Stihl MS-660 chainsaw: Technical specifications, features of use and reviews

Stihl MS-660 chainsaw. Technical specifications and features of use

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Stihl MS-660 chainsaw is manufactured by the famous Stihl brand from Germany. Stihl chainsaws are the best-selling saws in the world, this equipment is very reliable and powerful, and the saws are considered the quietest. The history of the Stihl company began in 1921, when Andreas Stihl decided to found his own company, which was engaged in the production of steam boilers and washing machines. The first Stihl chainsaws were produced in 1929 with a capacity of 6 hp and weight of 48 kg. This machine was serviced by two operators.

Gradually chainsaws were improved, their weight increased, functionality grew, and new elements appeared: kerf-cutting-toothed saw chain, chain lubrication system, centrifugal cup, membrane carburetor, handles with anti-vibration system and chain brake.

Stihl 660

Shtil brand products are marketed in over 160 countries and are very popular with the public. Representatives of the company are spread across five continents, production facilities are located in Germany and the USA.

The more popular the technique, the higher is the demand for it, the more often the Chinese counterfeit occurs at the market.

In order to recognize the goods from China on time, we recommend to look at video reviews, which compare two identical models and shows the characteristic differences. And, of course, it is worth paying attention to the price of the chainsaw, it ranges from 41 to 71 thousand rubles. Those who like to save money run the risk of encountering a Chinese counterfeit, which costs an order of magnitude cheaper.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the obvious signs of the Chinese origin of the saw. So, the Chinese chainsaw “Serenity” MS 660:

  • Lack of its own instruction manual, different appearance of the manual;
  • Coating of the body with a dull color;
  • Different shape of the starter housing;
  • Chinese air filter screw is on top of the saw instead of the rear position of the original;
  • Oil and fuel tank covers have a simple convex shape, and the original covers for the screwdriver included in the tool kit.
  • The spark plug has no distinctive Stihl lettering;
  • The brake lever mount is one-way.

Stihl MS-660 chainsaw

STIHL MS-660 chainsaw is a professional tool, which allows not only felling trees, sawing planks, but also to cut very big trunks and to work on mobile sawmills like “Murka” or “Lesosol”. Sawing is not included in the basic equipment of the device. The new chainsaw owner can choose the bar and chain option for himself and his needs.

The “Stihl” MS-660 band weighs 7.3 kg. And has these features: equipped with a high-performance carburetor, which is a two-stroke engine of its own production from STIHL, the power unit is 7.1 hp. С. Air protection from overheating, manual start from the inertia starter and is contactless. The start is lever-controlled (both cold and hot). A decompressor is installed to facilitate takeoff. If necessary, an inertial chain brake stops the unit instantly.

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Chainsaw at work

The carburetor is made of a diaphragm with a built-in compensator, which allows the power plant to level out and ensure almost complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture. The design of the carburetor does not allow the operator to adjust the engine speed independently, but it does allow adjustment of the idle speed at which the chain should not move. There is a carburetor heater, which is effective in the cold season.

Chain tensioning is lateral, simplified, with maximum protection of the operator’s hands. To protect the engine from contamination there is a reusable air filter. Lubrication of the cutting element at specific points saves up to 50% of the lubricant. An anti-vibration handle guard takes care of the operator’s health.

Gorik Stil 660

According to the instructions, the chainsaw operator can put the bar on the device 40-50 cm and 90 cm (maximum length). A ⅜ inch pitch oil is selected according to the cutting chain. The cutting organ with pobedite tips is 4 times smaller, the quality of the saw is improved.

There are three modifications of Stihl chainsaws MS-660:

  1. Standard MS-660 modification.
  2. STIHL Magnum 660 – Engine power has been increased to 7,61 l. С.
  3. MS-660 chain saws have a heated handle.

Have a look at the STIHL MS-660 standard chainsaw specifications:

Power kW/hp. 5,2 kW (7,1 hp)
engine displacement 91.6 cu. m
saw class professional
blade length 50 cm (20 inch)
Chain features Rapid Super (Rs) 3/8″ 1.6 mm 72 STs.
Fuel tank capacity 0.82L
Oil tank capacity 0.36L
easy start system Yes
sound pressure level 101 dB (a)
vibration level 7 m/s2
Weight (without tire and chain) 7,4 kg

Advantages of Shtil MS-660

Let’s describe the distinctive features of the power saw, which advantageously distinguish it from various competitive counterparts:

  • Reliability and originality of the original Shtil MS-660 saw;
  • Autonomy of operation not tied to a power source;
  • Light weight at all temperatures;
  • RPM stabilization in working and idle mode;
  • Heavy-duty factory performance;
  • high torque;
  • Serviceability of chainsaw, spare parts available;
  • ability to cut large diameter trees;
  • protection of the pile from atmospheric precipitation;
  • Safety system at height, the brake is triggered automatically.
  • Access to heights is maximally simplified.
  • Efficient and simplified sawing attachment;
  • economic lubrication system;
  • easy assembly and operation;
  • delegated control;
  • improved fuel system.
  • The disadvantages can include the following:
  • high price of the SAU;
  • the high cost of components.

User manual

The instruction manual contains complete information about the tool and introduces the new owner of the sawmill to the peculiarities of its use and methods of work.

The manual consists of the following sections:

  1. The design of the Stihl MS-660 gasoline-powered saw.
  2. Requirements for safe operation and maintenance of the Stihl chainsaw.
  3. Table of technical properties of the MS-660 model.
  4. Preparation of the saw for the first pass.
  5. Peculiarities of intake time.
  6. Maintenance of the chainsaw.
  7. Malfunctions, their causes and ways of elimination.
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The device

What components does a Stihl MS-660 chainsaw consist of? We recommend reading the detailed diagram of the Stihl chainsaw:

Shtil 660 device

Getting your Stihl MS-660 chain saw ready for use

Before start-up, the following steps should be carried out according to the instructions:

  • Assemble the saw according to the instructions.
  • Prepare and refill fuel mixture and lubricating oil;
  • Check tension of fasteners;
  • Set idle speed and chain lubrication.

Fuel to oil ratio is 50/1 (100 ml of oil per 5 liters of fuel). The manufacturer recommends to use original steel oil for two-stroke engines and lead-free AI 92 petrol.

Stihl MS 660 chainsaw

The German quality of chainsaws Stihl implies the use of this tool without special input, idling for more than 10-15 seconds is particularly harmful – on the spark plug carbon deposits are formed.

In the case of this brand of saws, input means:

  1. Gentle operation is not enough to burn 4-8 full tanks of fuel mixture in a period.
  2. The first hour of operation consists of cycles: work – 2 minutes, idle – 10 seconds, quiet.
  3. A properly prepared mixture of original shitty oil and AI-92 gasoline in a 1/50 ratio.


Before starting:

  • Checking the chain (sharpening);
  • Tensioning of chain;
  • Checking tension of fasteners;
  • Filling up combat mix and oil;
  • Check lubrication;
  • Neutral.
  • Chain is loose;
  • Cleaning saw from wood dust and dirt residue;
  • Cleaning of filter;
  • Check condition of saw system (bars, chains, chain wheels), replace, sharpen, possibly repair.

In the case of scheduled inspections, adjustment of the idle speed, cleaning the carburetor, filters and repairs are performed at your own expense.

Breakdowns and repairs

Let’s list the typical malfunctions of the Stihl 660 chainsaw.

The Stihl chainsaw does not start:

  • Burning mixture is suspected;
  • Clogged fuel lines.
  • No contact on spark plug;
  • Broken / in wire;
  • Pump does not pump fuel;
  • Ignition not set;
  • light the spark plug;
  • Spark plug smokes or burns out.
  • The saw does not reach speed:
  • The carburetor is clogged;
  • The spark plug must be replaced.
  • The spark plug needs to be cleaned.

The chainsaw is idling. The cause is improper carburetor settings.

Video review

We suggest you watch a video, which shows the Stihl MS-660 chainsaw:

Owner reviews of the Stihl MS-660 chainsaw

You can find a lot of reviews on the web for these chainsaws. Basically, the owners note their good technical properties, processing quality and high functionality.

Anatoly, 38 years old

“Hello. I work in a wood company for 12 years. I was provided with a chainsaw Stihl M S-660. There is nothing bad to say – good performance, works great, starts both in winter and summer, the engine does not overheat much, in winter I turn on the heating handles and carburetor. Great saw, 8-10 hours every day is normal! Wanted to find the same in the stores – it no longer exists, in the ratings write that this is one improved version of the 661.

Medicinal plants in the garden

Sergey, 43 years old

“The saw is great, I have been harvesting for myself and my relatives with your help for 9 years now, sometimes I use it on a secretly built sawmill. About 4 years ago I built a house without it no way! Yes, it is professional, with good features and very expensive, but with it guaranteed my family a hassle free existence. I leave it with a positive review. “

Alexander, 41 years

“I bought a chainsaw 3 years ago. According to the reviews, I liked the properties, worked in logging, saw perfectly that the mowing of firewood goes like clockwork. But this year, trouble happened – the starter rope was stretched, but was no longer used. The work became … Found a service center according to the instructions, but waited 1.5 months for results. Work is idle. “

Stihl MS 660 chainsaw – the best choice for your own business

The Stihl brand’s line of chainsaws uses the same standard status as many European and Asian manufacturers. The Stihl MS 660 professional chainsaw is among the most famous and most popular models in highest demand in higher forestry.

In the development of the tool, valuable experience from the varied use of previous brand developments, know-how and technical developments of the own design bureau have been taken into account. The Motopili meets the technical and functional requirements of current regulations.

STIHL MS 660 chain saw - the choice for your business

Photo: Stihl MS 660 chainsaw

Design and function

Stihl MS 660 is designed for industrial shafting, felling of hardwood, cutting of firewood and other industrial works of various complexity and complexity.

The model is characterized by:

  • High felling and sawing productivity;
  • Effective fuel and oil consumption;
  • Maximal comfort and safety of the tool operation in difficult and non-standard conditions.

Information on setting up of the saw to work, sequence and time of the maintenance work and elimination of possible mistakes and faults is given in the instruction booklet attached to the KIT.

The device

The Stihl rivet saw seamlessly combines the advantages of the classic shape and modern tool design. It features a compact internal combustion engine with air cleaner and feeder, as well as two tanks of fuel mixture and oil for cutting wheel lubrication.

The model is characterized by comfortable entry, the weight is largely compensated by excellent balance, effective operation of the vibration damper and reliable fixation of the tool in each working position.

The saw is equipped with high-tech and durable interchangeable devices, with which you can realize the forest effect and sow wood with high performance and compliance with safety requirements.

Technical features

The 91.6 cc two-stroke power source with more than 7 hp runs on a fuel mix of high-octane gasoline and two-stroke engine oil in a 4:1 ratio. The chainsaw’s autonomy in remote areas is provided by an 830 ml fuel tank.

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Engine benefits include:

Adjustable carburetor.

The power of the power unit and its efficiency are directly dependent on the correct adjustment of the fuel system.

  • Adjustment of the carburetor, performed by specialists of the factory, is required only when the octane number of gasoline changes, there is a transition to winter or summer operation, or the engine deviates significantly from the standard operating characteristics.
  • The work is performed after cleaning the air filter with the engine running. Turning the quantity and quality screws puts the engine in the throttle response and idle stability mode.
  • If the adjustment does not give positive results, the problem is solved by flushing the carburetor, flushing the jets and filling the system with fresh high-quality fuel.

The cause of the decrease in active power and performance may be the wear of the piston group, which appears in the second half of the overhaul life.


The list of replacement gears includes a 20-inch steel bar and chain with tensioner. The design of the grass catcher box prevents injury to the sawyer in case the chain breaks or comes off the bar.

The safety of highly complex sawing operations is ensured by an effective emergency brake that stops the chain at irregular moments.

The chain is subjected to high loads during operation, which, combined with overheating, reduce its durability. The chain is lubricated by an automatic oil supply from an internal oil tank to the pump.

The feed volume in the range of 4 to 8 cc is set via the engine speed. The supply of lubricant is locked when the engine is idling.


systems and assemblies

The saw has been designed with a complete set of main and auxiliary devices from the list:

  • wide range vibration damper;
  • side chain tensioner;
  • decompressor;
  • combined lever control;
  • variable displacement oil pump;
  • Effective emergency stop device to stop the headset in the event of an abnormal or injury-prone situation.

The STIHL MS 660 chainsaw is used as a tool in the famous STIHL TIMBERSPORTS brand S series competitions.

The difference between a brand name chainsaw and a quality fake

Unfortunately, the quality original has become the blueprint for a cheaper second-rate knockoff sold as a well-known brand.

The copy in many ways replicates the look and design of the basic STIHL MS 660, but inferior in basic performance and features.

Experts recommend that you buy the tool from official dealers and only if you have a special certificate.

In appearance, the fake differs from the others:

  • untreated engine crankcase casting;
  • missing serial number sticker;
  • STIHL sticker on the sprocket cover instead of an embossed inscription.

Differences between a STIHL MS 660 and an original STIHL copy

China supplies cheap parts to Russia, the only advantage of which is lower cost. Parts and components made from low-quality materials produce less than half the resources needed.

As a rule, repairs made with cheap spare parts lead to additional expenses for elimination of undesirable consequences.

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The performance of the Stihl MS 660 chain saw is fully in keeping with its professional level.

  • Regardless of external temperature conditions the tool is notable for its easy start and stable rpm in the working and idle modes;
  • The engine torque ensures the possibility of cutting the optimum average diameter of wood at the expense of consumption of fuel modes.
  • RIGHT PROTECTION of the tool from snow and rain, easy access to the engine air intake and attachment unit, as well as effective fuel system and safety system deserve high appreciation.
  • The maintainability of the model is sufficient for self-repair and troubleshooting of operational problems in the field.


At the top of this small list is the high cost of tools, repair assortment and consumables. In second place – long delivery times of ordered parts, in some cases, moderate work of regional services was noted.

Video: Saw 660 in operation

The cost of the branded model in the central regions of the country was set at 71,000 rubles. The offer with a cheaper price is most often an attempt to sell an unreliable and short-lived Chinese analogue.

The price range of branded instruments on the used market ranges from 55,000-65,000 rubles.


In the professional category, I have powerful models Husqvarna 365 and Husqvarna 395XP, Oleo-MAC GS 820-30, Makita DCS7901-70 and Solo 681-60.

Owner reviews

Out of three chainsaws out of 660 chainsaws, one is already temporarily light. After oversight, the saw was running on pure gasoline. In the services promised to help, but the cost of repair runs into a lot of money. The equipment is modern in all respects, but too expensive, requires professional service and competent operation. Unfortunately, the qualifications and approach to the work of our specialists at the level of two thousand years. Fedor Egorovich

I worked only one shift on the new saw, then the new Stihl 660 was moved to a reserve until better times, and I was temporarily returned to my nice red Husqvarna. What was especially memorable about the Stihl saw – a good grip, great power, the machine at work sawed wood with a diameter of 55 cm at a speed of 70-75% of the maximum. When I get back my dickhead, I’ll put a 16-inch tire, it has better maneuverability and less load on the engine. Vasily Yefimovich.

Was lucky enough to participate in the regional lumberjack competition. He was not in the top three and took honorable 4th place, but provided unique opportunities for the new models of the Stihl brand. Stihl 660 at first sight is rather heavy, but it is not essential. The main thing – the smooth running, excellent balance, almost zero vibration, comfortable handles. Looked at the properties on the Internet, if it were not for the high cost, it would be the best option for a sawmill. Gorik

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