Stiga lawn mower: Checking the Minogue mower, technical descriptions and rules of operation

Characteristics and classification of lawnmowers stiga

Stiga – a well-known Swedish brand with almost 80 years of history. It began its existence in the city of Tranas in 1994, but today the production facilities of the brand are scattered around the world and cover the Czech Republic, the United States, Britain, Poland and China. Therefore, the fact that Stiga garden grinders or lawnmowers are made in China should by no means confuse the buyer.

Stiga brand

High quality, functionality and durability are the main principles on which Stiga’s policy is based. The technology and environmental safety of the manufactured devices attract the attention of Stiga specialists. That’s why one of your petrol mowers won the international Swan Award for environmental friendliness.

Lawn mowers from the manufacturer “Stiga” are automated, self-powered and non-self-powered devices, which are equipped with a gasoline or electric motor. Suitable for domestic and professional tasks and different amounts of work – from mowing the lawn on a few hundred acres in the house to working for hours on an area corresponding to a soccer field.


  • Durable and long-lasting propulsion systems;
  • Wear-resistant materials for body and cutter bar;
  • Efficient grass removal or collection system;
  • 5-year quality warranty.

Stiga lawnmowers are combined for several series:

  • Collectors – The most primitive lawnmowers that do not include a grass box and are non-self-powered;
  • Twinclip – rear-drive equipment with a soft container for grass accumulation;
  • Combi – the most popular grass mower from this brand. It allows not only mowing and collecting herbage, but also making organic fertilizer – mulch;
  • Multiclip – professional series used in service programs;
  • Turbo self – devices with wide mowers, which are ideal for large areas;
  • Dino – devices with a side outlet of the cleaned mass. In front of you is the original design, which can perform side mowing.

Overview of popular models

Lawnmower “Stiga” collector 46 b

An inadequate gasoline lawn mower powered by an imported kniggs & stratton 450 4-stroke cylinder engine. Due to the maneuverable and lightweight design, it shows excellent results on open areas and obstacles. Powered by AI-92 gasoline and SAE 10W-30 motor oil.


  • Engine decompression equipment that reduces starter resistance by up to 70% when starting;
  • steel housing, impregnated with corrosion-resistant compound;
  • capacious plastic grass catcher box;
  • 5-speed mowing height adjustment that activates on the central lever;
  • Knife with 2 blades of carbide material.


  • Power – 4 hp;
  • Mowing width – 0,44 m;
  • Capacity of mulch – 55 kg;
  • Weight – 21 kg.

Styga Combi 44 E

Lawn mower Stiga Combi 44 E

The electric lawnmower is ideal for owners of summer cottages or small home gardens. Due to its low weight and balanced design, even a woman can handle it. At a medium price, it has all the features that expensive lawnmowers have.


  • Stiga 1.8 kW synchronous motor
  • High impact plastic housing;
  • Grass mulching function;
  • Adjustment of the cutting height with the help of the control unit – the operator can choose one of 6 positions from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Ergonomic control lever with quick-release fasteners.

Technological properties:

  • grass catcher box – 50 l;
  • Width of the bevel – 450 mm;
  • Dimensions – 74x49x49 cm;
  • Weight – 17 kg.
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Stiga Collector 48 SB lawn mower

It is a self-propelled petrol lawnmower with household power. Unlike its electric counterparts, it can also work in wet weather. The large reach and manoeuvrability of its wheelbase allow it to mow large areas in the shortest possible time.

  • productive engine with efficient air cooling system;
  • stainless steel housing;
  • 5-position lever – cutting height adjustment;
  • rear drive, which allows you to work on rough terrain;
  • Possibility to mulch the grass and collect it in a plastic container.

Working parameters:

  • power – 2.9 kW;
  • cutting width / height – 46 / 2,7-8 cm;
  • mulching tank – 0,06 m3;
  • weight – 28 kg.

“Stiga” Turbo 53 SE4Q B

Self-propelled gas mower with up to 5 hp of power. Shows excellent performance on large areas – more than 2 hectares. Thanks to the enlarged cutting system and universal design, it mows a half-meter strip in one pass. Suitable for professional needs – mowing lawns on the golf course or soccer field, as well as for domestic use.

Stiga gasoline lawnmowers: comparison of the most popular models, prices and reviews

photo 1

The products of the Swedish company STIGA, which is part of the STIGA group, are of good quality and affordable price.

Although some factories are located in China, there are the same standards as in the other factories of this group, so the quality and reliability of “Chinese” STIGA lawn mowers turns out to be quite European.

In addition, the engineers of “Stiga” pay great attention to practicality and convenience of lawn mowers, so it is more convenient to work with STIGA products than with most other manufacturers’ devices, especially in the budget price category.

Why opt for Stiga petrol lawnmowers?

photo 2

The range of Stiga gasoline lawnmowers includes several lines of devices designed for different operating conditions, which allows even the most demanding buyer to choose the appropriate device.

Although each line is designed for specific conditions, many models are versatile thanks to the 4-in-1 system we discussed here.

Each model in each line has multiple drivetrain options, which allows for an even more precise selection of the unit for specific conditions.

The most popular models

To determine the most popular models, we used the following:

  • An Internet search;
  • Reviews on various forums and websites;
  • Reviews at online stores.

Turbo Excel 50 SQ B

The discontinued but still popular model with a very powerful (6-liter) Briggs and Stratton engine and a large cutting height (22-95 mm) is good for mowing lawns and cutting tall (30-50 cm) grass, including weeds and weeds. At the same time, the device has a good mowing width (48 cm) and is rather heavy (50 kg), which makes it difficult for women and the elderly.

Large wheels (front 21 cm, rear 30 cm) and rear-wheel drive ensure high cross-country ability even on uneven terrain.

It is quite difficult to find this model in stores, as it is no longer produced, so they sell old stock, and the average price is 55,000 rubles.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Powerful engine provides efficient mowing even tall grass and weeds;
  • Large mowing width speeds up the mowing of lawns;
  • Rear-wheel drive and large wheels increase cross-country ability on uneven terrain.
  • The 4V1 system makes this model versatile.
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Here are the disadvantages of the model:

  • Discontinued, so it’s hard to find in stores;
  • Its heavy weight makes it difficult for physically weak people to operate it.

Combi 48.

photo 3

This is the basic non-powered model of the same line, equipped with a Stiga S 140 OHV engine with a capacity of 3 hp. And the cutting width is 46 cm.

The engine is equipped with an automatic throttle, thanks to which it independently maintains revolutions corresponding to the maximum torque. This prolongs the life of the engine and makes it as economical as possible.

The cutting height range of 22 to 80 mm allows this model to mow even slightly neglected lawns effectively.

The modified length of the handle helps to adjust the mower to the operator of any height and body type, and the cam-lock and soft coating make this handle much more comfortable than most analogues.

The weight of this model is 28 kg, which allows you to effectively use it even physically weak people, for example, this model is universal.

The average cost of the basic model is 26,000 rubles, but it has more comfortable or effective analogues:

    – Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 550 series engine with a capacity of 2.9 hp. С. The average cost of the model is 28,000 rubles. – Equipped with a more powerful engine Stiga st 170 with a volume of 3.5 hp. С. The average cost is 30,000 rubles. – Equipped with a 2.85 hp Briggs & Stratton 575 serial instarter, as well as an electric starter. The average cost of the model is 37,000 rubles.

Combi 53 sq.

photo 4

This basic model of the entire line is a self-propelled lawn mower with rear-wheel drive and a cutting width of 51 cm.

The cutting height range is 27-90 mm, which enables the device to mow even 40-60 cm tall grass.

The central mowing height adjustment (5 settings) is most effective on flat lawns and other green areas. However, on rough or hilly terrain, the Stiga Combi 53m² is inferior to lawnmowers with split adjustment.

The larger diameter wheels (20 cm at the front, 28 cm at the back) improve maneuverability on uneven terrain, and the longitudinal profile makes it easier to work on slopes, making it easier to keep the unit on a certain path.

The engine is equipped with an automatic throttle, so it independently maintains the rpm corresponding to the maximum torque, which reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear of the unit parts becomes slower.

The base model weighs 34 kg, and the average cost is 30,000 rubles.

There are other models of this line, which differ by engine manufacturer or configuration, but are completely identical in basic parameters:

    – differs from the basic model only by the electric starter and the price (35,000 rubles). -This Stiga mower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 675 IS engine (with INSTART system) with the same characteristics and an electric starter, the average cost is 36,000 rubles. -Device with a 4.5-liter Honda GCVX170 Autochoke engine. С. The average cost of the model is 40 thousand rubles.
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Here are the advantages of the basic model:

  • Large mowing width speeds up the mowing of lawns;
  • The big choice of mowing height facilitates mowing neglected and unimproved lawns or lawns;
  • Large wheels increase flotation on uneven terrain;
  • Single-lever cutting height adjustment (center) increases comfort on level ground.

Here are the disadvantages of the basic model:

  • The lack of a variator or stepped transmission makes mowing difficult because the operator can’t adapt the speed to its level;
  • Due to insufficient engine power, the machine is not suitable for mowing tall grass or weeds.

Collector 43

photo 5

This non-self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with a 2.6 hp stiga ST 120 OHV engine, the mowing width is 41 cm and the mowing height range is 22-65 mm, so the device is only suitable for home use.

Quite capacious (60 l) For such performance and mowing width, the grass catcher box ensures quite long mowing of the lawn before filling, so it needs to be emptied less often.

Due to the low weight (25 kg) this model is well suited for women and the elderly who do not have much physical strength, and the low average price (18,000 rubles) makes the Collector 43 very popular.

Convenient handles on the front and sides of the mower make it easy to transport, and the central cutting height adjustment (lever) makes mowing the grass more comfortable on flat surfaces.

The Collector 43 has a self-propelled version, the Collector 43 S, which differs from the basic model only in the rear-wheel drive. Both models can only throw the grass to the rear, under the operator’s feet or into the grass catcher box, no other modes are available.

These are the advantages of lawnmowers:

  • The low weight makes it suitable for use by women or the elderly;
  • Due to its low price, this lawn mower can be purchased by people with a lower average income;
  • Convenient handles make it easy to carry the device.

Here are the disadvantages of the model:

  • The lack of wheel drive forces the operator to move the mower through his or her physical strength;
  • The lack of pages and mulch limits the use of the mower;
  • Low power and mowing width do not allow these machines to be used on large lawns.

Twinclip 50s.

photo 6

This model is the basis for the entire Twinclip 50 line, it is equipped with a Stiga St 170 OHV engine of 3.5 liters. C. And has a width of 48 cm and a cutting height range of 25-77 mm.

A distinctive feature of the entire line is the supplementary collection system (XC), that is, a double blade of aerodynamic shape and the use of galvanized steel for the chassis and deck.

Thanks to this approach, each mower in this line effectively removes grass clippings from the ground, which can be used to clear areas of grass or fallen leaves, and very efficiently, so the percentage of grass in the grass box is much lower than in other lines.

The 70-litre grass catcher box not only allows you to work until it’s full, but also creates an even flow of air that disperses it, which reduces noise when mowing grass with the Twinclip 50 S.

The central mowing height adjustment makes it easy to work on flat areas, and the rear-wheel drive (single-speed transmission of its physical power. The average cost of the base model of the line is 46,000 rubles.

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Other models of the line differ from the basic models in parameters:

    -This model is derived from the Briggs & Stratton 625 Exi R.S. Mow & Stew 3L S. Vibration suppression system and 4-in-1 mode. -Distinguishes itself from the base model with a 4-in-1 mowing mode and electric starter engine start. – This model has a Briggs & Stratton 675 engine that has a stock 3.5 hp starter. C. Quick start (even in manual mode, just turn on the ignition and pull the hand starter cable) and an electric starter, vibration reduction system, 4-in-1 mowing mode. – This mower features a very reliable and fuel-efficient 3.7-hp Honda GCVX145 auto-hockey, 4-in-1 mode, and vibration reduction system.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Large fabric grass catcher with fill indicator increases time to fill and also reduces operating noise.
  • The optional grass collection system improves the quality of mowing and allows you to use the mower to collect over-pollinated grass or fallen leaves.
  • Large range of models, so even the demanding buyer can choose the right mower.
  • The adjustment for connecting the hose makes it easy to clean the deck after work.

And here are the disadvantages:

  • The lack of ability to change speed forces the operator to adjust to the mower’s stroke, not the other way around;
  • The price for such a mowing width makes this device affordable only for people with above-average income.

Multiclip 47

photo 7

Mulching non-self-propelled mower with Stiga St 120 OHV engine 2.6 hp. C. And mowing width is 45 cm, mowing height range of 31-80 mm and adjustable separately on each wheel, which is very effective when working on uneven terrain.

Can work only in mulching mode, other ways to throw the grass are not provided.

The wheels of medium diameter (18 cm in front and rear) provide good cross-cutting ability only on sites, and the small weight (23 kg) makes this mower very convenient for women or elderly people who do not have much physical strength. The average cost of the model is 26,000 rubles.

There are other models in the Multiclip 47 range:

    – Differs from the base model in that it is rear-wheel drive. – Differs from the base model in that it has the ability to activate side ejection and electric motor start. – Analogous to the Multiclip 47 SEQ model, with a 2.85 hp Briggs & Stratton 575 IS engine.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Its light weight makes it well suited for women or the elderly;
  • The cutting height adjustment separately on each wheel is very effective on uneven terrain;
  • A wide range of models in the line allows even the most demanding customer to choose the right device.
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Here are its disadvantages:

  • The lack of side and rear ejection deprives this mower of versatility;
  • absence of wheels’ drive makes the operator have to move the mower by himself (due to his own physical strength); – the medium size of wheels reduces the floatation of the mower
  • average size of wheels reduces buoyancy on uneven lawns or lawns.

Comparative table of properties

As a rule, before buying one of Stiga’s models, the question arises as to which is better: self-propelled or non-self-propelled, with grass discharge or with grass catcher box, more expensive or cheaper?

Therefore, to facilitate the choice, we have prepared a table with the most important parameters, such as:

  1. make and power of the engine.
  2. mowing width.
  3. Weight.
  4. Types of treatment and waste of grass.
  5. Self-propelled (wheel drive).
  6. Price.
model Mark and engine power hp. working width cm weight (kg Types of treatment and weed waste wheel drive Price 1000 rubles
Turbo Excel 50 SQ B Briggs and Stratton 6 years S. 48 50 4 в 1 Rear, one speed 55
Combi 48. STIGA ST 140 OHV 3L. С, 46 28 4 в 1 no 26
Combi 53 sq. STIGA ST 170 OHV 3,5 hp. 51 34 4 в 1 Rear, one speed 30
Collector 43 STIGA ST 120 OHV 2.6HP. С. 41 25 Back to grass catcher box no 18
Twinclip 50s. STIGA ST 170 OHV 3,5 hp. 48 21 Rear, to grass box, mulching Rear, one speed 46
Multiclip 47 STIGA ST 120 OHV 2.6L. 45 24 Only mulching no 26

What’s the best choice?

To choose the right lawnmower, you must first decide how and for what it will be used, as well as determine the optimal parameters, such as

  • engine power;
  • the width of mowing;
  • methods of disposal and treatment of grass;
  • the range of mowing height and the way of its installation;
  • availability and type of wheel drive;
  • permissible weight.

About these parameters and how they affect the work with the lawnmower, we have already talked here – How to choose a gasoline lawnmower. So, after determining the optimal parameters, you need to choose a suitable model according to them.


Descriptions in stores and technical specifications do not always help to assess the real capabilities of a particular model, so we have prepared links to sites and forums where STIGA lawn mower users discuss lawn mowers or leave their reviews about them:

Useful video

The video gives an overview of the Stiga COMBI 48 SB gasoline lawnmower:


The choice of STIGA lawnmowers is huge, so even the most demanding buyer can choose a machine that meets his expectations. All products of this manufacturer are of good quality and reasonable price, and in each line there are models with the same basic characteristics, differing in one or more parameters.

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