STIHL MS 461 chainsaw: technical characteristics, description and rules of work

Overview of the 461 ms chainsaw in Stihl. Technical characteristics, description, use and maintenance instructions

Chain chain ribs 461-ms is a professional super young motorcade rolling large trees and forest stands formed by medium-diameter trees. The owners’ reviews confirm that the saw has a high degree of endurance and high working potential in harsh conditions, for example, in winter at low temperatures, it can be used at sawmills with high intensity of the work process.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 461

The main purpose of the Shtil 461-MS chainsaw is an industrial forest effect and longer sawing of wood. Chainsaw Construction Features: An eco-friendly engine developed with 2-Mix technology of HD2 air filter. Convenient locks-bayonet are located on the fuel tank cap for effective and quick tool operation.

Another advantage of the Shtil 461-MS model is the roll direction indicators on the device case. Focusing on one line allows you to guide the chainsaw while dropping the log and focus on the other – guiding the tool along the desired vector during deployment. STIHL 461-MS chainsaw power is 4400 watts. Engine volume – 76.5 cubic meters. cm.

basic equipment

Basic equipment and equipment of the Stihl 461-MS chainsaw are standard:

  • saw and body part of motorcycle;
  • Instruction;
  • universal key;
  • parcel box.

Building land: United States. Production country: USA. The cost of one chainsaw of the original assembly on the recommendation of the official STIHL distributor is 20029 hryvnias.

Additional accessories for Calm chainsaws that can be purchased separately from the chainsaw:

  • Chain;
  • protective cover on the tire;
  • protective equipment for the owner;
  • Lubricant.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the Stihl 461-MS chainsaw:

  • Power 6hp (4400w);
  • Holoid Speed/Max: 2500/9800;
  • hoop 45 cm long;
  • Chainsaw weight – 6.7 kg;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 800 ml;
  • chain step 3/8;
  • Type of chain – quieter ölomatic fast super;
  • The noise level during work is 117 dB.
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instructions for instruction and maintenance

The maintenance and operation of all chainsaws are carried out according to a single scheme:

  • Every day after the work is completed, the chainsaw is inspected for damage, cleaning, wood dust, debris, chips and machine oil from the surface.
  • The oil and lubrication of the chain should be constantly monitored – this will contribute to quality sawing and a long service life of the chainsaw.
  • The best form of clothing for using a chainsaw is protective gear from the original manufacturer, Stihl.
  • Adjust the carburetor every year regardless of the condition of the tool, clean/replace the fuel filter every three months and control the condition of the circuit.
  • Mix oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:50.

The main malfunctions of the Shtil 461-MS and their elimination

The most common malfunctions of the Shtil Saw Saw 461 ms:

  1. Overheating of the case. Reason: intensive work. Elimination: Professional motorcycles also have to be used regularly in the application.
  2. The saws stand. Reason: fuel or problems in the ignition system ended. Elimination: pour fuel, check the condition of the candle if necessary, replace or clean the candle.

Video check of the model

Reviews of the owners

Dmitry, Rubtsovsk:

“I can certainly recommend this shit under the variety of professional saws because I know the quality, I know how to work. He tested many models, but he bought 461 ms for his work and for personal use.

Advantages: Despite the dimensions of the chainsaws, their maintenance is elementary without problems. I like the technical side of the tool very much – everything is up to the smallest details that work HD2 filters, they manage with their function. I clean about every two months.

Disadvantages: high price. If you are looking for a budget model, take a little easier. “

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Stihl MS 461 chainsaw

Chainsaw Stihl MS 461

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Closing a circuit voltage setting

Tire length (customs)

The inertia brake of the chain

24 Months.

tank 0.7 l
Oil tank 0.32 l
Closing a circuit voltage setting no
Gross weight 8 kg
The weight 6.7 kg
Tire length (customs) 18
The inertia brake of the chain да
Light start да
Planned appointment crossbow
primer no
Work volume 76.5 cm3
Candle Bosch WSR 6 F/NGK BPMR 7 a
Vibration extinguishing system да
Country of origin Germany
Noise 117 dB
The step of the chain 3/8 ”
The number of chain members 66 PCs.
class Prof.
The birthplace of the brand Germany
The thickness of the chain 1.5 mm
Revolutions (speed) 14000
Manufacturing goods codes 11282000703
Power (L.S.) 6 PS
Strength, w) 4400 watts
Tire length (cm) 45.5

Stihl MS 461 461 4.4kW/6LS 76.5 cm3 tires 45cm chain 3/8 ” 6.7 kg

MS 461 chainsaw is a modern hig h-performance saw for forestry. The saw has a variety of devices. The fuel consumption is 20% lower and the release of harmful exhaust gases is 50% compared to two Stroke engines of the same performance, but without 2 mix technology. Ideal for shooting forests with medium thickness. This tool has optimal configuration and optimal weight, excellent Kanövral possibilities that facilitate the longer process of the worker’s work and at the same time ensure its complete security.

A new generation of two lifting engine is installed as a work unit on the Stihl MS 461 chainsaw. 2-mix technology, four-channel cylinder technology and the rinsing contributed to the production of high performance with reduced fuel consumption and the maximum production of the fuel mixture that reduces the exhaust gas. Studies on the instrument under laboratory conditions, as close as possible to a natural work environment, made it possible to determine the specific parameters of improved skills. As well as the brake of the quic k-stop chain that protects the operator from accidents.

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Characteristics: – The highest force; – durable filter; – embossed family beam; – Quickstop brake; – Small weight.

Equipment: -Quickstop brake for immediate stopping the QuickStop chain brake chain is a protective mechanism when working with chainsaws. The chain brake is triggered when it presses the front emphasis on the hands and stops the saw chain for a few seconds. With a strong donation, the quic k-stop chain brake is automatically triggered.

– Anti-vibration system Strong vibrations in the area of ​​the handles can lead to chronic circulatory disorders in the hands. That is why Stihl has developed a highly efficient anti-vibration system (AC). In the case of tools with AC, the vibrations of the engine transmitted to the handles are noticeably reduced.

– Compensator of the Stihl compensator, the control element in the carburetor, ensures almost constant engine output, exhaust gas quality and fuel consumption for a long time despite the increasing pollution of the air filter. Cleaning the air filter is only required if the performance drops noticeable. It is possible to work for a long time without maintenance.

– Lateral chain tensioner access to the clamping screw is made on the side by covering the chain wheel. This prevents hand contact with the sharp chain and the toppings.

-Ematic chain lubrication system The Stihl ematic system consists of an ematic guide rail, an oilomatic saw chain and an adjustable oil pump. The special construction of the sword and chain ensures that every drop of oil arrives exactly where it is needed for lubrication. This reduces oil consumption by 50 %.

– Involvement control machine functions such as cold start, warm start, operation and switching off are controlled via a separate lever. This makes handling particularly comfortable and safe because the right hand remains on the handle.

– Stihl elastostar compression pressure when starting tw o-stroke engines creates jerky powers that strain the muscles and joints. The elastost start significantly reduces these harmful effects. The damping element in the handle of the elastost starts and, depending on the compression process, alternately releases energy and thus ensures an even, jer k-free start.

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-HD2 filter The newly developed HD2 filter with PE filter element is 70 % more fine-pored than non-woven and polyamide filters and thus effectively files out the finest dust. It also has good oil and water dismissal and is therefore very easy to care for. The exchange of the PET filter cartridge can be carried out without the help of a special tool.

– Decompression valve The decompression valve leaves part of the compacted mixture from the cylinder when the engine is started. This significantly reduces the required traction on the starter rope. Working for the operator becomes easier and the entire starting system wears out less strongly.

– Lubrication pump enables precise dosage of the oil as required. When labeling “E”, a reduction in the oil supply by 50 % is possible. With a long sawing or with very dry wood there is the possibility to install an additional oil supply.

– Stihl elastostart The compression pressure when starting tw o-stroke engines creates jerky powers that strain the muscles and joints. The elastost start significantly reduces these harmful effects. A special damping element in the handle of the starting device takes over alternately and releases energy depending on the compression process. The start takes place evenly and without bumps.

– Fuel tank with a tool-free lid Special patented lid for fuel and oil tanks. Tanks, if available, can be opened and closed easily, quickly and without tools.

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