Swimming series of the snow owners Hyundai: Description, characteristics and reviews

Snowofoffers Hyundai. Technical features and operating rules

Hyundai Snowoffer have long won the love and recognition of many buyers. According to numerous reviews, one of the most popular on the market, high quality, a large selection of models, good performance and relatively low costs are achieved.

With the huge installation, you can choose a machine based on the territory area, as both household goats and powerful, more professional are represented.

Hyundai, which was founded in South Korea for half a century, has developed at the level of a large company that has many subsidiaries, representative offices, production workshops and factories all over the world. The first thing Hyundai produced was cars and trucks. Later, the company started the development and production of garden equipment with the growth of demand and the popularity of products. This is how the world saw the reliable and durable snowman Hyundai.

Basic equipment and production

When buying a snowman, you get a complete conclusion that from:

  1. The snowman himself is gathered.
  2. A set of fastening elements.
  3. Operating manuals.
  4. Guarantee voucher.

Please note that some Hyundai models can contain additional components and accessories. For this reason, the manufacturer reserves the right to change and supplement the packaging.

The main production of all products concentrates in South Korea, where full control over the development, design and assembly of reader snow offers from Hyundai is carried out. Thanks to this, every model has an extraordinary quality.

However, there is a low production in China. According to the evaluations of the owners, they bought the Chinese assembly snow attacks, but this had no influence on the quality of the car.

Swimming series of snow residents Hyundai

The Korean company offers a large selection of Hyundai sno w-manufactured devices. Each new model is characterized by performance, drive, performance, different technical properties and indicators. In the Hyundai Snowmobile line, even sel f-employed machines and sel f-proceeded vehicles can be distinguished, which are very much in demand in the buyers’ ratings.

The gasoline and the electric motor also influence the process and the work speed. The drive must be selected depending on the expected work quantities.

Hyundai S400 Electric Snow presser

According to reviews, this model of the Hyundai Snowman is not only the most popular among Russian buyers, but also all over the world and is used for household tasks. This is one of the three models of a snowman on an electrical drive. The rubberized metal screw guarantees a strong and quick harvest of not only fresh snow, but also icy.

Hyundai S400 Electric Snow presser

An electric motor with a capacity of 2000 watts ensures 10 meters away. A plastic groove of 45 cm wide will carefully remove the snowmen from an expensive decorative coating. For greater comfort, the Hyundai snow machine is equipped with LED lighting of the work area.

Snowman Hyundai S6560

You can also find positive reviews about the Hyundai 6560 Snowmaker. This is a great example of a household, compact, petrol powered snow shovel. The four-stroke engine, specially created for severe frosts, is ICW200 with a capacity of 6.5 hp and offers 8 speed speeds: 6 forward and 2 – reverse.

Snowman Hyundai S6560

A snowboard is intended for small areas that will be cleaned quickly due to a wide intake of 60 cm. The metal screw costs well with hard snow without damaging the decorative coating. The operator can adjust the range of snow release from 1 to 12 meters.

Snowman Hyundai S555

One of the best configurations, about which there were many reviews left on the forums. The Snowmaker Hyundai 5555 models are equipped with the ICW160 Korean Four-Stroke engine that delivers 5.5 horsepower and offers 8 speeds of operation: 6 gears forward and 2 reverse.

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Snowman Hyundai S555

This is quite enough to throw the exhaust snow at 10 meters. The light start system starts the engine at an extreme temperature o f-30. The width of the screw is 55 cm and steel ice ice spikes will help you cope with ice too. The housing is made of shockproof plastic, which ensures the durability of the machine.

Snowman Hyundai S7065

A comfy Hyundai perfect for clearing small areas up to 20 acres is perfect for clearing small areas. The unique four-stroke ICW210 engine produces 7 hp and allows you to work even a t-50 degrees.

Snowman Hyundai S7065

To facilitate work and create more comfortable conditions, manufacturers made it possible to choose the speed between 6 gears forward and 2, the direction and range of snow thrown up to 12 meters. In reviews, users often note a powerful screw, which is easily matched with stuck and creamy snowdrifts.

Snowman Hyundai S5560

Self-propelled, budget, mid-sized and fairly weighty Hyundai Snowmaker has a good ICW160 branded engine on a petrol drive that runs for 5.5 hp. Large wheels guarantee stability and good patency even on slippery surfaces.

Snowman Hyundai S5560

The gearbox supports 8 speeds: ahead 6 and 3, which, according to reviews, makes the snowman even more comfortable. A wide 60 cm metal gear shroud quickly and efficiently removes not only snow but also ice from your site.

Snowman Hyundai S7090

The self-propelled model of the South Korean snowman Hyundai 7090 has a productive four-stroke engine of its own production of the ICW 360 series, which offers 9 hp.

Snowman Hyundai S7090

Large wheels guarantee increased maneuverability and the ability to cross, regardless of the type of coating, the level of snow slopes and how slippery they are. The light start system in the form of an electric starter starts the engine for the first time even at extremely low temperatures. In reviews, users often note the heating of the pens, which makes the work process more comfortable.

Snowman Hyundai S6070

A powerful and productive snowmaker Hyundai, which has collected a lot of positive reviews on forums and on the network. The IC230 brand four stroke engine produces 7 hp, which is enough to throw snow at 10 meters.

Snowman Hyundai S6070

For greater comfort of the work process, the machine is also equipped with a gearbox with 8 speeds, 6 of which are direct stroke and 2 – vice versa. The automatic electrical start system still enable s-40 degrees to start the engine for the first time, and the LED headlights make it easier to clean the cleaning under conditions for poor visibility.

Snowman Hyundai S6060

The Hyundai Sel f-Propelled Snowman of the 6060 model produces 6 hp thanks to the unique fou r-icw 180 of its own production. Thanks to this force, you can throw snow at a distance of 12 meters.

Snowman Hyundai S6060

The wheel drive offers good stability and the transverse countries, even with slippery coating. 6 speeds in movement movement forward and 2 – back can be converted to a practical control panel. A metal screw 60 cm wide is removed quickly. In reviews, users often notice ease when they delete old, icy snow drifts.

Hyundai Snowing Conference, basic collapse and their elimination

Each machine requires high quality and proper maintenance, which has a positive effect on the work and durability of devices. Each manufacturer strongly recommends that you carefully examine the instructions for each model in order to know the rules for maintaining a snowman.

You can read additional advice from Langen Hyundai users in the reviews, but the basics should be examined in the leadership.

For example, Hyundai points out that the most suitable fuel for snow brits is pure unhealthy gasoline. In the reviews, the experienced owners of Hyundai advise the purchase of gasoline, the octane number of which is not lower than 90.

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It is recommended that the oil buy a special, suitable four Stroke engines. Pay attention to the viscosity of the lubrication liquid, as the smoothness and smoothness of the device depends on it. In reviews, the owners of Hyundai technology also recommend the selection of oil depending on the ambient temperature.

The manufacturer differentiates several frequent problems, leads the most likely causes of their appearance and the way to remove them.

  1. The engine does not start even though the starter works.
  2. Inadequate engine power.
  3. Snow is not thrown away.
  4. When the grip is switched on, the engine suddenly stops.

Please note that the instructions only provide some of the possible causes of these phenomena. If you are not sure of the proper operation of the equipment, it is best to contact the Service Center to get the qualified help of a specialist.

Video check of the work of snow residents Hyundai

Reviews of the owners about the company and the Snow Hyundai

In the forums and online shops you will find many reviews on the work of snow citizens Hyundai. Most reviews have a positive context. In them, the owners describe the advantages of the machines themselves, the advantages of work, speed and simple cleaning. However, you can find ratings in which users indicate a not high quality arrangement of Hyundai and the lack of some components.

Dmitry, 35 years old, Kyiv

“I bought a small Hyundai 300 manual snowmaker in the cottage and was very happy with the purchase. I have read, acknowledged and studied a number of reviews. As a result, for relatively little money, I became the owner of a working and unpretentious horse. The machine works well and smoothly even when it’s very frosty, maintenance is basic. I used the second season, but I did not find any significant disadvantages. I recommend Handai! “

Vladlen, 45 years old, Odessa

“I bought a Hyundai Snowmaker for personal use at Country House 6070. In principle, I was satisfied with the purchase, so I decided to leave a review. It works very well fast. But the quality didn’t really like the quality: somehow it looks similar to a Chinese assembly. When he put the car together, it turned out that the cable was not connected at switch speeds. I had to go to the service center, where the specialists corrected everything under the warranty.

Hyundai advantages: low cost, quick and easy start, maneuverability, high frequency of service battery centers.

Snow-offers Hyundai. review of the lineup. Technical characteristics. operation manual

Hyundai Sno w-Offers were developed and assembled at the production sites of the South Korean company with a world-famous “Hyundai”. The basis of this industrial giant was 1967, then the brand was involved with the development and production of its cars, which were appreciated by the world of the world. The company expanded, increased its assortment (garden and park equipment, special construction equipment, etc.) for the production of high-performance units not only in their homeland in South Korea, but also in Russia, USA, India. Turkey, China, etc. along with the Hyundai brand, along with the Hyundai brand, the world consumer has received effective reliable devices at a reasonable price.

Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

Hyundai Snowbuilding equipment review for give

It is important to note that this equipment is not only found in private courtyards of suburban homes, but also in the Hyundai Snowmobile line, a more powerful change for the city’s utilities, small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. Hundai Snow-Cleaning machines are designed for operational mechanical cleaning of all types of snow masses:

  • Infusion;
  • Ice;
  • lying;
  • freshness;
  • icy.

Hyundai produces several varieties of snow moors:

  1. Gasoline Snow Removal Machines:
    • on a wheel drive;
    • On the caterpillar.
  2. Electric Snow Bracks.

All modifications of the Hyundai Snowman produced can be safely divided into two categories:

  1. Hyundai Self-Propelled Snow Plow.
  2. Hyundai Not-self-rehearsed snowbursts.

Consider the line of petrol snow removal machines “Hyundai”, represented by such modifications:

  1. Snow-Fer-not-self-rehearsed S 5050.
  2. Snowman petrol “Hyundai’ S 5060.
  3. Hyundai Snowpipe S5555 Self-Propelled.
  4. Hyundai S 5560 SEL F-SCHNEMMAN SELTER.
  5. S 6060, Snowman “Hyundai”.
  6. Snowman Hyundai S 6070, self-propelled.
  7. The petrol snowman Hyundai S 6560.
  8. The Hyundai S 7065 Self-Propelled snow-cutter.
  9. Handai self-procedure Snowman S 7090.
  10. Hyundai Self-Propelled Snowmaker S 7513 T on a caterpillar.

We suggest examining in more detail the features of the above changes in Hyundai Snow offers:

Snow-Fer-Non-Self-formulated Chendai S 5050

This no n-described machine weighs only 36.8 kg. The housing consists of permanent, frost-resistant plastic, the 4-stroke-free gasoline power plant Hyundai ICW155 has an output of 5 liters. S., which is sufficient to process the neighboring areas of huts and huts. The engine is equipped with a light starting system and starts manually from the start cable. There is an option to heat the carburetor. The wheel drive increases the maneuverability of the snowman. A metal screw with metal, which is designed for cleaning, including decorative coatings. The direction of the snow mass emission can be adjusted with a lever, while the area of ​​sno w-covered emissions can reach up to 10 m. The recording of the processed surface at a height of 30 cm in a width of 51 cm.

Instructions and properties:
Output power 5 PS
Engine type petrol
Engine volume 159 cm3
Type of drive Wheels
Motor revolutions 2500 rpm
Type of start Manual
The width of recording 51 cm.
Record height 27 cm.
Exhaust area 0-10 m.
Number of speeds
Fuel tank capacity 1.2 l.
Farah no
Heat the pencils no
differential no
Extension adjustment Manual
The pipe of the outbreak plastic
Dimensions (D*SH*C) 800*560*530 mm
The weight 34 kg.

Snowman petrol “Hyundai’ S 5060

The mass of this snowman, which is praised by itself, is 40 kg on a wheel drive. A petrol fou r-stroke engine offers a nominal output of 6 liters. With., Start from the starter. The light start system is built. The setting of the direction and reach of the emission of the snow ice mixture is regulated by a lever path. The nominal range is 12 m. The speeches are rubberized and ideal for decorative coatings. The border of the surface with a bucket is 53 cm, the height of the fence is 23 cm. The wheel drive offers the necessary maneuverability and simplicity of control, the cleaning rate is one.

Snowman Hyundai S 5060

Company manufacturer Hyundai
The possibility of movement Your movement with the wheel drive
Incase in width, mm 600
I n-depth in the snow, mm 510
Exhaust area, M From 1 to 10 meters included
engine Hyundai ICW 160
Type of electricity input Basin option
Engine power, L.S. 5,5
Engine power (W) 4100
Engine revolutions, speed 3600
Engine volume, see cube 163
Motor start (starter) Manually
Number of programs 6 forward / 2 before
Fuel tank capacity, L 2.5
Oil crank capacity, L 0,6
Roofing gutter rotating angle, hail 200
Weight (KG 75
Dimensions, mm 890 x 620 x 620
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Sno w-single “Hundai” S 5555 Sel f-Propelled

This self-driving design has compact dimensions with a weight of 65 kg, a 4-stroke carburetor engine of 5.5 liters. C (heating of the carburetor) and wheel drive. Wheels with a strong profile are pneumatic. The starting system from the manual starter is facilitated. The gearbox is mechanical (6 front speeds and 2 backwards. The sowing system is tw o-stage screws made of metal and have characteristic Zabine for effective cutting of the ice crust. The snow glad can have 55/40 dimensions. The release is up to 10 m, the turning angle and The area is set manually. The controls of the snowman are ergonomically placed on the control panel.

Characteristic, instruction:
Manufacturer Hyundai
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Engine type petrol
Engine manufacturer Hyundai
Engine power, L.S. 5.5
Type of start Manual
Number of programs 6 forward/2 before
Type of drive Wheels
The volume of the fuel tank 2.6 (L)
Federal State New
Screw Out of here
Heat the pencils no
Setting the exclusion direction distance
Control of the removal of the release Да
The maximum snow depth 490.0 (mm)
The width of recording 550.0 (mm)
Record height 490.0 (mm)
Exhaust area 10.0 (m)
The weight 72.0 (kg)


The mass of the snowman “Hyundai” is 75 kg, a carburetor engine of 5.5 hp. Equipped with an easy starting system and heated carburettor. The launch of the power plant is carried out from the launch cable. Self-acquired weapon on a wheel drive with a manual gearbox (6+2). The wheels are pneumatic, winter step. The system of screws is two-stage, the screwdriver with a zazugin is made of metal. Adjusting the corner of rotation and the distance of the throw-out (up to 10m) of the snow-ice mixing manual. The bucket has dimensions 60/51 cm.

Features and Instructions:
power 6
fuel tank (l) 3.8
engine Hyundai IC230
type of movement self-disguised, radt
Motor power (KW) 7
Engine type 4 tact
Capture Height (cm) 53
cleaning width (cm) 55
The number of speeds forward 6
The number of speeds back 2
wheel diameter (cm) 36
Electric start no
Farah There is
Unlock wheels to spin no
Direction of the snow missions There is
snow mission area 12
The upper location of the valves да
Country of Manufacture South Korea
weight (kg) 82

Snowman “Hyundai’ S 6060

The Hyundai petrol self-propelled shooter of this model weighs 85 kg. The power of the 4-stroke current is 6 hp. The engine is equipped with a lightweight starting system with a heated carburetor that starts from a jumper cable. Wheel-type drive, pneumatic fires have a strong profile adapted to winter work. The checkpoint is mechanics, there are front speeds and two vice versa. A two-stage socket with a zazubin is made of durable metal. The dimensions of the bucket – 60/51, adjustment of the ejection (up to 12 m) and rotary agitator of the rotary manual from a special control panel. The presence of a halogen headlight allows the owner of the technique to remove snow at any time of the day, with any lighting. Adjustable skis are placed on both sides of the KOV – the protection of snow pickup.

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Features and Instructions:
Engine type Gasoline 4 t
Motor power, KW / L.S. 4.4 / 6.0
Engine manufacturer Hyundai ICW180
Recording width, see 60
Type of start Manual
Capture height, CM 51
kind of a screw rusted
Exhaust area, M 1-12
programs 6 forward / 2 forward
Rotate the gutter Manual
Farah There is
heating of the handle no
wheel diameter/tyres N.d.
Weight (KG 84.8

Snowman Hyundai S 6070, self-propelled

This self-disguised modification is equipped with a wheel drive, pneumatic fires, a powerful gasoline engine (7 l), starting from an electric steamer. The engine is equipped with a light starting system and overload protection, heated carburetor, the handles are also heated. The box is mechanical and generates 6 front and 2 rear speeds. A powerful headlight is provided for evening work. A metal two-stage screw has a ZAZUBRIN that facilitates cleaning. The dimensions of the in-snow track are 60/53 cm. Adjustment (range – up to 14 m, angle of rotation) is carried out to the working field.

power 7
engine Hyundai IC230
Engine volume (CM3) 208
Capture Height (cm) 53
cleaning width (cm) 60
The number of speeds forward 6
The number of speeds back 2
wheel diameter (cm) 36
Electric start There is
Farah There is
Unlock wheels to spin differential
Country of Manufacture South Korea

Petrol Snowman Hyundai S 6560

This snow removal unit is designed so that they extinguish snow in the middle and small areas. The mass of the snow whistles is 76.2 kg. The performance of the gasoline power device is 6.5 hp. By starting the engine from the manual starter, there is an electric starter. The drive system of the DISC-O-Matic of the Radyps distributes the required performance between the moving wheels and the screws. Mechanical checkpoint, 6 speed speeds and 2 – rear. A tw o-component steel screw with ZAZUBINE cuts an ice crust without tension. The gearbox is reinforced, whereupon the power of the snowman “Hundai” has increased. The controls of the snow removal machine are brought to the control panel. Snow emission area – up to 12 m, bucket dimensions – 60/49 cm.

Petrol Snowman Hyundai S 6560

Engine power: 4.7 KVT/6.5 hp
Engine volume: 196 cubic meters. cm
Rotation frequency: 3000 rpm
Motor model: Hyundai ICW 200
Recommended fuel: A-92
Fuel tank capacity: 2.6 L
Type of engine oil: Sae 10W30
Broad: 60 cm
Snow emission distance: From 1 to 12 m
Working height: 49 cm
Weight: 76.2 kg
Country of Manufacture: Korea

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Snow removal Hyundai S 7065 sel f-propelled

This self-driving installation weighs 85 kg and is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 7 hp. There are to make the start of the carburetor engine easier: two starters (electrically and manually) that heat the carburetor. The line bodies are displayed on the field of work. There is no air filter. In order to increase the comfort of the operator, the manufacturer was supplied with heating limits with the snowmaker “Hundai”. Cycling, pneumatic fires received a winter quota. Speed ​​6+2, mechanical box. The release area is set to 12 m. A meta l-double tooth screw even cuts an ice crust. The dimensions of the bucket are 65/51 cm.

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