model, the Air-to-Air system is used. Here twelve cylinders with a diameter of 140 mm are set in a wedge (V). The capacity of this unit is 300 kW or 405 hp. Storm angle is 90 degrees, torque is 2230 Nm.

Numerical parameters are almost identical, the significant difference is made only by the volume. The speed of both engines is 1800 rpm.

parameter value
– JAMZ-8501.10 300 (405) KW (PS)
-Cummins QSX15-C440 308 (420) KW (PS)


The modularity of the functional units allows quick and easy maintenance or repair, which greatly reduces downtime. Parts can be removed and replaced fairly quickly, especially if experienced technicians are available.

transmission Prestroke, km/h Return stroke, km/h
1 4.1 5.1
2 7.5 9.1
3 12.7 15

The volume of the range plays an important role, as the performance of the machine depends on it. Diagonal trains are provided for convenience and load reduction. They allow the blade to come almost close to the shroud. Your job is to transfer the side load from the sign to the frame to the left side (the winning side).

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You can use 1 or 3 prong devices for loosening. Because the force transfer is hydraulically based, the performance of the Chetra 25 is greatly increased.

Operator’s cabin

T25 tractor operator's cabin

Chetra T25 Tractor Operator’s Cockpit

Glazing consists of two layers and the viewing angle is large enough to allow you to monitor the work processes. To reduce the level of vibration and noise are designed rubber dampers, which are installed under the cab, and the interior upholstery is made of soundproofing material. The Chera T 25 bulldozer also has a driver’s seat with feathers. Air conditioning and a second heater are not included as standard equipment, but can be installed as optional equipment.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system includes:

  • A tank with filters to prevent hydraulic fluid contamination that could cause the implement to malfunction;
  • 3 pumps that can pump 390 liters of fluid per minute. They are equipped with equipment;
  • A hydraulic cylinder to operate the device;
  • 2 distributors, which are responsible for the position of the working organ in the room. Installed.


In order to reduce dynamic impacts and increase traction properties, a special design of the chassis is provided. It is semi-oval, mounted on three supports and has an extended bogie roller axle. The cable chain includes guide rods and rollers, which are lubricated. It can be recycled, and “double cone” seals are also installed.

T25 tractor T25 crawler tracks

Caterpillar chitra t25

The tracks are bottomed, and the seals prevent grease from seeping out of the hinge onto other components or the base. To adjust the tension of the tracks, it is sufficient to use grease. It is injected with a syringe and has a thick consistency. Shoe width is 0.84 m.

The weight of the chassis is 3.26 tons.


The transmission is a planetary one. It includes clutches with a diameter of 455 mm. They are permanently in an oil bath and can transmit large forces. A lever allows you to manipulate the direction of travel and shift speeds. The power unit contains the pinion, gearbox and main program and is located in the rear axle.

Unassembled equipment.

It comes in two types:

  • ripper – ripper with one or three teeth;
  • Bulldozer – blades in the form of a hemisphere, sphere or rake.

Front view of T-25 T-25 tractor

Front view of the T-25 T-25

Cost of new and used

The price of T-25 T-25 is 7 million rubles when buying a new machine. Used T-25 T-25 will cost 2-3 million rubles, but the number of motorcycles can be impressive, although the technique will be in normal working condition. The 2013-2014 model costs 5-6 million rubles.

You can rent a bulldozer for 3,300 rubles per hour. However, the cost may vary depending on the modification and attachments.

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