Stiga pruning shears: The tools that make seasonal work in the garden easier

What is he, the perfect secateur: 11 tips for choosing a professional

Without a secretary in the country can not do without. But there are so many different models that even my eyes diverge. And how difficult it is for beginners! So I decided to talk about how to choose the right secondary. I came up with 11 tips that I hope will make your trek to the store easier.

How do you find your perfect pruning shear?

How to find your perfect secateurs?

Tip 1. Try different mechanisms before you buy

If you can, this is a case where you should try out different versions of drains to gauge the convenience of each in operation. Let’s say, fashionable nowadays secateurs with a ratchet mechanism do not suit me personally: the need to squeeze the handles brakes the body and pricks slowly, but also the cuts are obtained uneven. Therefore I recommend trying out different kinds of primus in advance. You can ask famous gardeners to use their tools: it is enough to cut a few branches, and it is already clear that “their”. It is a secateurs or “not yours”.

The wing-type pruning shears were uncomfortable for me.

Secateurs with a “rat” mechanism were uncomfortable for me.

I have other requirements, but they are a personal preference. I like the usual spring pruning shears: Stripes are faster for some reason, and washing pencils or a needle pencil, which clings to everything on the principle of clothes or a pen. I’m also used to floating curved blades, one that cuts and one that doesn’t. But your opinion may not be the same as mine, so I ask you to personally try the secondary service before you buy.

Secateurs can be with a regular spring, duct tape or pin

Processors can be with a regular spring, duct tape or pin

Tip 2. The size of the back judge should fit you personally.

I’ve noticed that inexperienced gardeners are more suited to medium or small pruning shears. Indeed, they are the easiest to feel comfortable with. But everyone’s hands are different. So you have to “feel out” the tool before you give your preference and prefer the one that seems subjectively more comfortable. Remember that the first impression of whether or not the second one lies on the hand is usually the right one. A few years ago I forgot and purchased a model that seemed unimportant from the start. But back then the salesman could only offer the more diminutive secretaries, and I hoped that I would get used to them. But that never happened.

By the way, my brushes are anything but the largest – so I consider the widespread idea of the “Big Palm” – big secondary, taking the place of myth. Some models have a handle position adjuster. This can be handy when different people use the planter: one has a dainty hand, the other has a huge one.

Tip 3. Do not be guided by the maximum cutting diameter

When describing the tool, pay attention to such a characteristic as the maximum diameter of the cut. But remember that trimming thick branches requires a certain skill. While it is not developed, it is better not to chase the power, and take the secateurs, which can “teeth” branches with a diameter of up to 18 – 20 mm.

For beginners, pruning shears with medium-sized blades are good

Pruning shears with medium blades are suitable for beginners.

Tip 4. Test the tool in action

Take your time and don’t open in the store multiple times, open and close the instrument, shake them and close them so the sounds don’t move without them wanting to. Spontaneous opening leads to injury, and a rod that is too tight will slow you down. Grasp the handles and hold your hand in different positions-it shouldn’t feel like it. And don’t fall for the salesman’s assurances that the secretary is “designed.” It should be comfortable right away, with no reservations.

How to plan a garden without the help of an architect?

Tip 5. The secretary must be sharp.

Wood is a hard and ductile substance that is suitable only for a well-honed blade. That said, the quality of the cut is very important to your plants – if you “gnaw” and “gnaw” at the secondary distance, unpleasant consequences will not be long in coming. To estimate the severity of the blade, take an ordinary sheet of paper (writing paper or office paper), fix it at the edge and try to cut from the end with an open secretary at a right angle, which will act as a knife for you. When the paper is cut, the secondary layer will be sharp enough to work with. If you refuse to buy a blunt instrument. Do not count on yourself to sharpen it properly. At a minimum, you need some knowledge and skill as a maximum secreter sharpening device.

Proper sharpening of secateurs is not easy, requiring special skills. You should therefore look at the sharpness already in the store

Proper sharpening of the secretaire is not an easy matter, requiring special skills. Therefore, pay attention to the sharpness already in the store

Tip 6. Smooth blades are better

Any grooves, scratches or imperfections on the cutting parts improve friction, make cutting more difficult and aggravate wounds. The cutting parts should be well polished. Some models have a Teflon coating on the blades to improve slip and protect the metal from corrosion.

The blades of a new pruning shear must be absolutely smooth without errors

The blades of a new pruning shear should be perfectly smooth with no imperfections

Tip 7. Check the sturdiness of the blades.

This has a direct impact on durability. It is good if the cutting parts consist of strong and hard (hardened) steel: a soft one can become clogged after the first use and quickly blunted. It should be remembered that parts made of hard steel are less durable than those made of hard steel, because the secretary experiences high mechanical loads when working. For myself, I have excluded secrets with coated cutting steel, as they are not intense. But amateur gardeners, whose annual cutting is small, they may be suitable.

Tip 8. Get a secreter with strong, comfortable handles

You should look powerful, not skinny, because you play the role of leverage and withstand considerable effort. When choosing a secretary, think about the handle and estimate the thickness by eye. Frankly, thin and flimsy ones are not worth taking. Secretaries are also sold with a protective arc on the bottom handle, but these are the most powerful tools for cutting branches of large diameter. As a rule, all road secreters are equipped with a ratchet mechanism with protective plates.

Handy handles do not meet with the grain

Convex handles don’t match the grain.

It’s best to avoid convex stamp patterns – you can chafe your hands, but aim for slippery surfaces. Find options with nice to the touch, non-slippery, and not too bumpy overlays. In my experience, rubberized handle pads are the most comfortable to use.

Tip 9. The brighter the better.

This is a very simple tip that you could say lies on the surface. How often do you lose a tool in the garden? Yes, all the time! The acid color of your “Cover Your Eyes” bargaining unit reduces the chances of it being accidentally lost. In general, this advice applies to small garden tools as well.

A bright tool is easier to find if you accidentally lose it in the garden.

Lightweight tools are easier to find if you accidentally run out of them in the garden

Clearing the garden of snow - how is it done?

Tip 10. There must be more than one pruning shear

Remember that after using all the previous tips and choosing a test tool, you or your family members will probably be tempted to use it for other gardening tasks.

Use a pruning shear only for pruning branches. If you need a tool for flower garden work, get a separate pruning shear.

Do not use the secateurs for any other purpose other than pruning branches. If you need a tool for flower garden work, you get garden shears separately

I run into people all the time who do everything with pruning shears: shine them on swans, cables, plastic, cut brooms, use them for flower garden work, and so on. As a result, the blades are quickly blunted and covered with scratches, there are traces of corrosion on the metal, the halves of the screw are covered with a hardness. Secateurs lose their properties, and it is difficult and often impossible to restore them. It is no longer possible to cut trees with such a tool! Therefore it makes sense to have not one tool for all occasions, but several for different tasks.

Ideally, every gardener should have more than one pruner in their arsenal. Each one has a different purpose.

Ideally, every gardener should have several seeds in his or her arsenal. Each one has its own purpose.

Three types of pruners that should be in the arsenal of every gardener

1. Nakvenka second class with curved blades in my estimation, which is useful for pruning dry branches up to 18-20 mm in diameter. Nakvenka can trim quite massive branches. It is better to use it to combat aging and sanitary complaints.

The Comfort Anvil Secateurs PALISAD

Comfort Palisad a Sekateurship

2. In second place I would put a straight cut CO. This is the basic tool of every gardener. It is ideal for live branches up to 18 mm in diameter. You can cut tree and shrub branches, stiff flower stems, bath broom sticks. And thanks to the different shapes, you won’t confuse it with your first pruning shear.

The Comfort Secateurs PALISAD with a straight cut

Straight comfort Palisade reduces pruning shears

3. Versatile garden shears have never been superfluous, which is why they ended up in my top three. Always with me on the go. With a given cutting diameter of up to 10 mm, the shears can handle thin young shoots and flower stalks. This is what you need for trimming cord, foils, tights, boxes and other garden influences appearing on hand.

Comfort pruning shears PALISAD

Palisad Comfort Garden Shears.

These are the three main types of cutting tools that help us a lot in gardening. But there is another type of pruning shear, but one that I haven’t tried out yet, which is the grafting shear. I have been looking at it for a long time, but never bought it. However, my hands itch quite a lot, especially in anticipation of spring. They say that it is a faithful helper for all lovers of grafting. The cut makes an even cut, without errors, so that the ceiling and the scion are exactly the same, which is very important for good grafting of the scion. I hope to try him out soon.

PALISAD pruning shears

Palisade grafting priest

Tip 11: Take care of your hands

And one more tip, a bonus: Never neglect safety procedures when manipulating your pruning shears. Always wear gloves and hold the tool correctly, because injury is very easy. You can not only scratch your hands on the branches, but also rub such grains (with a large number of prunings) that later you will not be able to take anything in your hands for a week. So think about your safety in advance and take care of yourself.

Excavator-loader EO-21101 - description and properties

The mystery photo: What is a gardener doing wrong?

Photomystery: what is the wrong garden?

And to conclude, there’s the mindfulness test. I invite you to look at this picture and discuss what is wrong here. I found three mistakes. How about you?

Best Garden Secrets 2022

The best secateurs in 2022

Every gardener has an auxiliary tool from the obligatory series of tools. They regularly break, get bored, get lost, and there is a need to buy a new tool. To ensure that you do not miscalculate your choice, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has studied a selection of stores and tells about the best garden secrets that you can buy in 2022. Immediately following the evaluation, we offer advice from an experienced dacha owner when choosing a tool.

Top 10 ranking according to “KP

1. Gardena 08854


Garden secretaire from a German company for the summer house and garden. First of all, it seems that the manufacturer shows off and makes a warranty of 25 years. But we found in the reviews and found that the tool is really decent. Because there have been no complaints of destruction. Some are not so good if they affect live shoots. With dry shoots, it’s fine. Although the company itself generally positions it as a device for cutting flowers and young shoots.

The blades are arranged at a slight angle and have a precision sharpness. Thus, the tip is thin and particularly sharp and lasts longer. The metal is also coated with mica. The handle can be taken in two positions: for applying force over thick branches and a second short movement for fast cutting. Engineers have made a groove available for sap extraction. A wire cutter is available. The device can be locked with one hand.

main features

Mr Logo 16740

This “Mister” is very popular among the best garden captives. In 2022 there are newer models of the company. You can take a closer look at them, but there are no particular differences. The tool is necessary for trimming large branches. A ratchet helps in this. The upper blade is covered with Teflon, from which it is easier to wash with the right water. By the way, the blades are made of Japanese steel.

The handle is made of aluminum. However, the upper part is covered with thermoplastic rubber – so that the hand does not slip. In addition, this material against heat is resistant and does not stretch over time. The disadvantages in the rating include a tight fit when you need to repair the device in the closed position. In addition, it can be difficult to find in chain stores. Check either at special exhibitions, where the manufacturer goes, or order from an online factory.

main features


Stationary machine by a Taiwanese company, although it is assembled in China. Suitable for both flowers and trees and shrubs. Blades consist of hardened steel. Promise a special sharpness, which the machine performs under the control of a computer program. It uses a ratchet mechanism to increase cutting power. The bottom handle is equipped with a handle, a steel contour that serves as protection for the hand. There is a built-in brush that can be oiled and cleaned after working with the blades.

Buyers note the lightness of the tool and the quality of the cut. The only observation is the large handles for large palms. This is not always comfortable for a small woman’s hand. Connecting the power so that the blades can easily squeeze does not work. According to the claimed properties, it takes branches up to two centimeters. But many people load it with shoots up to 25 mm, and it buys them.

Overview of the MB-600 MB-600. Operating functions, photos, videos, reviews
main features

Contact Center Tool 0233

These garden shears are equipped with a ratchet mechanism. There is a kind of gear inside, which starts to rotate when the handles are pressed. This increases the cutting power and less force has to be applied. It is easier to squeeze than a similar device with springs. There is a lock that can be used to lock the tool in the closed position.

The manufacturer positions it as a device for dry and wet wood. But buyers in the ratings note that for the latter it is not particularly suitable – “mahrit”. This means that the cut turns out uneven, pieces of wood remain outside. It has a relatively large diameter – three centimeters. But here, too, experienced gardeners say that the maximum allowable thickness is squeezed. Another nuance is the material of the blades. It is called Titan everywhere on the Internet, including on the side of the manufacturer. However, only steel and aluminum are listed on the packaging.

main features

Fiskars PowerStep P83

Expensive garden pruning shears made in Finland. It is positioned as a device for cutting dry branches. Do not try to cut “juicy” shoots – the result will be disappointing. Most negative reviews refer only to the pruning of such branches. The handle is made of polymer, which to the touch resembles a mixture of rubber and plastic. The upper blade is made of stainless steel. The floor, on the other hand, is just a plastic tip.

Inside is the ratchet mechanism we already know. It consists of three parts. There are hollow numbers on the body – “1,2,3”. Depending on the pressure, one or the other value is filled with the color of the plastic part. However, this is only a decoration. Garden shears are very light – 140 grams. For this reason, the construction looks flimsy, but this impression is wrong. If you do not feel sorry for the money and want to use them for their intended purpose, we recommend the purchase.

main features


In general, garden tools of this brand belong to the budget class. This means that you should not expect high quality, reliability and long years of service. This is an expendable, which works for a few seasons for a long time, and then you can buy a new one – it costs inexpensively. But it is this particular model of garden shears that is preferred by some good reviews. Note that the company’s other devices in this segment are branded as unreliable.

The tool is designed for live branches, discs and flower stems. The curved blades move parallel to each other and come together like scissors. On top, they’re coated with Teflon, exactly the kind they like to use in kitchen utensils. The thing is that the material is not susceptible to rust. Made of plastic, and not the best quality. This is a minus for reliability, but a plus for weight – only 180 grams, like a modern iPhone. The handles are rubberized. The weak point is the holder for the knife. If we talk about other models, the most common complaint is that it is too narrow. Here, on the contrary, it is transparent and tends to fly away at the first unfortunate fall.

main features


A solid tool from Japan. But the manufacturer does not slap the price, so everyone can afford it. Also, it will last a long time. Completely stainless steel. Weighs 300 grams – a record-breaker in our rating of the best garden shears. In 2022, manufacturers are trying to produce lighter devices. However, for some, such heaviness will be to their taste. The heart of the tool is a reliable ratchet mechanism.

Grain harvester Akros 530 RSM 142 - description and properties

The blades are slightly curved. Due to this, the branch is confiscated more confidently, the cut is not cut. Part of the upper handle is rubberized. The floor grips the handle, protecting your fingers. According to the specification, the secondary layer – with dry branches, fresh shoots and stems. Can be used to decorate trees and shape bushes. This is a great hedge.

main features


The best garden secretary for those who need a simple and inexpensive. Then you can pay attention to this domestic brand. The tool has two main purposes: floristic work and thinning of fruit trees. The blades are long and narrow. Divided on both sides. Slightly curved to make it easier to reach awkwardly placed shoots. At the bottom of one of the handles is a steel bracket and other elements for gripping the mechanism and locking it in the closed position. Nevertheless, the device is still quite dangerous – it’s painfully long. This is not a disadvantage, only if children have access to the tool at the cottage, it is better to hide it.

Between the handles is the usual spring mechanism. If you do not load the tool with complex tasks, it tightens up for a long time.

main features

GRINDA 8-423000

Despite the fact that the brand is German, China makes a secondary nobility. However, this has had a pleasant effect on the price. A simple SEKATER that pulls not only pruning flowers and shrubs, but also young tree shoots. The working diameter is small – only 1.2 centimeters. Despite the low cost, the tool is well made.

The only thing that raises questions is the original design of the matryoshka type spring. We did not complain in the reviews to this customer about the breakage. There is a mounting clip in the area of the blades. It locks well, it will be difficult to break. But sometimes twigs cling to the branches during operation. And the handles, on the other hand, are made of aluminum, but covered with hard vinyl. This material is shiny and can slip if your hands are wet. But you can always wear rubberized gloves. The bottom stop is made of hardened steel, and the top stop is coated with Teflon.

main features

This Polish tool is designed for trimming shrubs and flowers. You can try to cut a thin shoot, but the working diameter is quite modest – one centimeter. Nevertheless, it is designed more for small jobs. The bark of trees, especially live ones, gets hammered into the anvil and forms a mush. This peculiar groove in general is a weak point of the tool – it tends to clog. That is why some masters even cover them with something.

Four-inch blades are coated with Teflon to resist corrosion. The movement is smooth. The handle is plastic, but there are rubberized inserts so that it does not slip in your hand. A definite plus is its compact handles, which fit well in a woman’s palm. Between the handles there is a torn rod attached from the inside. It won’t break unless it’s severely ripped off. Recommended for those who mess around with flowers more than trees.

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