Stig Turbo 53 6 lawn mower, description, features and rules of use

Stiga lawn mower

High performance, maneuverability and passability – these are the characteristics that distinguish Stiga lawnmowers among other manufacturers. The models of this brand are distinguished by high reliability, excellent quality of units and assemblies, simple operation and easy maintenance. Another important advantage of Stigas lawnmowers is their modest size, which allows them to be used in the most inaccessible places.

Stiga lawnmowers – reliable helpers for lawn care

Founded in 1934 by Swedish entrepreneur Stig Helmkuist, Stiga originally specialized in non-baking bakelite utensils. The small business was soon converted to the production of tennis spades, which began to be manufactured at the factory in 1938.

Production of Stiga gardening equipment began in 1950 with the production of small carts. That year was a turning point in the company’s history. Reconsidering its views on specialization, the Swedish brand began to actively produce tractors and motor blocks.

Among gardeners, lawn mowers from the Swedish company deserve special attention.

O combine several important advantages:

  • increased reliability and endurance;
  • effective protection of the built-up units;
  • ease of operation;
  • high maintainability.

Stiga lawnmowers are well-designed equipment that can be used on any site, regardless of its topography and type of vegetation.

Stiga Turbo 53 – description and benefits

All internal parts and units of this professional modification are made of hardened steel, which guarantees its increased resistance to friction and durability. The model is designed for regular mowing of high lawns and dense growth on plots of up to 1000 m 2.

The Stiga Combi 53 SQ lawnmower is equipped with a reliable GCV GCV 4-stroke 190 OHC engine with a 187 cm3 working cylinder and rear wheels. The engine is adapted for high loads and has a built-in system that shuts it down in case of overheating.

Stiga Turbo 53 lawn mower

The mower includes a standard rotary cutting system. It features a petal metal blade coated with a thick chrome alloy to effectively protect the cutting organ from corrosion.

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Model parameters:

  • Power – 5.2 hp;
  • working width – 51 cm;
  • cutting height – 2,5-9 cm;
  • Grass-collector capacity – 70 liters;
  • Weight – 42,5 kg.

Lawn mower is equipped with an ergonomic U-shaped handle, which can be adjusted in height or folded to save space for storage.

Stig a-Collector 48 SB petrol lawnmower – features and parameters

Among the advantages of this professional lawnmower are the increased stability when working on slopes, quality and economy, allowing it to cover quite large areas.

The self-propelled model is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 450 E Series 4-stroke gasoline engine, which is designed for intensive daily use. The engine consists of a rugged wave with high resistance to overheating and increased friction.

Gasoline mower Stiga Collector 48 SB

The rotary cutting system of the stiga lawnmower is equipped with a blade that consists of several sharpened blades. Their special shape creates a strong air flow that smoothes the grass and makes the cutting line even smoother and cleaner.

Model parameters:

  • Performance – 2.2 l. С.;
  • Mowing width is 46 cm;
  • Cutting height – 2,7-8 cm;
  • Grass-collector capacity – 60 l;
  • Weight – 27 kg.

The lawnmower is equipped with an impact-resistant body, the design of which includes limiters. They protect tree trunks and decorative furniture from damage when using the model in areas with many obstacles.

Gasoline lawnmower Stiga Collector 46 B – features and characteristics

The factory equipment of this professional lawnmower consists of a reliable petrol engine Briggs & Stratton with a speed of 2900 rpm. The engine is characterized by its low noise level and its ability to maintain stable torque in the temperature range from t-5 to +35⁰c.

Stiga Collector 46 B gasoline mower

The stiga tanning lawnmower is equipped with a robust steel housing. Its surface is covered with a thick hammer layer, which protects it from the action of aggressive chemicals and corrosion. For more comfortable operation, the modification is equipped with a classic U-shaped handle, which can be adjusted or folded in height.

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Model parameters:

  • Capacity – 3.5 l. С.;
  • Working width – 44 cm;
  • Cutting height – 3-6,7 cm;
  • Grass-collector capacity – 55 l;
  • Weight – 24 kg.

Stiga lawnmower is equipped with a mulching function, with which you can shred the grass and distribute it evenly over the lawn.

Gasoline mower Stiga Combi 48 SQ device and purpose

This heavy-duty professional mower is used to care for grass up to 800 m 2. Its factory design consists of a reliable ST 45 OHV gasoline engine, all parts of which are made of hardened steel and aluminum.

Stiga Combi 48 SQ petrol lawnmower

The model is equipped with a synchronous system for setting the cutting height, by means of which the blade can be set in one of 6 positions. The cutting element itself is made of chromium-alloyed metal which withstands hard knocks against hard objects. Free access to the cutting element allows the operator to replace faulty parts himself.

Model parameters:

  • Capacity – 3L. С.;
  • Mowing width is 46 cm;
  • cutting height – 2,5-9 cm;
  • Grass-collector capacity – 60 l;
  • Weight – 33 kg.

The mower can be installed both on the rear and on the side outlet of freshly mowed grass.

Stiga Combi 44 E lawn mower – features and equipment

This professional non-self-propelled mower is designed for cutting tall grass in small areas with dense vegetation. It is equipped with a mulching function and an option to set the device in rear discharge mode.

Among the advantages of the mower are the increased productivity and the flexible parameters of its engine. In case of overheating or a short circuit in the engine of the device the displays are activated. You immediately turn off the motor and prevent it from breaking down.

Stiga Combi 44 E

For smooth movement on the construction site, the Stiga electric lawnmower is complemented by rubberized front and rear wheels with a diameter of 15 or 25 cm.

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Model parameters:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • cutting width – 42 cm;
  • cutting height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • grass catcher box capacity – 50 l;
  • weight – 14 kg.

This lawnmower is equipped with a metal blade that can be set in any of the 6 available positions for cutting the grass.

Stiga Combi 40 E lawnmower – design and benefits

One of the advantages of this budget model is its high cross-country ability, achieved by the manufacturer thanks to the enlarged front and rear wheels with diameters of 15 and 25 cm respectively.

Lawnmower is equipped with an innovative electric motor that can operate in the temperature range from 0° to +30⁰C. The power unit has built-in interlocks that turn it off in case of overheating or power surges.

The Stiga Combi 40 E

The model is equipped with a durable plastic housing. It provides easy access to the belt drive and other elements. This simplifies the process of repairing the equipment with your own hands.

Model parameters:

  • power – 1.6 kW;
  • the width of the passage is 38 cm;
  • cutting height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • Grass-collector volume – 40 l;
  • Weight – 13 kg.

The mower’s hopper is equipped with an indicator that allows the operator to know how full the hopper is.

Stiga combi 53 sq B lawn mower. Technical specifications and operating instructions

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The Stiga Turbo 53 lawn mower (stiga combi 53 sq B) is a gasoline-powered machine for working on lawns and fields. It is a semi-professional device for high-quality mowing the grass and performing various manipulations with the grass cover. Comes in several modifications with different power. It is equipped with a practical, height-adjustable handle and folds down for easy storage.

Turbo 53

Lawnmowers of this series work with American four-stroke gasoline engines Briggs & Stratton. For filling it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline, for example, B. Brand AI-92. Type of engine oil: SAE 10 W30 or any other type for air-cooled four-stroke engines.

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Lawnmower model modifications available:

  • Stiga Turbo 53 SEVQB (4,800 watt, 6.5 hp, engine, B&S 775 ES);
  • stiga turbo 53 S BW Colibri plus (power 6.5 hp, 4800 W, B&S engine);
  • stiga combi 53 sq B (4-stroke B&S 675 EX Ready Start engine, power 4400 W, 5.9 hp);
  • Stiga Collector 53 SB (4-stroke, Briggs & Stratton engine, 5.1 hp, 3,800 watts);
  • Stiga Turbo 53 S BW Plus B (2,500 watts, 3.4 hp, B&S engine).

All three series “turbo”, “combi” and “collector” are designed for continuous operation and can withstand both high loads and work until the fuel runs out.

The manufacturer Stiga also produces high-performance trimmers, which are in no way inferior to garden mowers.

Video about stiga combi 53 sb lawn mower model

The advantages of Stiga lawn mowers:

  • high power;
  • reliable engine (gasoline, four-stroke);
  • capacious grass catchers (volume 60-70 liters);
  • mulching function;
  • performance;
  • high reliability;
  • several ways to throw grass.

basic equipment

The basic equipment of the stiga turbo 53 lawnmower includes the following components:

  • wheels (rear 380 mm., front 200 mm.);
  • engine housing;
  • gas tank;
  • control handle;
  • Removable grass catcher box capacity of 60 liters;
  • blade;
  • engine brake lever;
  • Engine brake lever; Drive lever;
  • throttle control unit;
  • stone safety device;

Completion of the model lawnmower stiga combi 53 sb is similar to that of the above-described modification.

Technical characteristics

Technical parameters of Stig Turbo 53:

  • Cutting width 51 cm;
  • The recommended working area for this stig model is 1600 m².
  • self-propelled;
  • Basket for collecting the grass, with a capacity of 60 liters;
  • Possibility to mulch;
  • six grass cuts (setting from 25 mm to 90 mm);
  • Weight of the mower with spikes is 38 kg;
  • The manufacturer provides an official warranty on the product for 60 months.

Instructions for use of the Stiga Turbo 53m lawnmower can be found here.

Operating and maintenance specifications for the Stiga Combi 53 SQ B lawn mower

Rules of operation of the device:

  • The mower must move downward not only when hanging on slopes, the operator must find a hold;
  • Do not use the unit on wet grass, in the rain, or immediately after rain.
  • If the engine is hot or running, do not pour gasoline into the tank.
  • Install the grass catcher or stone guard (depending on the job in hand) before operating;
  • If a foreign body enters the mower, check the integrity of the blade and then continue working.
  • Maintenance of the lawnmower ready for operation consists of keeping the fuselage clean, emptying the grass catcher box in a timely manner and topping up with fuel and oil.
  • Breakdowns should be repaired at a service center while the mower is still under warranty.
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Stiga turbo in action

advantages and disadvantages

  • high power;
  • high efficiency;
  • six cutting modes;
  • mulching function;
  • long manufacturer’s warranty.
  • noticeable noise level, due to the power of the engine;
  • the presence of gasoline exhausts.

Video evaluation Stiga Combi 53 SQ B

Reviews about the lawn mower Stiga Combi 53 SQ B

Alexander, 44 years old, Odessa region:

“The mower with a combination handle is good, but I do not see the point of taking it for small lawns. It is easier to buy a trimmer. I checked it and was very satisfied. If the mowing area is 1000 meters, I recommend it, you will not regret it.” “

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