T-1330 bulldozer – description and properties

ChTZ T 130 bulldozer Technical specifications

The ChTZ T 130 caterpillar bulldozer has been produced by the Shlyabinsk tractor plant together with the T 130 tractor since 1969. For a long time, this model remained the most popular bulldozer of the 6-th traction class in the USSR. The total production of this equipment exceeded 200,000 copies. The extraordinary popularity of the CHTZ T 130 was due to its ease of operation and versatility. It is noteworthy that some models even today successfully perform their functions.

The CHTZ T 130 was created as a result of a deep modernization of the popular T 100 tractor. The series increased productivity and comfort of work, while retaining the advantages of its predecessor. The further development of the ChTZ T 130 was the ChTZ T 170 model.

This bulldozer was produced in two modifications:

  • Standard version of the CHTZ T 130;
  • The swamp version of CHTZ T 130B, equipped with chains with wide shoes.

The series is universal and is used in various areas: industry, supply, forestry, construction and others. The main activity of the ChTZ T 130B is to develop floors up to category 3 and their movement up to 100 m. The bulldozer also effectively copes with the evacuation of the territory and debris removal.

Technical characteristics of ChTZ T 130

Total dimensions (the machine without equipment):

  • Length – 5193 mm;
  • Width – 2475 mm;
  • Height – 3085 mm;
  • Distance – 415 mm;
  • Track base – 2478 mm.

Construction weight of the bulldozer – 12720 kg. Traction class – 6.

ChTZ T 130 is equipped with 2 types of blades with augers and hydraulic legs.

Technical characteristics of the equipment (dozer blade / straight blade):

  • Capacity – 4.75 / 4.28 cubic meters;
  • Width – 3310 / 3420 mm;
  • Height – 1310/1310 mm;
  • Maximum blade travel above ground – 1020/1020 mm;
  • Maximum penetration into the ground – 440/440 mm;
  • Cutting angle setting – 10/10 degrees;
  • Maximum slope – 10/10 degrees;
  • Weight – 2313/2240 kg.

Sprayers with the following features can be installed on the rear of the bulldozer:

  • Directional type – single-tooth / multi-tooth;
  • Maximum number of teeth – 1/3;
  • Number of possible tooth positions – 3/3;
  • Maximum depth – 650/650 mm;
  • Luster angle (short tip) – 45/45 degrees;
  • Luster angle (long tip) – 30/30 degrees;
  • Weight – 2245/1555 kg.

Filling tanks:

  • Fuel tank – 290 liters;
  • Hydraulic system – 100 litres;
  • Cooling system – 60 liters;
  • Engine lubrication system – 32 liters.


Old versions of CHTZ T 130 were equipped with a 4-stroke multicylinder engine D 130, which worked on diesel fuel. This unit allowed to increase the bulldozer performance in comparison with its predecessor. The D 130 engine showed stable operation under any conditions from northern latitudes to the Karakum desert. However, at severe frosts start-up problems often occurred, so later on the power units were supplemented with a pre-start heater. The engine was started by means of a starter.

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Properties of the unit D 130:

  • Power – 130 hp.

Since 1981, the CHTZ T 130 bulldozer was equipped with a more advanced multifuel turbocharged and liquid-cooled diesel engine. The problem with starting the unit in severe frosts remained. It was solved in the same way – by installing a pre-start heater. The power plant capacity was increased, which allowed to perform more complex operations. Compensation mechanism was used to dampen vibrations.

Characteristics of the engine D 160:

  • Displacement – 14.48 liters;
  • Power – 118 (170) kW (hp);
  • Design speed – 1250 rpm;
  • Max torque – 1098 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 244.3 (180) g/kWh (g/hp).

Design of ChTZ TP 130

ChTZ TP 130 chassis is built on a complex welded frame. The Sem i-rigidi suspension with a transverse line from the balancer consists of 2 stamped spars, which are connected to the rear axle. The guardrail component consists of stamped left traces connected by metal pins.

Chassis properties:

  • Space width is 1,880 mm;
  • Number of support roles on each side – 5;
  • Number of leads on each side – 2;
  • Surface imprint – 0.05 MPa.

The CHTZ T 130 is equipped with a hydromechanical or mechanical 8-speed transmission, which includes a 4-speed transmission and a permanently closed clutch. The transmission also includes a 2-speed gearbox, bevel gear, and a side clutch. With the gearbox, you can choose between 8 and 4 reverse speeds and reach speeds of up to 12 km/h. The maximum traction (128.2 kN) is shown at 2.6 km/h.

To pass the turn, rotary clutch on the rear axle and belt brake are used. The CHTZ T 130 has excellent maneuverability, you can practically turn the machine on the spot.

A separate, agricultural hydraulic system is used to operate the equipment. The NS-100 pump is responsible for movement of hydraulic fluid.

The bulldozer cabin is located in the rear and accommodates 2 people. High quality noise, sound and heat insulation helps to maintain normal working conditions in the cab. The cab is sealed so dust does not enter inside. At the same time, the operation cannot be perfect. During work, the operator feels vibration from the control levers. The ergonomics of the work area are quite good, and the driver’s seat has an adjustable backrest configuration. Heating and air conditioning system maintains the conditions necessary for normal work of the operator in the well, regardless of external factors. A heavy-duty safety cage is used as additional protection. Compared with modern bulldozers, the equipment of Kabbish CHZ T 130S looks quite economical, but for its time, this version was considered one of the best.

A special feature of the series is the increased strength of mechanisms and components, as well as the continuity of models CHTZ T 100, CHTZ T 130 and CHTZ T 170. This fact is extremely important for consumers, as it removes the possibility of problems with spare parts and components.

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On the market there are only versions of CHTZ T 130 (production of the model has been discontinued). The number of offers is very limited. The bulldozer is estimated at 190-470 thousand rubles. The cost of equipment after a larger repair can reach 1 million rubles.

Description of the bulldozer T-1330 device and its technical characteristics

T-1330 crawler planner

Industrial machine B-130 Bulldozer-Alley characteristics, weight and price of special devices interest many consumers. This tractor is a universal equipment, which moves on the tracks. The unit is characterized by high productivity, according to this parameter it is ranked in the sixth class. The unit is equipped with a standard dozer blade.

The Chelyabinsk plant “ChZ” started serial production of the machine half a century ago. Over more than two decades the sponsor plant has left a quarter of a million machines. Then its production was completely stopped because it was replaced by the T-170 unit. But many tractors are still in operation.

Creation history

In the years when the American state was experiencing the great depression, his company from Detroit contracted to build a tractor plant in Chelyabinsk. The base model of the future domestic tractor was the Katerpillar-60. Already in 1933, the first machine came off the assembly line with the name “Stalin-60”.

During the years of the hard war the production facilities were focused on the production of self-propelled weapons and KV tanks, tractors that carried Haubitzen. After the war the Chelyabinsk enterprise produced a multifunctional tractor, the famous “Hundred”. The unit broke several world records. The T-130 is a direct descendant of the famous “hundred”. This bulldozer is being produced up to now.

Planned purpose

Model T-1330 is a machine of a wide profile. It is used to perform the following actions:

  1. Moving the floor.
  2. Filling trenches.
  3. Erecting embankments.
  4. Planting.
  5. Paving points.
  6. Plowing.
  7. Loosening the soil.
  8. Cleaning of areas.
  9. Cleaning of building site.

Design of T-130

Technical features

The passing values of the technical characteristics of this equipment are as follows:

  • Speed – 12 km/h;
  • Clearance – 0.42 m;
  • Width of space – 1.88 m;
  • Blade width – 3.2 m;
  • Weight (how much does it weigh with the blade) – 14.3 tons;
  • Footprint on the floor – 0.05 m;
  • Diesel tank capacity – 290.0 l;
  • Volume of the tank with hydraulic fluid for filling the system – 100 liters;
  • Unit dimensions – 5,19 x 2,47 x 3,08 m.

Dimensions T-1330


The first trucks of this model were equipped with D-130 engines, but in 1981 they were replaced by a powerful D-160 diesel engine. Their main advantages are unpretentiousness and guaranteed reliability. During long-term operation, the engines show quite stable operation despite the extreme conditions.

But at severe frosts, the machinists could not start the mechanism quickly. For this reason, those tractors, which were sent to the northern regions, were equipped with the system of pre-start heating of both the engine and technical fluids. Machines clearly work on diesel fuel of any quality, can be started on kerosene or gas capacite.

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Variants Values
perfomance 170 kW
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder volume 13.5 l
Piston diameter 145 mm
Pistons 205 mm
Crankshaft rpm 1070 rpm
Generated torque 1098 Nm
Engine weight 1.95 t
Fuel consumption 236.3 g/kWh


The tractor is equipped with a mechanical or hydromechanical transmission system with eight gears. It has a clutch with four splines that are permanently locked to transmit rotation. The torque is transmitted by a transmission with four ramps.

The unit is equipped with a two-stage gear wheel, for two-stage multi-plate dry friction friction, which is constantly used when engaging bevel gears. The presence of four shafts in the gearbox allows for eight forward and four reverse gears. Maximum traction is achieved at 2.6 km/h with 128.2 kN.

Chassis control

The rig’s suspension is semi-rigid and has a transverse spring for compensation. The frame uses 2 stamped longitudinal members that align with the rear axle assembly. The track bed combines stamped tracks with metal pins.

T-1330 chassis

The rig is controlled by a lever system through a set of strip chutes. A rotary hitch is used to make a circular rotation through the bulldozer. It is attached to the rear of the axle, connected to the drive gears through shafts. With a band brake attached to the rotary coupling, the machine can be used in one place without moving.


The operator’s place is in the cab with panoramic glazing and improved frame to ensure a safe stay inside. Factory designers have intelligently designed the driver’s workplace, carefully considering the location of all instruments and control levers so that the operator is comfortable to perform the assigned tasks.

Engine management

Tractor control

The seat is equipped with comfortable controls that provide tilt and height to keep the worker comfortable in the workplace. Reliable isolation from dust and noise penetration is ensured by the use of soft rubber gaskets. Thanks to the heating system the room is quickly warmed up in cold weather.


The data sheet on the volume of the armor tanks are given in the table:

Diesel tank 290L
cooling system 60L
lubrication system 32L
Sump gear 24 л
hydraulic system 100L

folding devices

The attachment set on the tractor is hydraulic, stand-alone. It is designed to perform the necessary work with two types of attachments: rear with front (pendulum or rigid power). The hydraulic system of one type, supplied separately, serves the operation of the trailer or tipping unit.

One of two types of dozer blade (8 or 10 feet wide) attaches to the front hitch. Various loads or slacks, pile-driving systems or pipe racks, and devices to move timber are attached to the rear hitch of the garment. Clean version of T-130 when working in the field has proven positive: it is convenient to plow virgin, previously uncultivated land.

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T-130 blade

The machines are equipped with one of the possible sound devices according to the customer’s request: straight or hemispherical mouldboard, ploughshare with one or more teeth. Parameters of attachments are listed in the table:

Bucket version hemisphere Straight
Type of change of cross angle and cutting hydraulics with helical plates
Bucket width 3.31 m 3.42 m
Prism volume 4.75 cu. m 4,28 cu. m
bucket height 1.31 m
lift volume 1.02m
Allowable cavity 0.44 m
Permissible error 0.63 (10°)
Limit angle of variation 10°
Blade weight 2,313 т 2.24t

You can download the T-130 Operator’s Manual here.

advantages and disadvantages

To the advantages of special devices T-130 users attribute the following features:

  1. high productivity.
  2. multifunctionality.
  3. High level of reliability.
  4. Simplicity of design.
  5. Good traction.
  6. Easy repair, cheap spare parts, long service life.
  7. Reasonable cost.

Electrical equipment T-1330

However, the tractor has certain disadvantages. It is quite difficult to start the machine in severe frost if it is not equipped with a parking heater. Working devices cause too much vibration and noise. The unit runs jerkily, and there are often traces of water in the oil.

Bulldozer side clutches often break, and drivers can’t figure out why the reverse gear is missing. The negative features also include the heavy weight of this tractor.


In addition to the traditional bulldozer, the T-130 machine is equipped with other types of attachments at the request of the customer:

  • Pipelayers;
  • Refrigeration;
  • Frame;
  • Tree milling machine;
  • Cable layer;
  • Train Wind;
  • Recording device;
  • Welding machine.


Buying a new bulldozer of this modification is now impossible, since its production was discontinued three decades ago. But on the secondary market you can find a large selection of special devices, used.

Bulldozer series

A used machine costs a needy consumer about 300-450,000 Russian rubles. The final cost is influenced by the number of hours worked, the operating condition and the year of manufacture of the device.


When it comes to the analogue from the domestic bulldozer of this modification, it is enough of your presence on the expanses of our country. Approximate technical indicators have three models: TM-10, Caterpillar D6R and B10M.They are characterized by the following parameters:

brand weight, Z Input power of power supply, PS Specified fuel consumption, g/kWh Capacity for diesel fuel, l.
TM-10 18.5 180 213 300
Caterpillar D6R 18.2 175 215 420
B10m 15.3 190 218 320

But it was the model CHTZ-1330 that became the brightest and most ambitious representative of our domestic engineering industry, because it captures all the high production potential of the USSR industry, the design genius of Soviet engineers.

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Many users of the ChTZ-130 share their experience of operating this device. They leave reviews of bulldozer owners on specialized forums and emphasize the properties of the machine and its quality. If we synthesize these entries, we get the following summary, which together characterize from the point of view of the consumer:

  1. The unit is practical in terms of the availability of spare parts in retail chains, so repairs are not too difficult.
  2. The unit practically does not cause problems with refueling, even with low-quality domestic diesel fuel.
  3. The technical characteristics of this tractor model allow using it effectively in construction or extraction of raw materials.
  4. The machine has a spacious cabin and the driver can have a good view of the working area. The fuselage is equipped with lights, which are sufficient for a good overview at night or in bad weather.
  5. Among the disadvantages, almost all consumers attribute weak gears, which only worsens the machine’s handling and significantly reduces its overall efficiency.
  6. The bulldozer’s weight is quite significant, and users also react to component parts. For this reason, when trying to replace components of the undercarriage or drive equipment, there are enough problems without the use of lifting mechanisms.
  7. An important problem with a power plant is its inability to idle for long periods of time. If the engine “rumbles” at idle for a long period of time, the turbine soon begins to lose oil and consequently fails. The reason is the virtual absence of oil entering the engine, which is necessary to lubricate the pistons. The turbine works without oil, the wear of its parts increases, which leads to failure.
  8. Significant disadvantages can also include the screw track shoes. The fasteners are regularly loosened, so it is necessary to constantly monitor them, check the integrity of the shoes and retighten them.
  9. In Soviet times, using a tractor was a pleasure, because diesel fuel cost almost nothing. Today the situation looks very different, where diesel fuel is very expensive. For this reason, the owners of modern devices note the great productivity of this machine, but also a high fuel consumption. In order to use the unit cost-effectively, it is necessary to load it with a significant amount of work. If you compare this model with the DT-75, it is immediately noticeable that the T-1330 is much more productive and efficient, but consumes twice as much diesel fuel. For this reason it should be used on large construction sites: when building dams, cleaning large areas, creating road crossings, laying process pipelines.

The tractor is characterized by excellent technical parameters, thanks to which it is already successfully used in many supplying organizations and construction companies.

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