Stihl MS 221 chainsaw. Technical description, characteristics and rules of operation

Stihl MS 211 chainsaw – features, advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

Chainsaws from the German brand Stihl with each new modification offer owners improved design and excellent performance characteristics. Its place in this list belongs to the Stihl 211 chainsaw, which for some reason users completely undeservedly overlooked. Manufacturers have created this saw, taking into account all the shortcomings of previous developments, as well as the wishes of buyers. Stihl 211 is light enough, productive and economical. The tool belongs to the household category, but its design and capabilities allow to solve quite complex tasks, which makes this saw necessary in every home.

Technical specifications and features

The Stihl MS 211 14″ chainsaw is based on a two-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology that reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by up to 20% as compared to conventional engines.

At maximum speed, the chainsaw develops 2.3 hp. С. The weight of this model is only 4.3 kg. If you compare the Stihl 211 with the 180 model, it is immediately obvious that the 211 model is slightly more powerful while weighing almost the same. The Stihl 180 C-BE, for example, weighs 4.2 kg. This means that when used for extended periods of time, performance is higher and operator fatigue, as with the Stihl 180 chainsaw, is less.

Below is a comparative table of characteristics, after analyzing which we can conclude that the 211 is more powerful, has a larger oil tank and has less impact on the operator’s hands, as its vibration level is almost 2 times lower.

Specifications of the Stihl 211

The chainsaw already has a number of functional features as standard, which make it a little easier to operate. For example, these are:

  • Air filter with pre-cleaner. The air pre-cleaning system works on the centrifuge principle and ejects impurities before they reach the air filter, which greatly extends the service and replacement interval.
  • Preheated carburetor, relevant for northern regions where conventional chainsaws may not start due to very low temperatures;
  • QuickStop brake for instant chain stopping protects the operator in case the saw bounces unexpectedly in his direction, which happens quite often;
  • STIHL four-channel technology whirls the fuel mixture and thereby promotes better combustion;
  • Tool-free opening of the tank lid increases the comfort of working with the Stihl MS 211 chainsaw.
  • Anti-vibration system, greatly reduces vibration levels, allowing people with chronic hand ailments to use the saw;
  • Ematic system. Reliable and economical bar lubrication;
  • Compensator lets you work even with a very dirty air filter;
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner. This allows convenient and safe monitoring of the cutting tool.

Original or fake

Popular high quality products have the common disadvantage of early or late knockoffs with brand logos. Such was the case with the Stihl MS 221 chainsaw – a Chinese knockoff appeared. The meaningful technique is very similar to the original, but has a lower price and correspondingly lower quality.

If you look closely, you can find other differences that are not characteristic of market technology. Our video review shows what you need to pay attention to when buying such serious technology:

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Features of the C-BE modification

Like all chainsaw models, the Model 211 has an improved version of the 211 with a prefix (C-BE). What does this prefix mean? (C) – the tool is equipped with an easy ergostart function.

Ergostart .

This is a special spring that is installed in the body of the starter and works on the principle of a force generator. When starting, the operator smoothly pulls on the starter rope, which compresses the spring to a certain point, according to which it pulls off the crankshaft and boosts it and generates the engine.

The advantages of using this system are obvious, as the operator feels virtually no compression during the starting process, which is quite high on this model.

Chain voltage system

The prefix (b) – means that the chainsaw has a system by which the bar can be installed and the chain tensioned without the use of additional tools. On the side cover of the saw equipped with this system, there is a special adjustment wingnut and a mechanism by means of which the cover can be easily unscrewed without the use of a wrench.

The design has no fasteners, which means it is impossible to lose, it is very convenient and practical.

Lubrication pump

Unlike a conventional tool, a chainsaw with an attachment (e) has an improved design of the oil pump to the saw chain. Such a pump can be adjusted. The feature is useful when working with an extended bar or when working with dry wood.

With this feature you can extend the life of the saw headset, which ultimately reduces the cost of owning the tool.

Basic rules

To be able to use the tool without any worries, the basic rules of use should be remembered:

  1. According to the manual, the tool should exceed the run-in period to grind all parts immediately after purchase. Approximate mileage time a-In- – – – – – produces up to 15 full tanks of gasoline.
  2. Use only high-quality gasoline (A-92 or A-95) and original, calm oil for refueling.
  3. Before operating the machine, check the lubricant and voltage level of the chain.
  4. Do not increase speed while the chain brake is engaged so as not to damage the drive or the clutch.

Following these simple rules will help extend the life of your saw considerably and save you from premature repairs.

How to break a Stihl 211 chainsaw

In some cases, when the engine malfunctions, such as the Stihl 211, you have to break it. To do this, you need to disassemble the following tools:

  • Stihl combination wrench;
  • The piston stop or tip put on the starter with the assembly;
  • A soft-metal scoop;
  • A 10-mm. nut socket;
  • Torx set.


It is possible to avoid the destruction of body parts by following a certain algorithm for performing the work. The first thing to start with is to clean the saw of dirt, as repairs are very difficult. Next, disassembly of the chainsaw STL 211 is carried out in the following order:

  1. Brake cover.
  2. Tires and chain.
  3. Haupt sprockets. To remove it, it is necessary to remove the stopper and pull the sprocket toward you.
  4. The top cover (thanks to a special bracket is very easy to remove).
  5. The starter. It is held by several screws, which are tightened with a torx size wrench.
  6. The spark plug.
  7. Working bike and clutch.
  8. Front handle, to remove it, you have to unscrew the shock absorbers, not remove them, as on the 180 saw.
  9. Muffler (if necessary, the muffler can be removed at all).
  10. Carburetor.
  11. Engine (attached to the housing with four screws).
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The flywheel and clutch can be advanced with the crankshaft locked. The piston stroke can be blocked through the spark plug hole by installing a stopper or knotty tip. The clutch is left-hand threaded and rotates clockwise.

Never attempt to lock the crankshaft by placing a screwdriver or wrench between the ribs. The force required to unwind the flywheel is too great, the blades are brittle, and 100 percent of the time there was no such load.

This is interesting. The 211’s carburetor is slightly different than the 180’s carburetor. It has a different flap location and body shape, but the main chamber and fuel pump are similarly located.

The disassembly algorithm of the Shtil MS 211 does not differ much from the prevention. The video description consists of three parts.

Frequent breakdowns of chainsaw Shtil MS 211

Now let’s take a look at the main breakdowns and chainsaws stil and focus on the most common ones.

The 211 Stihl has a two x-stroke engine, so it has all the “wounds” of this type of engine, namely ::

  • Binger from the CPG;
  • Air leaking through the seal in the crankcase;
  • Wear and air leaking through the seals;
  • Blockages in the carburetor and fuel system;
  • Loss of electricity;
  • Lack of spark due to a faulty magneto or electronic ignition coil.

Of the whole list, style owners most often have to deal with carburetor and air problems through the seals.

How to troubleshoot and replace the seals is shown in the video. Unfortunately, the video is in English, but the course of work is presented in maximum detail and understandable without words.

Fuel quality problems are repaired similarly to the rest of the chainsaw carburetor. On our site you will find an article on how to diagnose and repair the fuel system and carburetor on Stihl chainsaws.

Symptoms of malfunctions and deterioration that require carburetor repair.

The following signs and malfunctions indicate the need for carburetor adaptation:

  • The engine starts with a load and throttles almost immediately;
  • The gasoline cone is too high, the exhaust is too thick, the combustible mixture in the cylinder does not burn completely;
  • Chainsaw carburetor factory settings knocked out (due to vibrations or unsuccessful adjustment attempts);
  • Faults in the air-cleaning system, causing debris particles to enter the mechanism’s combustible mixture distribution;
  • Significant wear of the piston group – adjustment of the carburetor in this case serves as a temporary measure.
Election Fall.

It is clear that if you get into the fuel system with tuning the problem is not solved – it must be flushed. With detonation, the piston requires significant repair. However, in all these cases, adjustment of the carburetor is also carried out.

Feedback from Stihl 211 owners

Owners of the 211 chain saw leave good reviews about this model. Here is an example of one of them.

Alexei. 39 years. Velizh. Smolensk region.

I work as a master builder, I make log cabins, houses, and other structures out of round wood. I can’t do without the saw, though I don’t have as much load with us as I have with those who fell timber at the plots. Before I had a chainsaw 180, almost everything suited me, except that I was tired of dealing with vibration. An opportunity came up to sell the old chainsaw and buy a new one. I was happy to buy a Stihl 211 C-BE and I want to say: Stihl 211 chainsaw is just great, nice to hold in my hands. Easy to start, almost no vibration. Forgot what it is to carry a wrench to tighten the chain.

As for repairs, during the entire time of use, and it lasts more than two years, I went to the service only once, and that because it is necessary after working at maximum rpm to adjust.

In general, the chainsaw is reliable, handy and worth its money. By the way, I bought it at a time when it had a discount, so it was not much more expensive than the current Shtil 180. I recommend the MS 211 to everyone who wants a reliable and modern chainsaw for the home.


Reliable, lightweight and modern chainsaw Shtil MS 211, is the choice of those who like a combination of high performance and comfort. This model has exactly those features.

It is also worth noting that, thanks to promotions that Shil conducts regularly (you can learn more about them on the official website), if you buy the saw from an official representative, you can save a lot.

If you have recently become the owner of the tool, you should know that after passing the race on the chainsaw Stil 211 it is necessary to adjust the carburetor. You can do it yourself, the tuning instructions are in the owner’s manual, as well as posted on our website.

The Stihl 211 certificate. Technical specifications and distribution rules

The Shtil 211 chainsaw is a compact device made by the popular brand from Germany Stihl. For more than 90 years of its existence (founded in 1921), the company has won the international market and its products in more than 160 countries around the world.

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Stihl 211 chainsaw

Companies are located in the U.S. in the U.S. and at home in Germany. International observations have shown that Shil’s cars are the most popular with the population of the world, despite the high cost of unity.

Original or fake

Popular high quality products have the common disadvantage of early or late knockoffs with brand logos. Such was the case with the Stihl MS 221 chainsaw – a Chinese knockoff appeared. The meaningful technique is very similar to the original, but has a lower price and correspondingly lower quality.

If you look closely, you can find other differences that are not characteristic of market technology. Our video review shows what you need to pay attention to when buying such serious technology:

Properties and characteristics of the chainsaw

Stihl MS 221 chainsaw is a household tool and is used for such needs:

  • Felling trees;
  • Cutting down tree trunks;
  • Pruning branches;
  • Cutting boards;
  • Design, etc.

The Stihl MS 211 chainsaw weighs 4.3 kg. The shatterproof plastic body houses a STIHL 2-Mix-two-clock gasoline engine with a claimed output of 2.3 liters. C. The chainsaw is started with a manual starter, to facilitate this process, the manufacturer has installed an easy start system with a decompression valve and spring.

The diaphragm carburetor contains a compensator that contributes to increased power train speed, as well as improved mixture combustion and cleaner exhaust.

Special rubber springs protect against harmful vibrations. Increased safety at work: protection of operator’s hands is provided, there is a chain brake, chain dolly, drive wheel is hidden in the body, chain tensioning is sideways (quick stop), it is made with a blind key.

The Stihl 211 chainsaw in use

The MC 211 is fitted with 14-inch chainsaws and is suitable for the following chains:

  1. Picco Micro Comfort 3;
  2. Picco Super 3;
  3. Picco Dupo 3.

The chain is lubricated by the ematic system, which saves up to 50% oil.

Technical Data

classification “For housekeeping”
Cylinder volume 35.2 cm³
Rod length 35 cm
specific weight 2,5 kg/kW
performance 1.7/2.3 kW/hp
Stihl Oilomatic chain division/type 3/8″ P / Picco Micro 3
Weight 4.3 kg
Tank capacity 0.27l
Sound power level 113 dB (a)
Speed pmax 10 000 rpm
Sound pressure level 100 dB (a)
Production country United States of America

We offer to study the technical properties of this model. The manufacturer has released another modification of these chainsaws – the model MS 211 C-BE 14″. Its main differences – more weight by 300 g and more economical engine, with which you can save about 20% of the fuel mixture.

Cylinder volume 35.2 cm³
Rod length 35 cm
specific weight 2,7 kg/kW
performance 1.7/2.3 kW/hp
Speed at idle speed 2 800 rpm
Stihl Oilomatic chain division/type 3/8″ P Picco Micro 3
Weight 1) 4.6 kg
Tank capacity 0.27 l
Chain division 3/8 “S
Vibration level left/right 2) 3,5/3,5 m/s²
Speed pmax 3) 10 000 rpm
Sound pressure level 4) 100 dB (a)
Sound pressure level 4) 113 dB (a)
K-factor according to directive 2006/42/EC 2
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Advantages of the Stihl 211 chainsaw

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Lightness;
  • performance;;
  • high quality;
  • The possibility of using a variety of chains;
  • Automatic chain lubrication system;
  • Vibration protection;
  • increased safety;
  • easy starting system;
  • side chain tensioner;
  • Universal filter;
  • Ease of operation, etc.

According to the ratings, these chainsaws only have a disadvantage – a high price!

Stihl MS 211 chainsaw, manual, service record

Preliminary work

Preparing the fuel mixture does not take much time. It is necessary to mix 5 liters of high-quality fuel (gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92) and 0.1 ml. 0.1 ml of Stihl engine oil for two-stroke power plants. The amount of oil can be doubled during the entry time.

When the mixture is finished, the chainsaw is assembled, the tax rate is set and the chain is tensioned. The fuel and oil tanks are filled with the appropriate fluids. The chainsaw is started and the operator sets the idle speed and checks the lubrication of the chain.


Here’s everything you need to know at this point:

  • Fuel mixture at a 50/2 ratio;
  • Reduced engine load (no more than 50%);
  • The approximate length of the running-in period corresponds to usage time for up to 8 full tank refills.

Stihl 211 chainsaw, maintenance

Let’s list the main areas in which the chainsaw is serviced:

  1. Maintenance before use.
  2. Cleaning the saw of dirt after use.
  3. Scheduled maintenance, adjustments, troubleshooting, and chain sharpening.
  4. Maintenance – Troubleshooting.

This video shows how to adjust the idle speed of the carburetor on a Stihl chainsaw:

Possible problems

The following problems are common to Stihl chainsaws:

  • there is no spark on the spark plug;
  • Engine speed has dropped drastically;
  • Faults in the ignition system;
  • Wear of the seals;
  • the engine stops;
  • The saw does not start, etc.

You can read the full manual for the Stihl 211 chainsaw by following this link.

Video review

Reviews of Stihl MS 211 chain saw owners

“My parents bought the saw two years ago, decided not to save money on the tool and took Calm, but decided to stop at the household tool, as no one is going to cut wood in industrial way. The saw is excellent, I work with it personally, there are no questions about its use.

Pros: It is light, handy, powerful, cuts everything.

Disadvantages: filter clogs quickly. works on expensive oil, do not use analogues.

Sergey, 48 years old

“My Tranquility will be 10 years old in winter. The saw is common in the household, but does a great job with thick trees and logs.

Pros: rarely breaks down, safe, comfortable powerful.

Disadvantages: very expensive spare parts, expensive.

Alexei, 30 years

“The chainsaw is 5 years old, starts up once in a while, the cord moves easily, the cord was changed once – it frayed. I work in the garden, make fuel for the fireplace and the sauna.

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