Stihl MS-170 chainsaw: technical specifications, full description and rules of operation

Stihl MS-170 chain saw. Technical specifications and operating features

The Stihl MS 170 chain saw is intended for garden work. It is lightweight, moderately powerful and high-torque. The chainsaw has a power of 1.8 l. S. If you convert this to kilowatts, it is 1.3. This is certainly not enough for serious tasks, but it is quite enough for sawing garbage, procuring firewood for the brazier and for simple construction tasks. The weight of the saw is 3.9 kg. Due to its low weight, even a woman can easily cope with it. The working volume is 30.1 cm³, the cylinder has a diameter of 31 mm. The chainsaw is equipped with a 35 cm bar, which corresponds to 14 inches.

Below you can watch a video about how the Stihl MS 170 chain saw is unpacked, prepared for work and started up for the first time.


The Stihl 170-ms chainsaw is a light and compact handheld saw, the main advantage of which is the optimal combination of technical characteristics and low price. According to the owners’ reviews, the Stihl 170-ms is one of the most affordable models in the Stihl range of household chainsaws.

The main purpose of this chainsaw is gardening, use as an auxiliary tool in the woodworking industry, sawing small diameter logs, making firewood and construction work related to wood. The maximum diameter of a log, which can be quickly cut with this model of saw is 30 cm.

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The recommended price for a chainsaw at the official dealer of Stihl is 4039 UAH.

The power of a chainsaw Calm 170-ms is 1800 watts. This is the optimal capacity for home works and private, non-professional use.

The working volume of the chainsaw engine is 30.1 cm³.


Like its big brother, the Calm MS 180, the MS 170 chainsaw can be upgraded. For example, it can be fitted with the STIHL ElastoStart system, which reduces the compression resistance of the engine thanks to the mounted starter spring.

Another useful option for the ms 170 is the quick chain tensioning system. With its help, you can even tighten the chain without using a special wrench, which is very convenient. As a rule, wrenches are often lost. Picture of the system below.

Shtil fast chain tension system

The side chain tensioner is also designed to facilitate the use of the tool, because in the standard version it is not very convenient to adjust the chain tension of this chainsaw. The adjusting screw is behind the bar on the crankcase and the bar is in the way when the chain is tensioned. In some cases, accidental contact with the chain can cause injury to the hand.

Owner’s Manual

We now recommend that you familiarize yourself with your chainsaw owner’s manual. This will help you avoid many malfunctions and save you a lot of time and effort.

Getting the Stihl MS-170 chain saw ready for use

Immediately after assembling the bike, the chain is tensioned and the fuel and oil tanks are filled with operating fluids. The fuel mixture is made in advance at speed from 5 liters of gasoline (92) and 100 ml of Stihl oil for two-stroke engines. The operator once again checks the strength of the assembly elements and starts the chainsaw as described in the manual. Immediately after the first start the idle speed and the chain oil fill level are checked.

Operating the chainsaw

The main points are as follows:

  1. A fuel mixture for 4-8 tank refills is made with an increased amount of engine oil.
  2. The chainsaw is used sparingly – 50% of the power of the propulsion system.


Maintenance is carried out in several stages:

  1. Daily maintenance before and after operation. Activities are aimed at checking the performance of the Stihl ropes before operation and cleaning at the end of sawing operations.
  2. If malfunctions occur, waiting for work to sharpen the saw chain is scheduled for routine maintenance.

Serious problems in operation require intervention of specialists in the service centers.

Problems with the chainsaw

Let us briefly list the possible problems in the operation of the Stihl 170 chainsaw.

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The engine does not start, put:

  • No fuel;
  • Failure of the ignition system;
  • The fuel supply system does not work;
  • Carburetor not aligned or dirty;
  • The air filter is clogged.

It is not developing speed:

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  • Fuel or air filter is clogged;
  • Failure of the crankcase.

We suggest reading the full version of the manual of the Stihl chainsaw MS-170.

Comparison with competitor saws

If you compare the Husqvarna 236 and the Stihl MS 170, the Husqvarna is slightly ahead in terms of strong features. Its power output is 1.4 kW, while the Stihl has 1.3. In terms of fuel consumption, however, the Stihl MS 170 leads the way, as its engine displacement is much smaller at 30.1 cc versus the HUSKWARN’s, 38.2 cc.

Husqvarna chainsaw

The HUSKWARN features the environmentally friendly X-Torq® engine, which marks the chainsaw’s maximum performance. At 38.2 cc, the saw should produce much more power. The Stihl MS 180, for example, can deliver 1.5 kW with an engine displacement of 31.8 cm3.

Forgeries and the original

The more popular the equipment on the international market, the more often there are Chinese fakes with a similar appearance and a cheaper price. The original chainsaw Saw MS-170 should have a price within 10,000 rubles, anything much lower is a fake.

Experienced owners of devices have learned to visually recognize a fake:

  • The casting of the body is rough, porous, low-quality;
  • The color is darker than the original motorcycle;
  • The original has the air filter screw on the end of the instrument, the Chinese knockoffs have it on top, etc.

We recommend detailed information on how you can identify counterfeit motoblock MS-170 motoblock MS-170 in this video:

MS 170 manual

The instructions for the Chäsion MS 170 chainsaw are all detailed (as well as the instructions for the Chäsion 180). And, as is customary with Germans, it begins with the safety precautions when working with the saw.

The next thing you will learn by reading this manual is how to operate the saw. The material contained in this section will be useful not only to those who are working with a chainsaw for the first time, but also to those who have worked more than once. This section, for example, describes in detail how to correctly felling a tree, sawing a wedge, safely cutting jammed branches, and much useful information that cannot be found elsewhere.

The instructions for the Stihl 170 chainsaw were written by professionals, so you should not neglect to read them.

In the instructions to the chainsaw, of great interest is the object through trees with a large diameter of the run, caused by the use of various sawing techniques.

The following is all about the technical properties of the chain in the manual. What is the pitch: cutting edges, left, about it is written in the simplest and clearest language.

For those who have never started such equipment, the user’s manual provides a detailed algorithm on how it works (read how to start a chainsaw). In addition, an important point is what position it makes the safest. If you are looking further, you can learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain, properly clean it after work and preserve it in the long run.

The last thing you can read in the manual is the error chart. It defines as accurate useful information about malfunctions, their signs and troubleshooting methods.


As with many other Stihl models. The MS 170 saw has a direct competitor from the Husqvarna-A 120 Mark II, which replaced the 236-series. The Swede, with similar bar lengths and applications, has increased engine power, reduced weight and almost complete price parity. It’s really an excuse for proponents to have a debate on the subject of which is better. The discreet but no less reliable Oleo-Mac GS 35 C-14 is slightly more expensive, but below is a range of Chinese saws from Al-Ko BKS 38/35 to Zube PBC-380 35P. The build quality is already worse, although the engines are also a little more powerful.

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Malfunctions and repair of the Stih 170

The main faults of the Stihl MS 170 chainsaw are not original and correspond to the faults that are typical for saws of two removals. For example, these are:

  • The engine does not start;
  • No spark;
  • No fuel supply;
  • The engine starts, but does not develop maximum power.
  • The saw does not idle.

Now let’s try to understand in more detail what causes these malfunctions and how they can be eliminated.

Gasoline chainsaw Stihl 170 parts

Important: Stihl 170 repair is considered one of the most expensive in its class, as the saw was low and for this reason, spare parts for its engine are more expensive than, for example, for the Stihl 180. Repairing a Stihl MS 170 piston costs a mere penny.

Engine won’t start

If the engine won’t start, you usually need to check for fuel in the tool’s tank. Next is the fuel system.

No spark

If the spark on the chainsaw is gone, and it does not start for this reason, you need to start the diagnosis with checking the spark plug itself. A new one should be installed beforehand.

If the spark does not appear, you need to look at the gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil, if this does not help, only the replacement of the ignition module will help.

No fuel supply

A fuel supply problem is very difficult to diagnose, and for this reason it is best to have it diagnosed by a service center. If it is not possible to go to an expert, you should start by checking the fuel filter, which is in the saw’s tank.

Stil 170 chain saw fuel filter

Next you must check the cleanliness of the fuel line, for which you must disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and blow into it.

When blowing, use special equipment, because gasoline fumes are dangerous to your health.

If the line is clean, the problem may lie in the fuel pump or lack of air pulse. To check, remove the carburetor and check the tightening of the mounting bolts. Clean the impulse channel with a thin wire in the rubber tube of the carburetor. If these actions did not help, the saw should be sent to a service center for diagnosis.

Engine does not rev

If the chainsaw starts, but does not develop revolutions when you press the gas, while it idles and does not stall, the first thing to do is to check the air filter for contamination. If it is very dirty, it can be washed and dried in water and then installed on the chainsaw.

Stil 170 chain saw air filter

If such measures do not help, the fuel filter may be clogged. It should be removed from the tank and checked for clogs. Replace the clogged filter, if after that the situation has not changed, then the saw should be sent to the service, where specialists will identify and eliminate the cause.

The Saw Stops When Idling

If the unit does not idle and does not stall, the problem is an air leak in the engine crank, carburetor or under the gasket between the carburetor cylinder and the rubber spigot. It is possible to find the place of the air leak with the help of a special device called a vacuum gauge. Such a device has a chainsaw repairman.

Partner for chainsaws. Overview of the model range. Features of operation, advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws

advantages and disadvantages

The unit is popular with home craftsmen and professional woodcutters.

The product has such advantages:

  1. Quality with high assembly. All parts and mechanisms are made with great accuracy, which are well equipped with each other.
  2. Strength and reliability. The device is made of durable and stable materials. He is not afraid of bumps and falls.
  3. comfort at work. The engine of the machine works quietly, the low vibration level does not cause premature fatigue. The saw is light and easy to manipulate.
  4. Affordable cost. The price of the new product positively differs from analogues made in Europe, Japan and South Korea.
  5. Long service life. Parts of the chainsaw are not replaced when necessary.
  6. Multifunctionality. There is an opportunity to put a headset to perform tasks of different orientation. The machine is used for decorative carving, mowing plants and trees.

Model 170

As for the disadvantages, the owners note an increased consumption of oil due to the constant operation of the lubrication circuit of the pump. In addition, difficulties with starting, when the engine does not start at negative ambient temperatures, are noted. Users in our country are not always satisfied with the price of branded devices.

Reviews of STIHL MS 170

At the end of the article, I would like to consider a real review of the buyer of a chainsaw SHTIL MS 170 from a large online store.


  • Not heavy;
  • Powerful enough;
  • Comfortable;
  • Well assembled.


  • Doesn’t start well when it’s cold;
  • A little pricey.


After we finished building, we were left with a lot of wood scraps. We also asked our neighbors, who had cut down two large birches on their property, for firewood. They were bothering her. So we decided to buy a saw. Stihl 170, liked it immediately. It was comfortable and light. We considered cheaper versions for five or six thousand, but they did not satisfy me. I can’t start the engine, the oil leaks, in general, it’s all wrong. I decided to pay more, but to buy a quality tool, so that I wouldn’t have to drive between the country house and the service center.

The pluses of the purchase are obvious, the oil consumption is not great, and the gas consumption is decent. However, since this was the first time I bought the saw, I can not adequately assess the consumption.

I was told a little late that there are saws with easy starts, so I would buy them. It would make the chainsaw even easier to operate. The neighboring birch trees the chainsaw sawed with difficulty, but they were very thick and had to be sawed from four sides. Overall, my opinion of the saw is positive, just a little pricey.

I’m glad I bought it and I recommend it to everyone!

October 27, 2020, Moscow

The main malfunctions of the chainsaw hijack 170 ms

Let’s look at what breakdowns or malfunctions occur to those who use the stihl 170 ms chainsaw.

  1. Heating of the chainsaw, the smell of burning plastic. This condition can be caused by a heavy load or a lack of lubrication on the bar. The chainsaw’s operating range without shutting down is no more than 120-160 minutes. It is necessary to lubricate the bars regularly.
  2. The chainsaw does not start, the tool stops or the speed drops intermittently. This condition is most likely caused by a problem in the ignition, soot on the spark plug or a bad spark.
  3. The absence of large chips, a strong heating of the tire. Such signs indicate that the chain needs to be sharpened, lubricated and eventually replaced.

owners reviews

Evgeny, Volgograd:

“Pros: the saw is excellent, the price is especially attractive and affordable when buying and now, three years later, it is the perfect tool for the farm and for the home.

Cons: A lot of imitations of it both in stores and in the machinery markets. I recommend buying only from trusted stores.

Soldering tools - make a choice in favor of high-quality equipment!

The controls are very comfortable, the saw is light in weight, if for some reason you have to work with chainsaws other than the stihl 170, it will be very unaccustomed.”


The Stihl MS-170 chainsaw is made by the famous German brand Stihl, which was founded in Germany in 1921. The newly formed company of Andreas Stihl was engaged in the production of steam boilers and washing machines. A little later, in 1929, the company released its first chainsaw Stihl, which has a large weight (48 kg), and therefore it serves not one but two operators.

Stihl MS 170 chainsaw – private and agricultural model

Chainsaw equipment for the home is part of the toolkit in many private and agricultural households. The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw fully represents its domestic class in terms of technology and operation.

This model is characterized by high performance, economy, long service intervals and service life, typical of its brand’s lineup. In terms of popularity and sales volume, Stihl brand chainsaws occupy the leading positions in official and consumer reviews.

Stihl MS 170 chainsaw - model of private profile and rustic

Photo: Stihl MS 170 chain saw

performance characteristics

In the development of this model was infused with the valuable experience of operating their own and similar developments of other brands.

Partial or complete mechanization of work can be accomplished with the tool functions:

  • removal of areas with small trees and tall shrubs;
  • Harvesting wood fuel;
  • shaping the crowns of trees growing on the site;
  • Construction of wooden buildings for residential and special purposes.

Simplicity, convenience and safety when using the Shtil 170 saw in all respects, positively proven for works of varying complexity in the creation of exclusive elements of landscape and architectural design.

Stihl MS 170

Design properties

Popularity and stability of consumer demand contributes to the affordable price, a combination of classic layout with the latest know-how of industrial design, high quality materials used and factory assembly.

Convenient operation is enhanced by an effective oscillating lion system, low intoxicating background, ergonomic body shape and smooth running of the cutter chain.

Despite the tight arrangement of internal devices and consumables, easy access to the throat of the fuel and oil tank, the unit is installed and tuned.

The Stihl 170 saw is characterized by a simple and waiting design, with which owners can perform service or routine repairs of the tool itself.

Technical and operational characteristics of this model on all points meet the recommendations of current standards and regulations.

Stihl MS 170

Versions and information support

On the basis of the popular basic model several electric versions were developed: Stihl MSE 170C, MSE 170C-Q.

The instruction manual attached to the kit contains detailed information on the functions of the tool preparation when starting, on the amount and scope of routine work and daily maintenance, options for troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

The consumer reviews give the grounds to consider the Shil MS 170 chain saw to be one of the most popular models of the domestic class produced in recent years.

Stihl MS 170

Technical characteristics

The use of durable and definitively plastic parts of the tool allowed to reduce its weight to 3.9 kg.

  • The saw is compact, lightweight and durable with the use of two tires, using a gasoline-powered saw as fuel.
  • The electric motor with a working volume of only 30.1 cm3 develops up to 1.8 hp in working modes. The advantages of the engine include economical fuel consumption, torque and inexpensive maintenance for a while.
  • The carburetor adjusted in the system requires additional adjustment only if the tool is switched to seasonal operation, the gasoline changes and the engine traction properties are aggravated under the influence of external temperature and stress factors.

Fuel enters the carburetor’s float chamber from an internal 250 ml gasoline tank.

model Stihl MS 170
Manufacturer Steel
Manufacture (assembly) China
Place of birth Germany
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 1.8 (1.3)
Engine capacity, cm3 30.1
Chain pitch, custom 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,1
Number of chain members 50
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.25
Volume of oil tank, L 0.15
Tire length, cm (custom) 35 (14)
Noise level, dB (a) 109
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 3,9
instructions Download from
Garden care in April.

Operating headset

This assembly consists of proprietary parts. It is a 14″ guide bar and a cutting chain with tensioner. The universal coupler assembly allows the saw to work with other brands’ offerings. The chain is lubricated and cooled by adding oil to the working area from a 150 ml container built into the body.

In an abnormal or traumatic situation, the chain is stopped by activation of the emergency brake. Locking is done by moving the shield to the side of the tire. Maintenance of the saw includes regular cleaning, checking the oil pump and checking the chain tension.

Here is a video: MS 170 in action.


Advantages of this model:

  • Excellent design and balanced body, ergonomic handle shape, comfortable handle, pleasant vibration level;
  • High maintainability of the model, which is complemented by a large selection of exclusive and unified spare parts and consumable components;
  • The quality of materials and perfection of their processing technologies positively affect the reliability and durability of the entire product, inexpensive overhaul production and company resources;
  • This model has no limitations on external conditions and therefore can operate in a wide range of temperatures.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

The most common problem in this section is the constant operation of the oil pump, which inevitably leads to excessive oil consumption for the chain.

There is the problem of cold starts and reduced manual starter life due to the lack of a fuel pump booster.

A strong increase in the cost of branded spare parts causes concern, forcing owners to use cheaper Chinese counterparts to restore the tool’s performance.

The cost of the Stihl MS 170-14 chainsaw was set at 10,000 rubles. The demand for used counterparts with prices starting from 6,000 rubles is relatively low. On the other hand, interest in offers for spare parts has increased.


Chainsaws of a similar type of performance are presented in the domestic market with a fairly large selection. The main competitors are Oleo-Mac 937-16, Hyundai X 360, Echo CS-3700ES-15 and Husqvarna 140 X-Torq. It should be noted that branded saws from other manufacturers with the same performance and purpose cost significantly more.

owners reviews

The 170 Kalm is clearly not underpowered for its money. Even the cheaper machines, which cost 6-7 thousand, are equipped with automatic lubrication systems and more advanced carburetors. Nothing bad can be said about the assembly, everything is solid and reliable, embarrassed only by the plastic engine crankcase. Cold starting, especially at sub-zero temperatures, is problematic, so the starter won’t last long. It looks like the model clearly needs a thorough revision. Farid

My experience of owning a Stihl 170 chainsaw is less than two months. During that time I have tipped all the deadwood in the garden and cut firewood all winter. The engine starts confidently, the traction is normal, but the average fuel consumption is about 30% higher. Probably affected by its small displacement and the need to operate at maximum rpm. Purchased in the reserve chain was a fake, stretched only a few gas stations, the original must be sought. Sasha

I went to town to get a Khuskvarn chainsaw, but due to lack of product, a brand new chainsaw was brought home by Shtil. Being a completely non-technical person, I was pleased with the extensive and detailed instruction manual. Thanks to the content recommendations, the first run was a success. At the moment I have several tens of cubic meters of harvested wood in my tool tracking list. During the year-long operation there have been no errors or failures. The high costs of engine and chain oil strain a bit, but that’s the cost of technology. Sergey Nikolaevich

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