STIHL 141 C-Q: Technical data, safety and operating instructions

STIHL 141 MSE chainsaw. Electrical Controls, General Malfunctions

STIHL 141 MSE – Overview of functions and specifications

The STIHL 141 MSE electric chainsaw is a versatile chainsaw with an electric motor, which is suitable for efficient woodworking. Known for its low price and trouble-free operation, it is sold under the label “Stihl Elektro chainsaw MSE141CQ”, has many good reviews, and enough videos have been made about the work of the saw. The Stihl 141 saw is especially popular with non-professionals, because for professional woodworking the performance of the tool will not be enough.

The power of the STIHL 141 electric chainsaw is 1400 watts. Powered by 230 V. Of the special advantages that attract owners, we can define the presence of the oil indicator, the quick start system (quick start), the chain brake and protection against overheating of the engine. There are modifications of the model: electric saw STIHL MSE141CQ 14 and chain saw STIHL MSE141CQ 12. Their difference is the bar length and weight, the modification CQ 14 is equipped with a bar 35 cm, and the CQ 12 – 30 cm chain division is the same. The Stihl MSE141CQ 14 chainsaw weighs 3.6 kg, and the Stihl MSE141CQ 12 chainsaw weighs 4.1 kg.

Standard equipment for the Stihl 141 MSE

The STIHL 141 MSE electric saw is equipped with the following components:

  • Power cable;
  • Stihl tires;
  • Original chain;
  • Instruction manuals for the tool;
  • Warranty;
  • Packing Box.

The Stihl electric saw, once assembled, goes on sale in the United States or Germany. Copies are usually made in China, Hungary, Romania or Poland. The average cost of the electric saw 141 MSE is 3700 UAH. Copies are much cheaper – up to 2500 UAH. According to reviews, copies are no less popular than the originals, but last less and fail more often.

Technical parameters and features

Motor saw STIHL 141 MSE – technical and functional properties:

  • Power 1400 watts;
  • Chain pitch 3/8;
  • Weight 4,1 kg;
  • 40 cm long cable;
  • 230 volts mains voltage for optimal performance;
  • Noise level 90 dB (20% quieter than steel chainsaws);
  • Without turning it off, the saw can operate for up to 40 minutes without heating up.
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Using the STIHL 141 MSE electric chainsaw

How should I handle my Stihl 141 MSE electric chainsaw?

  • Before you start the engine, check that the guide bar/chain chain is lubricated and only then start the saw.
  • Don’t forget the chain oil – an overheated chain is unpleasant, doesn’t cut well and may even melt under load;
  • Keep your Stihl electric chainsaw clean, do not drop the device and do not twist the power cable.

Stihl MSE141CQ chainsaw in the test



Main violations

What “problem areas” does this power saw have and how can you fix the irregularities as soon as possible? More about that later:

  1. The power saw won’t turn on. This inconvenience can be caused by several factors: there is no voltage in the network or it is too weak to turn on the saw; the cable (insulation) is damaged, the graphite brushes are worn out. If you have checked all possible causes and still can’t turn on, call the service center for help.
  2. Overheating of the electric saw. Usually this condition of the saw is associated with a long load, it is optimal to work for 40 minutes and then take a break to allow the motor to cool down. Another reason is the lack of lubrication on the bar.

Stihl 141 MSE electric saw video – overview of operation







Stihl 141 MSE chainsaw reviews


Good, solid, quality mounted saw!

Pros: electric, and this plus for me is very big. Yes, of course it is well assembled, nothing is loose anywhere, everything works great, but power tools have been my favorite for many years. Economical, no need to think about how much gas it will drink, how often it will fill up and so on. All you have to do is turn it on and work.

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Disadvantages: Can’t take it out of the house, can work by putting it on.

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Engine see. Stihl MSE 141. Technical specifications and operating features

Recommendation: 100%


The Stihl 141 chainsaw is made by the famous German brand Stihl, which entered the market in 1921 of the 20th century. The founder of the brand was Andreas Stihl, who knew nothing of the great worldwide popularity of his equipment a few decades later. Stihl originally produced high-quality washing machines and steam boilers. The first gasoline-powered saw appeared in 1929, and it was a long time before the first electric model was produced.

Power saw Stihl 141

Today Stihl gasoline and electric saws are the most purchased and the quietest saws in the world. The high quality of the components, parts and consumables of the electric saw is a great advertisement for the manufacturer. However, there is another side to the coin: the more popular the product, the greater the chance of unfortunate fakes.

In this sense chainsaws are no exception. Externally, it is very difficult to distinguish an original saw from a fake, and the same is true for consumables. The normal price of a Stihl 141 electric saw ranges from 9-10 thousand rubles.

We suggest you read the video, in which more experienced Stihl-Motor saw owners tell and show what you need to pay attention to when buying a Stihl electric saw, so as not to run into a fake:

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Stihl MSE 141 C-Q chainsaw, model description

The STIHL 141 C-Q electric chainsaw is a household appliance for gardening and construction work. With the STIHL electric saw you can cut branches and fell tree trunks, perform interior sawing, sawing, logging and fuel. The MSE 141 C-Q weighs 4.1 kg.

The 1400 watt electric motor is enclosed in a rugged and lightweight plastic housing. The electric motor is mounted transversely. To extend the life of the genset, overheat protection is provided – if the temperature rises, a button automatically shuts off the motor. After a few minutes it can be inserted again and continue working.

Quiet mc 141

There is a little hint. The starter controls are push-button operated. The oil tank is made of durable, transparent plastic, which helps the owner of the STIHL MSE 141 S-Q to monitor its filling. The chain is tensioned by the side mechanism, which is completely hidden in the body of the electric saw. The tensioner is placed sideways. The ematic lubrication system is automatic and saves up to 50% oil consumption compared to competitors.

A QuickStop super-brake is provided for emergency stop of the chain mechanism.

The shtil powerhouse 141 uses a 35 cm size E rollomatic. The original Picco Micro Mini 3 oleomatic saw chain is recommended by the manufacturer in one-inch increments.

A special device next to the plug enables the mains cable to be discharged as much as possible and protects the tool from sudden disconnection from the extension cord.

cable clamp

Stihl 141 electric chainsaw Technical specifications:

sound pressure level 1) 90 dB(a)
volume level 2) 101 dB(a)
Riven Vibratsia Vlivo/Onovo 1) 3,3/4,2 m/s²
rated voltage 230 в
performance 1.4kW
weight 3) 4.1 kg
weight 4.06 kg
cable length 0.4m

Stihl electric chainsaw 141

The package includes:

  • manual;
  • wrench and screwdriver;
  • original roller bar;
  • oil chain.

Pros and cons of the electric saw

The advantages of the electric saw “Stihl” 141:

  • low weight;
  • compact size;
  • eco-friendliness, no exhaust fumes;
  • convenient shape of the saw and location of the handles;
  • Chain tensioner location – lateral;
  • chain brake;
  • transparent oil tank;
  • Power 1400 watts;
  • reliable, motor protection;
  • quiet operation;
  • Ability to work in space.
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There are only two disadvantages:

  • binding to the network;
  • high price.

User’s manual

The manual – necessarily included in the package of the Stihl electric saw and includes the following items:

  1. The device of the SAHL 141 electric saw.
  2. Conditions for safe use and operation of the electric tool.
  3. STIHL MSE 141 S-Q features chart.
  4. How to prepare your power tool for operation, how to start it.
  5. How to service the power tool.
  6. STIHL power tool malfunctions.

getting ready for work

The electric saw Shtil 141 is very unpretentious, it does not require adjustment, just install the saw, tension the chain, check the fasteners, fill the oil tank – and the tool is fully ready for work. All you have to do is to press the button and the saw will start and check the chain for oil – that’s it, the electric saw is ready to work.


Maintenance of the Stihl 141 power saw comes down to the following:

  • Check the condition of the cable;
  • Check forks;
  • Checking chain sharpness, sharpening in time;
  • busbar check;
  • star check;
  • check mains voltage;
  • check fasteners for stretching;
  • check oil level in oil tank;
  • At the end of the work it is necessary to loosen the chain and clean the air intake and the tool itself of dirt.

STIHL MSE 141 S-Q malfunctions

Electrical handpiece does not turn on:

  • No connection to mains;
  • No power;
  • Chain brake has been activated;
  • Chain is overloaded;
  • Chain is overtightened.

There is a burning smell at work:

  • The saw is not properly sharpened;
  • Chain is poorly lubricated.

You can read the full version of the Stihl electric chainsaw manual here.

Video review

Let us show you how the Stihl MSE 141 C-Q electric saw works in our video:

Reviews of owners of Stihl electric saw 141

Yegor, 23 years old

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a universal machine?

“The saw is very handy, the power is enough for logs up to 55 km and for a board. Oil consumption is economical. Not noisy and very easy to use.

Advantages: reliable, protection against overheating, no exhaust, simple push-button control, comfortable chain tensioning, the performance of gasoline 180-1.

Cons: a solid price, rather weak gas, a little bit throws the saw when starting, it takes getting used to, binding to the power cord and the power supply.

Valery, 40 years old

“A good helper to give – to cut down a branch, to prepare wood for the fireplace and the bath, to saw off a board … Serves for the third year, works great.

Advantages: powerful, simple, convenient clamping mechanism, high quality.

Cons: Not detected.

Aleksey, 29 years old

“Bought the saw this winter and immediately put it to work – for sawing logs. Saw performed well, saw chain is very sharp, worked like clockwork. Nothing ever jammed. In spring I used it for pruning branches, but at first I got used to the tension rope, but it’s not a big deal.

The advantages: easy starting, long life, safe, has an engine protection.

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