Stiga e-ride cordless garden tractors


The E-RIDE C500 combines the advantages of a cordless lawnmower and a petrol tractor. Powered by Stiga’s best 40Ah (lithium-ion) battery pack, developed and tested by Stiga in Italy, it can mow 4000 m² in 60 minutes. The equipment includes a digital panel, ECO mode, cruise control and LED headlights for mowing in poor visibility conditions. The ERIDE C500 also comes with a large grass catcher box and mulching kit if you prefer to distribute shredded grass over the lawn.

  • Cordless lawnmower for petrol-free, stress-free work
  • Modern and multifunctional: Quick start, ECO mode, cruise control, LED headlights
  • 240 l grass catcher box and mulching wedge
  • Powerful 1.2 kW transmission motor and two 3 kW cutting blade motors
  • Mowing width 84 cm, 7 cutting heights adjustable
  • Comes with a 48V 40AH battery and standard battery charger. Quick charger sold separately
  • With battery included

Product details and technical specifications

The impressive 48V-40-AH battery that powers the ERIDE C500 creates enough energy to mow areas up to 4,000 square miles in 60 minutes and without recharging. Thanks to battery operation, the machine generates less noise, vibration and, unlike a gasoline tractor, produces no harmful emissions. With the powerful 1.2 kW transaxle motor, you can reach speeds of up to 9.5 km/h, the 2 cutting blades (3 kW) work without belts, straps or costly maintenance. Just sit down, turn it on and get to work. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, the machine can be easily connected to the Stiga GO app on your phone, which turns into a digital dashboard, and you always have information about the current mowing session and the progress of previous sessions, CO2 savings, maintenance information, and Smart charging. You can also contact your nearest dealer directly through the apps and get help faster. ECO mode saves energy by reducing blade speed in light mowing conditions, LED lights make mowing safe even in low light conditions. The large 240-liter grass collection garbage can allows you to go to the garbage can less frequently. With a more than ample mowing width of 84 cm. and the ability to adjust 7 height positions from 25 to 80 mm, you’ll get the job done in no time.

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One step up for working in large gardens or for multi-tasking and long sessions. .

  • Rugged tools
  • More demanding tasks
  • Longer work sessions
  • Multiple tasks

What kind of gardener are you?

Discover our range and find what fits your gardening style!

Designed for beginning gardeners or those gardeners who want to act fast and achieve a certain quality of gardening.

  • Easy tools.
  • Easy to use, set up, use, clean and store
  • Simple and intuitive functions

One step ahead for working in large gardens or for multi-tasking and long sessions.

  • Rugged tools
  • More demanding tasks
  • Longer work sessions
  • Multiple tasks

Our most powerful and functional products with customizable features thanks to a multitude of functions and accessories: You don’t need to be a professional, these products will make you an expert.

  • Durable tools
  • Superior performance
  • For intensive work
  • Individual service
  • The most sensitive control



With the powerful 48V 40AH battery, you can treat an area of up to 4,000 sq. km. in 60 minutes with a single load, without the noise and smoke of a gasoline tractor.



The large 240-liter grass collection garbage can will take care of your grass clippings, and the mulching kit will help naturally fertilize your lawn.


The powerful transexl motor gives you fast (up to 9 km/h) movement in the garden and a smooth adjustment of the speed.


A blade that is powered by two motors with a total capacity of 3 kW, without belts, belt shear, loss of performance or maintenance.


For the first time for an electric tractor, the possibility to connect a hose for easy cleaning of the mowing deck. IP65 protection.

Stiga e-ride cordless garden tractors

Stiga E-Ride is the first battery-powered tractor range to combine the highest mowing and harvesting performance of any Stiga lawn tractor class with all the benefits of electric-powered machines. Based on years of experience, knowledge and engineering competence, the series will surprise you with comfort, performance and intelligent features. Get to know them better!

Learn how to operate and maintain your Partner P340S.

Stiga e-power

E-Power is a completely new generation of battery packs, developed by Stiga and tested in the field. And that means: during work and for powering the devices it’s suitable for. And it’s also more accurate than the competition!

Standard industry tests only prove performance up to 300 operating cycles and a 20% battery drain. At Stiga, we test full cycles from 100% to full discharge, over 600 cycles. After all, they’re meant to work, not exist on technical expertise.

What effects have we achieved? Full performance even after 600 full cycles of loading and unloading! Impressive, isn’t it? And that’s just the beginning – it’s time to switch to tractors!

The Stiga e-ride battery-powered tractors – the features

Stiga cutting and gathering technology

What do you say when you think about lawnmower performance? Probably the way and efficiency of mowing. The e-ride series consists of two models, the C300 and C500, which offer three different mowing methods: basket suction, rear discharge and mulching. And all in the most pleasant conditions and with a pleasing effect.

The clever arrangement of the cutting unit and knives, as well as the clever shape and connection of the fishcracker are guaranteed:

  • Accuracy and uniformity of cutting,
  • Prevention of clogging of the suction channel by the introduction of a central tunnel which increases the efficiency of the container,
  • Maximum filling and easy emptying of the garbage can thanks to the wedge shape and the material from which it is made.

Stiga E-Ride C300 and C500 tractors:

  • Three mowing modes and a large 240-liter grass garbage can.
  • Mowing width 84 cm
  • 7 possible cutting heights from 25 to 80 mm.
  • Mowing area 3000 to 4000 m2

Incomparable comfort

Working in pleasant conditions? Stiga engineers get them. Cordless tractors have no exhaust fumes that disturb their housemates and neighbors, and reduce the noise and unpleasant vibrations they’re familiar with from internal combustion engine models. For their comfort, we have stiga e-travel cordless tractors for grass mowing, including an ergonomic seat that greatly increases comfort. Regulation? See how easy it is!

How do I water my plants in the garden?

Switch to the Eride, and mowing the grass becomes a real pleasure, not a necessity.

Outstanding driveability

The tractors use Stiga’s unique electric drive system. Combined with the Stiga One Pedal Drive system, it gives you stepless control of the electric drive via a single pedal. When you step on the pedal, the machine accelerates – when you slow down, the tractor stops. No effort or problems! Both the C300 and C500 also have a parking brake that automatically activates when not in use.

Efficient and quiet mowing

Low noise and low vibration level.

The machine is equipped with two cutting blade motors with a total power of 3 kW – for a precise and efficient mowing. Safety is guaranteed by the electromechanical brake and the in-built shield control.

Intelligent control

The machine is equipped with a special Stiga Vehicle Management System (VMS) that collects user data, checks the machine’s parameters and controls the machine’s power. Additional diagnostic checks ensure maximum safety.

Easy operation

Thanks to the single-pedal drive system and the electric gearbox, you control the machine very easily and gently. The aforementioned VMS, which makes driving the tractor easy, is also supported by a simple, intuitive dashboard and a special stiga app.

Charging is also no problem at all. All you have to do is plug it in and it’s ready to go in about six hours. And if you’re thinking about buying one, the charger with the quick charger is ready to use in just two hours!

Emptying the garbage can is also very easy and possible without having to turn off the engine and get out of the tractor. What about maintenance?

Easy maintenance

Lawn tractor maintenance involves a number of activities that often need to be carried out more often than before or after the season. The Stiga C300 and C500 models won’t give you that problem. Replacing the combustion engine with a battery, changing spark plugs and air filters, and refilling or disposing of diesel fuel. Revolution!

When can I cut trees in the garden?

You can easily clean the mower deck. Just attach a garden hose to the appropriate spot on the cover and you’re on to the leftovers in no time. The blade drive is IP65 protected.

Stig app.

You can easily connect the ERIDE 500 series Bluetooth module to the Stiga app on your smartphone. This allows you to turn your phone into a virtual dashboard, check how much less CO2 is being emitted because you’re mowing with a battery-powered machine, and contact your local stiga equipment supplier or dealer for information on the technical status of your tractor. By displaying the dashboard on your smartphone, you have access to a variety of information about your mowing progress, such as:

  • Spaying – Efficiency: The machine offers optimum speed and maximum height for maximum efficiency.
  • Work area: The tractor presents a sloping area with a possible surface to mow before the battery runs out.
  • Estimated finish time,
  • Estimated battery discharge time,
  • Home Return Function: Worried about missing the low battery warning and getting stuck in the middle of the lawn, far from the charging point? No such thing!

You already know that the Stiga app tells you that your battery is almost dead and it’s time to call it a day. But that’s not all! It self-adjusts the distance between the garage and your machine’s current location, so the battery doesn’t run out before it’s reached the power source.

Stiga E-Ride tractors are not only about efficiency, power and technology, but above all your comfort and the environment! Are you ready to change your garden for the better? Order your E-Ride and be supported by a qualified stiga dealer, who has fully prepared the device and taught you how to use it at no extra cost. So you can start innovating immediately!

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