STIHL chain saws: reviews, technical specifications, range descriptions, video reviews

Top 10 chain saws Stihl

The company STIHL has been produced for over 80 years and is very popular with amateur and professional sawmakers. The brand has long been synonymous with timeless quality, excellent ergonomics and high performance. The secret of success is the total quality control in the selection of raw materials, and the production facilities of Stihl are located in Germany, USA, Brazil and China. The company specializes in the production of garden equipment, especially gasoline chainsaws. The model range includes dozens of different modifications: from light “home” to more powerful, suitable for rescue work, felting and construction. Our editorial staff has studied the features of all models and selected the best STIHL chainsaws 2022.

  • Ranking of the best Stihl chainsaws
  • 1. STIHL MS 880-36
  • 2. STIHL MS 661-28
  • 3. STIHL MS 361-18
  • 4. STIHL MS 260
  • 5. STIHL MS 201 TC-M
  • 6. STIHL MS 193 C-E-14
  • 7. STIHL MS 250 C-BE
  • 8. STIHL MS 230.
  • 9. Stihl MS 180-16
  • 10. STIHL MS 170
  • Which chainsaw is better to choose?

Ranking of the best Stihl chainsaws

In terms of reliability, saws from the German manufacturer are the best on the market. Regardless of the class and technical characteristics, the user gets an excellent unit with a long working life. Therefore, the review included different models – light, medium and heavy saws. These are the best representatives with an optimal combination of power and performance.

1. STIHL MS 880-36

STIHL MS 880-36

The best professional STIHL chainsaw can significantly reduce the usual time of work due to its outstanding performance. Its high tech features, true German quality and performance fully justify its impressive price. Their arsenal includes summer and winter modes, heated carburetor, all kinds of safety systems. The filter element disperses even the smallest dust particles and significantly increases the service interval. Chainsaws work in such a way that the density and diameter of the wood is irrelevant to them. One of the heaviest chainsaws in all conditions starts on the first try. In order to accommodate such power (8.7 hp), the manufacturer has equipped the tool with very effective vibration elimination and emergency stop systems in case of abnormal situations.


  • Highest power;
  • Powerful cutting;
  • reliability;
  • Effective vibration elimination system;
  • Electronic engine control;
  • heated carburetor;
  • easy start;
  • Comfortable operation; you can hold the saw with both hands during any manipulation.


  • high price;
  • increased noise;
  • Complaints about the quality of fuel.

2. STIHL MS 661-28

STIHL MS 661-28

The MS 661-28 is a perfect combination of high performance (7.3 hp) and maximum ergonomics. The saw weighs 7.4 kg, but is designed so well that it is easy to operate. The electronically controlled engine is powerful and the 2-Mix technology reduces fuel consumption by 20%. Completing the package are the newly developed 2D filters that absorb the finest dust and the stihl m-tronic easy-start system. According to the reviews, the chainsaw is designed for extreme loads. It is unpretentious to weather conditions and works great with proper maintenance.

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  • convenience for long-term use;
  • low vibration;
  • Optimal size of tires;
  • More fuel-efficient than models with conventional 2-stroke engines;
  • Electronic fuel injection system;
  • Wear-resistant starting system.


  • Requires competent maintenance.

3. STIHL MS 361-18

STIHL MS 361-18

Under the body of this powerful and dynamic chainsaw hides 4.6 hp, which greatly expands the area of use. High-quality saw can easily cope with any gardening, which is suitable for thinning stands of medium density and construction. The main features of the model are the sturdy body and robust construction, as well as the absence of vibration. The manufacturer has improved engine efficiency by introducing four-channel fuel mixing technology. Special design of the motor allowed to significantly reduce fuel consumption, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of buyers. Owners also claim that the saw is unpretentious and unobtrusive.


  • high performance and power;
  • dynamic acceleration;
  • economy and increased torque at different revolutions;
  • Developed lubrication system;
  • Effective anti-vibration system;
  • Endurance and reliability under various working conditions.


4. STIHL MS 260


This versatile chainsaw has become very popular, the model is suitable for home use, small construction, cutting firewood, brushwood, as well as for fences and thinning. In the saw the best combination of everything from Stihl – easy start system elaststart, which reduces the load on the brush, high-quality lubrication system ematic, quick-stop brake. The chainsaw is unpretentious in operation, cleaning the filters is required only when heavily soiled, equipped with an anti-vibration system and heated carburetor.


  • easy starting in all climatic conditions;
  • good power supply;
  • Adjustable oil flow;
  • Reliability and practicality;
  • Very low vibration;
  • Comfortable design.


  • Tangible weight;
  • High sound.

5. STIHL MS 201 TC-M

Model STIHL MS 201 TC-M

According to users, this chainsaw is best suited for work on a personal plot or a small farm. Due to the short base, the tool can be maneuverable, which is especially important when working with trees and shrubs, as well as in construction, if you often have to work in confined spaces. The high-quality saw is built in the best tradition of the brand, all parts are carefully fitted, controls are simple and comfortable.


  • short base;
  • low weight;
  • long service life;
  • easy maintenance;
  • decent performance;
  • Ergonomics.


  • Right to the quality of contour sharpening.

6. STIHL MS 193 C-E-14

Model STIHL MS 193 C-E-14

Lightweight, less than 4 kg when unloaded, and comfortable small class chainsaw is designed to provide maximum comfort when working. Low noise and total absence of vibrations, perfect weight, introduction of “half-turn” in any weather, chain tensioning without tools give you the opportunity to work even with the saw. At the same time, this model, like similar tools from Shtil, has good performance and the highest quality. The downside is the high cost of maintenance at branded centers, but the original consumables and oils greatly increase service life.


  • Lightweight design;
  • No vibration;
  • Simple operation;
  • Reliable engine;
  • Easy to start;
  • Excellent weighting reduces the load on the hands.


  • High maintenance costs and original spare parts.
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7. STIHL MS 250 C-BE

Model STIHL MS 250 C-BE

The properties and weight that are optimal for private use allow these saws to be used very intensively. Sufficiently powerful gasoline engine does not succumb to difficult tasks and easily cuts several cubic meters of wood in one day, helps to build a house or a bathroom and does not overheat when felling. To make the work of the operator much easier, this chainsaw has the best value for money, the chainsaw is equipped with the ergostal system, keyless chain tensioning adjustment and a powerful brake that ensures safety in emergency situations. And the adaptive lubrication system saves chain oil by adapting its supply depending on the load.


  • winter/summer mode;
  • easy cold start;
  • Tool-free chain tensioning;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • Capacious tank for extended operation at the filling station;
  • Lubrication system reduces oil flow when load is reduced.


  • Requires systematic cleaning of sawdust from the drive wheel.

8. STIHL MS 230.

Model STIHL MS 230

The popular MS 230 model is equipped with an undemanding 2.5 horsepower gasoline engine, which is enough for felling small trees, deadwood, birch wood and other work in the garden. Low weight and dimensions make it easy to transport the saw in the trunk of the car, take it with you to cottages or fishing. Proven design is very reliable, but is not without disadvantages, the lack of viewing windows makes it difficult to control the remaining fuel and oil. The saw has no other disadvantages.


  • Easy start function;
  • Combination of price and quality;
  • Excellent quality of machining and accessories;
  • Works with hard wood;
  • low noise level;
  • Anti-vibration system.


  • No visual windows to monitor fuel and oil residue.

9. Stihl MS 180-16

STIHL MS 180-16

Being one of the company’s simplest models, it has valuable features such as simplicity and reliability. Its performance is not enough for logging work, but this tool is optimal for everyday life. An inexpensive and good saw can chop firewood, cut down a dead tree in the garden or cut down obstructing branches. The chainsaw is also indispensable in construction. Unlike the more powerful models in the series, the MS 180-16 weighs only 4 kg and is therefore suitable for applications where the operator is not in a stable position. Another important feature is the compensator, which saturates the fuel mixture with oxygen if the filter gets clogged. According to users’ assessments, these steel chainsaws have no significant disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the small tank volume and unstable cold start.


  • low price;
  • Easy;
  • Moderate fuel consumption;
  • one handed operation;
  • Well-designed ergonomics;
  • Can work with a clogged filter.


  • Small 0.25L tank;
  • First start is difficult in cold weather.

10. STIHL MS 170

STIHL MS 170 model

The lightest chainsaw in the line is ideal for Urnd other carpentry jobs that require high precision and quality of cut. To compensate for the low output, the manufacturer increased the engine speed and installed a narrowed chain, which ultimately affected the performance and cleanliness of the saw. Although the saw is sold at a low price, the quality of its workmanship lives up to the brand’s impeccable reputation. With this chainsaw, you don’t get hung up on problems common to consumer products, such as oil leaks when starting up or difficulty. The only drawback with this chainsaw is the plastic lawman; the metal one is mounted on top, but you’ll have to buy it separately.

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  • Convenient operation;
  • Easy;
  • Affordable price;
  • High quality workmanship and resource;
  • Even hacks all materials without chips;
  • Business;
  • No chain oil leaks, even with long term storage.


  • No metal-filled stop included.

Which chainsaw is better to choose?

Stihl’s lightweight residential chainsaws are ideal for gardening, cutting firewood and private home construction. They are characterized by low weight, compact design, short bar length. Medium ones are suitable for private construction and infrequent industrial use. Heavy and powerful saws are optimal for heavy-duty work:

  • In construction;
  • For felling;
  • For rescue work and other applications where maximum performance is required.

With the choice of the best unit will help our evaluation of chainsaws Stihl, combining the top models. Which one is better – it’s up to the buyer to decide. After becoming familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of gasoline equipment, it is easier to understand the variety of modifications and make a successful purchase.

Installation of Stihl chain saws. Instructions for use and safety rules when working with the tool

Stihl was founded 90 years ago in the 1920s by German engineer Andreas Stihl. At the time, Stihl was working in Stuttgart, Germany – he created a design office for a line of work that included woodworking. Felling trees back then was done with axes, and such jobs took a lot of energy out of the workers.

The valka was first published in 1929. The flagship model weighed 46 kg. And was the prototype of today’s lighter and more powerful devices. Compact models were produced by Shil in the 1950s, weighing 12 kg and rated at 6 hp. In the ranking of the world leaders of gasoline and electric is not only Stihl, but also Husqvarna. All chainsaw owners know the quality of products of the two world leaders in gasoline and electric tools.

STIHL products

Currently, there are more and more cases of selling fakes on the tool market. The producing country is China. The buyer is often confronted with a fake chainsaw, which at first glance is difficult to distinguish from the original. How to learn how to tell the difference between a fake chainsaw rest and the original:

  • The main difference is price; good chainsaws can’t be cheap, while the cost of a fake is usually three times less than the original.
  • Quality of the construction group – the better the quality of the assembly, the more likely that you are holding the original chainsaw in your hands.
  • The quality of all parts, plastic on the body;
  • The condition of the chain, the life of the chain over a long period of time;
  • High power and good quality of the saw (cheap chainsaws do not reduce the quality);
  • We recommend choosing a Stihl chainsaw from major construction or online stores.
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Stihl 310 Mass chain saw

The main quantity of l-stihl chainsaws:
  • Chainsaw;
  • Manual;
  • Accessories;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Multi-purpose wrench.
The modern Stihl product range:
  • Gasoline saws;
  • Electric saws;
  • Garden shrub shears;
  • Boter;
  • Mower;
  • Drill and cordless equipment;
  • Motor drill, hand-held garden and land tools;
  • Work and gardening equipment, protective equipment;
  • Multi and combi systems for gardening;
  • Cleaning equipment and concrete saws.

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Stihl chainsaws

Stihl chainsaws are divided into several large categories: for home use or household, chainsaws for trees, chainsaws for gardening and agriculture, chainsaws for forestry.

Domestic Stihl chainsaws

    Power KW1.3/1.8 HP; , KW Power 1.5/2 PS;
  • MS 180 C BE, Power KW 1,5/2 PS;
  • MS 181, Power KW 1,5 / 2 PS; , KW 1,5 / 2 PS; MS 181 C BE, Power KW 1,5 / 2 PS;
  • MS 181 C BE, KW Power 1.5/2 PS; , KW1.7/2.3 PS;
  • MS 211 C BE, KW Power 1.7/2.3 PS; , KW Power 2/2.7 PS;
  • MS 230 C BE, KW Power 2/2.7 PS; , KW Power 2.3/3.1 PS;
  • MS 250 C BE, KW Power 2.3/3.1 PS (model is sold without cutting bike kit).

Tree carriers take care of trees

  • Stihl MS 193 T, KW Power 1.3/1.8 PS;
  • Stihl MS 201 TC M, KW Power 1.8/2.4 PS.

Gardening and farming attachments

  • Stihl MS 271, power kW 2,6/3,5 hp
  • Stihl MS 291, power kW 2,8/3,8 hp.

Gasoline saws for forestry applications

  • Stihl MS 241 C M, KW Power 2,3/3,1 PS; , KW Power 2,6/3,5 hp;
  • Stihl MS 261 C MQ, KW Power 3/4,1 PS; , KW Power 3,2-3,4 PS or KW 4,4-4,6 HP C M, KW Power 3,5/4,8 PS;
  • Stihl MS 441 C M, KW Power 4,2/5,7 PS; , KW Power 4,4/6 PS (Stihl manufacturer’s new product);
  • Stihl MS 462 C M, KW Power 4,4/6 PS;
  • Stihl MS 651, KW Power 5/6.8 PS;
  • Stihl MS 661, KW Power 5.4/7.3 PS;
  • Stihl MS 661 C M, KW Power 5,4/7,3 PS;
  • Stihl MS 880, kW power 6,4/8,7 PS

Best chainsaw models in steel

Due to the large selection of Stihl chainsaws, it is difficult to highlight all the most popular. According to the reviews of owners, we can conclude that chainsaws of these models are well-recognized:

  • MS 271 Stihl;
  • Stihl MS 880;
  • Shtil 120;
  • Stihl MS 210 chainsaw;
  • Stihl MS 291 Saw;
  • Shtil 220;
  • Shtil 450;
  • Stihl 350;
  • Shtil 440;
  • MS 5200 Stihl;
  • Motopila shtil 108;
  • Stihl MS 241 C M;
  • Shtil 200;
  • Shtil 290;
  • SAW Shtil MS 341;
  • Shtil 181.

Owner’s Manual

Shtil saw operating instructions:
  • Dream Drive from sale in protective gear;
  • The chainsaw must be operated after the circuits have run (5 to 7 hours running time) before the saw has run at maximum speed and should not be operated at moderate load;
  • Always turn off your chainsaw before installing it.
  • Before starting, check that your chainsaw is in good condition and fill it up.
  • The ratio of mixed oil to gasoline is 1:40, this ratio is recommended for the most efficient operation of the engine. The gasoline should be diluted in the correct ratio according to the instructions with the oil.
  • The chainsaw should be refueled with fresh fuel every four weeks.
  • Cut according to the instructions – cut lengthways or sideways on the bar, do not try to press the saw blade against the chain saw while working.
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Stihl Elastostar Ematic QuickStop brake lubrication system for instant stopping

  • Every day is as normal – inspect unit for damage, clean air filter, lubricate tire and shift mechanism, check condition of spark plug once a month, check ignition system, clean fuel filter, prepare fresh fuel mixture and adjust carburetor.
  • The chain should be tightened as it loosens, if the chain has burned out and is no longer sharpened, replace it with a new one. The chain tension is adjusted with a bolt on the outside of the chainsaw body. To sharpen the chain, you can use a special machine or contact a specialist.

The main malfunctions of the postage stamp and ways to fix them

  1. Shtil riveter refuses to start. Causes: Fuel filter, air filter clogged, not enough fuel mixture. Remedy: Clean filters, add fuel mixture, monitor fuel quality. This improves the performance of the machine.
  2. The chainsaw does not operate at full power, makes strange noises, e.g. knocking or squealing. Cause: Adjustment of the carburetor is necessary. Remedy: Have carburetor adjustment performed by your dealer if your saw is under warranty.
  3. No power to the chainsaw. Cause: Problem with piston group, carburetor adjustment necessary. Remedy: Check the condition of the engine, carburetor and fuel filter, ignition system.

Video review of chain saw

Reviews of owners

Yuri, Moscow region:

“One of the best drunken Stilts I know. I myself am the owner of the model Stihl MS 230 C. Bought it specifically for dacha and garden. The power more than 2000 watts, it seems to me, would be already too much. And it is necessary to fill the fuel more often in a more powerful and heavy chainsaw.

Pros: The technical specifications are excellent, in all time of using the saw I had to install only one new chain, which I have not even repaired, in general, the saw works well and I have not had any complaints about the quality of work. Another plus is that the Shtil saw is easy to start even in freezing temperatures; It is easy to choose a chain – and easy to put it on, too. In general, guys, there are a lot of advantages, even now it is difficult to remember everything. You just need to choose the model for your needs and tasks, for your workload, and everything will be great!

Cons: A lot of fakes, you have to look for the original model

Some owners still complain about increased oil consumption, but by my personal calculations, the Ches has the same oil and fuel consumption as the Husqvarna. “

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