STIHL 260 ms chainsaw: characteristics, brief description and rules of use

Overview of the 260 ms chainsaw in STIHL. Technical characteristics, description, use and maintenance instructions

STIHL 260-MS chain chain ships professional use with relatively low weight and power, optimal for large and medium-sized jobs. The purpose of the Shtil 260 ms chainsaw is a roll of a young forest sawing dry branches and twigs, sawing logs with a diameter of more than 60 cm.

STIHL 260 MASS chainsaw

Distinctive features of the Moto r-Opila model are ease of maintenance and ease of use, for which the STIHL 26 0-MS receives many positive reviews. Owners note the convenience of side stretching options, the presence of a lubricating pump that can be adjusted to the amount of oil supplied to the chain, as well as an effective system of eliminating the vibration of the chainsaw during operation. Another useful feature of the 260ms chainsaw in STIHL is the convenient cast of an Elastostart.

The model is equipped with a compensator and a decompression valve.

The recommended price from the official dealer is 12439 UAH.

The chainsaw power of the Shtil 260 ms is 2600 watts. The volume of the motor cylinder is 50.2 cm.

Basic Equipment, Equipment, Assembly and Country of Production

Chain chain ships Shtil are offered for sale in standard configuration. It includes:

  • the body of the chainsaw with the fuel tank;
  • chain and tire;
  • Instruction;
  • Warranty;
  • universal key that will be required for assembly;
  • parcel box.

Dealers offer to buy additional accessories for Stihl chainsaws such as:

  • Stihl saw and chain lubricant;
  • protective covers for tires;
  • Quiet Chains;
  • Accessories for safe work (gloves, masks, glasses, etc.).

Assembly and production of a model of a motorized gasoline rest 260 ms: Brazil, China.

This chainsaw was previously produced in the USA, but for several years in China and Brazil the assembly of the STIHL 260-MS assembly has been in operation.

Technical characteristics

  • Holoid revolutions/maximum per minute – 2800/9500;
  • tire length – 40 cm;
  • Chain – Quiet ölomatic Fast Super;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inches;
  • Vibration range of 3.6-4.1 m/s²
  • noise level 113 dB;
  • Sound pressure level 99 dB.

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instructions for instruction and maintenance

What components of chainsaws of a rest of 260 ms require regular maintenance:

  • chain (control of the state of tension, sharpening, replacement);
  • ignition system (spark plug);
  • fuel and air filters;
  • carburetor;
  • chain lubrication system;
  • Every day the tool is cleaned of dust and debris from oil, chips and other contaminants.
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The operation of a chainsaw of a rope of 260 ms is carried out:

  • in protective gear;
  • with a tank of the tank in a fuel mixture (proportion of oil to gasoline 1:50);
  • with sufficient lubrication of the chain;
  • It is extremely undesirable to work with a chainsaw in the rain.

The main malfunctions of the Shtil 260-MS and how to eliminate them

  1. The canvas and the body of the chainsaws are strongly heated. Reason: overload, too intensive use. Elimination: Turn off the saw from time to time to cool the motor.
  2. The cutting quality has decreased, the saw produces small chips. Reason: The chain is blunt. Remedy: Replace or sharpen chain.
  3. The chainsaw makes extraneous noises (clicks, knocks, excessive vibration, etc.). Cause: Carburetor unbalanced. Remedy: Adjust carburettor.

Video review

owner reviews

Yuri, Pskov region:

“My experience of operating this chainsaw as a direct owner is 6 years.

I can say with confidence that the saw is legendary, and many reviews from my colleagues and acquaintances confirm this. Without going into details, the Stihl 260-ms is the best and most useful tool in the Stihl saw line. Again, this is a personal opinion.

Pros: Affordable price, excellent power and performance, perfect power to tire length ratio, light weight.

Cons: Of the sins of this saw, I can only note a loose fit of the clutch locks. However, this does not affect the overall operation and functionality.

Chainsaw Stihl 260 ms. Specifications and Operating Regulations

The more popular the devices are, the more likely it is that a fake will hit the market. This is what happened with Stihl chainsaws – the market was flooded with fakes – inferior copies from China.

There are videos on the Internet in which experienced owners of equipment tell and show traces of counterfeiting and evidence of the originality of the Stihl chainsaw. The price also plays a not inconsiderable role. An original product can cost from 24 to 33 thousand rubles, anything cheaper should arouse suspicion.

Chainsaw malfunctions and breakdowns

What breakdowns, breakdowns or malfunctions can occur with this chainsaw model? Owner experience further:

  1. The presence of extraneous sounds during the operation of the chainsaw (knocks, rattles, clicks). A similar situation occurs with an unbalanced carburetor. The owner can adjust the carburetor himself if the chainsaw is out of warranty. With a new tool, such work is carried out by a service center.
  2. Heating the chainsaw while allowing both the body and the tire to heat up. Overheating – almost always the result of severe overload. To prevent this, the duration of continuous operation of the saw should not exceed 40-50 minutes.
Scandinavian garden

Description of the Stihl 260 chainsaw

The Stihl 250 chainsaw is a professional tool suitable for sawing logs, clearing a garden, felling trees, on a line, etc. Daily use of a chainsaw and increased operating loads are normal operating conditions for a long time.

The manufacturer promises more than 30 years of operation with proper tool care and intended use.

The Stihl MS 260 chainsaw weighs 4.8 kg. A carburetor two-stroke engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters is hidden in an impact-resistant plastic housing. With. The power plant is started using a starter rope with a handle. To make it easier to start the chainsaw, a decompressor is provided, and the starter is equipped with an additional spring.

Chainsaw carburetor STIHL MS 260

A compensator is built into the carburetor, which stabilizes the rotation speed of the power plant and improves the quality of the exhaust gases (the fuel mixture burns more completely). In addition, for winter work, a carburetor heater is provided – this also improves engine starting. The muffler is equipped with a spark arrestor.

Comfortable heated handles are set on the housing. The control of the chainsaw s-MS 260 is. For the safety purpose of the operator, an emergency brake of the chain (QuickStop) is provided with an automatic zeeper. The care of the health insurance company also manifests itself in the installation on the handles of special rubber feders that delete the vibrations and lower its harmful effects on the body.

Stihl 260-mass chainsaw

The chain tension is lateral, simple access to filter, comfortable oil and fuel mixture, reliable covers without the participation of the screwdriver. The Stihl MS 260 chainsaw is equipped with two 40 and 45 cm tires at the same time, if necessary, you can install a longer headset by 50 cm. The oilomatic saw chain is used. The drip system of the ematic lubrication reduces oil loss and increases the chain’s resource.

The main malfunctions of the Shtil 260-MS and how to eliminate them

  1. The canvas and the body of the chainsaws are strongly heated. Reason: overload, too intensive use. Elimination: Turn off the saw from time to time to cool the motor.
  2. The cutting quality has decreased, the saw produces small chips. Reason: The chain is blunt. Remedy: Replace or sharpen chain.
  3. The chainsaw makes extraneous noises (clicks, knocks, excessive vibration, etc.). Cause: Carburetor unbalanced. Remedy: Adjust carburettor.
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Stihl 260 chainsaw, technical features

Manufacturer Steel
Country manufacturer: // Germany
Tire length 400.0 (mm)
The step of the chain 3/8 “
The volume of the oil tank 290.0 (ml)
Noise 99.0 (db)
The weight 4.8 (KG)
Warranty period 12 months)
Properties of the combustion engine
Engine volume 50.2 (cubic meter)
Engine power 3.5 (p.)
The number of cylinders 1
Additional functions
primer no
Light start no
The brake of the chain Да
Vibration extinguishing system Да
Support for the constant number of revolutions under load Да
kind of package Cardboard box; Paper box; Cardboard box

Structural properties

Shtil 260 SAW and its versions differ from the same models of the budget session:

  • the use of high and durable materials and high precision installation;
  • Stable traction characteristics of the economy in the work of the Power Unit;
  • Entry into the design of modern know-how and exclusive technical solutions.

One example is the production of loaded parts of a crooked shape node made of high-quality blacksmith steel, which apply a cylinder to the inner diameter and loaded work surfaces of porous-chromic over coating.

The work properties of a universal tool are installed due to the possibility of installing alternative tires of the garden cells of the HS 246 type for trimming decorative shrubs and a number of other structural improvements.

Advantages of the chainsaw

Advantages of the chain chain saw of the Stihl MS 260:

  1. Independence from the power source.
  2. Lubricant of the ematic chain lubricant.
  3. The presence of the brake and the “Quickstop” vocabulary.
  4. Reusable air filter.
  5. The presence of the heating button of the handles.
  6. Heating the carburetor.
  7. “Ergostart” is a simple start.
  8. The lateral sem i-automatic tension of the chain mechanism.
  9. The presence of a compensator.

The disadvantage of the technology liabilities takes into account the high costs of the Shil motoropy.

Fuel system setting

The traction properties and the efficiency of the engine largely depend on the settings of the carburetor. The parameters defined in the facility are averaged so that they have to be adjusted regularly.

Using the recommendations of the attached instructions, the user of the saw can qualitatively adjust the carburetor himself. As a result of the work done, the engine should quickly pick up speed and stably idle.

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If after 2-3 attempts the power unit does not start or stalls with a sharp gas supply, then the reason for the failure lies in the use of poor-quality fuel or a clogged carburetor jet. Complex troubleshooting includes checking the function of the ignition system.

Video: MS 260 saw in action

The design of the branded 16-inch bar with side tensioner ensures that the cutting chain runs smoothly in all operating and idle states. The universal tire mount allows the use of detachable equipment from other brand models.

The cutting chain is lubricated and cooled with the manufacturer’s recommended oil, metered to the work area by an automatic lubrication system.

Oil is supplied to the standard pump inlet from a 330ml reservoir. This design allows you to use lubricants in an economical mode, up to 50%.

If the tool is thrown to the side, traumatic or other unexpected situations occur, the movement of the chain is blocked with the emergency stop brake in a split second. It is picked up by applying a slight force to the wrong side of the protection.


In addition to two tires and a chain, the Stihl MS 260 chainsaw also includes instructions. This document contains complete information about the device, starting with its construction and characteristics and ending with malfunctions.

launch preparation

After assembly, a headset is placed on the chainsaw and fixed. The chain is stretched. For two-stroke engines, a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and Shtil oil is prepared: 1/50 (during the break-in period, the amount of oil can be increased. Fuel is poured into the tank. The chain lubricating tank is also filled with lubricating liquid. The chainsaw is started, on idle checked, the supply of chain lubrication checked.

Oil “Shtil” for 2-stroke engines

break-in period

Running in takes as many hours as 4 to 8 full tanks of fuel. At this time there is no load on the engine, they are used at half power. The amount of engine oil in the mixture has been increased.

Chainsaw maintenance

Maintenance consists of three phases:

  1. Preparatory and cleaning work “before” and “after” operation.
  2. Scheduled inspection for adjustments, chain sharpening, etc.
  3. service in case of major problems.


Among the malfunctions of the Stihl 260 chainsaw, the following can be distinguished:

  1. The chainsaw does not start.
  2. The saw starts and stops.
  3. power loss.
  4. Sales went down.
  5. The chain is not supplied with oil.
  6. ignition problems.
  7. Wear of seals.
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reviews and prices

The price of a semi-professional model of the Stihl chainsaw starts from 12,000 rubles. Depending on the region, the costs vary up or down.

Vladimir, 37 years old, Vladivostok: “Saw Shtil MS-260 is definitely worth the money. After the old chainsaw, I was pleased with the smooth running of the chain, clean engine exhaust, and minimal vibration on my hands. In a year of work I managed to get rid of several trunks with a diameter of more than 30 cm, a lot of small stumps and branches. The tool is an integral part of the garden. Of the minuses, I note a short warranty, high prices for consumables and a detachable headset.

Valery, 45 years old, Krasnodar: “He mastered the work, management and functionality with instructions in a few hours. Convenient and comfortable tool to use. The first engine start and sawing trees took place with a bang. As soon as it was possible to verify the reliability of the chain’s automatic emergency. For six months I did not find any significant comments. “

Comparison with competitor saws

If we compare the chainsaws with the volume of the engine, then the STIHL 260 competitor is the Husqvarna 450e LL saw, since their volume is exactly the same.

We will compare the chainsaws in the main parameters.

Khuskvarna has good equipment. It installed a two-stroke engine with the newly captured X-Torq® system. According to the manufacturer, X-Torq reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions, but the manufacturer forgets that this system, albeit not much, still reduces the maximum engine power. The capacity of the Khuskvarna is 2.4 kW, while the Shtil 260 with a similar volume produces 2.6 kW.

The second trait that makes Khuskvarna lose is weight. It weighs 5.1 kg against Stilevsky, 4.8. The difference is small, but in case when it is necessary to work all day, it makes itself felt.

And the last point I want to consider is the maintainability of a chainsaw. MS 260 rest repair is much easier than eliminating malfunctions in the Swedish saw. Everything is made in Khuskvarn, so without a special tool it is impossible to repair a chainsaw. If the carburetor’s carburetor malfunctions, then the Khuskvarnovsky carburetor is easier to throw in a new one, while a similar knot of style can still be repaired.

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