STIHL MS-180 chainsaw. Technical characteristics, device and operation

Overview of the Stihl 180 ms chainsaw. Technical characteristics, description, use and maintenance instructions

Claus 180-ms is a light chain saw equipped with a two-stroke petrol engine. The STIHL MS 180 model was specially developed for household use. The chainsaw is designed for moderate and small loads and features .

Chainsaw STIHL MS 180

An improved version of the 180ms base model is STIHL’s 180ms C-Be model. A saw with MS C-BE marking has a simplified starting system that makes it easier to work with the tool.

The manufacturer of the Shtil chainsaw is the Stihl company located in Germany. As you know, Germany is famous for quality engineering and chainsaws are no exception. According to owners, STIHL chainsaws rarely require repairs, in addition, the manufacturer provides a guarantee on all original products. It is possible to design both standard and extended warranty. The terms of the warranty service are specified at the time of purchase from the dealer.

Stihl MS 180 C-BE (35)

The size of the Shtil saw of 180 ms also applies to:
  • building works with wood;
  • cutting firewood;
  • Manufacture of wood for cutting;
  • furniture production;
  • garden areas (trimming branches, thinning the shrub, pruning small dry trees);
  • STIHL MS 180 can be used for sawing OSB stamps, chipboard, fiberboard and other pressed materials.

This chainsaw has an excellent reputation among the owners, which is confirmed by reviews and numerous videos using the Shtil 180 ms chainsaw. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video about the saw of this model. The video was shot by the owner and shows in detail the characteristics of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw and the owner’s owner about the chainsaw.

The next video will bring the audience into another review of the owner of the SHTIL 180-MS saw

The petrol engine of the chain saw MS 180 an output of 1,500 watts. The volume of the engine cylinder is 31.8 cubic meters. The tool is seasoned with a mixture of oil and gasoline in a ratio of 1:50. The chain is fitted with a Stihl oleomatic chain, of the Picco Micro 3 type chain, a chain pitch 3/8 inch. To prepare the fuel mixture, high gasoline and company oil or another manufacturer used for two-stroke gasoline engines are needed.

The fuel mixture can be stored for 4 weeks. After that, it is recommended to prepare a fresh mixture. This improves the working characteristics of the engine. To lubricate the chain and tires, it is recommended to purchase a special technical lubricant for this purpose. Diluting the mixture in a ratio greater than 1:50 is not recommended.

Basic equipment, equipment, assembly and production

The assembly and production of the original Shtil MS 180 chainsaw is Germany. You can often find the STIHL MS 180 model in hardware stores or small shops, but at a very low price. This price is a sign of counterfeiting. The original chainsaw of the 180ms rest can’t be cheap. Most often, Chinese or Polish copies of chainsaws fall on the market, the assembly of which is made in Chinese factories.

The cost of a branded tool in retail sales on the manufacturer’s recommendation is 4659 UAH (from 11394 rubles).

The original STIHL MS 180 tool is always accompanied by documents such as a passport for the product, operating instructions, a warranty card with a warranty period of at least 12 months. The chainsaw passport can show the authenticity of the device – on the manufacturer’s official website on the serial number indicated in the passport you can find the parameters and characteristics of the chainsaw model.

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Basic equipment of the saw Shtil MS 180:
  • the body of the chainsaw with the engine and fuel tank;
  • The saw part, represented by a chain, a bus, an asterisk;
  • User Guide;
  • The saw chain brake;
  • Treat the holder.

A detailed description of the components of the saw design can be viewed in the instructions for the product.

In addition, the owner can purchase such components for the STIHL MS 180 model (these items are not included in the package):

  • Holding with a round file (allows you to sharpen the link in the chain with your own hands, if necessary).
  • opal template;
  • control template;
  • lubrication of rest for a chainsaw;
  • Fuel refueling system that prevents petrol splash when pouring;
  • Oil Filling System – Allows you to fill oil without spraying.

Technical characteristics of the Stihl 180 MS saw

The main technical characteristics of the Stihl 180-MS chainsaw:
  • engine power – 1500 watts;
  • engine volume – 31.8 cubic meters;
  • The number of idle revolutions – 2800 revolutions per minute;
  • The maximum number of revolutions that the engine can develop is 9000 per minute.
  • tire length 35 cm;
  • chain oil ölomatik Picco Micro 3;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 250 ml;
  • chain step 3/8 inch;
  • Vibration level (left/right) 0 6.6/7.7 m/s2;
  • sound power level 110 dB;
  • Sound pressure level 98 dB.

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instructions for instruction and maintenance

Operating rules for the 180 ms model STIHL:

  • Before using the tool, you need a run-in, a properly performed run will extend the life of the chainsaw, on average it will be 5-7 hours.
  • In the event of a malfunction, contact the service center.
  • It is not recommended to disassemble a working chainsaw.
  • When using a chainsaw, protect protective equipment (helmet or glasses, sound-absorbing headphones, closed clothing, dense fabric gloves);
  • Remember that the chainsaw is not a grinder, it is only intended for sawing wood and cannot be used to saw other materials.
  • For operator safety, it is not recommended to exceed the chainsaw’s operating time.
  • It is necessary to assemble a chainsaw according to the instructions using a divorce key included in the delivery kit.
  • Use the fresh fuel mixture and do not leave the saw with the old mixture in the gas tank for storage.

Model model Shtil MS 180:

  • Disassembly by the chainsaw owner is prohibited, especially if the tool is under warranty.
  • Carburetor adjustment is carried out independently only after the warranty period has expired. It is acceptable to regulate the carburetor at the end of the warranty period. The adjustment procedure is specified in the operating instructions.
  • Replacement of candles and maintenance of candles will be carried out if necessary. About once a month the spark plug is cleaned out of the carbon. One candle is replaced once every three months.
  • Clean the fuel filter once a month, inspect and clean the air filter about once a week if you are actively using a chainsaw.
  • Constantly check the chain tension and use the chain tensioner on the side of the case.

Is it possible to build a sawmill on a Stihl 180ms chainsaw and what is needed for this?

A sawmill is a wood sawing machine that performs longitudinal sawing of materials (planks, lumber, wooden boards, etc.). Some owners build sawmills with their own hands using chainsaws. The video below shows the operation of a sawmill with a Stihl 180ms chainsaw:

Protecting garden equipment from frost

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To build a sawmill, the owner used two metal corners, two metal pipes and a metal plate. Steel nuts and bolts were also required to attach the saw body to the frame. The saw fastened in this way runs on two parallel guides for direct sawing of the board or wood.

The sawmill also needs elevators to adjust the height of the board. The number of elevators is at least three (corresponding to the standard panel heights of 25, 35, 45 mm).

It is difficult to say exactly how much material you will use to craft a sawmill. The amount of material depends on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe structure, as well as the ability to use the available resources.

Another video about a sawmill from a chainsaw:

Note that the sawmill is a professional device for those who intend to expand their business, e.g. B. Logging, building furniture or wooden structures, etc. In a small summer house, such a structure is unlikely to be useful if the amount of wood needed is very small.

Major disturbances Calm down 80 ms and their elimination

The causes of the main malfunctions in the operation of the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw and how to eliminate them:

The saw will not start.
  • Reason: the chainsaw may stall due to lack of fuel in the tank, poor quality of the fuel mixture, clogged fuel filter, ignition system malfunction.
  • Remedy: Clean fuel/air filter, check mixture, add fresh fuel, make sure lube is supplied and unit can work.
The cut quality has declined.
  • Reason: Why is the cutting quality reduced? First of all because of the bluntness of the chain. In this case, you will have to sharpen it yourself or replace it with a new one.

Video review of the saw

How to properly start a Stihl 180ms saw:

An improved version of the basic chainsaw ms 180 – be Stihl ms 180 c

owner reviews

Nikolay, Zhytomyr region:

“The saw is indispensable for housework, for professional work I would take something more powerful, not necessarily quiet. Each saw is good in its own way, in this classic set of advantages: external chain tensioner, brake, anti-vibration is not bad. A worthy option for quite reasonable money. “

Chainsaw “Calm” MS-180. Specifications and Usage Features

Recommend: 67%


Chainsaw “Stihl” MS-180 is a product of the well-known German brand STIHL, founded in 1921 by Andreas Stihl. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture of washing machines and steam boilers. The first STIHL chain saw (Germany) was born in 1929 and weighed 48 kg. with a power plant capacity of 6 liters. With.

rest 180

The units were improved, new structural elements were added – a saw chain with cutting and scraping teeth, reduced automatically, functionality grew. The company “Shtil” is also known as the manufacturer of the quietest chainsaws in the world.

More than 160 countries of the world revealed their markets for the goods of this manufacturer, there are goods – there are representative offices. According to Shtil saw statistics, the best are competing companies versus products.

The visitor of the site is often interested in how much does the MS-180 “Shtil” chainsaw cost? The original chainsaw “Shtil” 180 costs in the range of 12-13 thousand rubles. Future technology owners are also interested in where the STIHL MS-180 chainsaws will be assembled. It can be the USA, Germany and even China. Chinese fakes are widespread, but the prices for them are lower.

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We recommend watching a video that will help distinguish a fake from the original:

Stihl chainsaw standard set

The basic configuration for the STIHL MS-180 chainsaw includes:

  • universal key;
  • tires 14 inches (35 cm);
  • chain for 50 links;
  • coverage on the tire;
  • Manual.

Description of the chainsaw “shtil” MS-180

This is a household tool designed for drilling branches and trees, sawing logs and other actions in a garden area. Stihl Chainsaw weighs 3.9 kg. The power of the installed carburetor with two stroke engine is 2 hp. The device for a mixture of gasoline (AI-92 and higher) and motor oil for two-stroke engines works. The kit can be 35 cm long, Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain with inch Pico is used.

The manufacturer delivered the chainsaw “shtil” blocking it from accidental start, and also provided automatic chain lubrication during operation (Ematic system). An effective anti-vibration system is provided for operator convenience.

We offer to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the STIHL MS-180 chainsaw:

Type of chainsaw
meal petrol
Motor power, W (L.S.) 1500 (2)
Cylinder volume, CM3 8/31
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.27
tire length, mm 300/350
chain step, inch 3/8
weight (kg 3,9
Additional options 3,9
Lock button turned on There is
Automatic chain lubrication There is
Bank tank capacity, l 0.26
additional options Anti-vibration system, compensator, Ematic lubrication system


In addition to the basic modification of MS-180, there are improved models:

  1. STIHL MS-180 C-BE 14.
  2. STIHL MS-180 16 PICCO chainsaw.

Consider each modification separately.

STIHL MS-180 C-BE 14 chainsaw

This “quiet” chainsaw is more advanced by the manufacturer, its weight is 4.2 kg. The power plant with two heaps runs on the fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil and has a productivity of 2 liters. With. The Ergostart system allows you to easily start the engine by pulling the handle of an inertia starter. The QuickStop system stops the circuit immediately when pressed on the front.

Stihl 180 in action

The constant fuel consumption and the cleanest exhaust make for a built compensator. The tire is small – 14 inches, with the following parameters: 1.3 mm, 3/8 inch, 50 links. On the tire is installed the Picc o-Duro chain of their own manufacture, which is 4 times slower and differs in monitoring and reliability.

The chain clamping system has been improved without the use of a special tool. With the EMATIC system you can provide the chain lubrication where it is needed, as a result – 50 % savings on lubricants. The anti-vibration system protects the operator from excessive vibrations.

Cylinder displacement 31.8 cm³
Rod length 35cm
Stihl Oilomatic chain division/type 3/8 ″ P / Picco Micro 3
perfomance 1.5/2 kW/hp
Weight 1) 4.2 kg
specific weight 2.8 kg/kW
Sound pressure level 2) 98dB (A)
Sound performance level 2) 110dB (A)
Vibration level on the left/right 3) 7.6/7.4 m/s²
Chain division 3/8 “S
Volume of the tank 0.25 l
Speed ​​while idling 2,800 rpm
Speed ​​pmax 4) 9,000 rpm
K factor according to Directive 2006/42/EC 2

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco

Chainsaw weight 3.9 kg. The engine is a gasoline-in-cylinder carburetor with an output of 2 liters. With. There is also a simple starting system, chain lock, anti-vibration. Stihl Oilomatic Picco Mini 61 PMN chain, automatic lubrication system works. Tire length – 40 cm in the carburetor is a compensator installed that is responsible for fuel consumption, constant chainsaw performance and exhaust gas quality.

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Stihl MS-180-16 Picco

PS performance 2
Stihl Oilomatic chain Picco micro 3 (pm3)
Weight kg 1) 3,9
Specific weight kg/kw 2,6
Sound pressure level DB (a) 2) 97
Sound performance level DB (A) 2) 110
Vibration level on the left/right m/s? 3) 6.6/7.8
Chain division 3/8 “S
Oil tank contents cm 145

Advantages of petrol saw Stihl MS-180

Let us talk about the properties of the chainsaw Shtil MS-180:

  • Lightness of a petrol saw;
  • Productivity in 2 l. With.;
  • belongs to the “hobby class”;
  • Simple start ergosta;
  • fast chain tension;
  • electronic ignition;
  • Four rubber dampers to dampen vibrations;
  • Chain brake quik stop;
  • Chain wheel roll insulation;
  • The carburetor cannot be regulated (only idle speed is regulated, engine speed is constant when setting the factory);
  • the presence of a stabilizing compensator;
  • Ein lever control;
  • The chain is reinforced;
  • The presence of two compression rings on the motor piston instead of one;
  • Versatility of the saw:
  • Durability, reliability.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • Noise at work;
  • high price;
  • Limited operating time per day.

User Guide

The pass of the “Shtil” MS-180 petrol saw is the operating instructions that contain complete information about the tool itself. Before commissioning, the manual must be studied carefully in order to avoid annoying malfunctions.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructions for the chainsaw.


The chainsaw STIHL MS-180 consists of: a petrol engine, a carburetor, a housing, a starter, a flywheel, a clutch, a decompression valve, an oil pump, a fuel pump and a tank, a sparkle, a saw chain, a tire , A brake, an air filter, a gear lever, a dust catcher, a silencer, clamps, a clamping wheel, a toothed attack, a adjustment screw, a handle.

Preparation of the Stihl chainsaw for work

The preparation of the saw should be addressed with all responsibility, since your future lifespan and the safety of the operator depend on it. Take into account the right shape algorithm if you prepare a chainsaw for the operation:

  • The Stihl chainsaw is assembled (according to the descriptions and diagrams in the manual);
  • The tire is raised and fixed;
  • The chain is excited;
  • The fuel mixture is correctly prepared: gasoline is diluted with oil in ratio 50/1 (the amount of gasoline AI-92 is 5 liters, special steel oil for two-stroke engines 100 ml);
  • The fuel mixture flows into the tank;
  • The oil lubricating oil is poured into the tank;
  • The reliability of the shutter section is checked;
  • Following the instructions, the saw is started.
  • The carburetor is adjusted at idle by the appropriate screw (the chain should not move).
  • The supply of lubrication in the chain is checked.

We recommend watching a video on how to assemble the Shtil chainsaw:

How to start a chainsaw “shtil” 180, our video will tell:

Catching time for the chainsaw “shtil”

In the usual sense, the barrel for the Stihl 180 saw is not performed. She is originally ready for work. However, the owner of the equipment must know and understand the following:

  1. The former from 4 to 8, full full tanks of fuel, the operation of a gasoline saw in gentle mode should not be carried out for the full power of the power plant with frequent stops to cool the tool.
  2. The first 60 minutes of operation of the chainsaw “Shtil” consists of periods of work and rest: 2 min. work, 10 seconds – idle, rest. An idle stroke for more than 10 seconds will damage the spark plugs, leaving a dozen on them.
  3. It is very important to properly prepare a fuel mixture of high-quality materials (1/50, AI-92 and higher, Stihl oil for 2-stroke engines).
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Technical service

Before operation, it is checked:

  • chain condition, sharpening;
  • chain stretch;
  • tighten fasteners;
  • filling fuel and oil tanks;
  • the presence of a chain lubricant;
  • idle etc.

After sawing:

  • chainsaw cleaning;
  • The tension of the chain is weakened (required);
  • circuit sharpening (if necessary);
  • tire condition, its wear;
  • Filter service (as needed).

The newl y-mined owners often get lost looking for materials on how to correctly disassemble (assemble) the “shtil” 180 chainsaw. :

malfunctions and repairs

Stihl 180 chainsaws malfunctions and their elimination is another problem that excites the owners of the tool.

Why doesn’t the tape “shtil” 180 start:

  • There is no fuel mixture;
  • No contact with the spark plug;
  • high tension wire cliff;
  • The fuel pump does not pump;
  • clogged fuel pipelines;
  • problems with candles;
  • The ignition is not adjusted;
  • Pour a candle.

Why does the tape “Shtil” 180 not develop the right number of revolutions:

  • feet on the spark plug;
  • The candle has worn out, a replacement is required (after 100 hours of work);
  • The carburetor requires cleaning.

The tape “Shtil” 180 idle stands:

  • The carburetor is not adjusted;
  • The fuel or air filter has become clogged.

We recommend watching a video on how to adjust the carburetor on the MS 180 gas station “Shtil” with your own hands:

Some tool owners use the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw along with a bell nozzle. This allows you to build a home sawmill and make ripping cuts.

The video shows a Bolgarer nozzle for the MS-180 Callest chainsaw:

But even without this nozzle, some craftsmen found a way to make a longitudinal cut with a regular tire using a saw chain. We recommend watching a video about a home-made pilram from improvised materials:

Video review

And now you have the opportunity to evaluate this tool in the work by watching a short video:

owner reviews

Alexander, 50 years old

“Great saw! In the work for the 12th year, they constantly changed: the tire burned out, chains were bought (winning soldering is one thing, but it is sharpened only in special services), an asterisk and filters. He saws everything in a row, works at home and in the forest, even fells the old house with it and burns the tire there. But the saw is still in force, it will work for more than a year!

Vladislav, 35 years old

“Somehow I bought Calm, at first there were no problems, but in the second year of operation the problems began, then it did not start, then it stalled, then the connections burst, then the engine died! Finally. I insulted the manufacturer. Now I understand that most likely I came across a Chinese fake, then there was no Internet to walk around the forums and watch YouTube. My godfather also has Calm, it has been working flawlessly for 7 years, he bought it 2 goals before me. So it’s different!”

Alexander, 32 years old

“I bought an improved BE 180 chainsaw, I am 100% satisfied with the purchase. At the dacha and with the parents, the Stihl chainsaw proved to be an indispensable helper. Parents in the village – firewood, we always celebrate winter holidays in the country, there is a fireplace – firewood again. Yes, and sawed out the old garden, planted a new one, and all this with this cool helper! I’ve had them for 4 years now. I advise everyone”!

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