Stihl FS250 brushcutter. Review of characteristics, video, instruction, reviews

Stihl FS250 brushcutter. Review of characteristics, video, instruction, reviews

A good example of reliability, quality factory assembly and durability of Stihl trimmers was Motokos on the 250th modification of this well-known German brand. The model is equipped with everything you need for intensive use in the yard and beyond. During the operation of the gas cylinder, it demonstrates a high level of comfort, an even line of cutting any wild vegetation, as well as high efficiency – all this makes it more popular among both beginners and experienced gardeners.


Gasoline mower FS250 is a representative of the heavy class, as it is equipped with a gasoline engine capacity of 2.2 hp. It is designed for grass mowing in areas up to 50 acres.

The trimmer, thanks to the powerful engine, can easily cope with any type of grass, which is the main advantage of all technical characteristics.

Even young shrubs can be mowed with it.

It comes with a blade guard to protect the cutting parts.

The STIHL FS250 brushcutter is the best solution for landscaping, because its small size allows the operator to maneuver between obstacles and easily avoid obstacles.

The weight of the Stihl FS250 brushcutter is 6.3 kg and the fuel tank can be filled to about 0.6 l.

Stihl FS 250 brushcutter – design features

The main characteristics of the Stihl FS 250 gasoline mower include the simplicity of the factory device, the coordinated work of all built-in mechanisms and easy access to the most frequently replaced parts.

The Stihl 250 trimmer is equipped with a proprietary drive designed for intensive operation in extreme weather conditions. All internal engine parts, with the exception of the rubber seals, are made of steel coated with corrosion-resistant chrome alloy. Thanks to this, the engine can withstand intense heat and short-term surges in case it wants to run.

Motor, Shtil 250 trimmer

For fuel mixture preparation and working cylinder feeding, the Shtil FS 250 brushcutter is equipped with a high-quality carburetor. Like engine parts, the internal cavities are coated with a chrome alloy to protect the assembly from rust, increased heat and destruction. The trimmer’s carburetor is equipped with a proprietary compensator. This element prevents oversaturation of the fuel mixture with severe clogging of the standard air filter. Thanks to the factory balancing, the power unit performance always remains stable and drops only when more than 80% of the filter surface is not air permeable.

Shtil 250 carburettor trimmer

The Shtil 250 is equipped with the improved Elastostart start system, which includes a starter handle with an extended cable. This feature allows you to start the ice trimmer without significant jerk and resistance. For quick and safe cold start in winter, the trimmer is equipped with a hand pump which pumps the fuel mixture directly into the cylinder.

To ignite the fuel in the gasoline cylinder, a high-precision electronic ignition system is installed. It generates high voltages to ensure that the engine starts on time and runs smoothly in all weathers.

The STIHL FS 250 petrol chain saw has a handy multifunctional handle, from which the accelerator pedal and the ignition button have been removed. That makes it easy to operate even in the most difficult-to-get-at places.

Diseases of garden plants

Standard equipment

  • Stihl gasoline engine;
  • manual fuel pump;
  • automatic decompression;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • Multifunctional handle;
  • Handle height can be adjusted;
  • Handle with two handles for easy operation;
  • Safety goggles;
  • Shoulder strap for easy use of the motorcycle.

Shoulder strap radiation system

Design and principle of operation

STIHL MS 250 chain saw carburetor belongs to the membrane type and performs the standard function – mixes fuel with air in the right proportion to obtain a fuel mixture and further supply this mixture into the engine combustion chamber.

Shtil 250 carburetor trimmer details

In the diagram of the Stihl 250 chainsaw carburetor in position #9 is the diaphragm.

Shtil 250 carburetor working principle

The principle of operation of the Stihl 250 carburetor. Blue represents gasoline, beige – air. The arrows indicate the direction of flow. The diaphragm, which regulates the amount of intake mixture, is shown under No. 13.

Read more about the construction and operation of the chainsaw diaphragm carburetor here.

Technical Specifications

Working volume cm³ 40.2
Standard cutting tool Grass blade, Ø 230 mm, 2 blades
performance 1.6/2.2 kWhp
weight kg (1) 6,3
tank capacity l 0.64
Sound pressure level with plastic instrument DB (a) (2) 102
Sound power level with plastic instrument DB (a) (2) 112
Sound power level with metal instrument dB (a) (2) 112
Vibration level left/right with plastic instrument m/s² (3) 6,4/3,9 м/с²/td>
Vibration level left/right with metal tool m/s² (3) 5,9/3,9 m/s²
total length (4) 176 cm
Mower diameter 420 mm

(1) Without fuel, without cutting tool or deflector (2) k-value acc. to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB (a) (3) k-value acc. to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s² (4) without cutting tool

STIHL ELASTOSTART This special starter ensures a soft start without kickback and jerk. The integrated shock absorber is matched to the loads occurring during take-off

Transmission gas and lubrication check

Checking the transmission before starting the gasoline trimmer should be done on an ongoing basis. Lack of lubrication or a small amount of it increases the friction of the gearbox running at fairly high speeds. The consequence is overheating and failure of the gears. The Motokosa gearbox fails. Constant inspection will help to prevent the occurrence of such destruction in the process of operation.

If before starting the gasoline mower, the lack of lubrication in the gearbox or its absence in the housing is laid “lightly”. To do this, you need to unscrew the screw on the gear housing and exceed “Lelste” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

Every 8-10 mom work the gasoline trimmer for a long time, adding grease to the boom gearbox.

usage features

The brushcutter uses as fuel a mixture of gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 1:50 (oil:gasoline).

To fill it up simply choose high octane 92 KI gasoline and STIHL approved engine oil.

Concentration and composition are described in detail in the instruction manual.

Regular maintenance is the key to a long and trouble-free life with the Stihl FS250 chain saw.

Observe the safety precautions when operating your brushcutter.

Operating particularities of the Stihl FS 250 brushcutter

To increase the service life of the engine and other mechanisms of the trimmer its owner must carefully observe the rules of work with this model:

  • Use only high-quality brand oil and AI-92 gasoline to make the fuel mixture;
  • Flush the air filter and clean the spark plug every 50 hours of operation. If your chain saw is not used more than 2-3 days a month, you can increase the frequency of cleaning to 100 hours.
  • Flush the carburetor and muffler in time – this must be done every 100 hours of operation of the trimmer.
  • During operation, the attachment with stones and other hard objects interferes with the transmission of the tool with the cutting blade – the transmission of the tool can be disabled.
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Features of the Stihl FS 250 brushcutter in operation

During the operation of the Stihl FS 250 trimmer, it is necessary to monitor the condition of its electrical unit. If the plastic housing gets very hot, you need to let the motor cool down for 10 minutes.


  • Dependence of gasoline mowers in the work only on the availability of fuel;
  • Low weight of the trimmer;
  • Simple design;
  • Gasoline engine, suitable even for cutting dense thickets of grass;
  • Important economy, maneuverability and greater functionality than a lawnmower.

With the manual fuel pump you can push by hand and with your finger pump the fuel into the carburettor. This way, you can reduce the number of starts after a long run. The two-hand grip makes the mowing process anatomically natural. It’s fully repetitive when the normal handle is at an angle.

How to use your trimmer correctly?

First of all, you need to take care about safety measures. To do this, wear protective goggles, if necessary – gloves. Pay attention to the fixation of the legs – strict boots or boots, long pants. This is especially important if stones, debris and other foreign bodies can fly out of the nose with the metal disc, which can cause harm.

Before you start working with the trimmer, make sure that all assemblies and moving parts are securely fastened. Choose the right type of mowing jet depending on the type of work to be done. This can be a fishing line, a hard disc, or a saw. Check the oil level in the crankcase (in models with a 4-stroke engine) and the reduction lubrication. Use the proper fuel, start the unit and let it idle for about 3 minutes. It is also recommended to check the mowing area for foreign objects – stones, glass, stumps, etc.

While mowing, try not to bring the trimmer head close to hard objects (curbs, buildings, trees). Also take into account the nuance that the mowing head rotates clockwise, and the mowed grass lies on the left side. Do not make sharp and fast lines along the entire length of the tool – it overloads the equipment and can lead to breakage. Make smooth, forward movements from side to side and back up to 30-40 centimeters with each step. Refrain from mowing in rainy weather – most gasoline unit manufacturers warn about this in the instructions. It is strictly forbidden to use electric trimmers in wet conditions.

Motoblock Kadwi MB-90.Xracteristics, device and maintenance

Maintenance of the gasoline trimmer should include regular cleaning and lubrication of cutting and rotating parts, replacement or cleaning of air filters, and cleaning of the cooler. Before winter storage, leave the fuel on and let the unit run for a few minutes (to use up all the gasoline in the fuel system). It is also recommended that you pour some 2-stroke oil into the cylinder and crank the crankshaft by hand (using the starter cable). It is also important to lubricate the lawnmower with a special anti-corrosion coating. You should also pay attention to the external and internal lubrication of the trimmer bar in disassembled condition.

Owners reviews

Sergey: “My first impressions of Shtil FS250 trimmer are that it’s a working beast! It is powerful and voracious, but it does the job perfectly. I was seduced by its technical features, which are very different from other models. Young trees are also mowed using blades. It jumps when heated, then starts up with one time. The disadvantages include a high level of noise and vibration, which is transmitted to the hands. Had to do a role change to the fishing line. But overall everything is great! “Gennady:” My evaluation is based on my positive experience with the Shtil FS250 lawnmower. It is the most powerful lawnmower in its class in the brand line, the closest to it are free mowers, which can completely free your garden from any vegetation. I liked it for its technical features, which are completely balanced. The weight with a full tank is about 7 kg, but this does not affect the shoulders and hands in any way thanks to the comfortable strap. The thing in the household is irreplaceable.

How to start the petrol engine?

Start the lawnmower according to the following algorithm:

  1. Turn on the ignition on the handle.
  2. Put the air filter flap in the “closed” position.

It is not recommended to set the carburetor screws yourself, as in most cases they are already set in the optimal position. If necessary, you can adjust the screw responsible for the idle speed:


When you buy a new chainsaw, the Stihl MS 250 carburetor does not need to be adjusted – everything is set at the factory and ready to go! It’s only required after a certain amount of time of use, when parts have worn out or broken.

Another reason why you have to disassemble the carburetor is if dirt gets into the channels. In this case, it is enough to disassemble everything, rinse with gasoline, blow all the channels with compressed air and reassemble.

When to adjust?

The first sign that the carburetor needs to be cleaned and adjusted are black (greasy mixture) or very light (lean mixture) carbon deposits on the glow plug. With normal settings, optimum gasoline to oil ratio, and a properly adjusted combustion chamber fuel supply, the deposits on the spark plug have the appearance of a gray brick.

necessary tools

You will need the tools that everyone has: a set of screwdrivers, a set of fork wrenches.

Of materials you need a rag, kerosene (gasoline) to wash the parts.

Tachometer is for fine-tuning of carburetor revolutions. Important thing, but you can do without it.


Before tuning the carburetor, preventive maintenance of the device is carried out:

  1. The air filter is cleaned;
  2. The entire carburetor is cleaned;
  3. The engine is cleaned and flushed of dust and dirt;
  4. The chain is adjusted;
  5. The spark plug is cleaned or replaced.

Tuning instructions

Step-by-step algorithm for tuning the ZAMA C1Q-S85 carburetor on the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw:

  1. After the engine is parked, the “H” and “L” screws should be fully tightened and then allowed to turn a full turn.
  2. Next, start the engine – the chainsaw should run for 5-10 minutes.
  3. By adjusting the “H” screw, you should reach the maximum engine speed (14,000 rpm) with the throttle lever fully depressed. To accurately determine the engine RPM, use a chainsaw RPM gauge. If you don’t have one, you should make an adjustment – you should set the maximum RPM and then decrease it by about 20-25%.
  4. Use the “LA” screw to set the idle speed so that the chain on the bar rotates slightly, then turn the “La” screw out 1/4 turn.
  5. If the chainsaw stops or the RPM constantly fluctuates, you should resolve the “L” screw and the engine RPM should increase.
  6. Also, the “LA” screw sets the optimum engine idle speed, and the Stihl MS 250 should run at 2600 rpm. This is the idle speed.

If the carburetor or cylinder is sucking air, these procedures may not help. Air can enter the engine through a leaking carburetor seal, crankshaft seal or booster pump.

You can learn how you can fix this problem in the following video. The author also talks about hiring a ZAMA C1Q-S85 carburetor. In the example, the chainsaw does not start well and browns during operation

Repair video

We suggest you also read another interesting video, the author of which clearly shows how the carburetor is adjusted on the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw.

Shtil FS250 chain saw. Specifications, description, maintenance and operation

The powerful Stihl FS 250 lawnmower is designed for professional use in agriculture and forestry. The power of the trimmer engine is 2.2 horsepower, which allows you to effectively mow grass of different rigidity in large areas, cut dense grass, eliminate wild growth of young shrubs and thin trees.

Due to its high technical characteristics, the gasoline trimmer has found wide application in utilities companies.

Shtil FS250 petrol brushcutter

Description of FS250 trimmer

  • Soft and jerk-free start-up is guaranteed by the innovative elastostart system.
  • For the efficient maintenance of high loads, the drive shaft is forged with reinforced rigidity.
  • The grasshopper is equipped as standard with a special 230 mm cutting blade. With two teeth – steel blade GSB 230/2.
  • Optionally, a saw blade (chisel or sharp-toothed), mowing head with a line of max. 2.7 mm in diameter and a three-toothed metal blade are to be bought.
  • For safety, Stihl lawnmowers are equipped as standard with a shoulder strap with double padding and safety goggles.
  • Thanks to the original anti-vibration system, a long working life is guaranteed, as harmful effects on the body of the worker are completely excluded.

Shtil FS250 petrol brushcutter

Working functions

The Stihl FS 250 petrol brushcutter is characterized by a simple finish and uncomplicated operation. In terms of construction and technological parameters, it is similar to the Stihl 120 chain saw, the difference being the greater engine power and the size of the cutting unit.

The manufacturer’s instruction manual specifies the maintenance rules for Stihl power tillers, the time of routine maintenance work and replacement of consumables, recommendations on possible malfunctions of the device that can be eliminated by yourself.

As fuel, we recommend the original Stihl Motomix fuel mix (lasts for 2 years), not benzene, tetraethylsvin, with a high octane number. If the fuel specification says, for two-stroke engines, a prepared mix of Tiihl-90 gasoline and Stihl HP or HP in a 50:1 ratio is poured into the tank. The best oil is considered HP Ultra. Such a mix lasts no longer than 1 month.

Technical Specifications

Power rating (hp), (kW) 2.2, 1.6
Engine displacement (cm³) 40.2
Engine rpm (rpm) 12300
Cutting tool Steel blade 230 – 2
Manual Difficulty
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.64
Weight (kg) 6.3
Manual fuel pump Yes
Manufacturer China
class Specialist

User manual

advantages and disadvantages

  • Like many other models, the FS250 is equipped with a handy hand-operated fuel pump by means of which the operator pumps the necessary quantity of fuel mixture into the carburetor by simple pushing of the clip.
  • Due to the multifunctional handle, on which all the levers and control keys are located with two hands, the work with the tiller is very convenient and not tiresome.
  • There is a sturdy mower diameter during work – 42 cm.
  • The installation of a special Stihl compensator in the carburetor allows to maintain the engine power for a long time, despite the contamination of the air filter. The process is adjusted so that the filter has to be cleaned only after 80% contamination.


The Stihl FS250 petrol trimmer is highly reliable, durable and has no systemic problems during operation. Sometimes owners note increased noise and insufficient protection from vibration.

The main comments are related to the violation of the rules of installation and operation of mowing heads, blades and discs. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the devices, it is necessary to strictly observe the precautions when installing cutting tools and protective devices.

Video evaluation of the brushcutter

Stihl FS250 chain saw, small repairs

Stihl FS250 petrol brushcutter

Review of the Stihl FS250 petrol brushcutter

Owners reviews


“I have the most positive reviews through the Stihl 250 chain saw. Very powerful, durable. Do not compare with the Chinese, similar, it was still being repaired and broken. When hot calm starts with 1-2 tries. Air filter is like a car. “


“I work with a gasoline power block line Shil FS 250 in the woods, the result is impressive. But not everyone can work hard, hard, hard, hard, hard on the weight. In general, when it gets warmer, tape construction usually begins. Of course, the price of this manufacturer is high, but the quality corresponds. “

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