Stihl chainsaw 361: technical characteristics and features of use

The STIHL MS 361 chainsaw: the reliable helper for the experienced chain saw user

A professional chainsaw of standard quality from the brand Shtil does not need much advertising. The popular STIHL MS 361 chain saw stands out for its top performance, efficiency and reliability in tough and extreme conditions.

Versatile tool based on the popular model, designed for large-scale logging and sawing operations, longitudinal and crosscutting sawing of construction wood, as well as the creation of wooden elements of landscape design.

Stihl MS 361 chainsaw - a reliable helper for the experienced chainsaw operator

Photo: STIHL MS 361 chain saw

Design features

The 361 Series differs from its predecessor in that it is lighter and has a longer service life. The saw provides essential support when building log cabins. A similar tool in terms of power and performance is included in the work and rescue units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Professional status and expanded functionality of this model imply a fairly powerful power unit with high torque, increased cutting unit and high reliability of the nodes and units.

Benefits of the retrofit

The MS 361 professional chainsaw combines classical design with the latest technology.

  • In addition to the performance standard in its class, it takes advantage of the economical engine with vortex formation of the fuel mixture.
  • A spring vibrator is used in the construction, which repeatedly reduces the level of low- and high-frequency vibrations of the tool in different operating modes. This model is equipped with an adjustable oil supply to lubricate the cutting wheel.
  • The fall of the saw is ensured by the EMATIC and QuicsStop emergency braking device on the chain floor in case of abnormal situations.

The advantages of this model are optimized by the 4-cylinder engine, the gas pedal pump in the fuel system, the electronic ignition system controlled by the onboard microprocessor.

High standard of operational reliability

Improved MS 361 models are characterized by better and more ergonomic design, stable idle and work modes, fast maximum speed and economical consumption of gasoline and oil fuel mixture.

With qualified maintenance, the number of errors and malfunctions of this model for the work done is minimal. The situation when the engine doesn’t start – most often it is a consequence of bad feeding, economy on fuel quality or rough malfunctions.


Technical Data

The STIHL MS 361 is fitted with a compact, fuel-efficient 4.6hp carburettor engine with a displacement of 59 cm³.

The power unit has state-of-the-art air conditioning and anti-vibration systems, as well as a 115dB exhaust silencer. The saw’s autonomy is increased to 0.69 liters by the increased fuel tank volume.

model STIHL MS 361
Manufacturer Stihl
manufacture (assembly) Germany
Place of Origin Germany
class professional
Engine displacement, CM3 59
Power, hp (kW) 4.6 (3.38)
engine type 2-stroke, gasoline
chain pitch, inch 3/8
chain thickness, mm 1,6
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.69
Oil tank capacity, l 0.33
Tire length, cm (in.) 45 (18)
Number of links 66
warranty, years 1
weight (kg 5,6
manuals Download

carburetor adjustment

The factory carburetor settings should not be changed without reason. The consequence of unqualified intervention into operation of the fuel system can be a decrease in engine power, an increase in fuel consumption, problematic starting and other undesirable phenomena.

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The basis for adjusting the carburetor is to change the instrument from summer to winter operation and vice versa. In another variant – the use of gasoline with a different octane number.

The work is carried out on the warmed up engine. After setting the minimum idle speed, turning the quality screw, you should go to a stable mode, on which the engine did not stand at hard throttle.

Peculiarities of chainsaw tuning

The design of the carburetor engine ensures the stability of traction and other operating parameters during prolonged operation.

The new tool from the Stlevsky brand in all respects meets the requirements of modern machinery, operational and health and safety standards. With the fine-tuning of working systems and components, you will be able to use the tool with maximum efficiency, mastering all work with observance of all safety measures.


This assembly contains a 45 cm long quick-release guide hoop made of low-friction, wear-resistant metal. The green longitudinal slot is used to secure and retain the cutting chain in idle and work shock modes. The 3/8″ pitch chain wear is compensated by adjusting the tensioning mechanism.

To avoid overheating and accelerated wear, the chain and bar are lubricated by oil which is supplied in metered volume from an integrated 0.325 L tank.

advantages and disadvantages

The creators of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw position it as a universal tool of professional level, designed for effective use in forestry technology and in the construction of wooden structures of all levels of complexity.

This model successfully combines such advantages as:

  • a wealth of experience in the operation of the company’s previous assortment;
  • affordable price level for a wide range of potential buyers;
  • high performance characteristics;
  • Power and torque of the power unit.

Confirmation of these characteristics is the high level of consumer confidence in the chainsaw products with a calm and stable demand for the entire list of offerings.

Throughout the entire period of operation there are no significant defects in the design of the saw.

Despite its professional status, the MS 361 model chainsaw price is very moderate. The tool, unique in the central regions in terms of performance and reliability of work, can be purchased on average for 37,000 rubles.


In this price category on the domestic market are branded imported saws Husqvarna 365, Makita EA6100P45E, STIHL MS 362, EFCO 162-51, Echo CS-620SX-18, Oleo-MAC GS 650, Dolmar PS-6400.

Owners reviews

I am the owner of the third model of professional Stihl chainsaw. The latest acquisition is a professional MS-361 series tool. Everything would be fine, but it should be noted that over the past 2-3 years, the service life of parts of the piston group has decreased significantly. Earlier pistons used to serve for several years, and now their life is limited to 8-10 months. Sergey

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When I bought a fairly expensive professional Stihl saw, I consisted in it and turned out to be right. In several years not a single serious defect, even the tire does not have to change. I bought a special device for sharpening the chain. I checked in practice that its second cost will fully pay for itself in a year. Compact, handy and reliable car for relatively little money. No complaints about this model, I recommend it. Ruslan

My own experience has convinced me of the high quality of Stihl chainsaws. The tool when installing a wooden bar was asked by a friend. The saw, which has already served a large part of its life, copes very well not only with crosswise and lengthwise, but even with an oblique cut of dense and viscous wood. Pyotr Nikolaevich

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Stihl 361 chain saws are reliable and durable, among other things, they are considered the quietest models of chainsaws. In addition, the Shtil brand saws are the most frequently purchased in the world. The Shtil 361 chainsaw can easily be converted into other Stihl brand tools with functional attachments, such as a cutter, ice axe, hinge, boat motor, logger, ice drill, etc.

Stihl Plapper 361.

Company history, the difference between the original and the fake

The German company Stihl was founded in 1921 by Andreas Stihl in Germany. The first chainsaw of this company was released in 1929. The device weighed about 48 kg and was operated by two operators. Shil’s engineers continued to develop improvements to this device. Over a long period of its existence, the first model of chainsaw has been modified and reduced the weight, and received many useful additions:

  • The chainsaw chain was fitted with special cutting scratches;
  • an automatic chain lubrication system was put into operation;
  • a centrifugal clutch was installed;
  • the first membrane-type carburetor was installed;
  • The chainsaw received special stamped handle mounts that protect the operator from vibration during operation.
  • The Stihl chainsaw was equipped with an additional guard that served as a brake for the Quapi brake.

Innovation continues to this day. Offices and products of the company appeared in more than 160 countries on five continents. However, it is worth noting that only two factories are involved in the production of units: the first is in Germany, the second – in the United States.

Algorithm for determining the malfunction

The cause of the failure of the saw or deterioration of its work can be:

  • A clogged chainsaw cover;
  • A carburetor air cleaner due to a broken seal or loose threaded fasteners;
  • Mechanical jamming of the saw’s removable hardware and other smaller defects.

Before proceeding with disassembly, you should make sure that there is a need for volumetric repairs.

It is likely that you yourself will not be able to assemble a new chainsaw after repair with the original quality. Modern chainsaws are often designed with pressed systems of mating parts that have minimal maintenance.

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Even a partial disassembly of a chainsaw using improvised means can have undesirable consequences. In most cases, disassembly of a single component or system can be limited.

This list includes:

  • Piston group;
  • Carburetor;
  • Tie rod;
  • Rod laying chain drive.

Warning, error!

There is also sad news: All those that have been in demand for some time have become overgrown with counterfeits. Counterfeits come to us from China, and although they bear brand logos, they are completely inconsistent with the claimed (expected) quality. Fortunately, knowledgeable people have learned to visually recognize counterfeits.

You are willing to share this video information on the Internet, and we will describe these characters in an article.

Let’s start with a specific case in point:

  • The casting is rough, porous, poor quality;
  • The color of the case is dull;
  • The air filter screw is at the top of the chainsaw. instead of the prescribed extreme position in the original product;
  • The shape of the fuel and oil tank ceiling is also different: In the original saw the covers are made under the screwdriver in the kit, they are simple, slightly convex in the fake;
  • Serial numbers are completely absent;
  • The chain brake is fixed on one side, when in the original chainsaw “Stihl” MS 361 they are double.

Stihl MS 361 chain saw at work

  • The fake chainsaw has a carburetor without a built-in compensator:
  • Non-original spark plugs without matching Stihl brand logos are used.

To check the authenticity of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw, it is recommended to study the manual – it will also differ significantly from the original, which can be found on the Internet.

The final check is the price. How much can the MS 361 MS 361 cost? It is important to remember that the Stihl brand is an expensive brand, which means that the original Stihl MS 361 chainsaw cannot cost cheap! The price from 36 to 46,000 rubles can vary in the domestic market.

Features and properties of the Stihl saw

The tool has a number of significant advantages. They distinguish it from other similar saws.

  • High level of safety
  • Smooth operation of the engine
  • Possibility to regulate oil flow
  • Versatility.

The Callet bandsaw can be used even in the toughest conditions. It’s impressive in performance, so it can work in logging and house construction.


  • Engine power is 4.6 hp. С;
  • The length of the bar is 63 cm;
  • The saw chain has a pitch of 3/8″;
  • Weight 6 kg.

The special feature of the Shtil tool is its economical fuel consumption. It also offers a high degree of safety. The Shtil 361 does not shake even with a high volume of tasks. All of this speaks to its exceptional quality. At the creation stage, it goes through several stages of testing. Therefore, the model can fall down during continuous operation.

Advantages of the Stihl MS 361 gasoline saw

Let’s evaluate the advantages of the original saw MS 361 of the German brand “Stihl”:

  • low weight;;
  • mobility;
  • Assembling quality at a high level;
  • Eco-friendliness, clean exhaust;
  • Independence from the power supply;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Uninferität and ease of operation and maintenance;
  • University, the possibility of using attachments;
  • High performance and torque;
  • Excellent maintenance, availability of spare parts;
  • Increased safety;
  • Heated carburetor and handle;
  • Anti-vibration protection;
  • Possibility to connect any size Stihl tire;
  • Economical offer for automatic chain lubrication;
  • Suitable for original Shtlevsy oilomatic or Picco chains;
  • Light start;
  • Stihl Singl e-Leaf chainsaw controls;
  • Easy access to aerial photos and filters;
  • Reusable air filter.
  • There are disadvantages, too – the high price of the tool itself and parts.
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Shil 361 chainsaw. Technical features and features of use

Stihl 361 chain saws are reliable and durable, among other things, they are considered the quietest models of chainsaws. In addition, the Shtil brand saws are the most frequently purchased in the world. The Shtil 361 chainsaw can easily be converted into other Stihl brand tools with functional attachments, such as a cutter, ice axe, hinge, boat motor, logger, ice drill, etc.

Instruction manual for the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

The instructions are always included and contain the following information:

  1. The device of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw (there are diagrams and descriptions);
  2. Technical features of MS 361 gasoline chainsaw.
  3. Safety requirements.
  4. Preparation of the Stihl chainsaw for work at the enterprise.

We propose to get acquainted with the device of the chainsaw “Stihl” 361, which is shown in detail on “chainsaw Stihl 361 spare parts”.

Stihl chainsaw 361: Construction

Getting ready to work

We propose to get acquainted with the algorithm of actions that help to correctly prepare the gasoline unit for work, which ensures a long motor life and uninterrupted operation:

  • Installing the saw strictly according to the instructions;
  • Connecting the stub of the headset block, securing the bar with 4 bolts;
  • Chain tensioning;
  • Preparation of mixture: Petrol AI 92 and steel motor oil for two-stroke engines in the ratio 50/1;
  • Filling the fuel and oil tanks with serviceable fluids;
  • Checking the voltage of the bolt connections;
  • Starting the unit (according to the manual);
  • Sales revolutions are performed at idle speed.
  • Checking the presence of lubricant in the chain.


Stihl chain saw is characterized by the high quality of all its components and doesn’t need a long run-in period. For the Stihl S.p.A., this is taken into account: Consideration is given to:

  • Running in economy mode (50% power), up to 5-8 full mixed fuel tanks.
  • Cyclicity of the first hour: 2 min – work, 10 seconds – idle turns, short break.
  • Working the saw at idle for longer than 15 seconds is unacceptable – a carpet appears on the candle, which affects the performance of the chainsaw.

Maintenance Steps

Maintenance before operating the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw:

  • Checking the condition of the headset;
  • Chain routing;
  • Bolt fastening;
  • Fill the fuel and oil tanks with suitable fluids;
  • Check chain lubrication for proper operation;
  • Check saw’s operation at idle speed.
  • Service after saw is running:
  • Chain is loosened;
  • Cleaning the body;
  • Clean filter;
  • Clean air clamp;
  • Check the condition of the saw head kit (if the chain is blunt, it is sharpened; if the bar is damaged, it is replaced).
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Scheduled maintenance is carried out to eliminate minor faults, make adjustments and replace out of date elements of the Stihl chainsaw.

At this time, repairs are carried out in the service center. The product warranty is also valid in cases where repair work cannot be carried out yourself.

Missing functions of the STIHL 361 chainsaw

Let’s list the main cyphers of this chainsaw.

The chainsaw does not develop the necessary rpm:

  • The carburetor is dirty and needs cleaning.
  • You should clean or replace the spark plug (every 100 hours).
  • Your chain saw won’t start:
  • There is no fuel in the tank;
  • mix quality is very poor;
  • spark plug has no contact;
  • high-voltage wire is broken;
  • pump is not pumping fuel;
  • spark plug is flooded with mixture;
  • the spark plug has soot on it;
  • spark plug is burned out;
  • problems with magneto;
  • carburetor is not working properly;
  • the cable does not work.

Operation and maintenance manual

Operating instructions for the Stihl 250 ms saw

  • It is safest to use the saw while wearing protective clothing;
  • Do not leave the tool in operation, and be sure to turn off the chainsaw before putting it on the ground.
  • Before starting, make sure the chainsaw is in good condition and has fuel;
  • Cut as instructed, either lengthwise or sideways; do not try to put pressure on the saw blade as you work, just run the chainsaw.


  • Daily, according to maintenance standards – inspect the chainsaw for damage, clean the air filter, lubricate the bar and chain, once a month the condition of the spark plug, check the ignition system, clean the fuel filter, freshly done annually The fuel mixture is made – the carburetor is adjusted.

Main malfunctions of stihl 361-ms chainsaw and ways to fix them

  • Stihl 361-ms chainsaw does not start.

Cause: clogged fuel filter, air filter, insufficient fuel mixture.

Remedy: Clean filter, refill fuel mixture.

  • The chainsaw does not operate at full power, makes unusual noises such as knocking or squealing.

Cause: Adjustment of the carburettor is necessary.

Remedy: Have the carburettor adjustment performed by your dealer if the saw is still under warranty, even if the warranty has expired.

Duration and repair procedures for Stihl chain saws and chainsaws

We usually fix even the most complicated problems with Stihl chainsaws and electric saws within a few days – 1 to 5 working days*. At the same time, in most cases, the repair time depends on the availability of the necessary parts. For non-standard breakdowns, it is sometimes necessary to order a part directly from the manufacturer. In this case the delivery can take up to a month. We take care of our customers, so we will tell you about these nuances in advance.

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