Stihl electric saws: overview of the model range, brief description and characteristics

STIHL electric chainsaws: Range check

Stihl chainsaws are among the top three most reliable, productive and durable products in global consumer ratings. In the wide range of electric chainsaw counterparts, the Stihl electric chainsaw may have the benchmark status in terms of its main characteristics.

Stihl electric saw.

The appropriate quality of the materials and assembly used directly confirms:

  • efficiency and durability of repeated use;
  • the efficiency of the maintenance;
  • Easy maintenance and safe sawing work in undesirable conditions.

Design features of Shtil electric saws

When working on designs the designers use the optimal combination of classical layout schemes and own original developments, new technologies of hardening of metals and application of wear applied on porous chrome-based wear-resistant coatings.

For the first time Stihl electric cars have found application:

  • double insulation systems;
  • overload protection;
  • smooth revolutions and emergency stop systems were used for the first time on Stihl electric cars.

The efficiency and expediency of original chain lubrication systems, tires with increased service life and wear-resistant saw chains have been proved.

Constructive properties

The domestic electric saw “Seeds” favourably differs from similar developments of other brands:

  • stability of traction characteristics when the voltage in the mains is reduced by up to 5%;
  • resistance to significant voltage fluctuations;
  • smooth speed and chain drive;
  • automatic disconnection of the headset drive in case of a traumatic situation.

Comparative analysis of SAW with electric drive

The official site of the manufacturer contains in its volume a catalog and prices for the manufactured range. The information provided will help you quickly pick up the model in terms of power and meet the specified requirements.


Stihl MSE 141 C-Q

The STIHL MSE 141 S-Q makes everyday work easy and comfortable. The tool is designed with a 1,000 watt electric slitting unit.

Users note positively:

  • The ergonomic shape of the body and handles;
  • side-mounted device for adjusting the chain tension;
  • The braking speed of the exclusive QuickStop Super model;
  • Reliable overheat protection system with built-in LED indicator.

Automatic metering of the chain oil fed into the headset is done by the proprietary ematic system. The consumable oil tank is made of transparent plastic, allowing the operator to monitor the oil level during operation. The capacity of the oil pump is adjustable from 5 to 10 cc/min.

Soldering tools - make a choice in favor of high-quality equipment!

The tool is equipped with a high-quality electric and wear-resistant stihl ölomatic saw chain.


Stihl MSE 170 C-Q

The brand’s new MSE 170 C-Q is in the best-selling household appliance series.

The design of the tool with a 1700 watt electric motor and a productive 12″ bar is complemented by an advanced overheat protection system with visual indication, QuickStop Super branded emergency stop brake.

The list of advantages of this model includes:

  • brand-name assembly;
  • ergonomic design;
  • Practical handle shape for a secure grip;
  • Random starter unit;
  • Headset kit via a proprietary oil chain.


Stihl MSE 190 C-Q

A domestic electric saw, productive, comfortable and safe, it is the best option for home construction, wood fuel and landscape architecture by craftsmen.

The model weighs 4.4 kg is characterized by the engine power of 1900 watts and a saw bar of 400 mm.

The list of tools includes:

  • exclusive QuickStop Super (Q) emergency stop brake that locks the chain while the rear grip is released;
  • efficient and economical ematic lubrication system;
  • Ergonomic handle configuration;
  • Ability to visually check the chain oil level in the consumable.

Overload protection circuitry built into the chain of the electric saw. The motor will switch off automatically if the disc becomes too hot.


Stihl MSE 190 C-BQ

The power and performance of the C-BQ series of electric saws is a version of the previous model. The design feature of this development is the transverse positioning of the electric motor.

The stihlematic saw’s chain guide system includes in its design an ematic model and an oleomatic chain.


Stihl MSE 250 C-Q

The tool with a 2500 watt electric motor is geared for the tedious job of sawing troublesome wood. The combination of electric power and torque allows you to use the same tool to cut thick and frozen wood.

The STIHL MSE 250 C-Q series electric saw is used in a wide range of domestic and construction jobs of varying degrees of complexity.

The technical equipment of this model includes:

  • wear-resistant chainsaw RS3;
  • Smooth speed and electronic control of electric drive;
  • Complete protection of handles against vibration;
  • Quick Stop Super Circuit Brake;
  • LED indication of engine overheating with built-in auto shut-off circuit.
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pros and cons

Test results and customer feedback showed full compliance of the entire lineup with the most stringent requirements of standards and regulations.

The relatively high price in relation to budget analogues is compensated many times over:

  • Reliability and efficiency of the tool itself and component systems;
  • The length of service life;
  • full-fledged service repair.

According to experts, the electric top of the model has every reason to claim the status of a reference.

To the disadvantages, many users include:

  • The high cost of branded spare parts and consumables;
  • low efficiency of the service structures;
  • the practice of replacing faulty brand parts with cheap and short Chinese analogues.

The range of products for electric saws is constantly growing due to new models with perfect industrial design, comfortable control and increased operator’s comfort.

Beware of fakes!

Indirect confirmation of the quality of electric saw products is a large number of more or less successful copies, mostly made in Asia.

Developed a number of signs to distinguish the fake from the original. But it is still recommended to use the services of a company store or a sales representative of certified dealers.

The above fully applies to spare parts and consumables. With this option, the risks of buying a cheaper, but low-quality fake are practically eliminated.

Owners’ reviews

German assembly was the key argument in favor of an expensive purchase of a Stils electric saw. The machine attracts by its external design and compactness. The power is on par, although sawing raw, frozen wood significantly reduces the performance. There is virtually no brush triggering, vibration is moderate and starts without problems. A 50 meter high amp extension cord was purchased to increase the range, and this is a significant heating of the standard household one for continuous operation. Branded consumables are expensive. Plan to switch to alternative lubricants. Eugene

At our sawmill, the electric saw has used up its life in a year and a half at most. The only exception is the SHTLEVSKAYA model MSE 210 C saw which worked the third season without any problems. There were no troubleshooting costs during the operation. The engine cooling is efficient, with summer automatics the engine only shuts down after 40-50 minutes of intensive work. The course of the chain is smooth, without jerks, but the noise level of the working registrar is clearly above the stated. Sergey Antonovich

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STIHL CHAIN LINE. Operating instructions and safety regulations when working with tools

Stihl company was founded 90 years ago in the 1920s by German engineer Andreas Stihl. At the time, Stihl was working in Stuttgart, Germany – he set up a design office whose immediate field of activity included working with wood. At the time, trees were felled with axes, an activity that was very demanding for the workers.

In 1929 Andreas Stihl invented the world’s most portable motorcycle. His idea was to use small, portable electric saws and chainsaws to create modern logistics and avoid the constant use of cumbersome sawmills. The first saw weighed 46 kg, while modern models of semi-professional and professional power saws weigh between 5 and 9 kg.

For example, in the early 1950s, the smaller flagship model had a chainsaw with 6 hp and a weight of 12 kg on motorized turrets. In 2016, Stihl celebrated its 90th anniversary. With the legendary powerful and modern model Shtil Contrail (STIHL “Contra”), German developers have increased logging productivity by 200%.

Today STIHL has become synonymous with quality electric and gasoline powered machinery. The company’s range includes such types of devices:

  • chainsaws;
  • electric saws;
  • garden shrub shears;
  • bots;
  • Batteries for drills, etc;
  • power drills;
  • Hand gardening and agricultural tools;
  • Protective equipment and gear for workers and gardeners.


Currently, the manufacturer’s power plants are represented by chain saws and batteries of different capacities. The price of the saw recommended by the official dealer is listed next to each model. The price may vary depending on the supplier or online store that sells a particular saw model.

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Stihl cordless chainsaws

  • MSA 120 C BQ, without battery and charger), lithium-ion compact, 2.5 kW electricity (price 7.499 UAH);
  • MSA 120 C BQ complete with battery AK 20 and charger AL 101, lithium-ion compact, electricity 2.7 kW (price 9,779 UAH);
  • MSA 140 C BQ, without battery and charger, lithium-ion compact, power 2.6 kW (price 8 569 UAH);
  • MSA 140 C BQ complete with test AK 30 and charger Al 101, lithium-ion compact, power 2.6 kW (price 11 039 UAH);
  • MSA 160 t without battery and charger, lithium-ion Pro, power 2.3 kW (price 10 709 UAH);
  • MSA 160 C BQ without battery and charger, lithium-ion Pro, 3.2 kW power (price UAH 9,259);
  • MSA 200 C BQ without battery and charger, lithium-ion Pro, power 3.3 kW (price 10 379 UAH).
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Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ cordless chainsaw Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ Ramping Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ

Stihl electric chainsaws

    , Power 1,4 kW, the price 3 729 UAH;
  • Electric chainsaw MSE 170 C Q, power of 1.7 kW, cable length 0.4 m, the price of 5 509 UAH;
  • Electric saw MSE 190 C Q, power of 1.9 kW, cable length 1.8 m, the price of 5 839 UAH;
  • Electric saw MSE 210 C BQ, power of 2.1 kW, cable length of 4 m, the price of 7.409 UAH;
  • Electric saw MSE 230 C BQ, electric power, 2,3 kW, cable length 4 m, the price of 8,579 UAH;
  • Electric saw MSE 250 C Q, power 2.5 kW, cable length 4 m, the price of 12,979 UAH.

Electric saw MSE 141 C q Electric saw MSE 210 C BQ Electric saw MSE 250 C Q.

The best models of electric saws Stihl

These chainsaws from Stihl are the most popular and have a good reputation among owners:

  • Stihl MSE 190 C BQ electric saws;
  • Stihl MSA 160 cordless saw;
  • Stihl 200 cordless saw;
  • Stihl MSA 160 C BQ cordless chainsaw;
  • ms 120 cordless chainsaw.

Other Stihl electric saw models are just as popular and receive praise for their performance from users. Ultimately, the popularity rating is formed in each segment of a separate household or professional tool and depends on the subjective preferences of the person who uses the saw.

Owner’s Manual

Rules for the maintenance and operation of your Shtil electric saw:

  • Make sure there is voltage in the mains (that the battery is charged) and only then operate the saw.
  • Keep an eye on the chain, sharpen or replace it in good time, and check the chain and bar for proper lubrication so you can keep your chainsaw in good working order.
  • Clean chips and oil residue from the saw on a daily basis;
  • Observe the time and mode of operation of the device – do not overload the motor.
  • Wear special clothing and protective mask or goggles.
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Stihl MSE 210 C BQ electric saw company video

The main deformations of electric saws and possibilities of their elimination

The most common types of malfunctions of cordless and electric saws are:

  1. Lack of reaction of the saw to turn on (turns on and adjusts or does not turn on at all). Possible causes: low battery charge, no fuel mixture, not enough oil. Remedy: Charge battery, prepare fuel according to instructions.
  2. The chain saw starts to “drink” a lot of oil and spends the chain and bar lubricant too quickly. Possible reason: chain comes off, oil compartment is loose or oil tank lid does not fit properly. Remedy: Check that there is no oil, that the chain is not blunted and if necessary resharpen or replace the chain and oil cap.
  3. Stihl electric saw has overheated. Cause: overloading, using the saw too long without switching it off. Remedy: It is recommended to use the saw in “load break” mode. For example, need 30 minutes load 10 minutes break to cool the engine.

Video review

Evaluation of popular Shtil electric saws

Review of cordless chainsaws

Owners’ reviews

Yuri, Voronezh:

“I use a cordless Stihl MSA 140 C BQ Set at the cottage, the power of 2600 watts. I believe that electric jigsaws do not pollute the air, they do not have to fumble with fuel and drink oil, like a gasoline powered saw! Yes, there are more expensive models and more powerful, but there is a different tool for every task. I am very happy with my chainsaw.

Advantages: The Stihl electric saw is uncomplicated, low, powerful, great sawing, practically holds its own.

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