STIGA Expert Advice: What do you need to know about cordless tools?

Overview of Stiga battery technology

The Stiga battery technology combines all the advantages of petrol and electric models. Due to the lack of a cable, it is not restricted in the area of ​​​​application and is very mobile. In addition, it has a low noise level, does not pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and has a positive effect on the atmosphere. All Stiga batteries are lithium-ion batteries and offer the advantages of faster charging, higher capacity, more power, less weight and longer life over NiCd batteries.

Stiga battery equipment

Nowadays it is important to take care of environment and nature and Stiga supports this trend.

Every year Stiga expands its range of batteries. All Stiga batteries are lithium-ion batteries. Each line has its own battery that is suitable for all devices in its model range. At the moment Stiga presents 4 lines of battery technology: 24V PowerPack, 48V PowerPack, Voltage 80 and 500 System Series.

Stiga 24V Power Pack

The 24 V PowerPack series is a small, handy tool with very light and compact batteries. This thread is not very powerful, but it is great for working in small garden plots.

Batteries from the 24 V PowerPack line have a capacity of 4 Ah and a voltage of 24 volts. They are available in the following tools:

  • blower – for cleaning the garden from leaves and other debris;
  • Chainsaws – for sawing firewood, trees and branches;
  • trimmer – for mowing grass in summer cottages;
  • brush cutter – for working with garden shrubs;
  • Pole cutter – for cutting branches.

Stiga 48V PowerPack

The 48V PowerPack range is the perfect balance of size, performance and ease of use. This series has the same features as the 24V PowerPack, but with more power.

Batteries from the 48 V PowerPack line have a capacity of 2 A/h, 2.5 A/h and 5 A/h and a voltage of 48 volts. They are available in the following tools:

  • lawn mower – for mowing grass in suburban areas;
  • Snowblowers – for cleaning snow in areas.
  • Brush cutter – for working with garden shrubs.
  • Chainsaws – for sawing firewood, trees and trimming branches.

Stiga voltage 80

Battery line voltage 80. Its advantage is power, high charging speed and duration of work. The charging time of the battery is three times shorter than the operating time. This was made possible by the Stiga 80V SFC 80 AE charger. It is very convenient to use 2 batteries – you can work continuously all day while charging one battery and using the other.

Stiga tension 80

The Stiga Voltage 80 line includes 2.5Ah, 4Ah and 5Ah batteries. They are available in the following tools:

  • lawn mower – for mowing grass in suburban areas;
  • snow blowers – for clearing snow in areas;
  • Chainsaws – for sawing firewood, trees and branches;
  • trimmer – for mowing grass in summer cottages;
  • brush cutter – for working with garden shrubs;
  • Blower – for cleaning the garden from leaves and other dirt.
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Stiga 500 system series

The 500 system series of garden battery devices is a novelty from Stiga. This range includes the lawnmowers Stiga Combi and Stiga Multiclip. The peculiarity is that 2 batteries are installed in a lawnmower.

Stiga 500 system series battery

The lawnmower consumes energy of 2 batteries at the same time. A change of batteries during operation is not necessary: ​​the batteries are synchronized with each other and ensure high strength and energy savings when operating the lawnmower.

Another plus: all lawnmowers of the 500 system Series battery series are self-driving, you can adapt your speed of 2.5 km/h to 5 km/h to your work pace. There is also a display that shows all information: battery charge, mowing speed and the inclusion of the ECO mode function, which reduces the engine speed and increases the term by 15 percent.

In addition to lawn mowers, the 500 system series also includes free cutter, trimmer, blower, chainsaws and pruning shears. All of them have an ergonomic design, which makes them very comfortable to use. The control panel is arranged for easy operation. Each tool has a display that shows the battery stand. The tools of this line are very easy and easy to use.

The 500 system series sells 2-AH, 4-AH and 5-AH batteries with a voltage of 48 volts and a charger.

TOP 5 cordless shears

If a lawnmower or a trimmer is a tool for “coarse processing”, the garden scissors can be attributed to the tools for “completion”: they cut a little, but precisely and beautiful. So, if you really meet perfectionism, something like this will definitely be useful: And of course it will be the most convenient to use a batter y-operated electric drive and not to carry a network cable with you or with a growl petrol engine. This idea is also confirmed by the sales shelves: It is the vast majority of the currently sold models of garden scissors that are rechargeable that contain a decent quantity in the catalogs of various manufacturers. Therefore, the topic of our current evaluation is the best battery garden scissors.

In addition to grass shears, many two-in-one models are on offer-they enable the scissor unit to be replaced by a compact free cutter knife. Such motor sinks are undoubtedly more versatile – and at the same time they use special devices for any kind of work, that is, they do not suffer from the typical defects of “pure generalists” if the tool two seems to be able to do things, but each of them is worse than “sharpened” for a certain one. But unfortunately not always: the free cutter needs more strength than to cut the grass, so that the second nozzle is not really useful everywhere.

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And which of these sets is really a waste of money? Let’s continue with the analysis of the grains and chaff of the modern Russian market.

Evaluation of the best cordless shears

category location Surname valuation
The best battery 2-in-1 hedge trimmers 1 Stiga SGM-102AE 9.7 / 10
2 Kärcher GSH 18-20 battery 9.5 / 10
3 Greenworks 1600207 8.8 / 10
4 Patriot CSH 360 7.9 / 10
The best cordless grass shear 1 Gardena comfort cut li (9856-20) 9.6 / 10

The best battery 2-in-1 hedge trimmers

Stiga SGM-102AE

Opens our ranking of the best cordless hedge trimmers Stiga SGM 102 AE. The Swedish company repeated the path of Forrest Gump in its history: from table tennis (for him, making rackets was the company’s original profile) to riding a lawn mower in the status of a millionaire. While Forrest wasn’t interested in money, prices for the Stiga tool weren’t cheap.

However, in this case we pay for the German assembly, functionality and comfort. The shears are equipped with an 11 cm “grass” knife and a 18 cm brush blade, which is double-edged and can cut branches up to 8 mm. The company also offers other sizes of attachments, as well as stoppers and cutters for large branches. Gear changes easily and quickly, and its variety gets you a solid five. There is a mount for a telescopic pole and a platform with wheels, and the handle itself can be rotated 180 degrees if necessary.

The protection against accidental activation (especially by children) is implemented simply and tastefully: you have to attach a safety key under the valve on the top of the body, otherwise you will not be able to start the scissors. A plug for connecting a charger was placed under the same valve: the battery is built-in, lithium-ion with an operating voltage of 10.8 V and a capacity of 2.5 Ah. Considering that the scissors can work for almost two hours on a full charge, we can’t call a non-removable battery a serious drawback: for a typical personal plot, the charge is enough with a margin.

  • ergonomics
  • autonomy
  • Plenty of additional equipment
  • Easy to change tools
  • high price

Karcher GSH 18-20 battery

The company from Stuttgart not only earns money with car washes. The GSH 18-20 hedge trimmer is a two-in-one device with a replaceable 18-volt battery, which is common to all Kärcher devices: the same ones are used, for example, for this brand’s leaf blowers. The package includes a brush cutter with a 20 cm blade that can cut branches up to 10 mm thick and a 12 cm grass knife.

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When using a 2.5Ah battery, the Karcher will work just as long as the Stiga – up to 110 minutes, but after that the Stig will inevitably need to be charged, and with the Karcher it’s enough to just swap out the battery for a spare one, or the same buy a bigger one with 5 Ah. Another thing is that you have to buy it anyway – no battery or charger is included. So, the cheaper “price tag” Karcher in the “ready for use” condition will already be more expensive (the set “Battery 2.5 Ah + recharging” in the company store costs about 6,000 rubles, so think for yourself).

The equipment is easy to change with bare hands and the quality is good. When buying Kärcher, however, you have to be content with what you have: Unlike Stiga, which offers a decent selection of “Special Stages”, the German company offers nothing else as an option for the scissors – no additional nozzles, no telescope handle, no wheels.

  • Replaceable 18V battery
  • Good tool quality
  • High autonomy
  • Moderate weight (1.2 kg without battery)
  • The battery and charger cost a little less than the scissors themselves (and if you take a set with a 5Ah battery, then more expensive)
  • Lack of additional equipment and supplies

Greenworks 1600207

This model of battery shears attracts both an affordable price and voluminous finishing: in addition to an 8-centimeter blade for grass and a 16-centimeter bush with a blade blade of 10 mm, a folding handle with a wheel platform is immediately turned on.

However, the low price is not taken out of the air. First of all, the built-in battery is a single lithium-ion “bank” for 2 ampere-hours of capacity, so after half an hour of work the secateurs will have to calculate. And the full charge itself, according to the instructions, can take up to 4.5 hours! So we are clearly in front of the tool designed for episodic work, a typical representative of an amateur class.

And, unfortunately, inevitable signs of a budget “amateur”. For example, the second cast button on the handle may require “peeling” for normal operation, and the power of the engine is small, which is already felt in thick grass (it is not surprising for the “single-story” diet in general For frequent work on a large one The GreenWorks area will definitely not be a good choice, but for the “refining” of bushes and lawns from time to time it’s not so bad for the money. Peeling “, the author would personally immediately consider changing the size of the replaced battery from 18650 – they are inexpensive and can be loaded quickly with regular memory.

  • The presence of a handle in the kit
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Weak battery and motor
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Patriot CSH 360

One of the cheapest “2 in 1” of the Russian market is extremely simple: a built-in battery for 1.3 a*h, a 12 cm bush cutter blade (which works adequately with this power only with thin branches) an 8 cm knife for weed. A curious feature of this model is the lack of the need for a battery network for charging: instead, the USB Type-C connector is used here, so in general, scissors can also be charged directly in the yard from a power bank. Given that even pass autonomy in the scissors is 15-20 minutes without charging, they definitely need to charge them regularly. And the idea of ​​remering under a removable 18650 battery, which only visited the author higher, is finally confirmed in the head-Well, or at least replace the full-time glass with a battery of larger capacity, still 1.3 amp hours-that’s “over all”.

  • Good ergonomics
  • The extremely low price for which the scissors even work!
  • minimum autonomy
  • The power is small to fully use a Busch cutting nozzle

The best cordless grass shear

Gardena Comfortcut Li (9856-20)

Good battery shears for grass. The handle’s adjustable tilt angle (just press the side button to set the desired angle) allows you to work as comfortably as possible on those “narrow” spots where it would otherwise have to bend your hand excessively. The battery is an integrated “one-story” (operating voltage-3.6V), but with a reasonable capacity of 3 amp hours, which allows the scissors to work for more than an hour. A regular knife is eight inches with good sharpening. The scissors weigh only 600 grams – in general, they were competently adjusted for a long work, it should not be uncomfortable.

That’s right, you need to charge the battery for more than three hours. Consider this when planning. The charging nest is located under the plug in the back of the case, in a rather dirty place – it is not for nothing that the article “Cleaning the charger” is issued separately in the operating manual.

It should be noted that these scissors are also equipped with a Boose cutting blade and a telescopic handle. However, for the rating we took precisely the “purely sparse” option, because at the price of a “universal” version, the scissors are frankly weak like a bush and already give a reason to think about buying a more powerful model – But in the role the “garden” schissors he works for the conscience.

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It is worth telling the manufacturer for the clearly visible malfunction indicator – it immediately indicates the overcharge of the engine when the current consumed exceeds the specified value.

  • Convenient adjustable handle
  • Decent autonomy
  • Long loading

I just took it with scissors, with a bush and a handle is expensive, and you should not wait for a big sense of bushes from a 3.6 volt model.

How to choose good batteries?

In its design, the battery secateurs are, in fact, the same hair clipper: both there and there, the rotation of the motor turns into a transverse movement of the blade relative to the second, motionless. The wider the knife, the greater the width of the strip cut at the same time, but mechanical losses: accordingly, you need a more powerful engine and a capacious battery.

However, the power of the motors in the battery tool is not accepted. Then what should be built? The simplest way is the operating voltage of the battery: the fact is that any lithium-ion battery has the maximum current of the long load, and therefore the maximum load power is already moving directly: by collecting two “banks” one after the other, you can collect the motor twice as many of them swim as possible than from a single can. So when it comes to long-term hard work (especially with a bum carving nozzle if included or purchased separately) it makes sense to look at the models with 10.8v batteries (3 lithium ion ion ion io n-ion ​​ion ion “banks” consistently) or even 18V (5 “cans”). 3.6 volt models should only be taken for cutting the grass and episodic jobs with a Bumose cutting nozzle (and when it’s readily available in the kit, there’s no point in buying them for low-powered shears).

The battery is, of course, best of all removable – it can easily be replaced with a spare if something goes wrong. The buil t-in one clearly requires moving the tool to load. In addition, without a soldering iron, it can only be replaced with the “original” and essentially overpays for a couple of wiring with the block. However, with the help of a soldering iron it will be much cheaper for soldering standards “banks”.

For long-term work, it is worth choosing scissors with a wheeled platform and a telescopic handle with a low location of the working area. To roll the scissors in front of you as a mini gazono bait. However, it is more difficult to control the scissors – for the thinnest work, the handle must be triggered.

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