Storm garden tool reviews: lawn mowers, trimmers

Lawn mowers and trimmers from the brand Sturm: the model range at a glance

The German company Sturm is a world-renowned manufacturer of electric and gasoline tools. The company’s products are sold in most CIS countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries. The first Sturm devices appeared on the Russian market in 2003. Currently, the company’s production is located on the factory in China.

Power tiller Storm BT8933D Power tiller Storm BT8933D

Energomash” company is the official distributor of Storm products in Russia. Some models of devices are manufactured in factories in China with the label “Energomash”, but in fact it is the same device Sturm, but with a different name. Devices of this manufacturer are very popular.

Basically these devices are designed for domestic use, but there is a line for professional use.

Officially, the company produces devices of three directions with different purposes. These are:

  • Power tools (electric trimmers, brush cutters, small, medium and high power hammers, drills, cordless screwdrivers, compressors, paint sprayers, welding machines – inverters and machines up to 14 000 watts);
  • gasoline tools (gasoline generators, gasoline trimmers, chainsaws, gasoline mowers);
  • Hand tools (jigsaws, files, files, screwdrivers, etc.);
  • Spare parts;
  • Consumables;
  • woodworking equipment (routers, electric jigsaws, drills, planers, trimming boards, woodworking machines);
  • a separate category – soldering machines, winches, glue machines, engravers.

The main advantages of storm machinery are:

  • high-quality equipment at a high price;
  • wide range of equipment for different tasks;
  • domestic and professional series;
  • unique equipment, analogues of which are quite difficult to find (woodworking series).

Model range and types of Sturm equipment

This review focuses on garden equipment, namely lawn mowers and electric mowers, trimmers, lawn mowers of this brand. Traditionally, garden tools can be divided into two large categories: electric and gas. A separate category: cordless lawn mowers. The number of cordless models is very limited.

Trimmer Storm

Storm trimmer models by category:

  1. Storm 1000W, BT8933D drive.
  2. Storm 1350W, BT8942D drive.
  3. Storm bt 9152bl 1700w
  4. Storm bt 9143bl 1350w
  5. Storm Bt8952d 1500w.
  6. Storm Bt9126bl 850W.
  7. Storm bt 8933d 900w
  8. Storm Bt9133bl 1000w.
  9. Storm bt 8926d 850w.
  10. Storm bt 9152c 1700w.
  11. Storm bt 8942d 1350w
  12. Storm Bt 9143s 1350w.
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storm bt 9152s 1700w storm bt 1000w storm bt 1350w storm bt 8933d 900w storm bt 8942d 1350w storm bt 8952d 1500w storm bt 9126bl 850w storm bt 9133bl 1000w storm bt 350w

  1. Storm GT3512D electric scythe 1200W.
  2. Storm GT3514D electric scythe 1400W.
  3. Scythe Storm GT3535L 350W.
  4. Electric scythe Storm GT3550L 500W.

Electric scythe Storm GT3512D 1200W Electric scythe Storm GT3514D 1400W Electric scythe Storm GT3550L 500W Electric scythe Storm GT3535L 350W

Cordless trimmers Storm in the model range are absent.

lawn mower storm

Lawn mowers Storm by category:

  • Storm PL4146S 3000W lawn mower.

Cordless and electric lawn mowers:

  • Sturm CL4437 battery (charging time 5 hours, running time 30 minutes);
  • Sturm GT3510M 1000 Watt Electric Mower.

Sturm CL4437 Rampant Sturm GT3510M 1000W

The best models of the brand Sturm

Thanks to the wide range of trimmers and their ample performance, chain saws are very popular. The top models that consistently receive good reviews are:

  • Motokosa Sturm BT9152BL;
  • Sturm BT9143BL mower;
  • Sturm BT9133BL trimmer;
  • Sturm BT 9143S gasoline mower.

According to reviews, trimmers of these models are valued primarily for such properties:

  • High power capacity;
  • Reliability in use;
  • Excellent quality of cutting the grass;
  • two cutting elements (line and knife);
  • Possibility to use these trimmers for cutting small bushes, i.e. as shrub shears;
  • In some stores the trimmer is supplied with a tank for making the fuel mixture (for mixing oil and fuel).

Operating instructions, maintenance of mowers and trimmers

The rules of operation of Sturm lawmowers and trimmers:

  • Gearbox maintenance involves regular (every 25 hours) lubrication. An adequate amount of gear lubricant should be used
  • Clean any dirt or plant fibers from the trimmer when it is finished.
  • Make sure the trimmer does not fall and the gas tank does not hit the floor.
  • After using for 1 month, make sure that the trimmer is not damaged, clean the cutting parts of the attachment from oil;
  • If the fuel mixture has not been consumed for a month, squeeze it out and refill the mower with fresh mixture before working.
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter;
  • If necessary, remove the spark plug and replace the spark plug.
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If you are working with a trimmer, wear a safety mask, headphones to protect you from noise. Hold your motorcycle hand over the handle, if shoulder straps are included. Use them. Never turn the trimmer in operation with the cutting part facing you. After turning off, wait until the engine has cooled down before you clean grass and earth residue from the machine.

Oil and fuel

The fuel used is gasoline AI-92, AI-95 for the gasoline mower. Gas and oil are poured into different containers and do not mix. It is better to choose oil for the chain saw from the recommended instructions or universal oil type SAE 10-W30.

Honda Oem Sae 10W-30 engine oil

Oil and fuel for the chainsaw are mixed when the engine is two-stroke. The manufacturer himself says in the instruction manual of the mower that the amount of oil per liter should be 40 ml (for oil type FD). The recommended oil type for two-stroke engines is Sturm G-Egy Motomix 2T.

Sturm G-Energy Motomix 2T

Oil and petrol should ideally be mixed before filling the tank. That is why we recommend the use of special fuel tanks for mixing.

Possible malfunctions

Malfunction because Remedy
1. The level in the unit has dropped. Running out of fuel. Do not fill with fresh gasoline or oil. Pour mixture or gasoline only when engine is cool.
2. Uneven mowing, mower skips grass surfaces. The line may need to be replaced or the blade may need to be replaced. Replace line, blade.
3. Mower makes strange noises (pops, noise). 3. Mower makes strange noises (popping, clicking); gasoline quality or poor oil quality. Use high quality fuel and oil.
4. Fishing occurs while mowing. Vegetation winds up on the mower. Turn off the mower, remove the vegetation fibers, and continue mowing.
5. Sudden engine stall. Fuel mixture is not entering the carburetor. Fuel filter should be cleaned or replaced.
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Video overview of the storm trimmer operation

Video about the work of the trimmer Sturm BT9143BL

Review of the Sturm PL4146s lawn mower

Reviews of owners of garden equipment Sturm

Sergey, 31, Chernigov:

“I don’t have a trimmer or lawnmower yet, but this company has a punching machine. Works well, I am satisfied. If you are looking for a cheaper option than the same Bosch or Makita, you can safely buy Storm. This manufacturer has two lines: green and blue, green for household needs, blue for professionals. Who needs a more powerful, take the blue series.”

Anatoly, 44, Zhitomir:

“I use storm appliances for a long time. Of the tools I have an electric sweeper, a chainsaw, a garden brush cutter BT8926D (power 800W, by the way, it is the smallest) and a cordless brush cutter. I am very satisfied with the equipment, I do not have to complain about the quality. Read a lot of flattering reviews.

I am convinced that such reviews from improper use, from illiterate people. The manual clearly says what to use and how to use it. Our craftsmen like to break everything first, and then whine that it does not work properly. I’ve had all this equipment for over four years, soon to be five, and I see no reason to be sad. Everything works well.

Now let me tell you about the trimmer in more detail.

Pros: Sufficient power for the average lawn, cuts any vegetation, well, of course, if the area is overgrown for several years, and then only super young machines will help you. And if you take care of the plot, this power is enough for your mower. There were no breakages, eliminated minor flaws.

Buran lawn mower reviews!

Sturm! BT8972D

Powerful! Petrol little, at medium cutting speed, cherry like an oil bicycle and no bush and with a diameter of 5 cm veliiiiiik! I just have with what to compare, and the price is simply pleasant without a penny almost 5 000. And the brands in this weight class are much more expensive!

White or black grapes are healthier

It’s a pity that the line included quickly ran out! The instructions are not goats assembled in an hour. Periodically I fill up with gasoline so it doesn’t drip through the lid later. Read all reviews

Sturm! CL4437

Storm! CL4437

Short run time. Does not even work for the advertised time of 30 minutes. In fact, the maximum is 20 minutes.


People, if you want a mess on your head – buy it. The main problem – the lack of quite accessible replacement charger. The warranty workshops are a separate topic or individual entrepreneur or “We do not repair”. Read all reviews

Sturm! GT3561L

Storm! GT3561L

Low price. Very important and convenient elements of this trimmer – the height and tilt of the head.

Engine burned out 2 months after the purchase (I used it in the usual mode!) I gave it back under warranty. A year later, the eyeball out of the rotating reel holder flew out. Because of the weak plastic body broke the mechanism of the adjusting pedal a year later, the upper duplicating mount glued the body mount. Read all reviews

Storm! GT3512U

Storm! GT3512U

Comfortable to hold, relatively good grass cutting quality, low.

Constantly overheats the motor and the bearing near the base of the fishing link. After 2.5 years of use the motor burned out, poorly cuts dense and tall grass, and the fishing line from other companies has to be pulled by hand all the time.


Quite suitable for shaping and dividing already manicured lawns and areas for active use. Read all reviews

Storm! BT9126BL

Storm! BT9126BL

-price/performance ratio-delivery complete with a wrench and two nozzles and a “bought-and-run” trimme r-enough power for overgrown areas

– not very detailed instructions – to turn carefully, because the plastic tank gost.


For its price it is an excellent trimmer for more than a year, “working animal” type “bought and mowed”, the power is enough for overgrown areas. However, you can read all the reviews

How to ensure the correct shape of the crown of ornamental trees in winter?

Storm! BT9126S

Storm! BT9126S


Bought the trimmer BT9126S – just “class” Russian or Chinese-made! The store said that the thing is quality (if not expensive) and most importantly everything is easy to assemble and waiting. Well, we bought it and started assembling. Tax. Wave does not go into the reducer, problems arise, the store has specialists, we came, they say, and so the specialists do not help. Read all reviews

Storm! BT9152BL

Storm! BT9152BL.

You can throw it away without apology, or give it away under warranty, or exchange it for something, let others suffer, but over the 3 year company a number of quirks have been uncovered that even surpass some of the better models

Carburetor, handles, buckles on the strap, the alloy for attaching the handles to the body, the angle gear alloy is very weak, can come loose


Warning, the model is raw and not perfected for consistent operation. Read all reviews

Storm! GT3512D

Storm! GT3512D

So far mowed only with knife (sharpened both ways) – no problems. It even copes with small trees, even if they are a centimeter tall. Quiet – the noise comes only from the fall itself (but the noise is decent). No vibration. Convenient one-handed handle connected to the belt – the weight of the mower is not a problem. May slow down in dense thickets, but quickly accelerates again. The body doesn’t heat up at all, and the gearbox doesn’t heat up drastically. Winning assembly Read the whole review

Storm! BT8952BL

Storm! BT8952BL.

Cheap and very powerful, comfortable belt

The assembly is a bit lame and the silumin in the design


Very powerful trimmer for not much money, came in a box, you have to assemble yourself. The problem with assembly was the construction of silumin, when put on the screw, the body broke next to the gear, put a half-circle with the screw, tightened until the end, there was a second lock. Read all reviews

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