T-170 tractor. Overview, properties, features of use

Bulldozer T-170 – advantages and disadvantages of the model

Among the bulldozer equipment produced in the USSR and Russia, the T 170 crawler tractor holds a special place. High reliability, versatility and maintainability have made this machine legendary. It is a success to this day and is available in dozens of modifications (over 80 at the time of this writing).

Technical Specifications

Excellent performance, power and cross-country ability have brought these bulldozers many years of popularity in various fields. The equipment has been repeatedly modified. Over time, a more powerful and productive unit was installed on it. Features of work in different climatic zones at different temperatures were studied.


The main version of the device offered to customers is the D-160. Also sold is its modified version under the name D-180. As the name suggests, the number means power. The modification was carried out taking into account the changed requirements and simplification of operation. As a result, a more powerful version appeared, which can run on four types of fuel. It has an increased torque capacity.

The working volume is 14.4 liters, the nominal speed of the crankshaft – 1250 rpm. On average, the unit consumes 218 g/kWh. A fuel tank with a capacity of 300 liters is installed. Both versions of the described engine are four-stroke and equipped with turbocharging. Cooling in all power units is liquid.

For regions with extremely low temperatures was developed a modification, which was equipped with a pre-start heating system PJD 30 for pre-start preparation.

The stated guaranteed service life of the power unit is 8,000 hours, after which it is recommended to inspect and overhaul.

Vehicles equipped with the more powerful D-180 engine are multifuel. They can operate equally effectively on diesel fuel, gas condensate or kerosene. This significantly reduces operating costs and makes this tractor more attractive to use compared with competitors.

T 170 tractor description and features photo


The manufacturer installed a 4-shaft transmission with permanently meshing gears. This arrangement made it possible to make four reverse gears and eight forward gears. Two levers are used to shift them, one for selecting ranges and the other for shifting gears. A permanently closed clutch is installed.

chassis system

The semi-rigid suspension is reinforced with a rigid beam and space bracing. As a result, cross-country ability on hard floors is improved. A welded load-bearing frame with crawler tracks is used. The undercarriage is attached in three places. For machines operating in swampy terrain, long spars have been provided on the frame, and wide tracks and seven rollers – five main rollers and two supporting rollers on each side – have been installed to reduce pressure on the ground.

This is what the swamp looks like:

  • Thirty-eight single ridged track rollers are used on both sides. The width is 500 mm.
  • The pitch is 203 mm.
  • Bridge height – 65 mm.
  • Created specific pressure on the ground is 0.076 MPa.


This model uses a separate aggregate control valve with a gear pump. The hydraulic cylinders of the front wheel suspension are controlled with the hydraulic manifold lever. To connect the hydraulic line, the lever is moved to the “locked/neutral” position, moves toward (lifting), away from (lowering) and then to the floating position. The right lever controls the rear wheel suspension. Refer to the manual for more information on the hydraulic controls.

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Hydraulic System


The machine’s electrical system is rated at 24V. A 1000 watt electric generator is installed. Several batteries are included. They provide electricity to the starter and other consumers when the diesel is parked. They are installed in containers. They are placed in parallel to the generator and in series.

Figure 97. T-1330M Accumulator

Folding system

The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of installing different types of attachments:

  • Blades – hemispherical, straight, with hydraulic rakes.
  • Cooler with a foot.
  • Shovel and digger.
  • Winden and tsu.

Pipe routing, cable routing, and tamping systems can also be installed.



The dimensions of this special equipment are typical of the class. The tractor easily drives into the trag network by itself. It can also be invited to the euro truck or trailer to save transportation costs.

length 4600 mm
height 3180 mm
width 2480 mm
Base Size 2517 mm
Strip 1880 mm


Soviet tractors have never been distinguished by a high degree of comfort. However, this model is characterized by a combination of performance and driving comfort. The cabin here is frame, fully metal and insulated.

  • For better visibility during operation, panoramic glazing is used.
  • In addition to the radiator, the new versions are equipped with air conditioning. The cabin is effectively ventilated, which helps to avoid overheating of the air inside.
  • The dashboard is comfortable and contains all necessary gauges. The driver monitors parameters such as air cleaning system, oil and fuel pressure and hydraulic system clogging. Crankshaft rpm and timing are also displayed.
  • The tractor driver is protected from overturning or rockfall. Reinforced welded frame is used for this purpose.
  • The doors are equipped with a lock. The left one is closed with a key, the right one with a bolt secured from the inside.
  • The driver’s seat can be adjusted for weight, size and angle.

Such advantages give the machine a clear advantage over counterparts from other manufacturers.

Control and monitoring system

If modern vehicles are controlled with a steering wheel, the T-170 was created with control levers according to the old principle. Therefore, to turn, it is necessary to brake the track on one side. For this purpose, a belt friction system is used.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bulldozer

This technique has many advantages:

  • High reliability when working in difficult conditions. The manufacturer guarantees that the tractor starts up at sub-zero temperatures up to-40 ° C.
  • The tractor can be used for all types of soil.
  • Easy installation and replacement of attachments.
  • The dimensions of the machine are originally designed for easy transportation on platforms and with the help of a network of towers.
  • Thanks to the hour meter, the owner always knows exactly when to change the lubricants.
  • Buying a T-170, the buyer can easily find spare parts. To this day, Uralremtrak produces parts and units, carries out maintenance and repair work.

The list of disadvantages is much shorter. According to experts, there are only four:

  • The cab is less airtight than it should be, and requires modification.
  • It is necessary to remove attachments from the tractor for transportation by rail.
  • Friction clutches came to the machine from its predecessor, the T-130. They are subject to rapid wear and therefore must be replaced frequently.
  • Design features of the steering complicate both operation and repair.

However, all the disadvantages are compensated by affordability and the above-mentioned advantages.


Since 1988, manufacturers have produced more than 80 variants of this bulldozer. There were seven crawler variants alone. The choice of their design determined the type of soil on which they were to work, as well as the requirements for traction characteristics and stability in motion.

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Standard model with a dozer blade:

T-170 tractor T-170


The simplicity and versatility of the machine made it possible to use it in various fields:

  • In agriculture – cultivation, tilling, deep plowing of heavy soil.
  • In quarries – gravel, sand, clay, where there are high demands on the power and performance of special equipment.
  • In municipal services in spring, autumn and winter.
  • For work in logging.
  • For road repair and construction sites.
  • For industrial use.


Constant availability of spare parts and consumables ensure easy maintenance. This is also facilitated by the fact that CHTZ adheres to the principle of continuity, producing new models and modifications. This made it possible to install new parts and assemblies in discontinued units.

Jobs are divided into three types:

  • Initial preparation for operation.
  • Inspection after the first 50 hours of operation.
  • Scheduled maintenance, the frequency of which is determined by uptime.
  • On-demand work, depending on the readings on the instruments.
  • Unscheduled repairs.


Currently, there are many vehicles with similar characteristics. The main competitors are models from UralTruckGroup, Resonance, Spetsstroymash. These models are such as UTG-10, UMZ-URB-10M, PTK K-703-MA-BK and others.

T-170 Bulldozer: technical characteristics

T-170 Bulldozer: Technical Specifications

When the tractor T-130, which was the main machine in its class, was no longer able to cope with the ever-growing needs of industry and agriculture, the designers of CHTZ offered an alternative. One such alternative was the new T-170, as a counterpart to the T-130, a tracked machine designed primarily for industrial use.

The machine quickly gained popularity among industrialists. Good power reserve and high productivity distinguish it from its predecessor. And the model range offers models for all industries.

Developed by Ural machine builders, the T-170 tractor is a serious machine, used where power and traction are needed. Logging, quarrying, construction, various earthmoving operations and, of course, agriculture. This is not a complete list of applications of this device.

History of T-170

Before going on with the story of the T-170, I would like to briefly go back to the history of this piece, which is inextricably linked with the history of our country. It was CHTZ that became the locomotive of tractor building in the USSR in the 1930s. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution the enterprise made to the industrialization of the then young Soviet state.

At the end of May 1929 it was decided to build a tractor in the Urals. The city of Shchelyabinsk was to become the new center of mechanical engineering. The choice of the place was not random, it was due to the industrial traditions of the region with developed infrastructure and qualified personnel.

Few people know that after Caterpillar’s refusal, the development of the master plan of the enterprise is involved. The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant office was organized in Detroit, where an international team of 12 Americans and 40 Soviet engineers worked together on the layout of the plant.

The first workshops were set up in August 1930. The work of the combine absorbed all the world experience accumulated in tractor building, which allowed the combine to become the largest enterprise of that time, unparalleled either in Europe or in America.

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It is impossible not to mention the contribution made by CHTZ to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. During the war 18,000 different combat vehicles, as well as a countless number of ammunition, armored engines and spare parts came off the mounter belts of the Ural plant.

In the post-war period, the enterprise transferred production to the peaceful railroad and developed vigorous activity. At the end of 1948 the plant was already producing 20-25 machines per day, and in the mid-1950s Austria, Finland, Egypt, Burma, Sweden, Afghanistan, Brazil, etc. were buying tractors “Ural”.

T-170-5 bulldozer

Modernization began at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant at the end of the 1960s and continued until the early 1980s. During those years, a new, promising family of tractors T-15 was born.

The plant produced its millionth tractor in 1984, and the culmination of production was in 1988, in which 31,700 machines were produced. In the same 1988, the deep modernization of T-1330 leads to the new, more powerful T-170, which production was ceased only in 2002.

Technical characteristics of the T-170 bulldozer

A feature of the T-170 is a good protection of the tractor mechanisms and systems, as well as excellent performance.

  • Engines are D160, D180.
  • Power – D160 (160 hp), D180 (180 PS / 132 kW).
  • Rated speed – 1070 rpm.
  • Fuel consumption – 158 g (PS/H).
  • Track – 1,880 mm.
  • Traction class – 10 tf.
  • Dimensions Length / width / height – 4600/2480/3180 mm.
  • Floor seal – 0.076 MPa.
  • Weight of empty – 15990 kg.

T-170 bulldozer engineMover

Two different engines were installed on the T-170, the early models D-160 and later modifications of the tractor D-180. Both engines are in-line four-stroke four-cylinder turbocharged engines.

The diesel engines can perform equally well in Arctic conditions at just under 40 and in the heat of +40. If the plant is expected in northern regions, the engine can be preheated.

The peculiarity of these power plants is their omnivorousness. Diesel fuel, kerosene, natural gas – each of these fuels will work. Starting can be done with either an electric starter or a starter.

T-170 Bulldozer Transmission

Transmission with four ramps and gears in constant gears. The transmission has a total of eight speeds, four of which can go forward and the same number backward. It can be made in two versions, depending on whether the drive shaft and current selection shaft are provided or not.

Dimensions and weight of the T-170 bulldozer

All models of the T-170 have been designed with the railroad dimensions in mind:

  • Length – 4210mm.
  • width – 2480 mm.
  • Height – 3250 mm.
  • Track – 1,880 mm.
  • Base – 2880mm.

Swamp Moves modifications Base – 2280mm, width – 3230. Mass specifications:

  • Base – 15990 kg.
  • Lighted – 13000 kg.
  • Pipelayer – 17700.

Running gear and steering of T-170 bulldozer

The T-170 has a bogie undercarriage. Suspension of bogie is three-point, half of it provided by the balance beam. The beam is a microdistrict one.

In comparison with the traditional changeable suspension, such suspension is more rational and efficient in using the weight of the unit when dozer blade is working.

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Supporting and supporting rollers are attached to the crawler carriage, the frames of which are made of rectangular tubes. The idler wheel is also attached there.

Traditionally, the caterpillar chassis has five rollers. Seven hand belts are also used, which can be found on swamp mods. These bogies, along with the wider 900-millimeter shoes, create less pressure on the ground.

Tractor maneuvering is provided by a lever control system. Changing the direction of travel, such as braking, is accomplished by a set of friction clutches.

The drive of one of the crawler tracks is partially blocked to change the direction of travel. The smoothness of rotation depends directly on the degree of locking.

T-170 bulldozer cabin

T-170 cab

In the cabin of T-170 you will not find much comfort as in the majority of domestic tractors. However, you can not call it Spartan. Everything that is not a circumstance is there for normal operation.

The cabin accommodates two passengers in addition to the tractor driver. Above it, there is a gearbox and it is located on a special platform with vibration isolation. Good visibility is provided through a large area of glazing.

It is equipped with forced ventilation and heating as standard. Air conditioning is an option for hot conditions.

The panel in front of the driver has all the main gauges and instruments for monitoring the operation of the main mechanisms and assemblies. Safety of the tractor driver is ensured by a robust frame, which can protect the driver from overturning of the tractor or falling of heavy objects onto the cab.

T-170 Bulldozer Hydraulics and Attachments

The hydraulic system on the T-170 is separate and controls various types of attachments and trailed equipment.

There is a hinge system for attaching the working equipment to the tractor. This system can be of two types – front and rear.

This system consists of the following elements: NSH-100 hydraulic pump, P160 hydraulic distributor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic piping system and two hydraulic shields.

The NSH-100 pump is designed to create pressure in the system. The P160 hydraulic distributor directs the hydraulic fluid to the desired hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders, in turn, work directly with the units.

T-170 is mainly grouped with a variety of industrial equipment. Blades of different types, slackers, sheet pipe devices, feeders. In agriculture, T-170 is mainly used with plows on heavy soils and stubble plows.

Experience of using the T-170 bulldozer

As for the use of the tractor in various areas of activity, many highlight the main advantages and disadvantages: Advantages:

  • Reliability of the machine.
  • The cost of the tractor is relatively low in comparison with analogues.
  • repair.
  • Operation in different climatic zones.
  • Well-developed dealer network of ChTZ plant, availability of spare parts.
  • Engine resource of the tractor reaches 10 000 engine hours.

Another significant plus is the ability of the T-170 to run on different types of fuel. Disadvantages:

  • The parachute is considered a weak point, as the T-130 has it unchanged and is most often replaced.
  • Compared with Western competitors, control of the machine is much more difficult.
  • Insufficient sound insulation.
  • The comfort of the driver’s workplace has remained at the level of the 80s.

The next and probably most important thing on a crawler tractor is the tracks. We look at the wear on the tracks and the pins. Replacing the tracks is very expensive. So take it seriously. The best advice is, of course, to take a specialist who is familiar with such machinery.” width=”600″ height=”413″ />

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How the tractor drivers themselves react to their machines:

  1. I got to the levers of this heavy tractor working on a construction site. Working with the equipment grader, it also had to “catch” slack. I’ve spent nearly five years at the controls of this machine and haven’t encountered any serious problems. Only consumables have been changed during use, and fingers have been torn off at the gestures. The performance is adequate, we used it to break up the concrete and ground up to 30 cm without any problems. In my opinion, good technology for not much money.
  2. I am the owner of a company that makes money renting out various special equipment. When the time came to replace a couple of heavy crawler tractors that were retiring, it was decided to opt for the T-170 made by CHTZ. I will explain this decision very simply. By that time I was already familiar with the machine and had experience in its operation. The tractor was preserved, and although it is no longer in service, the plant continues to produce all components. In general, both bought machines were rented more than once by different organizations, for various works, no problems or complaints arose.
  3. When I came back from the army in 1997, I had some experience with heavy bulldozers. That experience helped me get a job with one of the construction firms in our city. And I immediately got to work with the T-170 bulldozer, which I later worked for 7 years. So there was enough time to get acquainted with the equipment. I can say that in Russian climatic conditions, the tractor behaves more than decent, while the Western analogues, universally praised in our reality are much more capricious. I will not describe the advantages, I will just give my opinion. It is a good bulldozer of domestic production, which copes with its duties.

Buying of used bulldozers T-170: peculiarities of the choice

Buying a bulldozer with high traction is not a pleasure of cheap. Therefore, you need to know what to focus on when buying, and what to pay more attention to. In order not to buy a pig in a poke.

First of all, pay attention to the overall appearance of the equipment, as well as the presence of attachments. Usually there should be at least one dozer blade, and ideally there should be one loot. If you don’t have this equipment, you already have a reason to drop the price.

Check the engine and all hydraulic components for oil leaks. Pay attention to how prone the machine is to corrosion.

The next and probably most important thing on a tracked tractor is the tracks. We look at the wear on the tracks and pins. Replacing the tracks is very expensive. So take it seriously. The best advice is, of course, to take an expert who is familiar with such machinery.

The price range when buying a T-170 bulldozer ranges from about 400,000 for a 1988-1992 tractor, to 3.5 million for an earlier major repairs and a tractor brought in a new machine.

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